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Madara (魍魎 戦記 MADARA Mōryō Senki MADARA?) is a Japanese manga series, light novel series, computer role-playing game, anime OVA and radio drama series.

The Famicom Mōryō Senki MADARA was a Konami 1990 release that has never been officially localized. It was large for its time at 4 megabits, and used the "VRC6" sound enhancement mapper chip that was also used in Akumajō Densetsu, the Japanese version of Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse. It differed from the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest RPGs of the time in that it had movement around battlefields rather than stationary turn-by-turn movements. An orchestrated soundtrack was released by Konami's KuKeiHa CLUB on April 21, 1990. [1]

A sequel to the Famicom Madara, Mōryō Senki MADARA 2, was released for the Super Famicom in 1993. [2] It was 12 megabits and enhanced many of the adventure elements of the original.

Another role-playing game, Madara Kindergarten Saga (Youchien Senki Madara or 幼稚園戦記まだら) was released for the Super Famicom by Datam Polystar in 1996.

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