This is a list of episodes for the FOX Kids animated television series Tom & Jerry Kids.[1]


Season 1 (1990)

# Plot
  • Flippin' Fido:
  • Dakota Droopy & the Lost Dutch Boy Mine: First appearances of Droopy, Dripple and McWolf.
  • Dog Daze Afternoon: First cameo appearance of Spike.
  • Toys Will Be Toys:
  • Droopy Delivers:
  • My Pal:
  • Prehistoric Pals:
  • Super Droop & Dripple Boy Meet the Yolker:
  • Marvelous Marvin:
  • Bat Mouse:
  • Puss n' Pups: First Spike And Tyke Cartoon. First appearances of Spike,Tyke and Cats-Up. The only appearances of Cat-Up Twin Brothers.
  • Outer Space Rover:
  • The Vermin:
  • Aerobic Droopy:
  • Mouse Scouts:
  • Sugar Belle Loves Tom, Sometimes:
  • Mall Mouse:
  • Super Duper Spike:
  • Cosmic Chaos:
  • Droopy of the Opera:
  • Beach Bummers:
  • Gator Baiter:
  • Hoodwinked Cat:
  • Medieval Mouse:
  • Clyde to the Rescue:
  • Droopio & Juliet:
  • Maze Monster Zap Men:
  • Crash Condor:
  • Yo Ho Ho...Bub:
  • Scrub-a-Dub Tom: A girl bathes and dresses Tom to be in a pet show, despite Tom's objections. Tom then dresses as a baby and gets pushed away in a pram to escape from the girl. Then Tom comes back and the girl dresses him once again for the pet show, then she takes him into the show and Tom receives a gold trophy, then Tom later proves she has humiliated him, causing the girl to break trust in him. Then the girl finally decides to dress Jerry for a pet show.
  • No Biz Like Snow Biz:
  • The Maltese Poodle:
  • Cast Away Tom:
  • The Little Urfulls:
  • Droopo - First Bloodhound:
  • Indy Mouse:
  • Exterminator Cometh:
  • Foreign Legion Frenzy:
  • Urfo Returns:
  • Circus Antics:
  • Tres Sheik Poodles:
  • Head Banger Buddy:
  • Pump 'Em up Pals:
  • Droopyland:
  • The Exterminator Cometh...Again:
  • Jerry's Mother:
  • Stage Fright:
  • Tom's Terror:
  • Who Are You, Kitten?:
  • Broadway Droopy:
  • Pussycat Pirate:
  • Father's Day:
  • Scourge of the Sky:
  • Lightning Bolt the Super Squirrel:
  • Amademouse:
  • Muscle Beach Droopy:
  • Perky the Fish Pinching Penguin:
  • Slowpoke Antonio:
  • Haunted Droopy:
  • Wildmouse:
  • Catch That Mouse: Calboose Cal runs a show where cats are each given the objective to catch a mouse. From the day before, a brown cat named Ferdie Furbo attempts once again to catch Jerry, but loses. Then Tom appears on the show and is given multiple ways to catch Jerry, but with only four chances. Tom's attempts involved going up a steep slope in a racing kart, shooting out of the cannon, and riding on a moped, but lost in those three attempts. In Tom's fourth and final attempt, he chases Jerry (both wearing gym clothes) then finally catches Jerry before they reach the goal. Then the Mystery Lady takes Tom and Jerry out with her, while Calaboose starts chasing her.
  • Good Knight Droopy:
  • Birthday Surprise:
  • Cleocatra:
  • McWolfenstein:
  • Chase School: At Cat and Mouse Chase School with a golden statue of Tom chasing Jerry, the teacher explains to the two teams of cats and mice on how Tom chases after Jerry and how Jerry attempts to evade or backfire Tom's plans. However, both sides debate over which species are the best, and when Jerry triumphs over Tom, the cats attempt to get revenge of the mice. In the end, both sides start battling each other, and then hurl each other around, and then throw pans of pies along with other projectiles around the autitorium, and when Tom and Jerry attempt to escape, a pan of pie hits Tom's face.
  • Zorrito:
  • Deep Sleep Droopy:
  • Hard to Swallow:
  • The Little Thinker:
  • Rap Rat Is Where It's At:
  • My Pet:
  • The Calaboose Cal 495:
  • Return of the Chubby Man:
  • Chumpy Chums:
  • Jerry Hood and His Merry Meeces:
  • Eradicator Droopy:
  • Tyke on a Hike:

Season 2 (1991)

# Plot
  • The Planet Dogmania:
  • McWolfula:
  • Catawumpus Cat:
  • Pest in the West:
  • Double 'O' Droopy:
  • Tom, the Babysitter: A teenage girl is instructed to babysit the baby while his mother is out. Tom and Jerry are given a promise to not bother the baby. However, the girl relies on the phone than doing her actual babysitting and Tom points to her that the baby has crawled out of his crib and is crawling everywhere around the house. Then the babysitter accuses Tom for "taking the baby out of the crib" and kicks Tom out of the house. Tom then gets back inside and then puts the baby back into his crib shortly before the baby's mother returns home.
  • Gas Blaster Puss:
  • Fear of Flying:
  • Mess Hall Mouser:
  • Toliver's Twist:
  • Boomer Beaver:
  • Pony Express Droopy:
  • Krazy Klaws:
  • Tyke on a Bike:
  • Tarmutt of the Apes:
  • Tom's Mermouse Mess-Up:
  • Here's Sand in Your Face:
  • Deep Space Droopy:
  • Termi-Maid:
  • The Fish That Shoulda Got Away:
  • Droopy's Rhino:
  • The Break n' Entry Boyz:
  • Love Me, Love My Zebra:
  • Dakota Droopy Returns: Droopy and Drpple travel through the Amazon jungle to find a lost beautiful young princess. But when they find her they discover she has already been rescued by Grandpa Droopy and the boys discover the beautiful young princess has become their new Grandma! Droopy and Drpple are happy for Grandfather and let him to be alone with his beautiful new bride.
  • Doom Manor:
  • Barbecue Bust-Up:
  • The Fabulous Droopy & Dripple:
  • S.O.S# Ninja:
  • The Pink Powder Puff Racer:
  • Car Wash Droopy:
  • Go-Pher Help:
  • Downhill Droopy:
  • Down in the Dumps:
  • Catastrophe Cat:
  • Droopy & the Dragon:
  • Wildmouse II:
  • Tom's Double Trouble:
  • High Seas Hijinks:
  • Just Rambling Along:

Season 3 (1992)

# Plot
  • The Watchcat:
  • Go with the Floe:
  • Pooches in Peril:
  • Catch as Cat Can:
  • I Dream of Cheezy:
  • Fraidy Cat: A cat named Tim arrives at the front door, and when Tom greets him, they copy each other's actions until Tom slams the door on Tim. Tim then enters the house, and tells Tom about his own memories of being a fraidy cat, and then eventually being no longer a fraidy cat. Tim refers to Tom as his twin brother a major of times, but when Jerry overhears Tim being a fraidy cat in the past and no longer a fraidy cat, Jerry scares Tim to prove that his theory is false. Tim then gets revenge by stating that cats are ten times taller, stronger, and more ferocious than mice. Tom finally creates a giant robot mouse as a monstrous imitation of Jerry to scare Tim away, proving that he and Tim are not brothers at all, and then scares Jerry away. The segment's plot is however dissimilar to the 1942 classic short with the same name.
  • Sing Along with Slowpoke:
  • Dakota Droopy & the Great Train Robbery:
  • Droopy Law:
  • Stunt Cat:
  • See No Evil:
  • This Is No Picnic:
  • Scrapheap Symphony:
  • Circus Cat:
  • Cajun Gumbo:
  • Hunter Pierre:
  • Battered Up:
  • Conquest of the Planet Irwin:
  • Big Top Droopy:
  • Jerry & the Beanstalk:
  • High Speed Hounds:
  • Penthouse Mouse:
  • Twelve Angry Sheep:
  • The Ant Attack: A woman bakes a cake for Tom and celebrates his 7th birthday. Meanwhile, an army of red ants crash Tom's birthday celebration and cut the cake into various pieces. In the end, the ants finally give him the pieces of the cake and carry the letters and sing "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow", and Tom finally enjoys his cake. The seven candles on the cake confirm that Tom is revealed to be around 6-7 years old in the cartoon show.
  • Mouse with a Message:
  • It's the Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Dr# McWolf:
  • Wild World of Bowling:
  • Star Wrek:
  • Droop & Deliver:
  • Swallow the Swallow:
  • Lightning Bolt-The Super Squirrel-Strikes Again:
  • Surely You Joust:
  • Rootin' Tootin' Slowpoke:
  • Firehouse Mouse:
  • The Wrath of Dark Wolf:
  • Pound Hound:
  • The Ghost of Castle McLochjaw:
  • A Thousand Clones:
  • Roughing It:

Season 4 (1993-1994)

# Plot
  • As the Cheese Turns:
  • McWerewolf of London:
  • Grab That Bird:
  • Cave Mouse:
  • McWolfenstein Returns:
  • Destructive Construction:
  • Alien Mouse:
  • Droopy Man:
  • Abusement Park:
  • Martian Mouse:
  • Dark Wolf Strikes Back:
  • Knockout Pig:
  • Musketeer Jr#:
  • Galaxy Droopy:
  • Return of the Ants: Spike and Tyke go out on the beach for fun. When it appears that their basket of food is left behind, the red ants from The Ant Attack arrive and locate the basket of food until Spike and Tyke attempt to hide it in another section. Despite Spike and Tyke's attempts, the ants are still able to reach the basket, and Spike and Tyke continue to hide it in another place, and the ants continue to reach the basket every place it gets hidden. In the end, Spike and Tyke lose the basket and the ants take claim of the basket over the two dogs.
  • Droopy Man Returns:
  • Tom Thumped: The police go out in search of Wildmouse and try to arrest him for chewing up on stuff. Meanwhile, Tom meets a white tabby next door, and first believes she could become his lover, until then he learns that she is more interested in a mouse like Jerry, which she often refers to "Fuzzy Wuzzy". Despite the polices' attempts to arrest Wildmouse, Jerry manages to get Wildmouse to board onto a ship and waves goodbye. Later, Tom brings Jerry to the tabby, and the tabby then cuddles Jerry, and then the tabby and Jerry both go out in the limousine, leaving Tom behind and then a steamroller runs over Tom, causing all his fur to be shaved off, except for on his face.
  • Droopnet:
  • Right Brother Droopy:
  • Cheap Skates:
  • Hollywood Droopy:
  • Fallen Archers:
  • When Knights Were Cold:
  • The Mouth Is Quicker Than the Eye:
  • Mutton for Punishment:
  • Cat Counselor Cal:
  • Termite Terminator:
  • Bride of McWolfenstein:
  • Hillbilly Hootenanny:
  • El Smoocho:
  • Droopy Hockey:
  • Hawkeye Tom:
  • No Tom Like the Present:
  • Dirty Droopy:
  • Two Stepping Tom: An elephant named Tundo is performing in a concert on the stage at Sheboygan Records, Inc., but gets frightened and jumps to the ceiling every time Jerry appears. Meanwhile, Tom arrives at studio manager Mr. Sheboygan's office and is requested to get rid of Jerry and make Tundo's concert more enjoyable. However, Tundo's concert gets spoiled by Tom and Jerry's chasing, and when Tundo aims for Jerry to land on, Jerry escapes causing Tundo to land on Tom instead. After the concert, Mr. Sheboygan gives the dollar bills to Tom, then Jerry teases Tundo, then Tundo jumps up in the air and lands on Tom, and Jerry takes the bills out of Tom's hand and walks off with them.
  • Disc Temper:
  • Order in Volleyball Court:
  • King Wildmouse:
  • Space Chase (Series Finale):

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  1. "The Big Cartoon Database".  Tom & Jerry Kids episode guide.

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