The Tokyo Shiants (東京シャイアンズ/巨仁) is one of the teams in the NPB of the fictional Major manga universe. It has the reputation of paying lots of money to acquire the top players.

Notable players

  • During the 1991 NPB season, the Shiants acquired the MLB ace pitcher, Joe Gibson.

Team records

  • The Shiants won the NPB championship in 2001, lost 2003 and 2003, and won the championship again in 2004.


  • The real world reference for the Shiants is the Yomiuri Giants (読売ジャイアンツ/巨人, whose home city is in Tokyo.
  • In the anime adaptation of Major, the Tokyo Shiants are renamed to Tokyo Warriors. It is unknown if there is a hidden reference to the baseball team San Francisco Warriors (the Yomiuri Giants' logo/name were based on the San Francisco Giants).

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