Honda Goro is the main character of the Major manga series.

Goro is the only son of Honda Shigeharu and Honda Chiharu. Influenced by his father who was a professional baseball player, Goro also developed a love for baseball.


  • Born: 1985 November 5th
  • Position: Pitcher
  • Bats: right
  • Throws: right
  • Teams:


Goro's mother died when he was 3, and his father is often not home on away games, thus Goro developed an independent personality very early.

When Goro was 5 years old, he met Toshi and taught him baseball. They became best friends and rivals.

When Goro was 6 years old, his father Honda passed away. He was adopted by Momoko, his former kindergarten teacher.

At 9 years old (4th grade), Goro joined the Mifune Dolphins, and defeated the Yokohama Little which was the previous year's national champion. Goro visited America at Joe Gibson's invitation. After watching Gibson's performance at the MLB All Star game, Goro fully made peace with Gibson for killing his father.

At 10 years old (5th grade), Momoko married Shigeno, who then became Goro's adoptive father. The entire family moved to Fukuoka the same year.

For information on Goro's later stages in life, see Shigeno, Goro