Love/Knot is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Hiroko Ishimaru. It is licensed in North America by Digital Manga Publishing, which released the manga through its imprint June, on 25 February, 2009.[1]


Kazuki--17-year-old high school student from west high school, blood type o, secretly in love with Tomoya. His first confession was rejected because of his height, now he returns to try and capture the heart of his friend once more.

Tomoya--A high school student, teased for his girlish appearance. Formerly the friend of Kazuki.


Melinda Beasi appreciated the leads' "warm and consensual" relationship, but felt that the most interesting parts of the story were poorly developed.[2] Rachel Bentham enjoyed the art style.[3] Leroy Dessaroux found the story to be strongly reminiscent of a traditional romance novel.[4] Patricia Beard disliked the characterisation, feeling that the characters were too much like "BL paper dolls", and disliking the softening of the villain, recommending Ishimaru's Total Surrender over Love/Knot.[5]


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