M. F. Enterprises was a 1966–67 comic book publisher owned by artist and 1970s pulp-magazine entrepreneur Myron Fass, whose holdings also included the black-and-white, horror-comics magazine imprint, Eerie Publications.

M.F.'s best-known effort was Captain Marvel, no relation to the old Fawcett Comics superhero nor to the later Marvel Comics characters of that name. The product of Golden Age writer-artist Carl Burgos, creator of the original Human Torch, this Captain Marvel was an alien android who fought crime by splitting into six parts (head, torso, arms, and legs) upon crying “Split!”, and reuniting upon crying “Xam!” The title lasted four issues, followed by two issues of Captain Marvel Presents the Terrible Five.

(The M. F. Enterprises' version of Captain Marvel made a cameo appearance (along with other alternate versions of Captain Marvel) in issue #27 of The Power of Shazam (1997). The character is shown performing his trademark division while wearing a traditional Fawcett Captain Marvel thunderbolt costume. Other versions shown include Captain Thunder and The Marvel Bunny.)

M. F. Enterprises also published an Archie-style teen comic, Henry Brewster, which lasted seven issues, and a western series, Great West.

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