Mai Yoshida (吉田 舞 Yoshida Mai?, born May 12, 1981 in in Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan)[1] is a Japanese short animation artist. Yoshida is based in London, and showcases her work internationally at art exhibitions and film festivals. She moved to London to study art in 2000. After she completed Illustration BA at Camberwell College of Art (one of University of Art London), she started her MA in Communication Art & Design at Royal College of Art and graduated in 2006.


  • Shortlisted in Best Filmmaker at Sapporo International Film Festival, 2009
  • Jury Recommended Awards at Japan Media Arts Festival, 2007[2][3]
  • Bronze plaque, Columbus International Film & Video Festival, 2004


  • The Exhibition, Noto, Japan, 2010
  • Parallel Signal, Artspace Hue, Seoul, 2009
  • Between Journey, Liverpool, 2009
  • London Calling Alumin Exhibition Tokyo, Tokyo, 2008
  • Media Art Festival, National Art Center Tokyo 2008
  • London Calling New Delhi, India, 2008
  • Japan-UK Contemporary Art Exhibition Tec-Mac-Mayacom, Tokyo, 2007
  • Caltin Art Prize, Ada Gallery, 2007
  • Pinocchio, Aqffin Gallery, 2006
  • Future Map04, London, 2004
  • L.O.S.T, Paris, 2004


  • The Cine'Rail International Festival Train & Metro on Film Paris, 5 March 2010
  • Hakotori, 150th anniversary of Hakodate's port opening, 2009
  • Japan Art Media Festival, National Art Centre, Tokyo, 2008
  • Singapore Art Media Festival, Singapore, 2008


  • A lecture at International School of Creative Art, 2010
  • Lectures for University of Arts London, 2009
  • An animation workshop at Tate Britain, 2009
  • A trophy and theme designer for London Educational Partnership Awards 2007 & 2009
  • A researcher for Pola Art Foundation, 2008–2009


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