This article is a list of episodes from the television show Speed Racer in order by production number.

US# JP# Title Japanese title[1] Original US airdate Synopsis
01. 01. "The Great Plan (Part 1)" 飛ばせ!マッハ号(前) September 14, 1967 Aspiring race driver Speed Racer learns that his father, Pops, has quit his job at a major automotive factory because the factory rejected his proposed design of a new engine, so he enters a dangerous mountain race to earn money needed to build the engine, unaware that a rival of Pops has hired Ace Deucy, a hitman, to steal the engine design and it has been drawn in invisible ink into Speed's windshield. At the same time, Speed must deal with an extremely aggressive racer named Skull Duggery.
02. "The Great Plan (Part 2)" 飛ばせ!マッハ号(後) September 15, 1967 Backed by his gang, Ace Deucy pursues Speed and a rival driver who runs afoul of the gang.
03. "Challenge of the Masked Racer (Part 1)" 謎の覆面レーサー(前) September 16, 1967 When The Masked Racer, a mysterious race driver considered a dangerous jinx because of fatal crashes in past races, enters a major race, Speed becomes determined to face off against him, a determination that increases when The Masked Racer tries to dissuade Speed from entering - brought on because of the secret that the Masked Racer is in fact Speed's exiled eldest brother, Rex.
04. 02. "Challenge of the Masked Racer (Part 2)" 謎の覆面レーサー(後) September 17, 1967 Speed foolishly challenges The Masked Racer to a dangerous pursuit in a driving rainstorm and when a crash ensues he is injured and taken to the mysterious racer's home to regain consciousness. When he awakens he notices an array of white roses, known to be the favorite flowers of his mother (the first hint of suspicion of The Masked Racer's identity by Speed). Trying on the man's mask, he is mistaken for The Masked Racer by gunmen for a rival team and kidnapped.
05. 14. "The Secret Engine (Part 1)" クラシックカーの秘密(前) September 18, 1967 The elderly son of a deceased gangster drives a Model T that contains a code for a missing haul of stolen money, a haul that Tongue Blackguard, a brutal gang leader, is determined to find.
06. 21. "The Secret Engine (Part 2)" クラシックカーの秘密(後) September 21, 1967 Tongue Blackguard captures Speed and also Pops and Speed's girlfriend Trixie Shimura and they find the missing loot, but Blackguard's gang is assaulted by The Masked Racer.
07. 03. "The Race against the Mammoth Car (Part 1)" マンモスカーの挑戦(前) September 22, 1967 A 600-foot-long train-like monstrosity is entered in a dangerous open competition race through a mountain area, cover for international gangster Cruncher Bloch to smuggle out $50 million in gold, and when Speed and Trixie run afoul of Bloch's plan in their effort to win the race, the Mammoth Car pursues them and blasts them into a deep lake.
08. 04. "The Race against the Mammoth Car (Part 2)" マンモスカーの挑戦(後) September 23, 1967 Speed's pursuit of the Mammoth Car takes him to a vast harbor where the machine is hijacked and disaster ensues.
09. 08. "The Most Dangerous Race (Part 1)" 魔のアクロバット族(前) September 24, 1967 Speed enters The Great Alpine Race, a brutally dangerous mountain contest, after being challenged by a belligerent racer and stunt driver, Snake Oiler, a part of a dangerous cult-like racing team, The Car Acrobatic Team. The race's danger is such that Speed's crew chief, Wilson Sparkolemew, wanrs him against it, and infuriates Speed to where their relationship nearly ends, and even Racer X - aka The Masked Racer - warns Speed against it.
10. 16. "The Most Dangerous Race (Part 2)" 魔のアクロバット族(中) September 25, 1967 Sparky and Trixie rescue Speed when his brakes prove ineffective in a lethal mountainside curve, and after he rejoins the race he and others run into brutal rains that wash out overhangs, forcing them to have to jump the dangerous chasms. Snake Oiler and Racer X succeed, but when Speed makes the jumps his car crashes into a canyon, and amid the wreckage and loss of life the only sign of Speed in the fatal storm is a small doll given him by his baby brother, Spritle.
11. 41. "The Most Dangerous Race (Part 3)" 魔のアクロバット族(後) September 28, 1967 By a miracle Speed has survived but has suffered a concussion and hysterical blindness, but his determination to win the race against literally all odds touches Racer X to the point he deliberately fakes injury to help navigate Speed to safety - and to warn Oiler when a leakage of oil from his car leads to a near-fatal explosion short of the finish.
12. 24. "Race for Revenge (Part 1)" マレンゴの復讐(前) September 29, 1967 During a test session Speed is overtaken by a mysterious car numbered X3, whose distinctive engine hum is familiar to a vicious gang of racers known as The Three Roses Club because the engine is from a car whose driver they killed years earlier in a mountain race. When the mysterious driver turns out to be a robot who repeats a prerecorded warning, "Melange still races," it turns out to be the work of "Flash" Marker, the son of the deceased racer who has vowed to destroy the Three Roses Club at the same mountain course where his father was killed.
13. "Race for Revenge (Part 2)" マレンゴの復讐(後) September 30, 1967 Lilly, the sister of the vengeful Flash Marker, is dragooned into driving the rebuilt Melange to destroy the present members of the Three Roses Club, but disaster strikes when Speed thwarts Marker's plan for venegance.
14. 29. "The Desperate Desert Race (Part 1)" 死の砂漠レース(前) October 1, 1967
15. 31. "The Desperate Desert Race (Part 2)" 死の砂漠レース(後) October 2, 1967
16. 05. "The Fire Race (Part 1)" インカ地底レース(前) October 5, 1967
17. "The Fire Race (Part 2)" インカ地底レース(後) October 6, 1967
18. "Girl Daredevil (Part 1)" ナイアガラの秘宝(前) October 7, 1967
19. 06. "Girl Daredevil (Part 2)" ナイアガラの秘宝(後) October 8, 1967
20. 07. "The Fastest Car on Earth (Part 1)" 悪魔のレースカー(前) October 9, 1967
21. 13. "The Fastest Car on Earth (Part 2)" 悪魔のレースカー(後) October 12, 1967
22. 10. "Mach 5 vs. Mach 5 (Part 1)" マッハ号危機一髪(前) October 13, 1967
23. 11. "Mach 5 vs. Mach 5 (Part 2)" マッハ号危機一髪(後) October 14, 1967
24. 12. "The Royal Racer (Part 1)" チビッコ・グランプリ(前) October 15, 1967
25. 26. "The Royal Racer (Part 2)" チビッコ・グランプリ(後) October 16, 1967
26. 32. "The Car Hater" スピードを消せ! October 19, 1967
27. 09. "The Terrifying Gambler" 呪いのクレオパトラ(前) October 20, 1967
28. 22. "The Race against Time (Part 1)" 呪いのクレオパトラ(後) October 21, 1967
29. 15. "The Race against Time (Part 2)" 黄金の腕 October 26, 1967
30. 17. "The Snake Track" ダムサイドの対決 October 27, 1967
31. 33. "The Man on the Lam" 疾風!忍者カー(前) October 28, 1967
32. 39. "Gang of Assassins (Part 1)" 疾風!忍者カー(後) November 2, 1967
33. 40. "Gang of Assassins (Part 2)" 嵐の決闘 November 3, 1967
34. "The Race for Life" 暴走!レコードカー November 4, 1967
35. 27. "The Supersonic Car" 密林の怪戦車(前) November 9, 1967
36. 28. "Crash in the Jungle (Part 1)" 密林の怪戦車(後) November 10, 1967
37. 25. "Crash in the Jungle (Part 2)" 地獄の計算魔 November 11, 1967
38. 37. "The Secret Invaders (Part 1)" 秘密情報部員No9(前) November 16, 1967
39. 38. "The Secret Invaders (Part 2)" 秘密情報部員No9(後) November 17, 1967
40. 35. "Man Behind the Mask" 恐怖の爆弾カー November 18, 1967 Speed is scheduled to compete in the North American Grand Prix and rides on the same plane as Dr. Fantasty. At the same time, Spritle and Chim Chim stow away to see Speed Race. While Speed and Trixie are learning of Dr. Fantasty's rocket fuel engine, the plane they are on is hijacked by a strange masked men who direct the plane to an uncharted island. Once their, Speed, Trixie, Spritle, Chim Chim, and Dr. Fantasty meet the masked men's masked leader Mark Meglaton who plans to force Speed and Dr. Fantasty to help steal art from around the world followed by a plot for world domination by launching missles at the Earth's major cities. It's up to Pops and Racer X to come to the rescue and help to defeat Mark Meglaton.
41. 18. "The Car Destroyer" 鉄のまぼろし城 August 18, 1968
42. 19. "The Desperate Racer" パイナップルレース August 19, 1968
43. 34. "The Dangerous Witness" 魔女ナンバー0 August 22, 1968
44. 43. "Race the Laser Tank" 殺人カー V2号 August 23, 1968
45. 44. "Great Car Wrestling Match" カーレスラーX August 24, 1968
46. 45. "Motorcycle Apaches" オートアパッチの襲撃 August 25, 1968
47. 46. "Car with a Brain" モンスターカーの復活 August 26, 1968
48. 47. "Junk Car Grand Prix" ポンコツカーグランプリ August 29, 1968
49. 48. "The Car in the Sky" 決死の風船脱出 August 30, 1968
50. 49. "The Trick Race" アクロバット族の逆襲 August 31, 1968
51. 50. "Race Around the World (Part 1)" 史上最大のレース(前) September 1, 1968
52. 51. "Race Around the World (Part 2)" 史上最大のレース(後) September 2, 1968


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