Green Bunny is a Japanese animation studio that specializes in the production of hentai OVAs. On July 3, 2006, the official site suddenly disappeared. The following is a list of notable titles from Green Bunny.


Japanese title Meaning of Japanese title English title Date Info
カイト Kite A Yasuomi Umetsu title set in the A Kite universe
ミッドナイトパンサー Midnight Panther Midnight Panther Midnight Panther is based on the eponymous hentai manga
個人授業 Kojin Jugyo Private Psycho Lesson created by U-jin
セックスフレンド Sexfriend Sexfriend Sexfriend is based on an eroge dating sim
ナチュラル Natural Teacher's Pet Released in English as part of the Teacher's Pet series.
TOKIO機動ポリス Tokio combat armored exoskeleton equipped Police Tokio Private Police
初夜ヴァージン・ナイト Virgin bridal night Virgin Night Based on the eponymous manga by Yutaka Tanaka
ワーズ・ワース Words Worth Words Worth Words Worth is based on an eroge RPG title by ELF Corporation

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