This is a list of anime programs shown in the channel Hero, both currently and previously shown, as well as those that will air on the channel. In all lists, those with an asterisk indicates that the anime has its first Philippine run in the channel, while those with a plus sign indicates that show's first run in a channel aired in the Philippines was dubbed in English. All programs listed below are dubbed in Filipino as the channel is only broadcast in the Philippines.

The list does not include anime movies and OVAs shown in Hero's weekend anime movie block, Theatrixx.

Also, each anime is listed with its most notable/original title with its name the channel used in the parentheses.

Current programs

These comprise the anime that are currently shown in the channel. Those with daggers are those that were pulled out of the program rotation before, but returned. Those with double-daggers are running in a special marathon schedule, regardless of whether it is a new or returning title.

Previously aired programs

The following anime have been previously aired in Hero, but have been taken out of the channel's rotation to accommodate new and returning programs. All have either ended or had nearly ended their episode runs at least once at the time of their removal.

Future programs

Listed below are programs to be shown on Hero, as announced by the channel itself and its program schedule. It does not list programs rumored to be shown, as these rumors have not been proven. Like those listed above, an asterisk indicates that the anime will make its Philippine debut on Hero.

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