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The following is an episode list for The Cleveland Show, an American animated series which premiered on Fox on September 27, 2009. The show, which was picked up for an initial order of 22 production episodes (1APSxx),[1] was picked up by Fox for a second order of production episodes, consisting of 13 episodes, bringing the total number of ordered episodes to 35. The announcement was made on May 3, 2009 before the series even premiered.[2] It was then picked up for the remaining 9 episodes of the second season bringing the total amount of episodes ordered to 44.[3] Only two and a half weeks into the first season's summer hiatus, it was then announced on June 10, 2010 that Fox was ordering a third season.[4]

The series focuses on the life of Cleveland Brown (Mike Henry), his son Cleveland Brown Jr (Kevin Michael Richardson), his wife Donna Brown (Sanaa Lathan) and her kids Roberta Tubbs (Reagan Gomez-Preston) and Rallo Tubbs (Mike Henry).


Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale DVD release dates
Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
1 21 September 27, 2009 May 23, 2010 September 28, 2010[5] September 27, 2010[6] March 2, 2011
2 -- September 26, 2010[7] Spring, 2011 TBA TBA TBA
3 -- Autumn, 2011 Spring, 2012 TBA TBA TBA

List of episodes

Season 1: 2009–2010

The Cleveland Show (season 1)

Season 2: 2010–2011

The Cleveland Show (season 2)

Season 3: 2011–2012

On June 10, 2010, FOX announced that they had picked up the show for a third season.[8]

Nielsen ratings

Season Season Premiere Season Finale TV Season Ranking Viewers
(in millions)
1st September 27, 2009 May 23, 2010 2009–2010 #72[9] 6.38[9]
2nd September 26, 2010 Spring, 2011 2010–2011 TBA TBA

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