Macross 7: Trash (マクロス7 トラッシュ) is a manga series by Haruhiko Mikimoto, serving as a side-story to Macross 7. Unlike many other Macross titles, Trash does not feature any mecha or vehicle combat, instead focusing on the characters themselves.

The manga was serialized for 52 monthly chapters in Shōnen Ace magazine from October 1994 to May 2001, then published as tankōbon from 1995 to 2001 by Kadokawa Shoten.


Trash takes place in the Macross 7 fleet early during the year 2046 of Macross timeline. The story revolves around a sport called "T-Crush", similar to roller derby but with air blades (hovering roller blades) and fighting. As the story progresses, weapons are added to the equipment and it becomes a one-on-one combat tournament.

Another plot element is the "Mind System" used to power the weapons in the tournament. The system was in development 7 years before the story begins and it caused a fatal accident during a military training session. On the surface, the system converts the emotions of a person into energy but the true functionality of the system is hidden until late in the story.


The story starts with Mahara quitting the military and being asked by Colonel Bacelon to seek out talented people and recruit them as pilots. By chance, she meets Shiba, a T-Crush player, and she becomes the coach of his team. Bacelon supplies the teams with weapons powered with the Mind System and organizes a tournament. Mahara became suspicious of Bacelon's intentions but is forced to cooperate after she was caught breaking into his data files. The team makes their way to the final where the truth is revealed.


  • Shiba Midou (シバ御堂): A young "T-Crush" athlete who is rumored to be an illegitimate son of the famous Maximilian Jenius).
  • Enika Cheryni (エニカ·チェリーニ): Shiba's girlfriend, who becomes the next "Minmay Voice" singing idol.
  • Mahara Fabrio (マハラ·ファブリオウ): An ex-military officer. She was the teacher of the student who died in the accident 7 years ago.zh:超時空要塞 7 Trash

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