Template:Neologism A magical boy (魔法少年 mahō shōnen?) is a type of fictional character in anime and manga. They are the male counterpart of mahō shōjo or magical girl anime. Because they are usually associated with shōjo, magical boys are typically bishōnen and designed to be romantically attractive, (although sometimes with a mischievous or cold demeanor,) such as Tuxedo Mask. Magical boys are traditionally supporting characters, who help or hinder the lead magical girl(s). Still, DNAngel is one exception, as is Tokyo Babylon. Another exception is the recent "magical girl" manga Mei no Naisho: the manga is the story of a young boy who was raised as a girl by his witch mother, and possesses witch powers, a wand and a talking cat familiar.

The Second Role of a Magical Boy

Another role of a magical boy is to is to fall in love with the magical girl. A magical boy that does this is Syaoran Li from the anime/manga CardCaptor Sakura. At first he is Sakura's (the main character) Rival but as the show progresses he gets feeling for her and ends up in love with her.

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