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Honda is the birth father of Goro. He used to be the ace of his high school, winning the Koshien tournament. He and Shigeno are buddies since high school, and both became pitchers for the Yokohama Marine Stars.



Due to various injuries, Honda has been floating between the major and the minor teams of the Yokohama Marine Stars. After his wife passed away in 1989 he increased his training, finally lead to a tandem injury in his left arm in 1991 that would've spelled his early retirement. However, his best friend Shigeno helped him recall his batting senses from high school, when Honda used to be the ace pitcher and slugger, and Honda managed to stay in the team as a pinch hitter.

Due to consistent excellent performances as a batter, Honda was made into a starting member of the major team in 1992. Around this time, he proposed to Momoko, the former kindergarten teacher of his son.

In his very first game as a starting member, Honda faced the ace pitcher from the MLB, Joe Gibson. Honda was the only one who managed to touch Gibson's pitches on his first at-bat. On Honda's second at-bat hit a home run off Gibson's 100-mile record-breaking best pitch. After Honda's home run, the Marine Stars coach launched a series of bunt attacks, scoring additional points, and psychologically shaking up Gibson who considers the tactic unsportsmanlike. When it was Honda's third at-bat, Gibson has completely lost mental focus, and accidentally pitched a 99 mile dead ball hitting Honda's head. The umpire immediately called Gibson off the mound, though Honda quickly got back onto his feet and continued with the game. Honda's great play put him on the front page of newspapers the next morning. Unfortunately, the dead ball caused internal bleeding inside Honda's skull, and he passed away that morning.