This is a complete listing of full-length episodes from the Nickelodeon animated television series The Wild Thornberrys.

Season 1: 1998–1999

Episode Name Airdate Description Location
Flood Warning (Pilot Episode) September 1, 1998 Things turn bad when Eliza discovers that the pride of lions she joins decides to hunt Debbie. Tanzania
Dinner With Darwin September 3, 1998 Darwin is captured by a stone age tribe.
Bad Company September 8, 1998 A swarm of marmosets overrun the Thornberrys camp, and it's up to Eliza to beat them at their own game. Brazil
Gold Fever September 10, 1998 Eliza and Debbie find a chest of gold.
Matadi or Bust September 15, 1998 On a boat trip to Matadi, Eliza attempts to free a hippo from Kip O'Donnel and Neil Biederman (the Thornberrys had met the villains prior to the series). Zaire
Temple of Eliza September 17, 1998 Eliza becomes a princess of Jaguars. Brazil
Vacant Lot September 22, 1998 Kip and Biederman are tearing down the forest and Eliza rallies the local animals in rebellion. Brazil
Only Child October 1, 1998 Eliza is afraid that Debbie's new friend is a dolphin dressed as human. Brazil
Iron Curtain October 6, 1998 Eliza attempts to help a young elephant escape a nature reserve and reunite with her mother. Tanzania
Valley Girls October 13, 1998 In the hands of Debbie and Eliza, the comvee is accidentily driven into a mire of mud.
Naimina Enkiyio October 22, 1998 Eliza disregards a Masai legend about a cursed forest in which a girl gets lost. Tanzania
Blood Sisters October 27, 1998 With Nigel and Marianne off exploring bat caves, Eliza and Debbie are left at the "eerie" residence of colleague Dr. Spinoza.
Eliza-cology November 5, 1998 Eliza and Darwin accidentally disrupt the food chain in the Galapagos Islands. Galapagos Islands
Flight of the Donnie November 17, 1998 Donnie is taken in by a Peruvian condor after Eliza neglects responsibility for looking after him. Peru
Lost and Foundation March 16, 1999 Nigel takes an embarrassing home video of the girls to a presentation by mistake.
Nigel Knows Best March 18, 1999 Nigel and Eliza travel trough Peru with a llama. Meanwhile , Debbie tries to calm her mother who is concerned about her last package. Peru
The Great Bangaboo March 23, 1999 Eliza discovers The Great Bangaboo, a magician who can talk to animals just like her. Or can he?... Borneo
Rumble in the Jungle March 25, 1999 Eliza convinces a group of macaques to stand up to their enemies, Darwin unknowingly helps a different group with the same problem.
The Dragon and the Professor March 30, 1999 Eliza will stop at nothing to get a look at the gigantic, fierce Komodo dragon. Indonesia
Born to Be Wild April 1, 1999 Eliza and Darwin find a hairy Rhinoceros and try to hide it from Nigel. Sumatra

Season 2: 1999

Episode Name Airdate Description Location
Rebel Without a Trunk August 16, 1999 Eliza and Marianne ride elephants to a festival, but Eliza's ends up burning down their camp.
Pal Joey August 17, 1999 Eliza baby sits a hyper joey Australia
Rain Dance August 18, 1999 The comvee breaks down in the desert, and the family is running out of water.
Darwin Plays the Palace August 19, 1999 Darwin is captured by Kip and Biederman and sold to a prince for entertainment. India
Stick Your Neck Out August 23, 1999 Eliza tries to take the place of a giraffe that was looking out for lions for a heard. Tanzania
No Laughing Matter August 24, 1999 Eliza frees a hyena that's never lived in the wild. Tanzania
Chimp Off the Old Block August 25, 1999 Darwin brings Eliza to his old troop, where Eliza has a hard time adjusting.
Koality and Kuantity August 26, 1999 Kip and Biederman capture Koalas and Eliza tries to save them. Australia
Chew if by Sea August 30, 1999 Eliza befriends a wombat in Australia and when they go to India the wombat sneaks aboard. Australia and India
Clash of the Teutons August 31, 1999 The Thornberrys run into competing documentarians and discover that they mistreat animals. Australia
You Ain't Seen Nothin', Yeti September 1, 1999 Eliza tries to find proof of yetis in Nepal. Nepal
On the Right Track September 2, 1999 Kip and Biederman are laying out traps on a race track so they can win. Finland
Polar Opposites September 6, 1999 A polar bear is blamed for crimes it did not commit. Greenland
Two's Company September 7, 1999 Two surviving tortoises are the last chance before the extinction of a species. Ecuador
Show Me the Bunny September 13, 1999 Eliza tries to protect a rabbit from a stoat. Norway
Reef Grief September 14, 1999 Eliza and Nigel crash the commvee into the Great Barrier Reef. Australia
Thornberry Island September 15, 1999 The family becomes stranded on a desert island.
Dances With Dingoes September 16, 1999 Debbie catches Eliza talking with dingoes. Australia
Tamper-Proof Seal October 19, 1999 A large seal won't let the Thornberrys into the commvee. Alaska
You Otter Know October 20, 1999 Kip and Biederman accidentally create an oil spill that endangers a group of otters. Kamchatka Peninsula
Have Yourself A Thornberry Little Christmas November 29, 1999 Eliza gives away Christmas presents and decorations to protect animals. Namibia

Season 3: 2000-2001

Episode Name Airdate Description Location
Luck Be an Aye-Aye February 15, 2000 The commvee is falling apart and an aye-aye found inside is hunted and thought to be the cause. Madagascar
The Kung and I February 16, 2000 To Eliza's dismay, Debbie is given much attention after she speaks an African language. Botswana
Dear Diary February 17, 2000 Eliza reads Debbie's diary, and this ensues the sisters having a feud as well as being trapped in a cave. Peru
Black and White and Mom All Over February 21, 2000 A panda baby thinks that Debbie is his mother. China
A Tiger by the Tail February 22, 2000 A tiger attacks Eliza by accident. Russia
Forget Me Not February 24, 2000 Nigel looks for an elephant he saved from poachers, only to find her within her dying days. Kenya
Song for Eliza February 25, 2000 Whales in Hawaii are disrupted when Debbie's boombox falls underwater. Hawaii
Gift of Gab February 26, 2000 Eliza recounts how she first gained her ability to talk to animals. Niegria
Bogged Down March 6, 2000 Nigel is poisoned when filming with Eliza. Phillipines
Monkey See, Monkey Don't March 6, 2000 Eliza is tricked into feeding all of the food from the commvee to "sacred" monkeys. India
Where the Gauchos Roam March 13, 2000 Eliza and her family are horse-back riding with old friends. Argentina
A Shaky Foundation March 13, 2000 The Thornberrys are visited by a Foundation member, who manipulates everything. Victoria Falls
Cheetahs Never Prosper March 20, 2000 It's the end of the dry season and Eliza tries to protect a cheetah cub. Uganda
Gobi Yourself March 20, 2000 Eliza and her pen pal switch places for a day. Mongolia
Every Little Bit Alps March 27, 2000 Eliza is reluctant to admit to a friend that she doesn't snowboard. Switzerland
Pack Of Thornberrys March 27, 2000 Eliza is playing with wolves and Debbie is applying for boarding school. Wyoming
Dragon Me Along September 12, 2000 Eliza recognizes some pandas and tries to save them from poachers. China
Time Flies September 19, 2000 Debbie and Eliza explore the Everglades, but drop Nigel's birthday present into the swamp. Florida
Horse Sense September 26, 2000 Eliza picks a horse to race with after talking to it, and Debbie takes up archery. Mongolia
Tyler Tucker, I Presume October 2, 2000 Eliza and Debbie lose control of the commvee and it goes into a ravine just in time for their cousin Tyler to arrive. Democratic Republic Of The Congo
Critical Masai October 3, 2000 Eliza and Tyler compete to see who would be a better warrior. Tanzania
Queen of Denial October 4, 2000 Eliza and Tyler find an underground chamber. Egypt
Island Trade October 5, 2000 Debbie, Eliza, and Tyler go to a trading post and accidentally trade the commvee for a dress. Zanzibar
Birthday Quake October 6, 2000 Tyler's parents are coming to pick him up and take him out of Africa when there is an earthquake on his birthday. Tanzania
The Legend of Ha Long Bay October 10, 2000 Eliza is convinced she saw a dragon or sea monster. Vietnam
Spirited Away October 28, 2000 Debbie accidentally bakes a valuable ring into bread and has to try and recover it. Mexico
Family Tradition November 22, 2000 Eliza and Debbie are dying to spend Thanksgiving with their grandmother Sophie. Madagascar
Happy Old Year December 27, 2000 Debbie goes volcano hunting, and Eliza is reunited with Santusa. Ecuador
Happy Campers December 30, 2000 Eliza and Nigel are forced to stay behind after border guards inform them that only two people can cross to the palace. Bhutan
All Work and No Play January 12, 2001 Debbie and Eliza's negligence causes the commvee to sink in a flash flood. Siberia
New Territory January 12, 2001 The family breaks down in Australia and Eliza goes exploring with a handicapped 12-year-old girl. Australia
Operation Valentine February 14, 2001 Eliza has appendicitis on Valentine's Day, and the commvee and mini-comm are immobile. Australia
Hello, Dolphin! February 19, 2001 Debbie goes swimming with Eliza and some dolphins after being dumped. Australia
April Fool's Day April 1, 2001 Eliza and Tyler try to prank each other. Botswana
Gem of a Mom May 10, 2001 Eliza and Debbie struggle to find Mother's Day gifts. Pakistan
The Anniversary May 14, 2001 Marrianne's parents surprise them in Japan on their anniversary. Japan

Season 4: 2001–2002

Episode Name Airdate Description Location
The Origin of Donnie (1)[Note 1] August 18, 2001 Donnie goes missing after he taunts crocodiles and gets shouted at by Eliza. Meanwhile Marrianne and Nigel go in search for an orangutan, and Marrianne's mother, Sophie, comes to visit. Borneo
The Origin of Donnie (2)[Note 1] August 18, 2001 The search for Donnie continues while Donnie finds orangutan parents for the time being. In the meantime Marriane has broken her wrist and Nigel has a hurt knee but they carry on looking for the orangutan, and Debbie and Sophie find themselves in a tribe. Borneo
The Origin of Donnie (3)[Note 1] August 18, 2001 A fire breaks out in the forest and Donnie is blamed; can Eliza convince it wasn't Donnie and get the animals to safety? Meanwhile, Marrianne and Nigel find shelter in a cave nearby, only to get lost inside, and Debbie and Sophie help the village put out the fire. Borneo
The Origin of Donnie (4)[Note 1] August 18, 2001 The rest of the fire is put out by rain, the others are reunited and Donnie is found. The family believe he is going back to his parents, but they soon realize the truth. Borneo
The Trouble With Darwin October 31, 2001 Jane Goodall tells Eliza she shouldn't have domesticated Darwin. Tanzania
Hot Air June 1, 2002 Eliza and Darwin fight and Eliza gets stuck in a hot air balloon. New Zealand

Season 5: 2003–2004

Episode Name Airdate Description Location
The Wild Snob-Berry February 3, 2003 Shane G starts travelling with the Thornberrys. Alaska
Ice Follies February 4, 2003 Shane and Eliza are saved by Debbie after their canoe capsizes. Alaska
Fool's Gold February 5, 2003 Debbie, Shane, Darwin, and Eliza go to a fool's gold mine shaft but are separated after the exit collapses. Alaska
Clash and Learn February 6, 2003 Eliza's friend Kit becomes better friends with Shane. Alaska
Sir Nigel (1) March 30, 2003 Nigel will become a knight but that means that he must leave his job. Scotland
Sir Nigel (2) March 30, 2003 Eliza tries to save eagles and stop her family meeting Queen Elizabeth II. Scotland and England
Look Who's Squawking April 4, 2003 Eliza tries to save a penguin, but makes everything much worse. Antarctica
Eliza Unplugged June 11, 2004 Series Finale: Eliza trys to work up the courage to tell Shane how she feels before he leaves. Meanwhile Marianne is trying to spend time with the girls thinking that they're growing up and soon won't need her. Alaska



  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 In the US, "The Origin of Donnie" was seen as a TV movie on Nickelodeon. However, the film only runs for 66 minutes (without commercials), while all 4 parts of the episode runs 88 minutes total (again, without ads). The 4-part version was never seen in the US, but was seen overseas.


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