This is a list of episodes from the series Scruff.


  1. Wanted, A Home
  2. What Will We Do With This Dog?
  3. The Course of Three Dogs
  4. Craving for Eggs
  5. Christmas is Almost Here!
  6. Preying Around
  7. A Circus Dog
  8. The Circus Star
  9. Fox Hunting
  10. Bringing the Flock Home
  11. A Canned Tail
  12. The Runaway
  13. Shackled by Fear
  14. Staking Out Territory
  15. Two Families, Just One Dog
  16. The Hero Of Nevell
  17. Scruff & Peter Ltd.
  18. That's Not For Playing With
  19. Smells Like An Adventure
  20. Princess, Always On His Mind
  21. Fugitives
  22. Prizes Galore
  23. All Because Of A Mushroom Omlett
  24. Going Up The Rock
  25. Where's Miaow
  26. It's Time To Say Good-Bye
  27. Useless and Unnessary
  28. Too Much Sun
  29. The Last Of His Kind
  30. A Testing Time


  • The show often re-used footage (example, the rain storm scene from "The Course of Three Dogs" was used 3 more times.
  • "A Circus Dog", and "The Circus Star" was a 2-part episode.

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