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The episodes of the Shaman King anime series are based on the manga of the same name written by Hiroyuki Takei. They are directed by Seiji Mizushima and produced by Xebec.[1] The plot follows the adventures of a Shaman boy named Yoh Asakura participates in the shaman fights in order to become the Shaman King.

The episodes were aired between July 4, 2001 and September 25, 2002 on TV Tokyo in Japan and spanned sixty-four episodes. 4Kids Entertainment obtained the rights to the Shaman King anime where it premiered on 4Kids network Foxbox on August 30, 2003.[2] The final episode aired on September 3, 2005.[citation needed]

The episodes were collected into sixteen DVD compilations by King Records and released between October 30, 2001 and January 22, 2003.[3][4] The DVDs were later collected and released in three box sets between August 27, 2008 and December 25, 2008.[5][6] As of August 2009, five DVD compilations of the English adaption have been released by Funimation Entertainment released in an uncut form.[7][8]

Five themes of music were used throughout the series. The opening themes are "Over Soul" from episodes one to thirty four, and Northern Lights onwards towards the end; both were by Megumi Hayashibara. The three ending themes are "Trust You" from episodes one to thirty four by Hayashibara, "Omokage" (おもかげ?, lit. Reminiscent) from episodes thirty five to sixty three also by Hayashibara, and "Tamashii Kasanete" (魂かさねて?, lit. Souls Overlap) for the final episode by Yūko Satō. Several CDs that contain the theme music and other tracks have been released by King records.[9]


Ep# Official English Title/Original Title Translated to English
Original Japanese Title
Original Airdate US Airdate
1 Yoh, Morty!" / "The Boy Who Dances With Ghosts
"Yūrei to Odoru Shōnen" (幽霊と踊る少年)
July 4, 2001 August 30, 2003
Trying to prove that Yoh Asakura, the new transfer student, can talk to spirits, thirteen-years-old Manta Oyamada gets in trouble with the gang of Ryu of the Wooden Sword. When everything seems bound to go bad for him, however, he gets help from an unexpected source.
2 Guardian Ghost" / "Waiting Samurai
"Matsu Samurai" (待つサムライ)
July 11, 2001 September 13, 2003
Yoh wants the spirit of Amidamaru, the devil samurai, to join him as his Main Spirit. Amidamaru is waiting for someone, though, and can't leave the cemetery. Yoh tries to find out who the samurai is waiting for, while Ryu of the Wooden Sword searches for revenge.
3 Lenny" / "Another Shaman
"Mou Hitori no Shāman" (もう一人のシャーマン)
July 18, 2001 September 20, 2003
Yoh is challenged to a fight by Ren Tao, an arrogant Shaman who believes Spirits are only tools.
4 Perfect Unity" / "Hyoi 100%
"Hyōi Hyaku" (憑依100)
July 25, 2001 September 27, 2003
Yoh is injured in the fight with Ren, but there is no time to rest: to defeat his challenger, he must learn to unify his will with Amidamaru's, and reach the one-hundred percent Hyoi Gattai.
5 A New Order" / "A Shaman Who is Mature for Her Age
"Oshama na Shāman" (おシャマなシャーマン)
August 1, 2001 October 4, 2003
Yoh's fiancée, Anna Kyoyama, arrives into town to coach Yoh for the Shaman Fight. Her methods seem abusive, but the training comes on handy when Yoh is attacked by Kyonshii commanded by the Tao family.
6 The Kung-Fu Master" / "Kung Fu Master
"Kan Fū masutā" (カンフーマスター)
August 8, 2001 October 11, 2003
Manta brings Yoh, Anna and Amidamaru to watch a movie about his idol, the late Kung-Fu fighter Lee Pai-Long. Things get dangerous when Lee Pai-Long's corpse attacks them, commanded by Ren's sister, Jun Tao.
7 Pai-Long Attacks!" / "Pai-Long, Fists of Fury
"Pairon Ikari no Ippatsu" (パイロン怒りの一発)
August 15, 2001 October 18, 2003
Freed from his enslavement, Pai-Long goes berserk and aimlessly attacks Yoh. To fight him, Anna summons the spirit of Pai-Long's late master, Shamon.
8 The Rio Deal" / " Shaman Life
"Shāman Raifu" (シャーマンライフ)
August 22, 2001 October 25, 2003
After witnessing Yoh's fight against Pai-Long, Ryu of the Wooden Sword decides that he wants to become a Shaman too. Meanwhile, Gei Yin, another Shaman under the Tao family, arrives from China to have a go against Yoh.
9 Northern Boarder" / "The Boy from the North
"Kita no Kuni kara kita Shōnen" (北の国から来た少年)
August 29, 2001 November 1, 2003
Yoh gives shelter to a traveler called HoroHoro, only to have Anna worry that he might be a Shaman trying to eliminate opponents before the start of the Shaman Fight.
10 The Infamous Tokageroh" / "Fate of 600 Years
"Innen Rokupyaku Nen" (因縁600年)
September 5, 2001 November 8, 2003
Ryu of the Wooden Sword believes that he'll never be able to become a Shaman. Down and unhappy, he is possessed by the spirit of Tokageroh, a bandit from 600 years ago who wants to get revenge on Amidamaru.
11 Vendetta" / "Rain That Falls In Spring
"Haru ni Furu Ame" (春にふる雨)
September 12, 2001 November 15, 2003
When Tokageroh kidnaps Manta and threatens to kill him with the Harusame, Amidamaru has to choose between the safety of his friends and the sword he values so much.
12 A New Shaman" / "The Star that Signals the Beginning
"Hajimari o Tsugeru Hoshi" (始まりを告げる星)
September 19, 2001 November 22, 2003
After breaking Amidamaru's sword, Ryu becomes even more depressed, and Yoh looks for a solution. Meanwhile, the star that signals the beginning of the Shaman Fight descends from the sky.
13 The Destiny Star" / "Over Soul
"Ōbā Sōru" (オーバーソウル)
September 26, 2001 November 29, 2003
To enter the Shaman Fight, Yoh must hit, at least once, the Shaman Fight priest Silva. The task is not easy, though, because Silva uses a different technique to fight with his guardian spirits.
14 The Shaman Fight" / "Shaman Fight
"Shāman Faito" (シャーマンファイト)
October 3, 2001 December 6, 2003
Yoh's first opponent in the Shaman Fight is HoroHoro, and things get awkward between them both when HoroHoro's younger sister and Anna seem to forget that "opponent" and "friend" are not antonyms.
15 Faust VIII" / "Bone Killers
"Bōn Kirāzu" (ボーン·キラーズ)
October 10, 2001 February 14, 2004
Yoh's second opponent is an eerie doctor called Faust VIII, who Silva believes to be an extremely dangerous man. This is proven to be true when the doctor kidnaps Manta.
16 The Rain of Bones" / "Faust Love
"Fausuto Ravu" (ファウスト·ラヴ)
October 17, 2001 February 21, 2004
The fight against Faust continues. As the doctor harasses Manta, Yoh loses his calm and ends up in a disadvantageous position. Danger only increases when Faust summons the spirit of his late wife, Eliza.
17 Road Trip" / "Two People’s Journey to the Best Place
"Besuto Pureisu Futari Tabi" (ベストプレイス二人旅)
October 24, 2001 February 28, 2004
Trying to protect Manta, Yoh pushes his friend away and returns to his grandfather's house to train for the third round. Distraught, Manta embarks in a journey with Ryu of the Wooden Sword to find his friend. On their way, they're followed by Elly and Milly, two Shamans trying to eliminate opponents before the Shaman Fight.
18 The Tunnel of Tartarus" / "Yoh
"" (よう)
October 31, 2001 March 6, 2004
To improve his Shaman abilities, Yoh entered the Hole of Yomi, a place where there is no light and sound. Manta, Anna, Amidamaru and a girl called Tamao wait for him to come back. Meanwhile, Elly and Milly reach their location.
19 Yoh vs. Lenny" / "Big Souls of the Two
"Futari no Biggu Sōru" (2人のビッグソウル)
November 7, 2001 March 13, 2004
Ren's conflicts and doubts about his way of life and his role on the Tao family are brought into arena when he and Yoh start the third fight.
20 One, Two, Three, Draw" / "Soul Mata Cemetery
"Sōru Mata Reien" (ソウル摩多霊園)
November 14, 2001 March 20, 2004
Yoh's tranquility of mind breaks Ren's resolve, and their fight comes to a draw. Realizing that his ways were wrong, Ren decides to fight his father, the source of all his hatred. It all goes downhill, though, when he and Jun are captured.
21 A Call to Adventure" / "Believe
"Birību" (ビリーブ)
November 21, 2001 March 27, 2004
Sneaking away from Yoh's house to rescue Ren, Yoh, Manta and HoroHoro meet a duo of Shaman singers, whose technique sends spirits to the other world.
22 The Dynasty Challenged" / "Our Deadly Blows
"Oretachi no Hissatsu Waza" (オレたちの必殺技)
November 28, 2001 April 3, 2004
Yoh, Manta, HoroHoro and Ryu of the Wooden Sword reach the Tao family's main house. On their way to rescue Ren and Jun, they are forced to fight the five Kyonshii who are known as the Five Deities.
23 The Dynasty Fight" / "Awakened Nyan Nyan Doushi
"Yomigaeru Nyan Nyan Dōshi" (蘇る娘娘道士)
December 5, 2001 April 10, 2004
The most powerful of the Five Deities turns out to be Lee Pai-Long's late master, Shamon. His Kung Fu moves get the best of the quartet, and only Pai-Long himself can defeat him.
24 A New Dynasty" / "Invincible Tao En
"Fujimi no Tao En" (不死身の道円)
December 12, 2001 April 17, 2004
The group of Shamans finally meets Ren's uncle, En Tao. Nonetheless, not even their best techniques seem to harm the enormous man; to defeat him, they need to figure out the secret behind his invulnerability.
25 Shaman Journey" / "A Shaman's Journey
"Shāman e no Tabi" (シャーマンへの旅)
December 19, 2001 April 24, 2004
Yoh, Ryu, Ren and HoroHoro say goodbye to their friends and family before going to America for the second preliminary tournament. However, before they can leave, the mysterious Hao shows up to assess the group's strength.
26 The Second Round Begins" / "Big America
"Biggu Amerika" (ビッグ·アメリカ)
December 26, 2001 September 18, 2004
The quartet's airplane falls in the desert, and the four Shamans are left to find their way to the Patch village, while being targeted by a group of eccentric Shaman fighters.
27 The Dowser" / "Dowsing Revolution
"Daujingu Reboryūshon" (ダウジング·レボリューション)
January 9, 2002 September 25, 2004
Ryu of the Wooden Sword meets a Shaman called Lyserg, who is interested on finding powerful allies. His methods of testing his potential companions, however, aren't the most orthodox, and things get dangerous for the quartet when he puts his Dowsing technique into use.
28 Lost Boy Found" / "Lyzerg's Revenge
"Rizerugu Ribenjā" (リゼルグリベンジャー)
January 16, 2002 October 2, 2004
Lyserg tells Yoh, Ryu, Ren and HoroHoro his story, not knowing that he is being chased by the Shamans he has hurt on his search for powerful allies.
29 The Nature of Nature" / "Super Guts
"Mera Konjō" (メラ根性)
January 23, 2002 October 9, 2004
Lyserg feels down after a run-in with Hao, whose powers can stop even a powerful blizzard. Trying to cheer him up, Ryu tells him how he became a Shaman. Meanwhile, Anna and Manta leave to a mysterious place called the Mount Terror.
30 Oracle Bell Down" / "The Stolen Oracle Bell
"Ubawareta Orakuru Beru" (うばわれたオラクルベル)
January 30, 2002 October 16, 2004
When Milly's Oracle Bell is stolen, Yoh and the others lend a hand to find the culprit.
31 Ghost Town" / "Forest of Holy Spirits
"Seirei no Mori" (精霊の森)
February 6, 2002 October 23, 2004
Yoh and the others stop by a ghost town, place of rest of some bored Holy Spirits.
32 A Very Trey Day" / "Horohoro’s Taste of a Bitter Friendship
"Horohoro Nigai Tomo no Aji" (ホロホロ苦い友の味)
February 13, 2002 October 30, 2004
While looking for food in a forest, HoroHoro meets a Shaman called Allen, who uses his abilities to vandalize a company that is harming the forest.
33 Zeke Attack" / "Mysterious Asakura
"Himitsu na Asakura" (ひみつな麻倉)
February 20, 2002 November 6, 2004
The story of Hao and the Asakura family is revealed when Yoh's grandfather asks Anna to take the book that contains Hao's teachings to Yoh. Meanwhile, Ashiru, one of Hao's followers, challenges the group to kill Yoh's friends, not knowing that the X-Laws are about to intervene in the fight.
34 The Great Western Spa" / "American Hot Springs
"Amerika Onsen" (アメリカ温泉)
February 27, 2002 November 13, 2004
Yoh and the others spend the night in a Hot Spring district, only to be targeted by a rival of Sharona, who has the power of creating illusions.
35 Vampire Ambush" / "The Vampire Legend
"Kyūketsuki Densetsu" (吸血鬼伝説)
March 6, 2002 November 20, 2004
The group is attacked by another of Hao’s followers, who claims to be a vampire. Meanwhile, Anna and Manta leave to America.
36 Winged Destroyers" / "Angel's Pistol
"Tenshi no Pisutoru" (天使のピストル)
March 13, 2002 November 27, 2004
Lyserg has been bitten by Boris, and the others need to understand the mystery behind the vampire's technique to defeat him - all this while the X-Laws try to break into the church to destroy them all.
37 Punch Line" / "King Of Jokes
"Jōdan Kingu" (ジョーダンキング)
March 20, 2002 December 4, 2004
Still depressed because Lyserg left with the X-Laws, the four Shamans meet a boy called Chocolove, who wants to become the world's greatest comedian through the Shaman Fight. In the meantime, Faust VIII and Anna make a deal.
38 Five Great Chiefs" / "The Legend of Seminoa
"Seminoa no denshōka" (セミノアの伝承歌)
March 27, 2002 December 11, 2004
Guided by Chocolove's information, the group reaches the house of Lilirara, a descendant from the warriors of the Seminoa tribe, who fought on the last Shaman Fight and know where the Patch Village is.
39 Goth Assault" / "Hanagumi (Flower Team)
"Hanagumi" (花組)
April 3, 2002 December 18, 2004
The Flower Team, three girls who are part of Hao's group, face Yoh to make him realize he needs to become stronger. Meanwhile, trying to find Yoh, Anna meets Hao for the first time.
40 A Touch of Evil" / "Chou Senji Ryakettsu
"Chō Senjiryakettsu" (超·占事略決)
April 10, 2002 January 22, 2005
Led by Anna, Yoh and the others come into contact with the source of Hao's power.
41 Goth Rematch" / "Explosive Over Souls
"Baretsu Ōbā Sōru" (爆れつオーバーソウル)
April 17, 2002 January 29, 2005
Under the eyes of Marco, Lyserg and Hao, Yoh and the others face the Flower Team a second time to test their new strength.
42 The Double Medium" / "Spirit of the Sword
"Supiritto Obu Sōdo" (スピリット オブ ソード)
April 24, 2003 February 5, 2005
Ambushed by the X-Laws, Yoh and his friends must decide how they will take the knowledge that Yoh is Hao's twin. Meanwhile, Amidamaru evolves to a Holy Spirit.
43 Lost Lyzerg" / "Battle of Gods
"Kamigami no Tatakai" (神々の闘い)
May 1, 2002 February 12, 2005
The group reaches a town where many God-class Shamans stop and rest before moving on to Patch Village. While there, they get to see the real power of the X-Laws' Leader, Iron Maiden Jeanne.
44 The Ice Team Cometh" / "One More Push
"Mou Hito Funbari" (もうひとふんばり)
May 8, 2002 February 19, 2005
The Icemen group, who pride themselves on enduring the world's harshest temperatures, challenge Yoh to a fight, and only Yoh's true strength will make them see reason.
45 Dobi Village or Bust" / "Great Spirits
"Gurēto Supirittsu" (グレートスピリッツ)
May 15, 2002 February 26, 2005
The group finally makes it to Patch Village; yet, there is another challenge they have to face before they are allowed to enter.
46 Family Feud" / "The Dead Spirit of Tao
"Tao no Bōrei" (道(タオ)の亡霊)
May 22, 2002 March 5, 2005
Ren's integrity is questioned when Gei Yin, who used to be under service of the Tao family, claims that he betrayed her and her family by forgetting the Tao family pride and leaving them all behind.
47 Sand Storm" / "Really Naive
"Mera Junjō" (メラ純情)
May 29, 2002 March 12, 2005
Ryu meets a girl called Anith, who shares with him the wish of finding the Best Place, but whose dream is crushed by her abusive fiancé. When their team turns out to be Funbari Hot Spring Team’s next opponents, Ryu vows to remind her of the true meaning of leaving your dream to another.
48 The Prophecy" / "Missionary of Dragon
"Doragon no Dendōshi" (ドラゴンの伝道師)
June 5, 2002 March 19, 2005
HoroHoro has to prove himself worthy of being the Shaman King to his team’s next opponents, some eccentric missionaries who believe that the young cannot deal with the burden of winning the Shaman Fight.
49 Gladiators" / "Doctor Doctor
"Dokutā Dokutā" (ドクタードクター)
June 12, 2002 March 26, 2005
Manta struggles to understand Faust’s behavior towards Funbari Hot Spring’s next opponents, a group of Shamans whose Oversoul style damages their bodies.
50 Heart of Darkness" / "I Have A Darkness In My Heart
"Ore no Kokoro nya Yami ga Aru" (オレの心にゃ闇がある)
June 19, 2002 April 2, 2005
When Ren and HoroHoro’s fears become weapons against them because of their next opponent’s power of illusions, it’s up to Chocolove to win over his own darkness and save his partners.
51 Spirit Busters" / "Shaman Hunt
"Shāman Hanto" (シャーマンハント)
June 26, 2002 April 9, 2005
The Fudou Myouou, an organization of monks who believe all spirits attached to Shamans are evil spirits, want to send Amidamaru to the other world. When the samurai starts to believe that he is indeed an evil spirit, Yoh has to remind him of their true relationship, and save Mosuke’s spirit and Manta’s body in the process.
52 The Way of the Rice" / "It's Training! Everyone Gather!
"Tokkun Da yo!? Zen'in Shūgō" (特訓だよ!?全員集合)
July 3, 2002 April 16, 2005
Yoh and the others are troubled because they still aren't a match to Hao. Meanwhile, the Lily Five wait for their first match, only to find out it is going to be much more troublesome than they thought.
53 Double Jeopardy" / "Bye Bye
"Baibai" (バイバイ)
July 10, 2002 April 23, 2005
The Lily Five group is willing to face Hao, and Yoh is unsure of what to do: if it is their choice, is it okay to let them fight and die? Meanwhile, Ren tries to overcome his limits to face Yoh’s father.
54 X-Caliber" / "The Eighth Angel
"Hachibanme no Tenshi[<i>Romaji verification needed</i>]" (8番目の天使)
July 17, 2002 April 30, 2005
Lyserg desperately wishes to be bestowed with an angel by the Iron Maiden Jeanne, and Morphine, Yoh and the others fear that he is now too far from their reach.
55 Bait and Switch" / "Gate of Babylon
"Gēto Obu Babiron" (ゲート オブ バビロン)
July 24, 2002 July 2, 2005
Manta’s plan of cheering Ryu up turns upside down when he is kidnapped by the X-Laws, who want to lure Yoh into their trap, the Gate of Babylon. In his determination to be strong enough to help Yoh, Manta discovers something about his computer, and the X-Laws get in trouble when Hao intervenes in the fight.
56 The Door to Babylon" / "Door of Babylon
"Babiron no Tobira" (バビロンの扉)
July 31, 2002 July 9, 2005
The determination of the X-Laws, even in face of certain death, allows the Iron Maiden to recover and open the Gate of Babylon. However, their plan might bring exactly the opposite of what they were trying to achieve, when Hao takes advantage of their weakness.
57 Secret Path" / "The Shaman Fight Ends?
"Shāman Faito Shūryō?" (シャーマンファイト終了?)
August 7, 2002 July 16, 2005
After consuming Jeanne’s spirit, Hao decides to take the Great Spirits by force. Meanwhile, Yoh and the others recover from the battle in the Gate of Babylon, and muster their will to fight to prepare for the last battle.
58 The Forbidden Forest" / "Flaming Angel
"Enjō Enjeru" (炎上エンジェル)
August 14, 2002 July 23, 2005
Yoh and Ren learn other, stronger ways of manifesting their Furyoku, and the X-Laws get ready for their last stand, as Lyserg finally discovers his true strength upon witnessing the sacrifice of his comrades.
59 A New Dimension" / "Holy Ground of the Stars
"Hoshi no Seichi" (星の聖地)
August 21, 2002 July 30, 2005
Yoh and the others are called to the Holy Ground of the Stars, wherein lies the Great Spirits. While Manta follows Hao throughout the place and Yoh tries to stop his twin’s advance, Yoh’s companions have to face Hao’s followers, who received the gift of strength from their master.
60 Unity" / "Friend
"Tomodachi" (友達)
August 28, 2002 August 6, 2005
When Ren is heavily injured, HoroHoro, Ryu, Faust, Chocolove and newly arrived Lyserg fight to protect him, revealing, to Hao’s followers, what is the true meaning of companionship. Meanwhile, Anna’s rosary of 1080 beads is bestowed with the power of sealing Hao.
61 Yoh and Goodbye" / "Eternal Farewell
"Eien ni Sayonara" (永遠にサヨナラ)
September 4, 2002 August 13, 2005
The big fight between Hao and Yoh starts, as his friends try to defeat the Great Spirits’ guardians, and stop Hao’s plans of uniting with the Great Spirits. However, things take a darker turn when Hao lives up to his promise of asking for Yoh’s body back…
62 Rage and Furyoku" / "Die! Collision!
"Dai! Gekitotsu!" (DIE·激突!)
September 11, 2002 August 20, 2005
Driven by anger and grief, Yoh’s companions fight for revenge against Hao, who has just absorbed his twin’s soul. However, Manta is there to remember them that their true strength does not come out of violence and hatred, and help them in a desperate last attempt to stop Hao.
63 The King is Dead" / "A Place Where I Belong
"Aru beki Basho" (在るべき場所)
September 18, 2002 August 27, 2005
His friends’ belief and the seeds of hope Yoh has sown wherever he went work as an anchor for his return, but the fight against Hao hasn’t ended yet.
64 Long Live the King" / "Epilogue
"Epirōgu" (エピローグ)
September 25, 2002 September 3, 2005
Hao's, whose power is born of his invincibility alone, and Yoh's, whose power is given to him by his friends and companions, face off for the last time.


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