While most anime have multiple albums released, Suzuka only has three. Each album has hours of background music (BGM), as well as vocals. All BGM were composed by Takumi Masanori, but the openings and endings were performed by COACH.

Original Sound Tracks (OST)


The first Suzuka OST to be released, it contained many original vocals by Tonbow and Tapiko, the lyricists, and Masanori Takumi. This album actually included a DVD as well, featuring COACH performing "Start Line." It was released September 22nd, 2005 by King's Records.


Track Japanese Title Approx. Translation
1 Sutato Rain(TV EDIT ver) Start Line (TV EDIT ver.)
2 Aoi Field(TV EDIT ver) Blue Field (TV EDIT ver.)
4 乙女座の恋 The Love of a Virgo
5 ゲッチュ! Get Smooched!
6 Yakusoku Promise
7 涼風-メインテーマ- Suzuka -Main Theme-
8 朝の風景 Morning Scenery
9 幸せが続くように May Happiness Continue
10 今は素直になれる Now I Can Be Honest
11 ある休日の場面 Some Holiday Scene
12 コミカルノスタルジック Comical Nostalgia
13 Mystic Space Mystic Space
14 遠い日の傷跡-Piano- Scars from Long Ago -Piano-
15 記録更新 Record Renewal
16 夕暮れの校庭 A Campus Evening
17 大人のおんな An Adult Woman
18 落ち込んだってしょうがない No Sense in Being Depressed
19 コミカルトラブル Comical Trouble
20 頭がもやもや Head is Puffy Puffy
21 ここちいいぬくもり A Pleasant Warmth
22 戸惑う胸の思い Thoughts of an Uncertain Heart
23 男は心に決めた A Man Chooses the Heart
24 大和のテーマ Yamato's Theme
25 安信のテーマ Yasunobu's Theme
26 涼風のテーマ Suzuka's Theme
27 萌果のテーマ Honoka's Theme
28 Sutato Rain-Harmonica- Start Line -Harmonica-


Suzuka Character Song Collection & Original Soundtrack Music Field 2 This Second OST complete with a character song collection was released November 23, 2005, also by King's Records.


Track Japanese Title Translation
1 Kimi no Koto About You
2 My Friend My Friend
3 あこがれ Object of Yearning
4 My Love My Love
5 遠い日の傷跡 Scars from Long Ago
6 おはよう! Good Morning!
7 情熱のスプリンター Passionate Sprinter
8 見つめる先に Before You Glare
9 ドジ Screw Up
10 いつもの笑顔で With the Usual Smiling Face
11 熱血トレーニング Intense Training
12 外輪雨降り Outside Rain
13 子供の頃の思い出 Childhood Memories
14 教室の生徒達 The Students in the Classroom
15 ピユアな心 Pure Heart
16 ライバル出現! Rival Appearance!
17 プレシツヤー Pressure
18 日常のひとこま A Daily Instance
19 裏腹なこころ Conflicting Heart
20 ヤキモキするの You Jealous?
21 自身満々 Full of Confidence
22 ブルーな気持ち Feeling Blue
23 Sutato Rain -Piano- Start Line -Piano-
24 ぎこちないふたり The Uncomfortable Couple
25 どうしてうまくいかないの? Why does it not go Well?
26 がんばるぞ! I'm Going to Try Hard!
27 優しさに包てまれ May You Be Enveloped in Kindness
28 涼風-メインテーマ -Piano- Suzuka -Main Theme- Piano
29 それ行けカープ Go Carps

Suzuka singles album

Suzuka OP ED Single - Start Line [COACH] In addition to the two OSTs, King's Records has also included an album/CD for those who wish to sing karaoke to the music. This Album was released August 13, 2005.


Track Name
1 Start Line
2 Aoi Field
3 Start Line (off vocal version)
4 Aoi Field (off vocal version)

Opening and ending themes

The anime version of Suzuka features pieces performed by COACH as the Opening and theme songs.

  1. Start Line by COACH☆
  1. Aoi FIELD by COACH☆ (1-14)
  2. Kimi no Koto (君のこと) by COACH☆ (15-26)


COACH☆ is a group made up of Ai Hayashi, Satomi Akesaka, Hatsumi Miura, Yumiko Hosono, and Michie Kitaura. Each member of COACH☆ also has a voice part in Suzuka (seiyu), as followed:

Hatsumi Miura => Megumi Matsumoto
Michie Kitaura => Nana Shirokawa
Satomi Akesaka => Miho Fujikawa
Yumiko Hosono => Honoka Sakurai
Ai Hayashi, who is also known as "Mana" => Suzuka Asahina

COACH☆ sings every vocal piece in Suzuka, which are Start Line, Aoi Field, Kimi no Koto, DREAM, 乙女座の恋, ゲッチュ!, ヤクソク, My Friend, あこがれ, and My Love. Incidentally, My Love was the karaoke piece that Nana sings for the group.

The only music video COACH☆ has ever released was of Start Line, included in a DVD that came with the first OST.

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