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Mahou no Iroha, also known as Magic of Iroha, is a manga series by Kazurou Inoue, mangaka of the popular manga and anime series Midori Days.


Not particularly good at sports, not very popular, and not very good at school, Naoki's middle school years are filled with video games and erotic books. But one day, a cute girl called Iroha appears, claiming to be his daughter from 20 years in the future. Apparently, in the future magic has been discovered, and she has come back in time by magic to protect her beloved papa from a dark future.



Naoki Rikka
The main protagonist of the story.
Iroha Rikka
A time-travelling girl from 20 years into the future, and Naoki's daughter. She came to his time to rescue him from a terrible future and grizzly fate, though she causes many problems for Naoki, especially when using magic at school.

Iroha's character design resembles Midori Kasugano, the main character of Midori Days, Kazorou Inoue's past work.

Reika Kujou
Another magician from the future, and Naoki's 92nd daughter. She is, as she puts it, a "magic broom user", and seeks to win Naoki's heart in order to become the empress of the future.

Side Characters

A schoolmate of Naoki's, also his love interest. A sweet, caring girl, who may or may not be interested in him as well.

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