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Lovely Angel (ラブリー·エンジェル laburī enjieru?) is an erotic comedy manga series created by Go Nagai in 1996. The manga originally ran in the magazine Weekly Hoseki from January 4, 1996 to April 10, 1997, published by Kobunsha.[1][2] It was later compiled in five tankōbon.[3][4] Two direct-to-video films were created based on the manga.


The manga follows the adventures of Angel, an actual angel with the mission of helping people with her special abilities. She travels with her special suitcase in search of people who are suffering a problem: youngs who can't deal with real people, men who have a real lolita complex, people that have lost their will to live, criminals that may be saved, sportsmen who have lost their touch, monks that have perverted their teachings, women who have been mistreated, etc. But those who have acted with a true evil intent may receive the visit of Black Angel, the dark counter-part of Angel who delivers divine punishment just as Angel brings true happiness.

Manga volumes

  • Kobunsha (Kobunsha Comics)[3][4]
October 10, 1996 1 4334803393 978-4334803391[5]
October 10, 1996 2 4334803407 978-4334803407[6]
February 20, 1997 3 4334803652 978-4334803650[7]
February 20, 1997 4 4334803660 978-4334803667[8]
August 10, 1997 5 4334803881 978-4334803889[9]

Additionally, all five volumes were also published in ebook format by ebookjapan.[10]

Live action films

The manga has two live actions adaptations. The first one, Lovely Angel: Homon Soap Degozaimasu (ラブリー·エンジェル 訪問ソープでございます laburī enjieru hōmon sōpu degozaimasu?) was released in September 26, 1997 (1997-09-26) by Nikkatsu.[11] The sequel, Lovely Angel 2: Taiketsu! Homon Soap Jo vs Shuccho SM Jo!! (ラブリー·エンジェル2 対決!訪問ソープ嬢vs出張SM嬢!! laburī enjieru 2 taiketsu hōmon sōpu jō vs shucchō sm jō?) was released in November 28, 1997 (1997-11-28) by Nikkatsu as well.[12] Both films were directed by Akira Shimizu.

Staff of Lovely Angel: Homon Soap Degozaimasu


Staff of Lovely Angel 2: Taiketsu! Homon Soap Jo vs Shuccho SM Jo!!

  • Director: Akira Shimizu
  • Producer: Toshihiro Osato, Naoyuki Nakano
  • Planning: Toru Yoshida, Senji Tsubomi
  • Script: Keishi Nagi
  • Original work: Go Nagai
  • Photography: Yoichi Ogawa
  • Cast: Tomomi Kuribayashi (Angel), Kei Mizutani (Black Angel), Yuji Sawayama (Fuzoku Writer), Atsushi Narasaka, Moe Ishikawa



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