The Baseball World Cup is an international baseball tournament, held in the Spring, where teams representing 16 nations compete against each other.

The particular World Cup depicted in the manga is a fictional one, where for the first time America has allowed its Major League players to participate. For information on the Baseball World Cup in the real world, see wikipedia:Baseball World Cup.


There are two preliminary rounds. The Asian bracket of the first round began on March 2nd. Additional details on the first round is unclear. A total of eight teams would advance to the second round.

In the second round, the eight teams are divided into two brackets, and compete round-robin style within their bracket. The top two teams with the most wins will advance to the semi-finals. In case three teams tie with the most wins, the total number of points lost throughout the second round will be used as the tie breaker.

For the semi-finals, the first place team of bracket A will play the second place team of bracket B, and vice versa. The winners of the semi-finals will play each other in the finals.

Misc rules

  • Each team is allowed 11 pitchers
  • No pitcher can pitch 3-games straight.


  • Teams that made the second round:
    • Bracket A
      • Japan (3 wins 0 loss in Asian preliminary)
      • Korea (2 wins 1 loss in Asian preliminary)
      • Dominican Republic
      • Venezuela
    • Bracket B
      • America
      • Canada
      • Porte Rico
      • Cuba
  • Second round results:
    • Bracket A
      • 1st place: Japan (3 wins)
      • 2nd place: Venezuela (2 wins 1 loss)
      • 3rd place: Dominican Republic (1 win 2 losses)
      • 4th place: Kora (3 losses)
    • Bracket B
      • 1st place: America
      • 2nd place: Cuba
  • Semi-finals:
    • Japan vs Cuba, 2 - 1
    • USA vs Venezuela, 9 - 2