This is a list of episodes for The Hanna–Barbera New Cartoon Series, which consists of one year-long "season" of 52 weekly episodes. Each episode contains a Wally Gator cartoon, a Lippy the Lion & Hardy Har Har cartoon, and a Touché Turtle and Dum Dum cartoon.

Episode list

Wally Gator Lippy & Hardy Touché Turtle Airdate
1 "Droopy Dragon" "See-Saw" "Whale of a Tale" 1962·Sep·03
2 "Gator-Napper" "Water-Melon Felon" "Zero Hero" 1962·Sep·10
3 "Swamp Fever" "Scare to Spare" "Dilly of a Lilly" 1962·Sep·17
4 "White Tie and Frails" "Gulp and Saucer" "Missing Missile" 1962·Sep·24
5 "Escape Artist" "Map Happy" "Lake Serpent" 1962·Oct·01
6 "California or Bust" "Smile the Wild" "You Bug Me" 1962·Oct·08
7 "Frame and Fortune" "Charge of the Fright Brigade" "Roll-A-Ghoster" 1962·Oct·15
8 "Tantalizin' Turnips" "Film Flam" "Giant Double-Header" 1962·Oct·22
9 "Over the Fence Is Out" "Gun Fighter Lippy" "Loser Take All" 1962·Oct·29
10 "Bear with Me" "Hick Hikers" "Takes Two to Tangle" 1962·Nov·05
11 "Outside Looking In" "A Thousand and One Frights" "Mr. Robots" 1962·Nov·12
12 "Bachelor Buttons" "Double Trouble" "Touché at Bat" 1962·Nov·19
13 "Which Is Which Witch" "Laugh a Loaf" "Billy the Cad" 1962·Nov·26
14 "Pen-Striped Suit" "Genie Is a Meany" "Dog Daze" 1962·Dec·03
15 "Ship Shape Escape" "Banks for Everything" "Ant and Rave" 1962·Dec·10
16 "Semi Seminole" "Fiddle Faddled" "Black Is the Knight" 1962·Dec·17
17 "Little Red Riding Gator" "Kidnap Trap" "Dragon Along" 1962·Dec·24
18 "Ice Cube Boob" "Witch Crafty" "Satellite Fright" 1962·Dec·31
19 "The Forest's Prime Evil" "Gas Again" "Sheepy-Time Pal" 1963·Jan·07
20 "Snooper Snowzer" "Horse and Waggin" "Hex Marks the Spot" 1963·Jan·14
21 "Unconscious Conscience" "Baby Bottled" "Catch as Cat Can" 1963·Jan·21
22 "Gator-Baiter" "Hard Luck Hardy" "Sea for Two" 1963·Jan·28
23 "False Alarm" "Show Use" "High Goon" 1963·Feb·04
24 "Phantom Alligator" "Injun Trouble" "Grandma Outlaw" 1963·Feb·11
25 "Puddle Hopper" "Mouse in the House" "Duel Control" 1963·Feb·18
26 "Baby Chase" "Crazy Cat Capers" "Rapid Rabbit" 1963·Feb·25
27 "Gosh Zilla" "Phoney Pony" "Thumb Hero" 1963·Mar·04
28 "Camera Shy Guy" "Egg Experts" "Kat-Napped" 1963·Mar·11
29 "Rebel Rabble" "Rabbit Romeo" "Romeo, Touché, and Juliet" 1963·Mar·18
30 "No More Mower" "Bird in the Hand" "The Big Bite" 1963·Mar·25
31 "Knight Nut" "Legion Heirs" "Flying Saucer Sorcerer" 1963·Apr·01
32 "Ape Scrape" "Hoots and Saddles" "Aladdin's Lampoon" 1963·Apr·08
33 "Gator-Imitator" "Monster Mix-Up" "Haunting License" 1963·Apr·15
34 "Safe at Home" "Bye-Bye Fly-Guy" "The Phoney Phantom" 1963·Apr·22
35 "Balloon Buffoon" "Wooden Nickels" "Touché's Last Stand" 1963·Apr·29
36 "Rassle Dazzle" "Two for the Road" "Chief Beef" 1963·May·06
37 "Sea Sick Pals" "King's X" "Like Wild, Man" 1963·May·13
38 "Accidentally on Purpose" "Amusement Park Lark" "Dum de Dum Dum" 1963·May·20
39 "Whistle Stopper" "T for Two" "Et Tu Touché?" 1963·May·27
40 "Birthday Grievings" "Tiny Troubles" "Dragon Feat" 1963·Jun·03
41 "Medicine Avenue" "Flood for a Thought" "Red Riding Hoodlum" 1963·Jun·10
42 "Marshall Wally" "Hocus Pocus" "Dough Nuts" 1963·Jun·17
43 "One Round Trip" "Shamrocked" "Save the Last Trance for Me" 1963·Jun·24
44 "Gopher Broke" "Ole Fuddy Duds" "Waterloo for Two" 1963·Jul·01
45 "Gladiator Gator" "Chow You Feelings" "Robin Hoodlum" 1963·Jul·08
46 "Bubble Trouble" "Easy Doesn't It" "The Shoe Must Go On" 1963·Jul·15
47 "Ice Charades" "Drop Me a Lion" "Quack Hero" 1963·Jul·22
48 "Creature Feature" "Map Sap" "Aliblabber and the Forty Thieves" 1963·Jul·29
49 "Squatter's Rights" "Shark Shock" "Out of This Whirl" 1963·Aug·05
50 "The Big Drip" "No Spooking Allowed" "Hero on the Half Shell" 1963·Aug·12
51 "Gourmet Gator" "Me-My-Mine" "Tenderfoot Turtle" 1963·Aug·19
52 "Carpet Bragger" "Together Mess" "Peace and Riot" 1963·Aug·26


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