This is an episode guide for the Hanna-Barbera Saturday morning cartoon Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?.

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release date
1 17 19691970 March 16, 2004
2 8 1970

Episode guide

Season 1: 1969-1970

# Title Villain Identity Original airdate Production code

<tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><td id="epSD-1">SD-1</td> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"What a Night for a Knight" </td><td>The Black Knight Ghost</td><td>Mr. Wickles</td><td>September 13, 1969 (1969-09-13)</td><td id="pc45-01">45-01</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #006699" colspan="6"> Series pilot. While walking home from the movies Shaggy and Scooby-Doo discover an ancient suit of armor called the "Black Knight" in the driver's seat of a pickup truck, and the gang delivers it to the local museum. The kids later break into the museum to search for clues, thinking that the archaeologist who was transporting the suit may be missing, and instead find that the suit of armor may be alive.

The original opening credits sequence for this episode used Hoyt Curtin's instrumental theme instead of the familiar vocal theme. Older syndication versions and current broadcast masters use the vocal theme. </td></tr>

<tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><td id="epSD-2">SD-2</td> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"A Clue for Scooby Doo" </td><td>The ghost of Captain Cutler</td><td>Captain Cutler</td><td>September 20, 1969 (1969-09-20)</td><td id="pc45-03">45-03</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #006699" colspan="6"> At Rocky Point Beach, the gang encounter the ghost of an old sea diver. A sailor named Ebenezer Shark claims it to be the ghost of Captain Cutler, who, according to legend, died at sea many years ago when his boat got wrecked and he is getting his revenge. After suspecting Shark as the ghost as Scooby gets entangled with Shark's diving suit that closely resembles the one that they saw on the beach, and after first hunting for clues around the marina and finding a glowing seaweed, the gang dons scuba gear to look for the ghost underwater. The original opening credits sequence for this episode used Hoyt Curtin's instrumental theme instead of the familiar vocal theme, accompanied by a laugh track. Older syndication versions and current broadcast masters use the familiar vocal theme. </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><td id="epSD-3">SD-3</td> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"Hassle in the Castle" </td><td>The Phantom of Vázquez Castle</td><td>Bluestone the Great</td><td>September 27, 1969 (1969-09-27)</td><td id="pc45-02">45-02</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #006699" colspan="6"> The gang goes out on a boating expedition, but get lost in a fog and runs aground on Haunted Isle. They decide to venture to the abandoned Vázquez Castle on the island for help, but instead encounter a transparent phantom who scares and warns them to leave the island and never return. The Gang tries to capture him but instead they pass through the Phantom and they learn he seems to be able to walk through walls.

This was the first episode to open with the familiar vocal theme, sung by Larry Marks. All subsequent first season episodes open with Marks' version of the theme. This was also the first episode to use the standardized episode title card. </td></tr>

<tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><td id="epSD-4">SD-4</td> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"Mine Your Own Business" </td><td>The Miner 49er</td><td>Hank</td><td>October 4, 1969 (1969-10-04)</td><td id="pc45-04">45-04</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #006699" colspan="6"> Thanks to Shaggy's poor map reading (he reads the map upside-down.), Mystery, Inc. find themselves lost on the backroads. They end up in Gold City, an Old West ghost town, where a guest ranch caretaker tells the kids the town is empty because of a ghost known as the "Miner 49er". The gang subsequently explores the city, and finds the mine entrance in the hotel safe and decideds to explore the mine for the Miner 49er. </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><td id="epSD-5">SD-5</td> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"Decoy for a Dognapper" </td><td>A Native American Indian and the Ghost of Geronimo</td><td>Buck Masters</td><td>October 11, 1969 (1969-10-11)</td><td id="pc45-05">45-05</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #006699" colspan="6"> When a rash of local dognappings alarms prize-winning dog trainer Buck Masters, the gang offers to have Scooby-Doo pose as a decoy to catch the dognappers. However, their plan works too well as Scooby is himself dognapped, leading the gang to discover that the dognappers appear to be under the command of a ghastly witchdoctor and geronimo is scaring everyone away. </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><td id="epSD-6">SD-6</td> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"What the Hex Going On?" </td><td>The Ghost of Elias Kingston</td><td>Uncle Stuart</td><td>October 18, 1969 (1969-10-18)</td><td id="pc45-06">45-06</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #006699" colspan="6"> The kids pay a visit to their friend Sharon Weatherby, whose Uncle Stuart is being haunted by the ghost of Elias Kingston. When Stuart disappears altogether, Mystery, Inc. ventures into the abandoned and allegedly haunted Kingston Mansion in search of him and the ghost. Things take a turn for the worse when Uncle Stuart is first aged by the ghost, and then turned into a skeleton. The first season opening credits feature the Kingston Mansion from this episode. </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><td id="epSD-7">SD-7</td> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"Never Ape an Ape Man" </td><td>The Apeman of the Forbidden Mountain</td><td>Carl the Stuntman</td><td>October 25, 1969 (1969-10-25)</td><td id="pc45-07">45-07</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #006699" colspan="6"> Daphne's Uncle John Maxwell, a film producer, hires the gang as extras on the set of his latest picture The Apeman of Forbidden Mountain. However, trouble arises when the titular Ape-Man begins disrupting the set and endangering the cast and crew. </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><td id="epSD-8">SD-8</td> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"Foul Play in Funland" </td><td>Charlie the Robot</td><td>No identity</td><td>November 1, 1969 (1969-11-01)</td><td id="pc45-08">45-08</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #006699" colspan="6"> Funland, an abandoned local amusement park, appears to be haunted by a strange eerie robotic figure (source of the famous eerie laugh used in the credits). The gang goes to investigate, and instead find themselves defending each other against the strange-behaving humanoid. </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><td id="epSD-9">SD-9</td> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"The Backstage Rage" </td><td>The Puppetmaster</td><td>Mr. Pietro</td><td>November 8, 1969 (1969-11-08)</td><td id="pc45-09">45-09</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #006699" colspan="6"> Shaggy and Scooby-Doo find a violin case filled with money. While Scooby is distracted by a puppet that seems to be hurt, he leaves it by the curb, and it is stolen away. Shaggy, Scooby, and the rest of the gang find a string puppet controller, and they follow this to the local puppet theater, where they uncover a scheme masterminded by a shadowy figure. Note: In the Behind the Scenes look of Scooby-Doo, during the Velma behind the scenes, the part when they are seeing the giant hard case, was seen during the behind the scenes, although the pitch was a little high, and when Fred opens it, the voice changes and the behind the scenes was continued. </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><td id="epSD-10">SD-10</td> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"Bedlam in the Big Top" </td><td>The Ghost Clown</td><td>Harry the Hypnotist</td><td>November 15, 1969 (1969-11-15)</td><td id="pc45-10">45-10</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #006699" colspan="6"> Mystery Inc. meets a strongman named Samson and a midget named Max, who were both on the run from a circus allegedly haunted by a ghost clown. The gang goes to the circus grounds to investigate, but one-by-one except Velma and Fred, fall victim to the Ghost Clown's powers of hypnotism. Scooby becoming a tight rope walker, Shaggy a lion-tamer and Daphne is hypnotized into wearing a tutu and to unicycle up a tightrope. </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><td id="epSD-11">SD-11</td> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"A Gaggle of Galloping Ghosts" </td><td>The vampire, Frankenstein's Monster, the werewolf and the gypsy</td><td>Big Bob Oakley, alias The Actor</td><td>November 22, 1969 (1969-11-22)</td><td id="pc45-11">45-11</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #006699" colspan="6"> On the road, the gang pulls up to an ancient Franken Castle, transported "stone-by-stone" from Transylvania. Upon entering the castle, however, they find that it is apparently haunted by three monsters: a vampire, a werewolf, and a Frankenstein's monster.

The immortal catchphrase "I'd have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't for those blasted kids and that dog!" was first uttered in this episode. </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><td id="epSD-12">SD-12</td> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"Scooby-Doo and a Mummy, Too" </td><td>The Mummy</td><td>Dr. Najib</td><td>November 29, 1969 (1969-11-29)</td><td id="pc45-12">45-12</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #006699" colspan="6"> The professors of archeology at the local college show the gang the school's latest acquisition: the mummy of Ankha, an ancient Egyptian ruler who placed a curse upon any who would violate his tomb. The curse appears to be valid, as the gang finds their professors apparently turned to stone, and a mummy figure roaming the grounds looking for a particular Egyptian coin. </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><td id="epSD-13">SD-13</td> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"Which Witch is Which?" </td><td>The Swamp Witch and the Zombie</td><td>Zeb Perkins and Zeke</td><td>December 6, 1969 (1969-12-06)</td><td id="pc45-13">45-13</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #006699" colspan="6"> On the way home from a fishing trip, Mystery, Inc. runs across the mystery of a witch and a zombie, two figures who, according to local myth, haunt the countryside. When Daphne is kidnapped by the witch and zombie after disappeering, the gang trails them to an abandoned haunted riverboat. Fred and Velma find Daphne bound and gagged on the boat, and finally find out the witch and zombie are two robbers searching for a security van they dumped in the swamp years ago. </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><td id="epSD-14">SD-14</td> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"Go Away Ghost Ship" </td><td>The Ghost of Redbeard the Pirate and two other pirates</td><td>C.L. Magnus and two henchmen</td><td>December 13, 1969 (1969-12-13)</td><td id="pc45-14">45-14</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #006699" colspan="6"> The newspaper reports that local shipping magnate C.L. Magnus's ships are being haunted by the ghost of the pirate Redbeard. After reading the story and consulting Magnus, the gang ventures out into the bay, but soon find themselves kidnapped by Redbeard and his crew. </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><td id="epSD-15">SD-15</td> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"Spooky Space Kook" </td><td>The Space Kook Creature</td><td>Henry Bascombe</td><td>December 20, 1969 (1969-12-20)</td><td id="pc45-15">45-15</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #006699" colspan="6"> A fluorescent alien figure terrorizes an old abandoned airfield. When the Mystery Machine runs out of gas not far from the airfield, Mystery, Inc. learns about the alien, and decides to explore the airfield and solve the mystery. </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><td id="epSD-16">SD-16</td> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"A Night of Fright is No Delight" </td><td>The Phantom Shadows</td><td>Mr. Creeps and Mr. Crawls</td><td>January 10, 1970 (1970-01-10)</td><td id="pc45-16">45-16</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #006699" colspan="6"> Scooby-Doo is a potential heir to the fortune of Colonel Beaureguard Sanders... provided he stays the night in the Colonel's allegedly haunted Southern mansion. This proves to be more difficult than first assumed when two green phantom figures do away with the other four heirs and set their sights on Scooby and the gang. </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><td id="epSD-17">SD-17</td> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"That's Snow Ghost" </td><td>The Snow Ghost</td><td>Mr. Greenway</td><td>January 17, 1970 (1970-01-17)</td><td id="pc45-17">45-17</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #006699" colspan="6"> A planned ski-trip to Wolf's End Lodge goes awry when it seems that a Yeti-like Snow Ghost is haunting the mountain ridge. In their search for clues, the gang eventually meet a frightened Tibetan Monk (who gives them information on the Yeti) and then turn up at an old abandoned saw mill, where they find both clues and danger. </td></tr>

Season 2: 1970

All second season episodes open with Austin Roberts' version of the title theme song, and all episodes save for "A Tiki Scare is no Fair" feature a chase sequence set to a song performed by Roberts.

# Title Villain Identity "Chase Song" Original airdate Production code

<tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><td id="epSD-18">SD-18</td> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"Nowhere to Hyde" </td><td>The Ghost of Mr. Hyde</td><td>Dr. Jekyll</td><td>"Recipe for My Love"</td><td>September 12, 1970 (1970-09-12)</td><td id="pc45-18">45-18</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #6699cc" colspan="7"> On their way home from the Malt Shop, the gang encounters "The Ghost of Mr. Hyde", a known jewel thief, sneaking into a spooky house. The house turns out to be the home of Dr. Jekyll (great-grandson of the fictional character), who fears he may be transforming into the Ghost of Mr. Hyde. The gang begins searching the house for clues, pegging the maid as a likely suspect, but are pursued at every turn by the ghost. </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><td id="epSD-19">SD-19</td> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"Mystery Mask Mix-Up" </td><td>The Ghost of Zen Tuo and his henchmen</td><td>Mr. Fong and his henchmen</td><td>"I Can Make You Happy"</td><td>September 19, 1970 (1970-09-19)</td><td id="pc45-19">45-19</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #6699cc" colspan="7"> Daphne buys a decorative, and purportedly cursed, mask in Chinatown, and is subsequently kidnapped by a pair of ghastly ancient Chinese figures. The rest of the gang trail the kidnappers to the temple of the evil Zen Tuo, who is apparently haunting the temple and wants to do away with the gang. </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><td id="epSD-20">SD-20</td> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"Scooby's Night with a Frozen Fright" </td><td>The Caveman</td><td>Professor Wayne</td><td>"Seven Days a Week"</td><td>September 26, 1970 (1970-09-26)</td><td id="pc45-20">45-20</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #6699cc" colspan="7"> Sea-fishing Shaggy catches, of all things, an ancient caveman frozen in a block of ice. The kids take the frozen caveman to Oceanland, the local aquarium. When they come back to the aquarium later that night to retrieve Shaggy's fishing pole, they find that the ice has melted and the caveman is now apparently alive and roaming the grounds. </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><td id="epSD-21">SD-21</td> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"Jeepers It's the Creeper" </td><td>The Creeper</td><td>Mr. Karswell</td><td>"Daydreamin"</td><td>October 3, 1970 (1970-10-03)</td><td id="pc45-21">45-21</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #6699cc" colspan="7"> A school dance at a rural barn is disrupted by The Creeper, a zombie-phantom-like figure who has been seen robbing banks at night in town. The gang searches the woods and countryside for clues, with being chased by The Creeper, encountering an insane old hermit that wants them to stay with him, and a newborn baby chick, who comes to think Scooby-Doo is its mother.

The episode "The Legend of Alice May" of the later Scooby series Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated contains a flashback to the reveal scene in this episode, presented with new animation. </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><td id="epSD-22">SD-22</td> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"Haunted House Hang-Up" </td><td>The Headless Spectre and a axe ghost (man simply wearing a sheet)</td><td>Penrod Stillwall and Asa Shanks</td><td>"Love the World"</td><td>October 10, 1970 (1970-10-10)</td><td id="pc45-22">45-22</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #6699cc" colspan="7"> The Mystery Inc. gang gets lost on the way to a rock music festival, and their Mystery Machine breaks down right in front of an allegedly haunted mansion. The gang enters the mansion looking for a bucket of water for their van's radiator, but find a headless spectre figure, who attempts to drive them off of the grounds. </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><td id="epSD-23">SD-23</td> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"A Tiki Scare is No Fair" </td><td>The Witchdoctor and Mano Tiki Tia</td><td>John Sims and his henchmen</td><td>N/A</td><td>October 17, 1970 (1970-10-17)</td><td id="pc45-23">45-23</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #6699cc" colspan="7"> Mystery, Inc's package vacation of Hawaii is interrupted by a witchdoctor, who warns the tourists and natives of the coming wrath of the god Mano Tiki Tia. The gang explores the area for clues, running repeatedly into the witchdoctor and a fifty-foot stone idol of Mano Tiki Tia.

This is the only episode in Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! 's second season not to feature a chase sequence set to a song. </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><td id="epSD-24">SD-24</td> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Werewolf" </td><td>The Werewolf Ghost</td><td>Sheep Rustler</td><td>"Tell Me, Tell Me"</td><td>October 24, 1970 (1970-10-24)</td><td id="pc45-24">45-24</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #6699cc" colspan="7"> Mystery, Inc's camping expedition is ruined by the presence of what appears to be the ghost of a werewolf Ghost. The gang pursues the werewolf, who haunts a local mill and the areas surrounding it, hoping to solve the mystery of its appearance. </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; "> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;"> </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><td id="epSD-25">SD-25</td> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"Don't Fool with a Phantom" </td><td>The Wax Phantom</td><td>Roger Stevens</td><td>"Pretty Mary Sunlight"</td><td>October 31, 1970 (1970-10-31)</td><td id="pc45-25">45-25</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #6699cc" colspan="7"> Johhny Sands' dance-contest TV show, on which Fred, Daphne, Shaggy, and Scooby-Doo are contestants, is interrupted by a figure identified as the Wax Phantom. The gang trails the Phantom to the local wax museum, hoping to find clues and solve the mystery of the Wax Phantom before he causes more trouble.

Following this episode, reruns of the first season were broadcast alongside those from the second season. </td></tr>

Season 3: 1978-79

For the 1978-1979 television season, Hanna-Barbera produced sixteen episodes of a third season of Scooby-Doo, Where are You! for broadcast on ABC. These episodes follow the episodes of Scooby-Doo made in 1976 and 1977 for ABC, and are more similar to those episodes than the 1969-1971 originals except that Scooby-Dum, a semi-regular character from the 1976 and 1977 episodes, does not appear.

ABC began airing these episodes on Saturday mornings at 8:00 AM EST beginning in September 1978. The show was canceled in November 1978 after nine episodes; the remaining seven first-run episodes were broadcast during ABC's Scooby's All-Stars block at 10:00 AM, which was originally broadcasting reruns of the 1976 and 1977 episodes. These 1978 episodes have been aired in syndication as part of The Scooby-Doo Show since the 1980s, but were released on DVD under the title Scooby-Doo, Where are You!: The Complete Third Season.

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