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The manga series Umineko no Naku Koro ni is written by Ryukishi07 and illustrated by three different manga artists working separately on different story arcs based on the Umineko no Naku Koro ni visual novel series by 07th Expansion. The first manga, an adaptation of Legend of the Golden Witch illustrated by Kei Natsumi, began serialization in Square Enix's manga magazine Gangan Powered in the January 2008 issue. After Gangan Powered was discontinued, the manga was transferred to Square Enix's Monthly Gangan Joker magazine with the debut May 2009 issue[1] and continued until the publication of the September 2009 issue. Jirō Suzuki draws the adaptation of Turn of the Golden Witch which began serialization in the August 2008 issue of Square Enix's GFantasy. The manga adaptation of Banquet of the Golden Witch is illustrated by Kei Natsumi and started serialization in the October 2009 issue of Gangan Joker. Sōichirō draws the adaptation of Alliance of the Golden Witch, which began serialization in Square Enix's Internet-based magazine Gangan Online on October 1, 2009.[2] Four bound volumes of Legend of the Golden Witch were released in Japan between June 2008 and December 2009 under Square Enix's Gangan Comics imprint. The first volume for Turn of the Golden Witch was released on June 22, 2009. As of April 2010, nine volumes have been released over the entire series.

Volume list

Legend of the Golden Witch

<tr style="border-bottom: 3px solid #CCF"><th style="width: 4%;">No.</th><th style="width: 48%;">Release date</th><th style="width: 48%;"> ISBN</th></tr> <tr style="text-align: center;"><td id="vol1">1</td></td><td> June 21, 2008</td><td>ISBN 978-4-7575-2309-8</td></tr><tr style="vertical-align: top; border-bottom: 3px solid #CCF;"><td colspan="3">
  1. "Rokkenjima" (六軒島?)
  2. "Witch Legend" (魔女伝説 Majo Densetsu?)
  3. "The Golden Witch" (黄金の魔女 Ōgon no Majo?)
  4. "The Golden Epitaph" (黄金の碑文 Ōgon no Hibun?)
  5. "The Letter From The Witch" (魔女からの手紙 Majo Kara no Tegami?)


<tr style="text-align: center;"><td id="vol2">2</td></td><td> December 22, 2008</td><td>ISBN 978-4-7575-2445-3</td></tr><tr style="vertical-align: top; border-bottom: 3px solid #CCF;"><td colspan="3">
  1. "Eternal Promise" (永遠の約束 Eien no Yakusoku?)
  2. "The First Night 1" (第一の晩① Daiichi no Ban Ichi?)
  3. "The First Night 2" (第一の晩② Daiichi no Ban Ni?)
  4. "Witch's Offering" (魔女の生贄 Majo no Ikenie?)
  5. "Shapeless Witch" (姿なき魔女 Sugatanaki Majo?)</td></tr></table> </td></tr>
3</td></td> June 22, 2009</td>ISBN 978-4-7575-2589-4</td></tr>
  1. "Invisible Witch" (見えざる魔女 Miezaru Majo?)
  2. "Eva VS Natsuhi" (絵羽 VS 夏妃 Eba VS Natsuhi?)
  3. "Battler VS Eva" (戦人 VS 絵羽 Batora VS Eba?)
  4. "The Second Night 1" (第2の晩① Daini no Ban Ichi?)
  5. "The Second Night 2" (第2の晩② Daini no Ban Ni?)
  6. "Kanon VS Beatrice" (嘉音VS魔女 Kanon VS Beatorīche?)</td></tr></table> </td></tr>
4</td></td> December 22, 2009</td>ISBN 978-4-7575-2752-2</td></tr>
  1. "Chessboard Thinking" (チェス盤思考 Chesuban Shikō?)
  2. "Siege" (籠城 Rōjō?)
  3. "Separation" (離散 Risan?)
  4. "Disharmony" (不和 Fuwa?)
  5. "The Golden Village" (黄金郷 Ōgonkyō?)
  6. "Tea Party" (お茶会 Ochakai?)
  7. "Hidden Tea Party" (裏お茶会 Ura Ochakai?)

</td></tr> </table>

Turn of the Golden Witch

No.Release date ISBN
1</td></td> June 22, 2009</td>ISBN 978-4-7575-2590-0</td></tr>
  1. "A Dream Seen Below Water" (水の底で見る夢 Mizu no Soko de Miru Yume?)
  2. "Furniture" (家具 Kagu?)
  3. "Witch" (魔女 Majo?)
  4. "Carved Seal" (刻印 Kokuin?)
  5. "Love" ( Koi?)
  6. "Invisible, Thing." (視えない、もの。 Mienai, Mono.?)


2</td></td> December 22, 2009</td>ISBN 978-4-7575-2763-8</td></tr>
  1. "School Festival" (学園祭 Gakuensai?)
  2. "Rejection" (拒絶 Kyozetsu?)
  3. "Mother and Daughter" (母娘 Hahako?)
  4. "The Outbreak of War" (開戦 Kaisen?)
  5. "Little Witch" (小さき魔女 Chiisaki Majo?)
  6. "Give In" (屈服 Kuppuku?)</td></tr></table> </td></tr>
3</td></td> April 22, 2010</td>ISBN 978-4-7575-2854-3</td></tr>
  1. "Chessboard Theory" (チェス盤理論 Chesuban Riron?)
  2. "Devil's Proof" (悪魔の証明 Akuma no Shōmei?)
  3. "Devil's Proof 2" (悪魔の証明 2 Akuma no Shōmei Ni?)
  4. "Happy Halloween for Maria."
  5. "Furniture's Blade" (家具の刃 Kagu no Yaiba?)
  6. "New Rule" (新しいルール Atarashii Rūru?)</td></tr></table> </td></tr>
4</td></td> August 21, 2010</td>ISBN 978-4-7575-2974-8</td></tr>
  1. "Battler Counterattacks" (戦人反撃 Batora Hangeki?)
  2. "The Puzzle of the Wolf and the Sheep" (狼と羊のパズル Ōkami to Hitsuji no Pazuru?)
  3. "The Body Disappears" (遺体消失 Itai Shōshitsu?)
  4. "Undelivered, Red Text." (届かない、赤字。 Todokanai, Akaji.?)
  5. "Soul Mirror" (霊鏡 Reikyō?)
  6. "Eternal Pledge" (永遠の誓い Eien no Chikai?)
  7. "End of Play" (終劇 Shūgeki?)

</td></tr> </table>

Banquet of the Golden Witch

No.Release date ISBN
1</td></td> April 22, 2010</td>ISBN 978-4-7575-2855-0</td></tr>
  1. "The Endless Witch" (無限の魔女 Mugen no Majo?)
  2. "Welcome Home" (おかえり Okaeri?)
  3. "Devil's Proof" (悪魔の証明 Akuma no Shōmei?)
  4. "Tenacity" (執念 Shūnen?)
  5. "Confession" (告白 Kokuhaku?)


2</td></td> August 21, 2010</td>ISBN 978-4-7575-2975-5</td></tr>
  1. "Kuwadorian" (九羽鳥庵?)
  2. "Furniture VS Seven Stakes" (家具VS七杭 Kagu VS Nanakui?)
  3. "Magic Wars" (魔法大戦 Mahō Taisen?)
  4. "Victory Condition" (勝利条件 Shōri Jōken?)

</td></tr> </table>

Alliance of the Golden Witch

No.Release date ISBN
1</td></td> April 22, 2010</td>ISBN 978-4-7575-2856-7</td></tr>
  1. "One-Winged Eagle" (独羽の鷲 Ichiwa no Washi?)
  2. "Magic" (魔法 Mahō?)
  3. "That Is the One Element" (それは一なる元素 Sore wa Ichi Naru Genso?)
  4. "The Truth Is Like a Kaleidoscope" (真実は万華鏡のように Shinjitsu wa Mangekyō no Yō ni?)


2</td></td> August 21, 2010</td>ISBN 978-4-7575-2976-2</td></tr>
  1. "Beatrice" (ベアトリーチェ Beatorīche?)
  2. "Mariage Sorcière" (マリアージュ・ソルシエール Mariāju Sorushiēru?)
  3. "Two-Winged Butterfly" (二羽の蝶 Niwa no Chō?)
  4. "Magic's Miracle" (魔法の奇跡 Mahō no Kiseki?)</td></tr></table> </td></tr> </table>

    Chapters to be collected into volumes

    Banquet of the Golden Witch
    1. "Desire Realization" (悲願成就 Higan Jōju?)
    Alliance of the Golden Witch
    1. "Resumption" (再開 Saikai?)
    2. "Opening" (開幕 Kaimaku?)


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