The following is an episode list for the animated television series The Huckleberry Hound Show. In seasons 1 and 2, each episode consists of a Huckleberry Hound cartoon, a Pixie and Dixie cartoon, and a Yogi Bear cartoon; in seasons 3 and 4, the Yogi Bear segment was replaced with Hokey Wolf cartoons.

Some episodes contain cartoon segments that are repeats from earlier episodes; in the following list, “—rr—” is used to indicate where a previously aired cartoon was rerun.

List of episodes

Season 1 (1958-1959)

Huckleberry Hound Pixie and Dixie Yogi Bear Airdate
1 "Huckleberry Hound Meets Wee Willie" (Pilot) "Cousin Tex" (Pilot) "Yogi Bear's Big Break" (Pilot) 1958·Oct·02
2 "Lion-Hearted Huck" "Judo Jack" "Slumber Party Smarty" 1958·Oct·09
3 "Tricky Trapper" "Kit Kat Kit" "Pie-Pirates" 1958·Oct·16
4 "Sir Huckleberry Hound" "Jinks’ Mice Device" "Big Bad Bully" 1958·Oct·23
5 "Sheriff Huckleberry" "Pistol Packin’ Pirate" "Foxy Hound-Dog" 1958·Oct·30
6 "Rustler Hustler Huck" "Scaredycat Dog" "The Brave Little Brave" 1958·Nov·06
7 "Freeway Patrol" "Little Bird-Mouse" "Tally Ho Ho Ho" 1958·Nov·13
8 "Cock-a-doodle Huck" "Jiggers… It’s Jinks!" "High Fly Guy" 1958·Nov·20
9 "Two Corny Crows" "The Ghost with the Most" "Baffled Bear" 1958·Nov·27
10 —rr— "The Ace of Space" "Big Brave Bear" 1958·Dec·04
11 "Fireman Huck" "Jinks Junior" —rr— 1958·Dec·11
12 "Dragon-Slayer Huck" —rr— "The Stout Trout" 1958·Dec·18
13 —rr— "Jinks The Butler" "The Buzzin’ Bear" 1958·Dec·25
14 "Hookey Daze" "Jinks Flying Carpet" —rr— 1959·Jan·01
15 "Skeeter Trouble" —rr— "The Runaway Bear" 1959·Jan·08
16 —rr— "Puppet Pals" "Be My Guest Pest" 1959·Jan·15
17 "Sheep-Shape Sheepherder" "Mark of the Mouse" —rr— 1959·Jan·22
18 "Barbecue Hound" —rr— "Duck in Luck" 1959·Jan·29
19 —rr— "Dinky Jinks" "Bear on a Picnic" 1959·Feb·05
20 "Hokum Smokum" "Hypnotize Surprise" —rr— 1959·Feb·12
21 "Bird House Blues" —rr— "Prize Fight Fright" 1959·Feb·19
22 "Postman Panic" "Nice Mice" "Brainy Bear" 1959·Feb·26
23 "Ski Champ Chump" "King-Size Surprise" "Robin Hood Yogi" 1959·Mar·05
24 "Lion Tamer Huck" "Cat-Nap Cat" "Daffy Daddy" 1959·Mar·12
25 "Little Red Riding Huck" "Mouse-Nappers" "Scooter Looter" 1959·Mar·19
26 "The Tough Little Termite" "Boxing Buddy" "Hide and Go Peek" 1959·Mar·26

Season 2 (1959)

Huckleberry Hound Pixie and Dixie Yogi Bear Airdate
27 "Ten Pin Alley" "Hi Fido" "Show Biz Bear" 1959·Sep·14
28 "Grim Pilgrim" "Rapid Robot" "Lullabye-Bye Bear" 1959·Sep·21
29 "Jolly Roger And Out" "Sour Puss" "Bare Face Bear" 1959·Sep·28
30 "Somebody's Lion" "King Size Poodle" "Papa Yogi" 1959·Oct·26
31 "A Bully Dog" "Mighty Mite" "Stranger Ranger" 1959·Nov·02
32 "Nottingham and Yeggs" "Bird Brained Cat" "Rah Rah Bear" 1959·Nov·23
33 "Huck the Giant Killer" "Batty Bat" "Bear For Punishment" 1959·Nov·30
34 "Cop and Saucer" "Lend-Lease Meece" "Nowhere Bear" 1959·Dec·21
35 "Pony Boy Huck" "A Good Good Fairy" "Wound-Up Bear" 1959·Dec·28
36 "Pet Vet" "Heavens to Jinksy" "Bewitched Bear" 1960·Jan·18
37 "Piccadilly Dilly" "Goldfish Fever" "Hoodwinked Bear" 1960·Jan·25
38 "Wiki Waki Huck" "Pushy Cat" "Snow White Bear" 1960·Feb·15
39 "Huck’s Hack" "Puss in Boats" "Space Bear" 1960·Feb·22

Season 3 (1960)

Huckleberry Hound Pixie and Dixie Hokey Wolf Airdate
41 "Spud Dud" "High Jinks" "Tricks And Treats" (Pilot) 1960·Sep·11
42 "Legion Bound Hound" "Price for Mice" "Hokey Dokey" 1960·Sep·18
43 "Science Friction" "Plutocrat Cat" "Lamb-Basted Wolf" 1960·Sep·25
44 "Nuts Over Mutts" "Pied Piper Pipe" "Which Witch Is Witch" 1960·Oct·02
45 "Knight School" "Woo For Two" "Pick a Chick" 1960·Oct·09
46 "Huck Hound’s Tale" "Party Peeper Jinks" "Robot Plot" 1960·Oct·16
47 "The Unmasked Avenger" "A Wise Quack" "Boobs In the Woods" 1960·Oct·23
48 "Hillbilly Huck" "Missile Bound Cat" "Castle Hassle" 1960·Oct·30
49 "Fast Gun Huck" "Kind to Meeces Week" "Booty on the Bounty" 1960·Nov·06
50 "Astro-nut Huck" "Crew Cat" "Hokey in the Pokey" 1960·Nov·13
51 "Huck and Ladder" "Jinksed Jinks" "Who’s Zoo" 1960·Nov·20
52 "Lawman Huck" "Light Headed Cat" "Dogged Sheep Dog" 1960·Nov·27
53 "Cluck and Dagger" "Mouse For Rent" "Too Much to Bear" 1960·Dec·04

Season 4 (1961)

Huckleberry Hound Pixie and Dixie Hokey Wolf Airdate
54 "Caveman Huck" "Jinks’ Jinx" "Movies Are Bitter than Ever" 1961·Aug·18
55 "Huck of the Irish" "Fresh Heir" "Poached Yeggs" 1961·Aug·25
56 "Jungle Bungle" "Strong Mouse (Hercules)" "Rushing Wolf Hound" 1961·Sep·01
57 "Bullfighter Huck" "Bombay Mouse" "The Glass Sneaker" 1961·Sep·08
58 "Ben Huck" "Mouse Trapped" "Indian Giver" 1961·Sep·15
59 "Huck de Paree" "Magician Jinks" "Chock Full Chuck Wagon" 1961·Sep·22
60 "Bars and Stripes" "Meece Missiles" "Bring ’Em Back a Live One" 1961·Sep·29
61 "Scrubby Brush Man" "Homeless Jinks" "A Star Is Bored" 1961·Oct·06
62 "Two For Tee Vee" (Series Finale) "Home Flea" (Series Finale) "West of the Pesos" 1961·Oct·13
63 —rr— —rr— "Phony-O and Juliet" 1961·Oct·20
64 —rr— —rr— "Hokey’s Missing Millions" 1961·Oct·27
65 —rr— —rr— "Loot to Boot" 1961·Nov·03
66 —rr— —rr— "Guesting Games" 1961·Nov·10
67 —rr— —rr— "Sick Sense" 1961·Nov·17
68 —rr— —rr— "Aladdin’s Lamb Chops" 1961·Nov·24
69 —rr— —rr— "Bean Pod’ners" (Series Finale) 1961·Dec·01

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