This is a list of comics awards from around the world. This list includes awards given out for achievements in cartooning, comic books, comic strips and graphic novels. Some works in comics are also eligible for, and in some instances have won literary awards.

American awards

Belgian awards

British awards

Canadian awards

  • Bédélys Prize - awarded to French language comics since 2000
  • The Doug Wright Awards - first awarded in 2005
  • National Newspaper Awards of Canada include a category for Editorial Cartoonist
  • Shuster Awards - first awarded in 2005

Dutch awards

French awards

German awards

Italian awards

  • Yellow Kid Award - awarded between 1970 and 2005
  • Gran Guinigi / Pantera di Lucca Comics - first awarded in 1967
  • Attilio Micheluzzi Award (Napoli Comicon prizes) - first awarded in 1998

Japanese awards

Norwegian awards

Polish awards

Singaporean awards

  • ComiIdol - first awarded in 2006

Spanish awards

Swedish awards


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