This article is about the original DePatie-Freleng animated shorts. For the 1990s cartoon series, see The Pink Panther (1993 TV series).

This is a list of the original 124 The Pink Panther animated shorts created, produced and released from December 18, 1964 to February 1, 1980 by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises (DFE Films)[1].


# Title Date Director Synopsis and notes
001 The Pink Phink December 18, 1964 Friz Freleng Pink disagrees with a decorator (The Little Man) over what color a house should be. Won an Academy Award for Short Subjects, Cartoons.
002 Pink Pajamas December 24, 1964 Friz Freleng Pink sneaks into a house to stay the night and has to hide from the owner (a drunk).


# Title Date Director Synopsis and notes
003 We Give Pink Stamps February 12, 1965 Friz Freleng Pink has hidden in a department store, and spends the night trying to hide from the caretaker.
004 Dial "P" for Pink March 17, 1965 Friz Freleng A burglar tries to steal a safe where Pink is hiding. Features the theme music later used for The Inspector series.
005 Sink Pink April 12, 1965 Friz Freleng A Texan is trying to find a pink panther to complete his ark. One of only two cartoons where Pink has dialogue.
006 Pickled Pink May 12, 1965 Friz Freleng A drunk takes Pink home, and tries to hide him from his wife.
007 Pinkfinger May 13, 1965 Friz Freleng Pink decides to become a secret agent.
008 Shocking Pink May 13, 1965 Friz Freleng Pink tries to have a quiet afternoon but is interrupted by a voiceover persuading him to try various do-it-yourself tasks.
009 Pink Ice June 10, 1965 Friz Freleng Pink attempts to rescue diamonds in South Africa from two English diamond hunters. The second of only two cartoons where Pink has dialogue.
010 The Pink Tail Fly August 25, 1965 Friz Freleng Pink has a late night, and his sleep is disturbed by a fly. Last Pink Panther cartoon directed by Friz Freleng.
011 Pink Panzer September 15, 1965 Hawley Pratt A voiceover plays Pink and his neighbor off against each other over garden tools.
012 An Ounce of Pink October 20, 1965 Hawley Pratt Pink encounters a talking weighing machine.
013 Reel Pink November 16, 1965 Hawley Pratt Pink goes fishing, fighting first with one of his weasily cowardly worms, and then with a crab-turned army tank.
014 Bully for Pink December 14, 1965 Hawley Pratt Pink becomes a Toreador, borrowing his cloak from a magician.


# Title Date Director Synopsis and notes
015 Pink Punch February 21, 1966 Hawley Pratt Pink introduces Pink Punch, but the asterisk on his sign insists on being green.
016 Pink Pistons March 16, 1966 Hawley Pratt Pink buys a car and has a driving argument with Granny Flash, Senior Citizens Drag Champion, who drives a souped-up jalopy.
017 Vitamin Pink April 6, 1966 Hawley Pratt Based on the traditions of tonic-sellers in the old US west, Dr. Phink sells Vitamin Pink, and has to capture a bank robber he inadvertently gives the pills.
018 The Pink Blueprint May 25, 1966 Hawley Pratt Pink changes the designs for a house to his own pinkprints and fights with the builder to make sure they are built. Nominated for Academy Award for Short Subjects, Cartoons.
019 Pink, Plunk, Plink May 25, 1966 Hawley Pratt Pink learns to play the violin, and interrupts a performance of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony with the Pink Panther theme played on various instruments. Henry Mancini makes a brief cameo. First cartoon scored by Walter Greene.
020 Smile Pretty, Say Pink May 30, 1966 Hawley Pratt Pink battles with a photographer in Pinkstone National Park. Last cartoon scored by William Lava.
021 Pink-A-Boo June 26, 1966 Hawley Pratt Pink battles with a hungry mouse raiding his refrigerator.
022 Genie with the Light Pink Fur September 14, 1966 Hawley Pratt Pink finds a magic lamp and becomes a genie.
023 Super Pink October 12, 1966 Hawley Pratt Pink decides to be a superhero and keeps trying to help the same little old lady.
024 Rock A Bye Pinky December 23, 1966 Hawley Pratt A man staying in the woods with his dog keeps Pink awake with his snoring.


# Title Date Director Synopsis and notes
025 Pinknic January 6, 1967 Hawley Pratt Pink wakes up in a log cabin in January and has to avoid getting eaten by a mouse before Spring.
026 Pink Panic January 11, 1967 Hawley Pratt Pink stays in a haunted hotel on a stormy night.
027 Pink Posies April 26, 1967 Hawley Pratt Pink replaces all the yellow posies in a garden with pink ones.
028 Pink of the Litter May 17, 1967 Hawley Pratt Pink has to clear all of the litter in a town.
029 In the Pink May 18, 1967 Hawley Pratt Pink joins a gym.
030 Jet Pink June 13, 1967 Gerry Chiniquy Pink flies a fighter jet.
031 Pink Paradise June 24, 1967 Gerry Chiniquy Pink arrives on a desert island to meet a man and his dog.
032 Pinto Pink July 19, 1967 Hawley Pratt Pink has a long journey and tries to tame a horse to ride home.
033 Congratulations It's Pink October 27, 1967 Hawley Pratt Pink steals a baby basket instead of a picnic basket and ends up having to nurse the baby until the parents return.
034 Prefabricated Pink November 22, 1967 Hawley Pratt Pink works on a building site.
035 The Hand Is Pinker Than the Eye December 20, 1967 Hawley Pratt A cold Pink sneaks into a house owned by a magician.
036 Pink Outs December 27, 1967 Gerry Chiniquy A series of twelve mini-cartoons. Footage from this cartoon was used extensively as commercial bumpers for television broadcasts.


# Title Date Director Synopsis
037 Sky Blue Pink February 21, 1968 Hawley Pratt Pink decides to try kite-flying.
038 Pinkadilly Circus March 1, 1968 Hawley Pratt Pink comes to the aid of a hen-pecked man who pulls a thorn out of his foot.
039 Psychedelic Pink March 13, 1968 Hawley Pratt Pink visits a psychedelic bookshop.
040 Come On In! The Water's Pink April 10, 1968 Hawley Pratt Pink visits Biceps Beach, and gets the better of a muscleman.
041 Put-Put, Pink April 14, 1968 Gerry Chiniquy Pink turns his hand to building motorcycles.
042 G.I. Pink May 1, 1968 Hawley Pratt Pink joins the army.
043 Lucky Pink May 7, 1968 Hawley Pratt Pink keeps returning a lucky horseshoe to its bank robber owner - the problem is, the horseshoe only brings bad luck to the thief.
044 The Pink Quarterback May 22, 1968 Hawley Pratt Pink finds and loses a quarter.
045 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Pink June 30, 1968 Hawley Pratt Pink builds a house between an observatory and the moon.
046 Pink Valiant July 10, 1968 Hawley Pratt Pink has to rescue a princess kidnapped by the Black Knight — and tame a horse first.
047 The Pink Pill July 31, 1968 Gerry Chiniquy Pink ends up in hospital.
048 Prehistoric Pink August 7, 1968 Hawley Pratt Pink and a caveman try to work out the best way to move boulders.
049 Pink in the Clink September 18, 1968 Gerry Chiniquy Pink is forced to help a burglar breaking into a factory to break a safe.
050 Little Beaux Pink October 2, 1968 Hawley Pratt Pink and a sheep come to live in Cattle County, Texas, and have to endure an abusive farmer.
051 Tickled Pink October 6, 1968 Gerry Chiniquy A fairy gives Pink magic roller skates that he cannot control.
052 Pink Sphinx October 23, 1968 Hawley Pratt Pink buys a camel and goes searching for a pyramid.
053 Pink Is a Many Splintered Thing November 20, 1968 Gerry Chiniquy Pink becomes a lumberjack.
054 The Pink Package Plot December 11, 1968 Art Davis Pink is forced to deliver a package to the Slobvanian Embassy.
055 Pinkcome Tax December 20, 1968 Art Davis Pink tries to rescue a man imprisoned because he cannot pay taxes in medieval times.


# Title Date Director Synopsis and notes
056 Pink-A-Rella January 8, 1969 Hawley Pratt Pink finds a magic wand and helps a girl in rags become glamorous to win a date with Pelvis Parsley.
057 Pink Pest Control February 12, 1969 Gerry Chiniquy Pink has a problem with a termite who devours every wooden item in his house.
058 Think Before You Pink March 19, 1969 Gerry Chiniquy Pink tries to cross the road.
059 Slink Pink April 2, 1969 Hawley Pratt Pink finds himself hiding in a hunter's house.
060 In the Pink of the Night May 18, 1969 Art Davis Pink has problems waking up in the morning and buys a cuckoo clock.
061 Pink on the Cob May 29, 1969 Hawley Pratt Pink battles crows trying to eat all his corn.
062 Extinct Pink June 20, 1969 Hawley Pratt Pink fights over a bone with a caveman and two dinosaurs. Music scored by Doug Goodwin, from The Ant and the Aardvark and Tijuana Toads.


# Title Date Director Synopsis and notes
063 A Fly in the Pink June 23, 1971 Hawley Pratt A fruit fly attacks Pink's orchard.
064 Pink Blue Plate July 18, 1971 Gerry Chiniquy Pink gets a job working in a busy café beside a building site.
065 Pink Tuba-Dore August 4, 1971 Art Davis Pink's sleep is disturbed by a sousaphone player and his howling dog in the Alps.
066 Pink Pranks August 28, 1971 Gerry Chiniquy Pink arrives at Nome instead of Rome, and meets a friendly seal.
067 The Pink Flea September 15, 1971 Gerry Chiniquy Pink is attacked by a dog flea.
068 Psst Pink September 15, 1971 Art Davis Pink loses a car tire.
069 Gong with the Pink October 20, 1971 Hawley Pratt Pink takes a job in a Chinese restaurant. Last Pink Panther cartoon directed by Hawley Pratt.
070 Pink-In October 20, 1971 Art Davis Pink reads some old letters from his army friend Loud Mouth Louie. Recycles clips from G.I. Pink, Pink in the Clink, Pink Pajamas and The Pink Package Plot.


# Title Date Director Synopsis
071 Pink 8 Ball February 6, 1972 Gerry Chiniquy Pink loses a basketball.


# Title Date Director Synopsis
072 Pink Aye May 16, 1974 Gerry Chiniquy Pink stows away on the RMS Luxitania.
073 Trail of the Lonesome Pink June 27, 1974 Gerry Chiniquy Pink and some turtles battle two fur trappers.


# Title Date Director Synopsis and notes
074 Pink DaVinci June 23, 1975 Robert McKimson Pink is revealed as the true artist behind Mona Lisa's smile.
075 Pink Streaker June 27, 1975 Gerry Chiniquy Pink goes skiing.
076 Salmon Pink July 25, 1975 Gerry Chiniquy Pink meets a friendly fish at the beach.
077 Forty Pink Winks August 8, 1975 Gerry Chiniquy Pink sneaks into the Ritz Plaza Hotel for a night's sleep.
078 Pink Plasma August 8, 1975 Art Leonardi Pink meets Dracula in Transylvania
079 Pink Elephant October 20, 1975 Gerry Chiniquy An elephant follows Pink home from the zoo.
080 Keep Our Forests Pink October 20, 1975 Gerry Chiniquy Pink keeps a forest park clean despite one man's best efforts.
081 Bobolink Pink December 30, 1975 Gerry Chiniquy Pink tries to teach a baby bird to fly.
082 It's Pink But Is It Mink? December 30, 1975 Robert McKimson Jane wants Tarzan to catch the Pink Panther.
083 Pink Campaign December 30, 1975 Art Leonardi Pink steals a house in revenge for the lumberjack owner cutting down his treehouse home. Footage of Pink carting off a toilet was re-edited for television.
084 The Scarlet Pinkernel December 30, 1975 Gerry Chiniquy Pink decides to rescue dogs captured by the Dog Catcher.


# Title Date Director Synopsis
085 Mystic Pink January 6, 1976 Robert McKimson Pink finds a magician's top hat, complete with rabbit.
086 The Pink of Arabee March 13, 1976 Gerry Chiniquy An Indian fakir's magic rope falls in love with Pink's tail.
087 The Pink Pro April 12, 1976 Robert McKimson Pink teaches a man various sports.
088 Pink Piper April 30, 1976 Cullen Houghtaling The Pink Piper leads the mice out of town. Only Pink Panther cartoon directed by Cullen Houghtaling.
089 Pinky Doodle May 28, 1976 Sid Marcus In 1776, Pink is sent to notify the town of the approaching redcoats.
090 Sherlock Pink June 29, 1976 Robert McKimson Private Detective Pink tries to identify who stole his breakfast, instead finding another crook. Last Pink Panther cartoon directed by Robert McKimson.
091 Rocky Pink July 9, 1976 Art Leonardi Pink gets a pet rock. Last Pink Panther cartoon directed by Art Leonardi.


# Title Date Director Synopsis
092 Therapeutic Pink April 1, 1977 Gerry Chiniquy Pink tries to get a dog removed from his tail.


The following entries were produced for television. They were also released theatrically.

# Title Date Director Synopsis and notes
093 Pink Pictures October 21, 1978 Gerry Chiniquy Pink decides to become an amateur photographer.
094 Pink Arcade October 24, 1978 Sid Marcus Pink visits an amusement arcade.
095 Pink Lemonade November 4, 1978 Gerry Chiniquy Pink is adopted by a little girl as her latest soft toy.
096 Pink Trumpet November 4, 1978 Art Davis Staying in a motel, Pink decides to practice his trumpet playing.
097 Sprinkle Me Pink November 11, 1978 Bob Richardson Trying to have a picnic, Pink tries to lose a cloud that keeps following him.
098 Dietetic Pink November 11, 1978 Sid Marcus Pink decides to lose weight.
099 Pink U.F.O. November 17, 1978 Dave Detiege Pink catches a tiny UFO instead of a butterfly.
100 Pink Lightning November 17, 1978 Brad Case Pink buys Dr Jekyll's old car.
101 Cat and the Pinkstalk November 18, 1978 Dave Detiege Pink sells his cow for some beans.
102 Pink Daddy November 18, 1978 Gerry Chiniquy The stork gets lost in a thunderstorm and delivers a baby crocodile to Pink.
103 Pink S.W.A.T. November 22, 1978 Sid Marcus Pink attempts to get rid of a fly.
104 Pink and Shovel November 25, 1978 Gerry Chiniquy Pink buries a $5 bill, and tries to get it back after a hotel is built on top of it.
105 Pinkologist December 2, 1978 Gerry Chiniquy The Little Man visits a psychiatrist. Recycles clips from Rock A Bye Pinky, The Pink Blueprint and Pink Posies.
106 Yankee Doodle Pink December 2, 1978 Sid Marcus Pink sends notes of the incoming redcoats, and has to repair the Liberty Bell, and after that he walks away, playing the song Yankee Doodle on Flute. Reissue of Pinky Doodle.
107 Pink Press December 9, 1978 Art Davis Dailey Blabbermouth reporter Pink tries to get past the security man and guard dog at Howard Huge's mansion.
108 Pet Pink Pebbles December 9, 1978 Gerry Chiniquy, Art Leonardi (uncredited) Pink's rock goes crazy, knocking everything in its way. Reissue of Rocky Pink.
109 The Pink of Bagdad December 9, 1978 Art Davis, Gerry Chiniquy (uncredited) Pink's tail is in love with a rope with a new ending. Reissue of The Pink of Arabee.
110 Pink in the Drink December 20, 1978 Sid Marcus Pink goes on a South Sea cruise but finds out the captain is a pirate.
111 Pink Bananas December 22, 1978 Art Davis As Tarzan, Pink encounters an ape in the jungle.
112 Pinktails for Two December 22, 1978 Art Davis Pink's tail encounters Speedy-grow fertilizer.
113 Pink Z-Z-Z December 23, 1978 Sid Marcus A cat keeps Pink awake.
114 Star Pink December 23, 1978 Art Davis Pink operates a gas station for space ships.


# Title Date Director Synopsis
115 Pink Breakfast February 1, 1979 Brad Case Pink tries to make breakfast.
116 Pink Quackers April 4, 1979 Brad Case Pink saves a clockwork duck from being run over.
117 Toro Pink April 4, 1979 Sid Marcus Pink is persuaded to become a toreador again.
118 String Along in Pink April 12, 1979 Gerry Chiniquy Pink follows a piece of string. Last Pink Panther cartoon directed by Gerry Chiniquy.
119 Pink in the Woods April 27, 1979 Brad Case Pink becomes a lumberjack again.
120 Pink Pull June 15, 1979 Sid Marcus Pink uses a big magnet to find a lost coin.
121 Spark Plug Pink June 28, 1979 Brad Case Pink needs his spark plug to start his lawn mower.
122 Doctor Pink November 16, 1979 Sid Marcus Hospital janitor Pink takes up first aid, to the disgust of the duty doctor. Last Pink Panther cartoon directed by Sid Marcus.
123 Pink Suds December 19, 1979 Art Davis Pink goes to the Laundrette. Last Pink Panther cartoon directed by Art Davis.


# Title Date Director Synopsis
124 Supermarket Pink February 1, 1980 Brad Case Pink goes to the supermarket.


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