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Shigeno was an ace pitcher for the Yokohama Marine Stars. He and Honda were buddies since high school, and Shigeno had been an irreplaceable friend to the Honda's.



During 1989~1990, Shigeno was the ace pitcher for the Yokohama Marine Stars. When Honda was down due to his arm injury, Shigeno sparked the thought for Honda to transform into a slugger instead.

In 1994, his wife left him, most likely because he was too focused on baseball.

In 1995 he became reacquainted with Momoko and Goro (they last met at Honda's funeral, in 1992), giving baseball-related advice to Goro. Then in early Spring of 1996, he married Momoko, and adopted Goro as his son.

Around 1996, his son Shingo was born.

In 1996 the Yokohama Marine Stars traded him to the Fukuoka Eagles, then in 2000 the Yokohama got him back. However, following a period of bad performances, Shigeno announced his retirement after that season. For the remainder of the season, Shigeno's performance picked up again. His back number, #17, retired with him. (in the anime, the bad performances and retirement occured during the 2002 season instead)

After retiring from professional baseball, Shigeno become a sports commentator.

In 2001, his daughter Chiharu was born.

In 2005, Shigeno was recruited as the head coach as well as the pitcher coach of the Japan National Team for the Baseball World Cup.