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Goro's father, Shigeharu Honda, was a pitcher struggling between the major and minor teams of the NPB. Nonetheless, Goro looked up to his father, wishes to be a professional baseball player just like his father. Aside from his father, Goro was very close to two other people -- Momoko Hoshino and Toshiya Sato. Momoko was Goro's kindergarten teacher, and especially watched out for Goro because there are no other kids of Goro's age at the kindergarten. Toshiya was another kid in the neighborhood, the only one Goro could find of his own age, and whom Goro taught baseball to.

The father and son were struck a cruel blow when Honda's arm injury prevents him from continuing his baseball career as a pitcher. Goro was especially shaken by the fact that his father wouldn't be able to continue as a baseball player anymore. To Honda, his son and baseball are all he has left in his life (his wife died 2 years ago). For his son's sake, Honda took up his best friend's advice, revived his batting instincts, and successfully transformed into a slugger. Amidst all this turmoil, Momoko was drawn deeper and deeper into the family's life. Eventually, Honda proposed to Momoko.

Right when Honda established himself in the major team Yokohama Marine Stars, the Tokyo Giants signed a contract with the American MLB player, Joe Gibson, famous for his huge physical build and fast balls. When the Marine Stars with Honda and the Giants with Gibson finally met on the field, Gibson struck out every single Marine Stars batter, except for Honda. Honda managed to touch the ball on his first at-bat, and at his second at-bat hit a home run off Gibson's 100-mile best pitch. After Honda's home run, the Marine Stars coach launched a series of bunt attacks, scoring additional points, and psychologically shaking up Gibson who considers the tactic unsportsmanlike. When it was Honda's third at-bat, Gibson has completely lost mental focus, and accidentally pitched a 99 mile dead ball hitting Honda's head. The umpire immediately called Gibson off the mound, though Honda quickly got back onto his feet and continued with the game. Honda's excellent play made him the headline of major newspapers the next morning... the very morning that Honda died due to internal bleeding in his skull, leaving his heartbroken son and fiancé behind.