This is a list of episodes for the 1975 cartoon series The Tom and Jerry Show.

List of episodes

Episode 1 Airdate: September 6, 1975
Broadcast no. TJGA-1
No Way, Stowaways Production no. 80-03
Caught stowing away on a pirate ship, Tom and Jerry compete to become the ship's cabin boy and avoid being thrown overboard by Weirdbeard the Pirate.
The Ski Bunny Production no. 80-02
While skiing in the Swiss Alps, Tom and Jerry compete for the affections of a pretty female cat, and try not to get into trouble with Spike.
Stay Awake or Else... Production no. 80-01
After partying all night, circus roustabout Tom can't stay awake on the job; Jerry tries to keep him from being fired by the ringmaster.
Episode 2 Airdate: September 13, 1975
Broadcast no. TJGA-2
No Bones About It Production no. 80-04
A dinosaur's toe bone is missing from the museum in which Tom and Jerry work; they see Spike carrying what they think is the missing bone, so they try to get it away from him.
An Ill Wind Production no. 80-05
An old traveler in the desert gives Tom and Jerry a map to a gold mine, to thank them for saving his life; the two of them fight over it, and also have to deal with outlaw Black Barney who wants it.
Beach Bully Production no. 80-06
Tom and Jerry's day at the beach is being interrupted by a macho cat who won't leave them alone; they get revenge in creative ways, and also get Spike involved.
Episode 3 Airdate: September 20, 1975
Broadcast no. TJGA-3
Mammoth Manhunt Production no. 80-07
A baby woolly mammoth, revived after being frozen in ice, escapes from the explorer who'd thawed him out and who wants to display him for money; Tom and Jerry help the mammoth get home to Alaska while evading the greedy explorer.
The Wacky World of Sports Production no. 80-08
Tom and Jerry compete against each other in a decathlon; Tom uses a variety of underhanded tricks against Jerry which manage to work against Tom as well.
Robin Ho Ho Production no. 80-10
Tom and Jerry want to join Robin Ho Ho's band of Merry Men; after passing a few tests, including laughing and archery, the duo must pass the final test — stealing a red plume from the Sheriff of Nottingham's helmet. The title character is a parody of Robin Hood.
Episode 4 Airdate: September 27, 1975
Broadcast no. TJGA-4
Safe But Not Sorry Production no. 80-18
Tom and Jerry are hired to deliver a heavy safe to a house at the top of a steep hill (à la The Music Box); sabotaging their efforts is a mischievous puppy who lives in the house.
Gopher Broke Production no. 80-09
The vegetables in Tom and Jerry's garden are being devoured by a gopher, and all of their attempts to get rid of him fail to work.
The Super Bowler Production no. 80-11
Tom and Jerry compete against each other in the National Bowl-Off, and Tom resorts to a number of dirty tricks to win.
Episode 5 Airdate: October 4, 1975
Broadcast no. TJGA-5
Tricky McTrout Production no. 80-20
Fishermen Tom and Jerry try to catch a crafty fish named Tricky McTrout, but everything they try just gets them into trouble with the park ranger.
The Tennis Menace Production no. 80-13
Tom and Jerry compete against each other in a tennis match, with Tom using a number of sneaky tricks.
Cosmic Cat and Meteor Mouse Production no. 80-15
Tom and Jerry try to watch their favorite television show, Cosmic Cat and Meteor Mouse, without waking Spike.
Episode 6 Airdate: October 11, 1975
Broadcast no. TJGA-6
Castle Wiz Production no. 80-14
Tom and Jerry are offered $20 to spend a night in a haunted castle.
Grim and Bear It Production no. 80-16
Fledgling forest rangers Tom and Jerry try to protect a mischievous bear cub from danger without invoking his mother's wrath.
The Flying Sorceress Production no. 80-19
A witch recruits Tom and Jerry to help her in her flying cauldron; first she has them dust crops (with a feather duster), then she runs a passenger service.
Episode 7 Airdate: October 18, 1975
Broadcast no. TJGA-7
The Kitten Sitters Production no. 80-27
Tom and Jerry take in six abandoned kittens without Spike's knowledge, and the sight of a kitten who seems to be everywhere almost drives him crazy.
Termites Plus Two Production no. 80-21
Tom and Jerry try to stop a gang of termites (on tiny motorcycles) from destroying their house.
Planet Pest Production no. 80-24
A shape-changing space alien causes Tom, Jerry, and Spike to fight each other, and almost gives them a nervous breakdown.
Episode 8 Airdate: October 25, 1975
Broadcast no. TJGA-8
The Hypochondriac Lion Production no. 80-23
A lion at the zoo has a splinter in his paw, and veterinarians Tom and Jerry are hired to remove it, even though the nervous lion isn't making it easy for them.
Give 'Em the Air Production no. 80-31
Tom and Jerry work together in an airplane race against the cheating Purple Baron.
The Egg and Tom and Jerry Production no. 80-34
When an egg falls out of an eagle's nest, the newly-hatched eaglet thinks Tom is its mother, while the mother eagle thinks Jerry is one of her eaglets.
Episode 9 Airdate: November 1, 1975
Broadcast no. TJGA-9
Watch Out, Watch Dog Production no. 80-12
Spike is assigned as a night watchdog for a department store; he mistakes janitors Tom and Jerry for prowlers, and spends the night chasing them throughout the store.
The Super Cyclists Production no. 80-25
Tom and Jerry compete against each other in a cross-country motorcycle race.
The Police Kitten Production no. 80-28
Police officers Tom and Jerry are assigned to train Katy O'Kitty, a female feline rookie, by letting her ride with them; their resentment over this assignment is made worse by the fact that she's better at their job than they are.
Episode 10 Airdate: November 8, 1975
Broadcast no. TJGA-10
The Outfoxed Fox Production no. 80-30
A pushy fox hides out in Tom and Jerry's house from a pursuing hound.
Towering Fiasco Production no. 80-17
Professional dog walkers Tom and Jerry are hired to walk an English sheepdog who keeps running into trouble. The title is a takeoff of The Towering Inferno.
The Lost Duckling Production no. 80-37
Tom and Jerry help a duckling to go south for the winter, using a variety of methods from a paper plane to a railroad handcar.
Episode 11 Airdate: November 15, 1975
Broadcast no. TJGA-11
Beanstalk Buddies Production no. 80-22
In this take on Jack and the Beanstalk, impoverished Tom and Jerry find themselves in a giant's castle in the sky, and try to evade a giant watchdog in order to get some food.
Two Stars Are Born Production no. 80-29
Tom and Jerry are hired as stuntmen in a movie in which Catman and Reubin (a takeoff of Batman and Robin) do battle with a giant space alien.
Son of Gopher Broke Production no. 80-39
In this sequel to "Gopher Broke," groundskeepers Tom and Jerry try to stop the gopher from ruining their wealthy employer's garden, and they create chaos in the process.
Episode 12 Airdate: November 22, 1975
Broadcast no. TJGA-12
The Sorcerer's Apprentices Production no. 80-26
Sapstone the Sorcerer, dissatisfied with his canine apprentice Manfred, recruits Tom and Jerry to be his new apprentices; upset about being replaced, Manfred challenges the duo to a duel with magic wands.
Hold That Pose Production no. 80-38
Safari photographers Tom and Jerry try to get a picture of the rare Pip Squaker bird, which has never been photographed before.
The Supercape Caper Production no. 80-42
Supercape, a Superman-like hero, has lost his courage; he "deputizes" Tom and Jerry, who help him take down a number of supervillains.
Episode 13 Airdate: November 27, 1975
Broadcast no. TJGA-13
Chickenrella Production no. 80-32
After falling asleep reading Cinderella, Tom and Jerry dream themselves into the story, helping Cindy and her blundering fairy godmother (who briefly turns the girl into a chicken, hence the title).
Double Trouble Crow Production no. 80-33
Corn farmers Tom and Jerry try to get rid of a crow who's intent on devouring their crops; it later turns out that they were dealing with a whole family of lookalike crows.
Jerry's Nephew Production no. 80-44
Jerry's nephew Dinky (who refers to both Tom and Jerry as his uncles) has come for a visit, and the duo are run ragged trying to keep him out of danger.
Episode 14 Airdate: November 29, 1975
Broadcast no. TJGA-14
See Dr. Jackal and Hide Production no. 80-35
Dr. Jackal is working on a formula to make short people tall, but when he tests it on himself, he transforms into a monster, causing his assistants Tom and Jerry to run for their lives. This cartoon is a spoof of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
Planet of the Dogs Production no. 80-43
Running from Spike, Tom and Jerry find themselves on a NASA rocket headed for the planet Dogstar; the canine inhabitants of the planet are being brainwashed by a giant talking idol into believing that cats and mice are their enemies. This cartoon is a parody of Planet of the Apes.
The Campout Cutup Production no. 80-45
While camping, Tom and Jerry are bedeviled by a mosquito who resists their attempts to get rid of him.
Episode 15 Airdate: December 6, 1975
Broadcast no. TJGA-15
Triple Trouble Production no. 80-36
Tom and Jerry try to chop down a tree for a log cabin, but the squirrel who lives in the tree convinces them not to; the three of them then have to contend with Spike, who's bulldozing trees to make room for a freeway.
The Bull Fighters Production no. 80-41
In Mexico, Tom and Jerry save the live of a bull called Toro the Terrible, who promises to be their friend for life; later, Tom finds himself being a bullfighter against Toro. At first Tom and Toro put on a show for the crowd, with neither actually hurting the other, but then Toro is replaced by a fiercer bull named El Rotteno.
Cruise Kitty Production no. 80-46
The captain of a cruise liner puts mascot Spike in charge of security, and Tom and Jerry are accidental stowaways on the ship; Spike keeps trying to call the captain's attention to them, but keeps failing to prove that they exist.
Episode 16 Airdate: December 13, 1975
Broadcast no. TJGA-16
It's No Picnic Production no. 80-40
An ant who's accidentally been enlarged to human size escapes from a research laboratory, and invades Tom and Jerry's picnic, eating all the food and a baseball and bat.
Big Feet Production no. 80-47
Lumberjack Pierre LeChopp enlists Tom and Jerry to help him trap the elusive Big Feet (a takeoff of Bigfoot), who's been scaring away all his lumberjacks.
The Great Motorboat Race Production no. 80-48
Tom and Jerry work together to compete in a boat race.


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