Love is Like a Hurricane (恋はいつも嵐のように Koi wa Itsumo Arashi no You ni?) is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Tokiya Shimazaki. It is licensed in North America by 801 Media, which released the five volumes between June 2007 and June 2008.[1]


Jason Thompson compared Love is Like a Hurricane to World's End for the appendix to Manga: The Complete Guide, calling the former a "frivolous “LOL rape” yaoi story".[2] Hannah Santiago later said of the manga that it had "plenty of sex, if you don’t need plot or emotion to add context to the scenes".[3] Danielle Van Gorder, writing for Mania Entertainment, describes the first volume as "BL fluff", despite the non-consensual sex set-up,[4] and appreciated the greater depth of characterisation in the second volume.[5] Van Gorder felt that the third volume was "an attempt to play up to one fetish after another",[6] and that the series as a whole felt like a "parody of the BL genre".[7] Leroy Douresseaux felt that the many sex scenes of Love is Like a Hurricane was "something worth celebrating", although that as a high school story, the manga was "silly and inconsequential".[8] Van Gorder felt that by the fifth and final volume, the formula of the series "was starting to run out of steam".[9] Leroy Douresseaux felt that the fifth volume "telegraphed its ending" and was not as lively as the fourth volume.[10]



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