This is an episode list of the animated television series, The X's. The final episode of Season 1 has not aired, after the show was cancelled as of January 1, 2008.


Season 1: 2005-2006

# Airdate Title Overview Production Code
1 November 25, 2005 AAIIEE, Robot! Mrs. X breaks her leg. To solve this problem, Truman builds a replacement. This doesn't seem to work too good. 105A
Mission: Irresponsible Superior decides to take Mr. and Mrs. X out of their rank. He then puts Truman and Tuesday in command. 105B
2 November 25, 2005 License to Slumber Mrs. X arranges a slumber party for Tuesday. But during it, the family begins to fight Glowface. Tuesday tries to cover up the truth of her family. 103A
Three Days of the Coin Op Truman's unauthorized upgrade of Home Base forces the computer offline for a day. 103B
3 November 25, 2005 Photo Ops The X's get a family portrait taken to try to blend in as a normal family. 101A
Boy's Best Fiend Truman gets a puppy for his birthday, but it turns out it was from Sasquatch, a S.N.A.F.U agent. Agent Sasquatch had turned all of the U.N leaders into animals. 101B
4 December 9, 2005 Mr. Fix It Mr. X continues trying to be a normal dad. He learns that normal dad's fix things, so that's what he begins to do. 104A
Doommates Truman and Tuesday have to share a room. 104B
5 December 16, 2005 Secret Agent Manual Mrs. X and the kids trick Mr. X into giving them stuff they want by rewriting his official spy manual to include the items they desire. 102A
The Spy Who Liked Me Tuesday's first date is with a guy who's too good to be true: in fact, he's a spy working undercover for Glowface. 102B
6 January 13, 2006 To Err is Truman Truman attempts to be good and refrain from pulling pranks for one entire day, so that he will be allowed to join his family at the "world's greatest" amusement park. 106A
No More Mrs. Nice X Mrs. X is filled with peace and tranquility after she returns from a retreat, but unfortunately these qualities prove useless when confronting Glowface. 106B
7 February 3, 2006 On Her Majesty's Postal Service Mr. X gets a job as a mail man. 108A
Pinheads Tuesday wants the family to learn how to bowl. 108B
8 February 17, 2006 From Crusha with Love A girl at school picks on Truman. He finds out that it's because she likes him. 111A
Xcitement Mr. X has a dirty little secret that's locking him away from being a spy and hanging with his family. But what could it be? 111B
9 February 24, 2006 You Only Sneeze Twice The entire family gets sick, except Tuesday. The family is under her care. But what will they do when she's called on a mission? 110A
X Takes a Holiday Mr. and Mrs. X go on a relaxing date. But while they're away, Tuesday and Truman throw a party. Then Glowface attacks Homebase. 110B
10 March 3, 2006 Mock Tutors Truman and Tuesday are failing their cooking and tennis classes (Tuesday with cooking; Truman with tennis). So they try to help them with those subjects. Mrs. X helps Truman and Mr. X helps Tuesday. 109A
Meddle Mouth Truman finds the perfect opportunity to irritate Tuesday when she gets braces. He interferes with her braces and makes her act crazy. 109B
11 March 17, 2006 Family Issues In their continuous effort to be like "normal families," the X's visit a family counselor to see what kind of issues "normal families" have. 107A
Truman's Choice Truman gets a chance to capture the most wanted villain, which is Copperhead. The family begins to suck up to him in order to get to capture Copperhead with him. 107B
12 April 7, 2006 Wealth vs. Stealth When the X's win a billion dollars, they must balance their new fame and fortune with their spy work. 112A
Wee House Sick and tired of being short, Truman builds a small replica of Homebase for him to live in. 112B
13 June 16, 2006 Truman X: Super Villain When the X's punish Truman for hotdogging a mission and blowing up the X jet by selling all his spy gadgets in a garage sale, Glowface convinces the boy to join S.N.A.F.U. His first mission: destroy the X's. 113
14 September 22, 2006 A Truman Scorned Truman has a crush on Tuesday’s friend Kimla. Truman realizes there’s only one way to get past this "little kid" thing – he has to tell her he’s really an international super spy. Not surprisingly, Kimla doesn’t believe him. What is surprising is that she continues to disbelieve his story even when he sneaks her along on a mission and the truth is right in front of her nose. 114A
Y's Up The archenemies of the Xs, the Ys, move in next door. The Xs suspect that they are up to no good, but can prove nothing until the Ys show their true agenda. 114B
15 September 29, 2006 Quit Your Day Job When Tuesday is suspicious of Brandon, the X's find out he is a part-time S.N.A.F.U. agent. 115A
Missing Home The X's froget Homebase's b-day and while they get frozen yogurt, Glowface captures Homebase. 115B
16 October 6, 2006 Live and Let Diaper The X's have to watch a neighbor's baby, and they can't change it's diaper. Will they be able to ever change a diaper? 117A
In-Law Enforcement Can the X's prevent Mrs. X's parents from finding put their secret identity when they visit? 117B
17 October 13, 2006 Train Rex After a mission, Truman has 1 day to train Rex before Rex is sent to the pound. Can he do it,or is it good-bye Rex? 116A
Homebody Homebase gets a body and The X's don't like it. Will he still have a body or not? 116B
18 October 27, 2006 The Haunting of Homebase Truman attempts to scare his family and turns Homebase into a haunted house, but Glowface takes control of the Homebase and soon, Tuesday, Mr. and Mrs. X are zombies. Can Truman stop Glowface's evil plot before his brain is eaten? 120
19 November 25, 2006 Accidental Hero Truman saves a baby from one of his own paintball traps and is hailed as a hero; Thursday tries to expose him 119A
Untied After his tie reflects off onto Glowface's base walls, he suffers a tie loss. He now can't fight. Can the other X's save him from his loss of "tie-tie", or will the X's become nothing? 119B
20 December 13, 2006 Theater of War Brandon will do Romeo in the school play, and Seven Y competes with Tuesday to see who will be Juliet in the play. 118A
Summer at Camp Mr. X takes Truman to his favourite childhood camp, hoping he'll love it too. Turns out he doesn't. Series Finale 118B
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