List of Slangman's World episodes

Slangman's World


Season 1: 2009

Title Writer(s) Airdate Ep. #
"Maison" David Burke, Timothy Michael Harrington, Andrew Pagana 2009-01-05 1
Wordy and Slangman jump into the fishbowl to join the School of Fish for their French lesson. Unfortunately, Miss Crabby is boring the class to sleep with her lecture. Slangman to the rescue! With a magical gesture, Slangman enters the chalkboard and sings "Maison." By the time he's done, Wordy and the fish have learned six new words in French!
"Pronto" David Burke, Andrew Pagana 2009-01-07 2
Wordy flies into Slangman's Cross-Cultural Kitchen, upset that he overslept and missed breakfast. That's no problem for Slangman, Chef Stacoupé, Mel Tingpot, and the rest of the kitchen characters. They can make anything, and they can make it "Pronto!"
"Kaputt" David Burke, Jenn Reese, Andrew Pagana 2009-01-12 3
Slangman finds Wordy looking for a toy, and breaking all his other toys in the process. With the help of a magic storybook and the song "Kaputt," Slangman teaches Wordy the importance of taking care of his toys... and a few new words in German.
"Umnia" David Burke, Jenn Reese 2009-01-15 4
When Slangman tucks Wordy into bed for the night, he says goodnight in Arabic. Wordy asks for a bedtime story, and Slangman continues the Arabic theme. He sings "Umniah," the story of a young boy in Egypt who finds a magic lamp and makes three wishes... But it's the genie's wish that ultimately brings the boy happiness.
"Chinese New Year" David Burke, Jenn Reese 2009-01-19 5
On the eve of the Chinese New Year, Wordy finds Slangman and the chopsticks Mee and Yu sweeping out the house to prepare for the new year. Slangman sings "Chinese New Year" about the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac. By the end of the song, day has turned into night, and fireworks light the sky in celebration of the new year.
"Slangman's Farm" David Burke, Jenn Reese, Andrew Pagana 2009-01-22 6
While Slangman and Wordy are taking a morning stroll through Slangman's Farm, they encounter Slangrooster, who is preparing for the morning crow. Slangman and the farm's international roosters sing "On Slangman's Farm," and show Wordy that animals speak different languages, just like people!
"Felice" David Burke, Jenn Reese 2009-01-26 7
When Slangman is hanging pictures, Wordy asks him why. Slangman replies that the pictures represent things that make him happy. A photograph of Slangman in Italy comes to life and informs them that "happy" is "felice" in Italian. Slangman sends Wordy to an imaginary Venice made of ice cream and chocolate, where they sing about items that make Slangman "Felice."
"Bonjour" David Burke, Jenn Reese 2009-01-29 8
Slangman calls his cousin Pierre to help Wordy with his French lesson. Wordy is magically transported to France, where Pierre and Wordy sing "Bonjour" while wandering through the streets of Paris.
"Seasons" David Burke, Jenn Reese 2009-02-02 9
In order to sing a song about the seasons, Slangman and Wordy load up the piano in the Music Room with all sorts of seasonal items such as trees, lemonade, sunshine, snow, and hot apple cider. Then Slangman magically summons a friend from Japan to help them sing, "Seasons."
"The Counting Song" David Burke, Jenn Reese 20019-02-05 10
When Wordy goes looking for Slangman, he finds his friend shrunk down and inside a broken Korean clock! Slangman asks Wordy to help him fix the 12 different gears, and together they sing "The Counting Song"!

Season 2: 2009

Title Writer(s) Airdate Ep. #
"Guten Tag" Jenn Reese, Andrew Pagana 2009-10-05 1
Slangman and Gizma are repairing a letter when Wordy arrives. Crash smashes into the house with the word of the day and everyone sings "Guten Tag." (German)

DVD release

The 10 episodes of the first season were released on DVD in 2009.


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