This is an episode list for Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, which was an American series featuring the Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man.


Season 1

Episode Title Overview
1 "The Triumph of the Green Goblin" While escaping from a mental hospital, Norman Osborn becomes the Green Goblin and kidnaps his niece at a college campus superhero costume party.
2 "The Crime of All Centuries" Kraven kidnaps Firestar and plots to unleash a dinosaur army.
3 "The Fantastic Mr. Frump" When a spell goes wrong, Doctor Doom gives a lonely old man fantastic powers, who attempts to woo Aunt May, and causes problems with Doom and the Spider-Friends.
4 "Sunfire" Firestar falls in love with Sunfire, a Japanese superhero who is being used by his corrupt uncle to unleash a fire monster on the city.
5 "Swarm" The Swarm, an alien entity controlling a hive of bees start transforming New York City residents into drone slaves.
6 "7 Little Superheroes" Captain America, Shanna, Sub-Mariner, and Doctor Strange join up with the Spider-Friends to battle the Chameleon on Wolf Island, and they find they have the edge with Ms. Lion in their company.
7 "Videoman" Electro creates a villain called Videoman from an arcade machine.
8 "The Prison Plot" Magneto holds the visitors of an abandoned prison hostage, demanding the release of his Brotherhood of Mutants.
9 "Spidey Goes Hollywood" Mysterio forces a movie director to con Spider-Man into starring in a movie. Bruce Banner appears and ends up turning into the Hulk when it came to a part where Mysterio uses a robot version of Hulk in a scene.
10 "The Vengeance of Loki!" Loki masquerades as his half-brother, Thor, and attacks New York City.
11 "Knights and Demons" Spider-Man and the Black Knight team up to battle Mordred.
12 "Pawns of the Kingpin" The Kingpin and Doctor Faustus use a mind control device to force Captain America to commit crimes, who convinces Iceman to follow him.
13 "The Quest of the Red Skull" The Red Skull kidnaps the Spider-Friends so that they will not interfere in his plot to start World War III. (This episode is typically not part of any syndicated package due to its direct depictions of Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Swastika, and the use of the phrase 'Heil Hitler')

Season 2

NOTE: This season features the origins of all three Spider-Friends.

Episode Title Overview
14 "The Origin of The Iceman" Videoman returns, and Iceman retells his origin as he fears he is losing his mutant powers.
15 "Along Came Spidey" Shocker injures Aunt May, and Spider-Man recounts how he acquired his powers.
16 "A Fire-Star Is Born" Iceman and Firestar attend an X-Men reunion featuring Cyclops, Angel, and its latest members Storm and Wolverine (who oddly speaks with an Australian accent). Firestar recalls her origins (cameos by Magneto and a Sentinel). After that, the Juggernaut crashes the party in an effort to destroy his stepbrother Professor X.

Season 3

Episode Title Overview
17 "Spider-Man Unmasked!" The Sandman learns that Peter Parker is Spider-Man.
18 "The Bride of Dracula!" Firestar is kidnapped by Dracula. Spider-Man and Iceman go to Transylvania to rescue her, fighting both Wolfman and the Frankenstein monster.
19 "The Education of a Superhero" Videoman merges with a game addict, who decides to be a superhero while the Gamesman seeks world domination by electronically hypnotizing the public.
20 "Attack of the Arachnoid" After the Spider-Friends thwart the Scorpion, a mad scientist named Dr. Zoltan Amadeus recreates Spider-Man's powers. He frames Spider-Man for a crime (Matt Murdock guest stars as Spider-Man's lawyer). When Spider-Man ends up on Ryker's Island, the Scorpion stages a jailbreak to take out Spider-Man. When Dr. Zoltan mutates into a half-spider monster, Iceman and Firestar must stop him and clear Spider-Man's name
21 "The Origin of the Spider-Friends" Stan Lee explains how the superheroes teamed-up to fight the Beetle. Tony Stark makes a cameo.
22 "Spidey Meets the Girl From Tomorrow" Spidey falls in love with a stranded girl from the future (Ariel), whose spaceship has been stolen by Doctor Octopus.
23 "The X-Men Adventure" The Spider-Friends visit the X-Mansion and battle an old friend of Firestar.
24 "Mission: Save the GuardStar" Buzz Mason of S.H.I.E.L.D. hires the Spider-Friends to stop a mutant named Lightwave, who has the power to control and manipulate light energy. She turns out to be Iceman's half-sister, Aurora Dante (who was not mentioned in "The Origin of Ice Man"). Though it is said that she has turned traitor and is targeting the GuardStar satellite, someone is actually mind-controlling her.
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