Lost World (ロスト・ワールド<前世紀> Lost World - Zenseiki?) is a manga series written and illustrated by Osamu Tezuka.





Shunsaku Ban as Himself: A detective investigating a murder that is somehow linked to the mysterious Planet Mamango.
Kenichi Shikishima as Himself: A bright young boy who realizes the powerful potential of rocks from Planet Mamango.
Makeru Butamo as Himself: A captain who pilots the rocket ship built by Kenichi to the Planet Mamango for an exploratory expedition.
Sekken Kao as Himself: A criminal who seeks the power of Planet Mamango.


In Japan, Lost World was published in two books by Fuji Shobo. The first book had the subtitle "The Earth", and the second book had the subtitle "The Universe"[1]

When the English adaptation was published in the United States of America on July 30, 2003, both volumes were put together to make a single book for publication.[2]


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  • Both the first and second volume were released on the same date, December 20, 1948.[1]
  • Tezuka originally created the first trial work for "Lost World" in Junior High School. It was rewritten several years later.[1]
  • The first trial work was published in a privately printed book when Tezuka was about 20. However, the book was lost after the war.[1]
  • In 1946 (Before the publishing of the book), it ran as a serial in Konsoi Yoron Newspaper, but it was never completed. Following the publication of the book, a remake was run in the magazine "Boken-O" in 1955. However, this work was never completed either.[1]

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