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This is a list of episodes of animation based on the School Rumble manga. Note that all of the English translations are official titles with the exception of the second OVA pair.

Episode list

Season 1

# Title Original airdate English release date
01 The New School Year! Be Still My Heart! Love Letter Mayhem! Warp Speed on a Bike!
"Shingakki de dokidoki! Raburetā de jitabata! Jitensha de dokyūn!" (新学期でドキドキ! ラブレターでジタバタ! 自転車でドキューン!)
October 5, 2004[1] August 28, 2007
At the start of the new school year, Tenma wishes with all her heart to be placed in the same class as Karasuma so she can one day express her love to him. Her wish is granted, but she is devastated to find out that Karasuma is about to move abroad. She decides to write a letter pleading him to stay. In the end, this proves successful, although she forgets to sign it.

Later, Tenma tries to break the ice with Karasuma while studying in the library, without much success. Hoping to be able to hear him pronounce a few romantic words, she pretends to be having trouble with her studies, but is thwarted at every turn by would-be helpers.
By the end of the day, for all her good intentions, Tenma is no closer to Karasuma than before. Looking for a way to strengthen their relationship, she hits on the idea of cycling to school together. Unknown to Tenma, her admirer, Harima, has had the same idea. Thanks to Karasuma's abnormal cycling speed, all three of them are completely exhausted by the time they reach school the following day.

02 Tough Test! Trapped in the Bathroom! The School Physical!
"Wakaranai test! Derarenai toire! Arienai shintai kensa!" (わからないテスト! でられないトイレ! ありえない身体検査!)
October 12, 2004 August 28, 2007
When Tenma inadvertently breaks exam protocol during an important test, Harima decides to win her affection with a heroic gesture-- handing in his own test in the place of her disqualified one. Unfortunately, he scores zero marks, and the gesture is completely lost on Tenma.

During breaktime, Tenma goes to use the toilets, but is startled to see Karasuma outside. Not wanting him to see her doing something supposedly indelicate, she decides to wait until he leaves before coming out into the corridor. However, Karasuma's attention is held by several things that keep him standing outside the girls' toilets, and Tenma becomes desperate to escape. After several abortive plans, she decides to climb out of the window on the opposite side and down the outside wall, only to find that Karasuma has left his position and has had a full view of her clambering down from the window. Embarrassed, she runs away.
The following day is the occasion of a school-wide health checkup. While most of the girls are dreading having their weight measured by a stranger, Tenma is fascinated by the idea of learning yet more trivia about Karasuma-- his height, weight, shoe size and so on. She plans to pose as one of the assistant nurses to get access to the measurements. However, when she is assigned to a "doctor", she finds him to be none other than Harima, who has clearly had the same idea. The checkup is cancelled indefinitely.

03 See and Sketch! Letter on an Arrow! Pajama Party Confessions!
"Mitsumete sukecchi! Neratte yabumi! Oshiete pajama pātī!" (見つめてスケッチ! ねらって矢文! 教えてパジャマパーティー!)
October 19, 2004 August 28, 2007
As an art assignment, 2C have to draw pictures of one another. Tenma is partnered with Karasuma and worries about being able to hold his gaze for long enough to get an accurate picture, but finds in the end that she already has his every feature memorised. She then becomes curious about how Karasuma will portray her, and peeks at his drawing. To her shock, it is drawn in a highly stylised traditional Japanese fashion, ukiyoe, which leaves her looking decidedly unflattering.

Still seeking a way to express her feelings to Karasuma, Tenma takes an idea from her favourite television series, The Three Who Were Slashed. She writes a letter and attaches it to an arrow, which will then be fired to land near Karasuma, so he can read her message without Tenma having to go through the embarrassment of presenting it to him. Unfortunately, Tenma is a lousy shot and Karasuma has an almost supernatural ability to step out of the way. There is a silver lining to the situation, though, as Tenma's fearsome appearance ends up halting a would-be robber.
Tenma has a sleepover with her friends Akira, Eri and Mikoto. Together they talk about love and the successful ways someone might express their feelings. Many of these have metaphorical names and descriptions. Harima has also heard these tips; however, he is not intelligent enough to understand the metaphorical language, and takes everything literally.

04 Pigs Go Oink! Cats Go Meow! Frogs and Water Imps Go Ribbit!
"Buta wa bū-bū! Neko wa nyā! Kaeru mo kappa mo gā-gā-gā!" (ブタはブーブー! ネコはニャー! カエルもカッパもガーガーガー!)
October 26, 2004 August 28, 2007
Tenma is desperate to sit next to Karasuma on the coach when a school trip is announced. She tries to make the occupant of her desired seat feel motion sickness and get up, but ends up feeling ill herself. Meanwhile, Harima is hoping to sit next to Tenma, and when the coach stops for a few minutes, he tries to get back on before the others in order to grab the right seat. However, he boards the wrong coach, and to his embarrassment, finds himself being fussed over by a shipment of grannies from an old people's home. He eventually escapes by jumping into a wagon of pigs, and begins to make his way back across the country, still hoping to sit next to Tenma before the day is done.

Yakumo leaves the house early the following day, carrying an extra lunchbox. Tenma believes her little sister has found a boyfriend, but is disappointed to find that the food is actually for a stray cat. Meanwhile, Yakumo has discovered an odd power; if someone has warm feelings towards her, she can sense the intentions behind their words. This intuition is something of a headache at school-- every seemingly innocent comment made to her by a boy has the hidden intention of trying to get her to go on a date. Eventually, however, she meets an older student whose words actually match his actions due to his unusual sincerity and honesty: Hanai, who asks her to join the martial arts club so he can see what she looks like in a hakama. Sadly, Hanai's chances with Yakumo are completely shot down after Yakumo's intuition shows her he is thinking insulting things about Tenma. Later that night, the stray cat gets stuck in a tree. Trying to rescue it, Yakumo falls and hurts herself, but the experience causes the cat to trust her more. Yakumo can now sense the cat's feelings, but can't understand them, as they come across as nothing more than "miaow".
On a rainy day, Tenma wonders about how Karasuma will get home from school, and wants to share an umbrella with him. He refuses politely, saying he already has a "kappa" outfit. She assumes he is referring to a particular brand of raincoat, but is taken by surprise when it turns out he is actually wearing a kappa costume from some play or other. Holding a large fake leaf over his head, he disappears into the rain.

05 Burning Hot First Love! Burning Hot Tea Party! Burning Hot Softball!
"Moeru hatsukoi! Moeru ochakai! Moeru sofuto bōru!" (燃える初恋! 燃えるお茶会! 燃えるソフトボール!)
November 2, 2004 August 28, 2007
06 Survival After School! Arrival When Confessing! Hospital for Two!
"Hōkago no sabaibaru! Kokuhaku no toki wa araibaru! Futarikiri no hosupitaru!" (放課後のサバイバル! 告白の時アライバル! 二人きりのホスピタル!)
November 9, 2004 October 2, 2007
When Tenma is accidentally locked in a storage room after school, she decides to look upon it as practice for survival in the wild. She does her best to find food and water, with somewhat catastrophic results, including getting her shirt soaked. Believing no one will see her, she takes the shirt off to dry, only to be seen in her underwear by Karasuma. The idea terrifies her so much she manages to escape out of the second-floor window.

Later, Harima tries to figure out who is the boy Tenma is in love with (after remembering her say there is another person she likes), and concludes her affection is directed to him. He rides to meet her on a motorcycle, but has an accident on the way after unintentionally crossing a red light. Taken to hospital with minor injuries, he is visited by Tenma bringing flowers. Harima is flustered, and resorts to asking his cousin Itoko for advice. Itoko obliges with her usual mischievous malice.

07 Pool Cleaning! Pool Racing! Pool Warring!
"Pūru de seisō! Pūru de bōsō! Pūru de sensō!" (プールで清掃! プールで暴走! プールで戦争!)
November 16, 2004 October 2, 2007
When it looks as if Yakumo will be forced to clean the school swimming pool, Hanai steps in and declares that his class will do it instead. A brief soap fight between Hanai and Harima (because of a misunderstanding from the latter when he hears the former speaking of "Tsukamoto-kun", not noticing he is talking about Yakumo, and not Tenma) quickly turns into a pool hockey match, with the winning team deciding what the class will do for the next school festival-- a food stand or a play. Hanai is firmly on the side of the play, hoping he'll have a chance to play a prince opposite Yakumo's Sleeping Beauty. Meanwhile, the non-participants become bookmakers, cheerleaders and commentators, while Fuyuki snaps revealing shots of all the female players (much to Harima's anger and Hanai's annoyance) and one lone student, Karen Ichijou, diligently tries to clean the pool. Trying to turn the water back on, Karen is startled and accidentally breaks the tap, soaking everyone.
08 The First Shopping Trip! The First Packed Lunch! The First Heartbreak! Huh?!
"Hajimete no okaimono! Hajimete no obentō! Hajimete no shitsuren! e?" (はじめてのお買い物! はじめてのお弁当! はじめての失恋! えっ?)
November 23, 2004 October 2, 2007
After school, Eri decides to head for the supermarket, going after ingredients for nikujaga (beef and potato stew) following Mikoto's tips. It seems like she will try to cook it herself for someone. As she comes out of the market, her father pulls over in a limousine and announces he will go on a business trip abroad. As Eri stands alone, sadly, under the rain, Harima comes over and offers to take her home under his umbrella.
The next day, Tenma decides to make use of the idea and has Yakumo make two lunchboxes with curry, one of them for Karasuma, so she can get next to him. However, she makes a mistake and takes Yakumo's rice instead. Karasuma manages to get around situation by making onigiri for him and Tenma with the rice. As it turns out, Harima spots them having lunch together, and feels so heartbroken the next day that he refuses to go to school and spends his day watching TV. Watching an episode of "The Three Who Were Slashed", he imagines that what he saw was nothing but a misunderstanding, and concludes that Tenma and Karasuma may be siblings after watching a Star Wars spoof. Trying to see things in an optimistic light, he is unexpectedly (or not) visited by his fighting rival, Noboru Tennouji, who had challenged him the day before. Unable to react due to his broken feelings, Harima takes the beating of his life.
09 Comic Book Blues! Older Woman Blues! Super Bad Water Blues!
"Manga de fukō! Onēsan de fukō! Kappasan de daifukō!" (マンガで不幸! お姉さんで不幸! かっぱさんで大不幸!)
November 30, 2004 October 2, 2007
Harima decides to drown his sorrows by drawing a Fist of the North Star-inspired manga, in which he draws himself as the hero, Karasuma as the villain and Tenma as the damsel in distress. As soon as he is done, he decides to take it to be published for the same manga magazine for which "Nijou Jou", his favorite mangaka, draws. Despite having a very favorable reception, his hopes are soon flushed away when he finds out that Nijou Jou is, in fact, Karasuma's pen name.

Later, Harima sits in the rain, convinced that he is a failure (having lost Tenma and his job prospect), when a woman (which we will later know as Tae Anegasaki) approaches him and offers him shelter and an ear. Though her sympathy touches him (she even mends together his torn manga pages), Harima is still at an all-time low.
In the meantime, Tenma is trying to cook by herself in order to win Karasuma over once and for all. Though she feels that she has been successful, she cannot taste her own food; so instead, she has Iori do so for her. Scared off by the smell of her curry, Iori runs off and Tenma goes looking for him. She eventually finds him adrift on a canal, just as Harima crosses paths with her. Though he initially resists helping, since he does not want Tenma to see him anymore in his shame, he ends up jumping into the canal to save Iori; Tenma thanks him for his help, but does not recognize Harima in his new look and mistakes him for a kappa.

10 Please, God! Please, Genuine Animal Fortune-Telling! Please, Tenma!
"Onegai kamisama! Onegai! Riaru dōbutsu uranai! Onegai!! Tenma-chan!" (お願い 神さま! お願い! リアル動物占い! お願い!! 天満ちゃん!)
December 7, 2004 October 2, 2007
Mikoto injures her hand while having a karate sparring match with Hanai, and is worried that she may never write again due to this. She decides to go to a temple to ask God to help her through the exams, but she receives help from Harima, who claims to have found "enlightenment" with animals and is now making a living with them as a fortune teller. Later, Akira concocts a plan to draw Tenma and Karasuma together, which consists on having them tag along with the pair to a curry restaurant, but dropping out one by one until only the two of them are left. On their way to the restaurant, they pass by Harima, though Tenma does not recognize him.

Tenma asks the "fortune teller" to read her fortune on love and, while Harima thinks about what he should do, she asks Karasuma if he likes more her or curry. When he cannot give her an answer (after initially replying "curry"), Tenma runs off crying, mistaking his taciturn attitude for indecisiveness. Unable to stand for this, Harima runs after her to at least comfort her, but he trips over and falls down the stairs of an overpass on his way and, when a girl offers help, he mistakes her silhouette for being Tenma's and confesses his feelings, only to find he was talking to Eri. She seems touched at first, but when Tae comes to take him to her home, Eri knees him on the face and walks off, feeling dejected.
As Tae tends to Harima, he makes a decision: the next day, he will confess his feelings to Tenma and ask to leave school (since she was his only motivation to attend). To that end, he leaves a love letter in her shoe locker and waits impatiently for her reaction. When she meets him at the school rooftop, she tells him that he placed his resignation letter in the envelope of the love letter. Though dumbstruck by his mistake, Tenma relights the fire inside of him by asking him to continue attending school.

11 Nara! Karasuma! Harima!
"Nara! Karasuma! Harima!" (奈良! 烏丸! 播磨!)
December 14, 2004 November 13, 2007
At a waterpark, Tenma feels jealous for her friends (Eri, Mikoto and Akira), since she is the only one without a company there. She soon runs into her classmate Kentaro Nara, who offers to make her company. Even though Tenma accepts at first, she soon remembers Karasuma and, not wanting to betray him in thought, she resorts to only have him teach her to swim. They then later meet up with Nara's friends (who were the ones courting Tenma's friends) and, as they ask them out on a date, the girls proposes a challenge: if any of the boys win, they will all go out to the beach together. Tenma opts for a swimming challenge, confident that any of her friends will be able to win. This, however, proves unfortunate, since none of the girls can swim.

The scene then shifts to a rainy day. Without an umbrella, Tenma manages to find shelter, and is startled to see Karasuma already there. She tries to muster up her courage to make amends with him, but is caught off guard and touched by his kindness when he lends her his Kappa-fashioned rain outfit so as to not leave her alone in there.
Later on at school, summer vacation is approaching and Harima listens to the girls about them having to accompany Nara's friends to the beach. He thinks about taking out the girls' escorts so he can be invited by Tenma, but Tennouji beats him to the punch (literally). That leaves only Nara from the original group, but he finds his three replacement options (Kyosuke Imadori, Hanai and Harima himself) not that reliable. However, they are the first people he spots when he goes talking to Tenma. Harima is eager to go, but no one takes him into consideration (Hanai even suggests that Yakumo fills the final spot). Feeling down for being left behind, Harima's hope lights anew when Tenma returns to invite him.

12 Save Me at the Beach! Save Me, I'm Naked! Just Save Me! For Real!
"Umi de tasukete! Hadaka de tasukete! Honto ni maji de tasukete!" (海で助けて! ハダカで助けて! ホントにマジで助けて!)
December 21, 2004 November 13, 2007
As the group heads to the beach, they stay at a seaside resort with two rooms separated by a fusuma, which sparks Imadori's intent to spy on the girls changing into their bikinis, though Hanai stops him. At the beach, Eri notices she forgot her sunscreen in her room, so she returns to retrieve it. However, upon returning, she spots Harima alone in the room. The only thing is, he was practicing katas naked. He manages to get a hold of her and stop her from screaming, so that he won't be mistaken for a pervert. Everything is soon made clear when Akira comes around and quickly ascertains the situation, though Eri is still bitten at Harima (ever since the incident two episodes ago, it should be noted).

Back at the beach, Hanai saves Mikoto from drowning after she went to a deeper part of the sea so she could learn to swim by herself, and thus Tenma proposes him to teach her to swim. Hanai then takes the idea to a higher level: each of the boys will teach one of the girls to swim. Harima tries his best to be paired with Tenma, but he makes a mistake in the sorting system he ellaborated himself, so he has to be in charge of Eri instead.
The lessons start with varying methods and degrees of success: Eri refuses to let Harima even touch her, let alone teach her. Akira makes Hanai swim alone (with the pretense of watch and learn) while she sits at the sand reading, until he tires out. Nara with Tenma is the only one successful (though she loses her swimsuit and he retrieves Harima's instead at one point). Finally, Imadori leads Mikoto into a cave far off the shore, just so he could be alone with her in there. Though Mikoto tries to think of a way out, all Imadori can think of is how to get into her bikini. And, even though she is convinced their friends wouldn't leave them stranded, they have not noticed their absence at all.

13 Mission 1: Confession of Love! Mission 2: Night Offense and Defense! Mission 3: "Tweet!"
"Misshon 1 wa ai no kokuhaku! Misshon 2 wa yoru no kōbō! Misshon 3 wa pī-hyororo!" (ミッション1は愛の告白! ミッション2は夜の攻防! ミッション3はピーヒョロロ!)
December 28, 2004 November 13, 2007
After Imadori and Mikoto make it back, Tenma thinks that Harima may be fond of, and therefore jealous of Mikoto, oblivious to the fact that he is trying to avoid others to get to herself. Either way, she decides to help him confess his feelings in private. Harima is simply too glad that he has the chance to do so, but is too shy to enact a proper confession. To help him out, Tenma starts imitating him to show how it is done but, whenever she looks at his eyes, the memories of their first meeting (when they were younger and Harima looked different) seem to surface, and Harima tries to keep her from remembering at all.

Later at night, while everybody is asleep, the boys try to get their way with the girls: as Nara tries getting closer to Tenma, Harima scares him off. Imadori tries to touch Mikoto's breasts, but she eventually wakes up and knocks him out. Later when Harima tries to get next to Tenma, Hanai, dreaming of Yakumo, unconsciously harasses him with such force that Harima ends up stripped naked again - and again, Eri catches sight of him, having been woken from all the noise, and responds by kicking him in the face. As for Akira, she simply sat on the sidelines, filming the whole mess in her camera.
A few days later, Mikoto's birthday comes around and Hanai looks for something to perform for her at her request. Finding a flute, he remembers how their friendship started: in their young days, Hanai was relentlessly bullied and ignored for not living up to the expectations of the son of a martial arts dojo headmaster. One day, their teacher assigned Mikoto to pair up with him for a music assignment which consisted on making a flute duo act, since she was not so good with playing flute. Despite his initial resistance, her persistence won him over, and he eventually decided to make something of himself after seeing her deal with the same bullies that constantly tormented him. Back in the present, he makes up his mind and decides to play the flute for her in memory of their friendship. Unfortunately, his abilities with the flute waned over the years, and worst yet, Mikoto cannot remember a thing of how they met.

14 Have You Ever Seen One? Isn't She Cute? I Look Forward to Getting to Know You!
"Mita koto aru? Kawaikunakunai? Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!" (みたことある? かわいくなくない? よろしくおねがいします!)
January 3, 2005 November 13, 2007
Still during summer vacation, Eri and Tenma are doing their summer homework at the latter's house, when Eri, out of the blue, asks if Tenma has ever seen a man's body, having remembered her embarrassing run-in with Harima. Much to her mortification, Tenma says yes... But Eri does not realize that her friend is having a completely opposite idea, as she is recalling one day when she went to see a wrestling match with Karasuma. A few moments later, Tenma changes the subject by telling her that Harima may like Mikoto, and asks a discombobulated Eri to help bring them together. However, she makes an offhand comment about Mikoto just as she arrives. Due to this, they start avoiding each other.

Tenma tries hard to break the ice between them, but they keep jabbing at each other. The situation comes to a head when Akira comes with the photos of their seaside trip and Tenma comments obliviously on the photographs of Imadori trying his way with Mikoto and her obvious objection to him: Eri starts insulting her on how she seems to always try to grab attention from Imadori, Hanai and even Harima, from which Mikoto bites back revealing the incident (or at least part of it) involving her and Harima. Eri leaves in a huff, and Tenma, saddened, offends Harima's integrity, not knowing that he is outside her window, fixing her air conditioner as a summer part-time job. He gets depressed, but Yakumo, who does not know him or the situation, tells him to keep pressing on.
Afterwards, Harima asks Hanai to help him get a new part-time job, and the two of them (along with Imadori) are employed with heavy load for a moving company. Harima, feeling his job is being recognized, starts competing with Hanai on carrying real heavy furniture and refrigerators, but everything takes a twist when their employer introduces them to Ichi-san, whom he considers very reliable with load faring, and who turns out to be none other than Karen, as she is carrying a piano alone with ease. Despite her strength, she is quite shy, so she does not take offense to her employer's sexist remarks, but keeps on considering this, as Imadori comes to offer her a hand - in reality, he is thinking of using her power to do his job without even breaking a sweat. When the day ends and everyone gets paid, Imadori happily declares that, having enough money for his dates, he could go out even with Karen... which she understands as if he is actually inviting her to go on a date, much to his frustration.

15 Summer, Friendship, and Fireworks!
"Natsu to, yūjō to, uchiagehanabi to." (夏と, 友情と, 打ち上げ花火と.)
January 11, 2005 December 18, 2007
Eri and Mikoto have distanced themselves from one another. Mikoto ponders the matter, concluding the Harima is at the center of it all. Meanwhile, Harima changes his manga style which further impresses the company's editor. On the way home, he bumps into Eri, prompting him to run away, after which Eri takes chase. He later bumps into Mikoto, who "knows something's up", resulting in Harima assuming that they're aware of his story's contents. Eri sees them together and abruptly leaves in a jealous manner. Mikoto tries to convince Eri otherwise and takes chase, ultimately losing her, due to ripping her clothes on a fence and falling. Hanai does not know what led to this, and thus engages Harima in a fight when he comes to return her coat and purse.

Tenma makes plans to go see fireworks with her friends. Eri appreciates Tenma's offer, but still shows reluctance. Mikoto then learns that her old crush, Masahiro Kozu, is in town, and cancels with Tenma, which further distances her from Eri when she learns of this.
Mikoto goes to meet him only to learn that he has gotten himself a girlfriend. Though she outwardly shows support for him, internally she is disgusted, depressed, and heartbroken. Eri looks back to when she first met Mikoto, who was friendly to her despite being fully aware of her nature at school, while at the same time making her show her true colors. She decides to go to the planned meet, and finds a hurt Mikoto. After hearing her out, they mend their fences and enjoy the fireworks with their friends.

16 But It's the Tea Club... It's the Tea Club, But... It's the Tea Club, So...
"Sadōbu nanoni... Sadōbu dakedo... Sadōbu dakara..." (茶道部なのに... 茶道部だけど... 茶道部だから...)
January 18, 2005 December 18, 2007
Akira and Yakumo go on a camp for their Tea Club (Sarah could not attend since it was a last-time arrangement), and Tenma tags along, dragging Eri and Mikoto with her. Though Akira had tried to fool Hanai to keep him away from Yakumo, he catches wind of their gathering and hurries to the camp, along with Harima (who wants to clear up things with Tenma) and Imadori (who simply had nothing better to do). Once there, Harima is sent to collect firewood and Yakumo joins him, in order to ask of his empathy with animals. She, however, does not get the chance to do so when Harima asks her if Tenma had been upset with "something" or "someone" lately. Though Yakumo cannot give him the full details of the situation, Harima thinks that she was speaking ill of herself when he listened on her and feels he still has some hope. As they walk back to the camp, Tenma emerges from behind a tree and, thinking Harima is courting Yakumo, she takes on the resolve to protect her sister.

Later, as Yakumo tries to talk to Harima, Tenma instantly drags her away and lectures her on how much of a creep he is (or rather, she sees him as). Yakumo, however, remains unconvinced, so Tenma resorts to using her "Onee-chan Power" and patch Yakumo's mouth shut, so she would only listen to her big sister. Later on, Tenma issues a "challenge" to Harima: she will pair them together for the courage test later that night, which he gladly accepts.
The courage test consisted on heading for a temple past the woods and grab a lucky charm from there. During the test, it starts raining, and Tenma and Harima are caught outside. They eventually find an abandoned school, in which Tenma tries to talk things off with Harima in a friendly, when Tenma starts sneezing, due to wearing wet clothes. Harima, trying to find a way for her not to get sick, takes off his shirt and asks her to take hers off... Unaware that Eri and Yakumo are eavesdropping just next door to them! This matter is quickly put aside, however, when they wear the school's old curtains to heat their bodies up. Suddenly Tenma asks Harima who is the girl he likes, advising him not to cheat on her. Though this is his greatest chance, he is too shy to say, and changes subject when noticing they are running out of firewood. He goes for more and finds a rag sticking out of a wall. Using all his might to pull it, he finds that that rag is being worn by none other than Eri... whom he promptly pushes back, proceeding to leave with Tenma, since the rain has stopped.

17 Mid-Summer Giraffe's Night Out! End of Summer Panic Party! Summer's Over–Back to School!
"Natsu no sakari no kirin no kimochi! Natsu no owari no panikku pātī! Natsu ga sugitara chenjingu nau!" (夏の盛りのキリンのキモチ! 夏の終わりのパニックパーティー! 夏が過ぎたらチェンジング·ナウ!)
January 25, 2005 December 18, 2007
Itoko is taking care of a giraffe, and using the school gym to keep it. Yakumo feeds it a cabbage and, later, offers herself to take it for a walk later that night. The giraffe, which remembers itself as being called Pyotr, is touched with Yakumo's sympathy, but soon runs away from her, remembering its master and feeling abandoned by him. This master happens to be Harima, whom Pyotr scoops up with his mouth and takes back home just as he is about to confess his feelings to Tenma.

In a rainy day, Yakumo spots a runaway boy at their doorstep and, since the boy does not want to talk about the home from which he ran, she allows him to stay there for the night. Tenma vehemently objects, seeing him as a perverted kid, but relents after he defeats her in every game she proposes. Yakumo, on the other hand, sparks the boy's genuine affection, and he (who is later revealed to be Harima's younger brother, Shuji) feels indebted to her.
Before the new school term starts, Itoko convinces Harima to take his animals to the Yagami Shrine, despite the high risk of them being discovered there. Truly, no sooner than the animals are returned, locals start reporting on them, prompting a TV news crew to investigate the area. Harima and the Tea Club members take quick action to help out, by dressing up like animals to fool the news crew - however, as they leave, they run into Pyotr, uncovering the deception while Harima leads the other animals away. Just as hunters arrive to try and kill the animals, they start dancing to show how harmless they truly are. In the end, all the animals are taken to the zoo, where Harima visits them every day.
The new school term starts. Tenma is eager to meet Karasuma again, hoping that he had not changed anything since they last met (because she had noticed how Karen changed her looks because of someone - possibly Imadori). When Karasuma comes, Tenma notices he is sporting a mustache, and tries to see it in an optimistic way, prompting her to mumble that mustaches are beautiful while asleep on her desk, which does not escape the notice of Harima, wide awake and next to her. As Harima tries to get closer to Tenma, Karasuma takes off his mustache, a fake.
The episode ends with a 3D cel-shaded animation starring Akira fighting off mobsters to help a young boy avenge his parents' deaths. After this sequence, the scene cuts to the Tea Club room, where she is telling Yakumo and Sarah that her summer vacation was "nothing out of the ordinary".

18 Karen's Love, Not Yet! Karen's Love, Little by Little! Karen's Love, and Then...
"Karen no koi, mada mada Karen no koi, bochi bochi Karen no koi, soshite..." (かれんの恋, まだまだ かれんの恋, ぼちぼち かれんの恋, そして...)
February 1, 2005 December 18, 2007
As Imadori helps her out with carrying wood bars from the gym equipment room, Karen wonders if he remembers the "promise" he made to go on a date with her. When he does, he is initially terrified by the memory, and tries to avoid the theme, but relents after inadvertently receiving another sample of her strength. She thinks of going on their date the next day, but suddenly receives the news that a last-minute practice wrestling match was arranged for her the same day.

Later that day, Karen goes to Tenma for advice on what she should do, and she encourages Karen to go on her date, while Tenma would cover up for her in the fight. Also, since it is Karen's first date, Tenma gives her a set of bags containing objects to help her out if things should go wrong: one has two apples (which Imadori uses as fake boobs to fool around), another has movie tickets for a tokusatsu picture, which Imadori happens to enjoy so much, he imitates a move and ends up inadvertently hitting Tennouji, prompting Karen to open the last bag, hoping it will help her come to Imadori's aid. It just so happens to contain a wrestling mask (which Tenma had intended to use as a spare while covering up), which she uses to intimidate Tennouji while preventing Imadori from thinking she is violent, though he easily sees through her disguise.
The next day, as Karen thanks Tenma for helping her out, she remembers that the one Imadori really likes is Mikoto, and feels bad with herself. Upon seeing Imadori asking another girl out, Tenma dons the mask she lent to Karen and kicks him down, but Karen stops her before she can chew on him. As Tenma apologizes to her, Karen reveals she already knew Imadori was into Mikoto, but does not seem to be depressed about that at all.

19 Dreams for Art! Fantasy Wedding! Wish on a Star!
"Geijutsu ni yume o! Kami ni chikai o! Hoshi ni negai o!" (芸術に夢を! 神に誓いを! 星に願いを!)
February 8, 2005 February 5, 2008
There is a terrific uproar in 2-C as news arrives that Itoko will be modelling for an art exhibition with the title "Nude". While most of the boys in class are enthralled, Harima and Hanai are uninterested-- until it turns out that Tenma and Yakumo will be "helping" too. Hanai and Harima each make plans to buy the portraits featuring the girls they love before anyone else can see them. However, on arrival at the exhibition it turns out that Tenma and Yakumo are merely acting as assistant museum staff, while Itoko's picture is so stylised as to be unrecognisable.

Later, Sara Adiemus wants to promote her local church as an ideal venue for weddings, but has no photographs to put in the brochure. She asks Yakumo to model as a bride, but can find no-one but Hanai to take the role of groom. Harima overhears talk about "Tsukamoto"'s wedding and jumps to the conclusion that Hanai is trying to marry Tenma. He crashes the wedding and gets into a duel with Hanai. They are fairly evenly matched, but since both are occupied with the fight, Sara asks Akira, who has short hair, to act as the groom instead. By the time Harima and Hanai sort out the misunderstanding the photoshoot is long over. The following evening is the night of a meteor shower, and Tenma and friends make plans to go and see it and make wishes on the shooting stars. However, it rains so hard they can't go out. Everyone ends up celebrating the meteor shower in his or her own way, while Karasuma, in his kappa outfit, is the only one able to go out. Tenma writes her wishes on paper before falling asleep, and Yakumo, finding them, is deeply touched by Tenma's wish to "become a reliable sister who can take good care of Yakumo".

20 That's Gone! This is Gone! Options, Gone!
"Are ga nai! Kore mo nai! Dōshiyō mo nai!" (あれがない! これもない! どうしようもない!)
February 15, 2005 February 5, 2008
While the girls rehearse cheerleading routines for the upcoming sports festival, Eri accidentally cuts off Harima's beard and they improvise in many wild ways to keep him from finding out. But he eventually discovers, and Eri goes off to apologize. Harima, thinking she wanted to laugh at his misery, tried to put her through humiliating situations to no avail. Though he sulks at having lost his beard length, eventually he hears Tenma say that a college student looks better without facial hair, which prompts Harima to shave his beard clean.

Later, as he takes another of his manga stories to be evaluated, Harima receives the advice of hiring someone to help him out with story revision; however, he is very reserved about showing his stories to anyone. However, while chasing after the actor who plays Mangoku in "The Three Who Were Slashed" for an autograph, he forgets his manga at the cafe, which is found by Yakumo, who is working part-time there. This gives Harima no choice but to ask her to help him out. In the end, Yakumo gives him valuable tips to progress with the story, and he gives her the autograph (which is passed on to Tenma) as a form of thanks.
Next, as the class 3-C is choosing its representatives for the sports festival, Hanai notices Harima is missing and goes after him. Turns out he is out on the rooftop, with Yakumo helping him with his manga, and Hanai spots them just as Harima asks her where he should (draw a) kiss (scene), starting yet another misunderstanding.
An after-credits segment introduces Lara Gonzalez to the audience, as it is seen that she was the one who fought Karen in episode 18 - or rather, Tenma. Frustrated at "Ichijou"'s weakness, she comes across the real one as she is scaring Tennouji away from Imadori and fights her. After having a taste of her power, Lara learns that Karen has the same name of the mother that abandoned her and her father, and thus transfers to Yagami High, to keep tabs on her newfound rival.

21 Hanai Fights Back! Karen Sparkles! Reunion with Big Sister!
"Gyakushū no Hanai! Senkō no Karen! Saikai, onē-san" (逆襲の花井! 閃光のかれん! 再会, お姉さん)
February 22, 2005 February 5, 2008
Hanai hears rumors that Harima saved some girls from the tea club from thugs who were harassing them, and thinks he must have set up the incident, so he runs off to confront him. Arriving at an alley, he sees a figure preparing to leave on a bike, with a wake of downed punks. As he calls out "Hold it, Harima Kenji!", he finds out that the young man only has a similar name: Harry McKenzie. Hanai is flustered by his mistake, and tries to get a pacific resolve, but then Yakumo comes around and Harry flirtatiously suggests her to back off, driving Hanai to fight him. To make matters worse, Harima comes around with his manga drafts and is ready to fight (trying to find his way out, since he does now want to tell anyone else about his manga) when Harry pushes him off. It soon turns into a three-wat fight, which is cut short when it is revealed that the top of Harima's head is shaven bald, prompting Harry to compare him to a samurai, impressed.

At school, Lara calls Karen for lunch, when Imadori comes and immediately sparks her disgust - especially after he accurately guesses her cup size as D, prompting Lara to attack him with a fork, which Karen stops point-blank with only her chopsticks. He decides to turn to Mikoto, making Lara tell Karen to take him for herself if she likes him, meanwhile offending Mikoto. Things get even worse when Imadori tries to defend her and ends up on the receiving end of a choke hold, and then Tenma, trying to save him, gets the same treatment. This makes Mikoto stand up for them and, as Hanai tries to stop the fight, he is interrupted by none other than Harry, accompanied by the 2-D class president, Masakazu Tougou, settles the matter by reminding the 2-C class that the sports festival will be the settling grounds for this squabble.
While the school receives a new nurse, Harima refuses to enter the 2-C room, afraid they would notice the cap he uses to cover his bald top. As the girls see him leaving, they imagine he is doing so because of Eri (who was the one who shaved his head, just after Harima shaved off his beard), and ask her to apologize to him again, who concedes after much insistence of her friends. Being informed that he has gone to the infirmary, Eri ends up accompanied by the perverts of the class, who want to take another peek at her. Their plan is dashed when the hall inspector comes around, but he only manages to take Tenma away, who was accompanying Eri with the other girls. In the infirmary, Harima is sleeping, which escaped the attention of the nurse, who, as it turns out, is Tae, the same woman who had offered him shelter months ago. She takes a while to recognize him, but when she does, she promptly hugs him... just as Eri, Mikoto and the perverts manage to enter the room.
In the epilogue, we see the homeroom teachers of classes 2-C and 2-D, Hayato Tani and Kato, trying to investigate the incident involving Harima and Tae. She clarifies that she caused it and gives Tani a bag of cookies as a welcoming sign. However, while Tani is off lecturing English to the 2-D, Kato snatches the cookies from his table and eats them, prompting a vengeful Tani (for whom the cookies were reminiscent of an old flame) to take his class out for a P.E. class as practice for the sports festival.

22 Time to Start the War! Now the Cavalry Battle! And the Great Uprising!
"Iza kaisen! Sā kibasen! Mō dairansen!" (いざ開戦! さぁ騎馬戦! もう大乱戦!)
March 8, 2005 February 5, 2008
It's sports day at Yagami High, and 2-C and 2-D are determined to use the occasion to settle some old scores. The main sporting event of the afternoon is a school tradition, the Cavalry Battle, where teams of male runners carry a girl rider and the girls try to steal one another's coloured headbands while not falling off. Mikoto is narrowly saved from a flying kick to the face by Imadori but ends up being disqualified anyway, while Tenma is knocked down by the truly fearsome Tennouji. Eri and Harima successfully take out Tennouji, but are disqualified when Eri takes a dive to recover Harima's lost hat. With Harry McKenzie and Lala dominating the field, it looks to be all over for 2-C until their last remaining team, Hanai and Karen, pull off some truly astonishing moves.
23 Women's Battle! Men's Battle! After the Battle!
"Onna no tatakai! Otoko no tatakai! Tatakai owatte..." (女の闘い! 男の戦い! たたかい終わって...)
March 15, 2005 March 18, 2008
Before the girls' relay race, Eri heads to the infirmary to confront Tae over her relationship with Harima and, despite truly needing medical attention (due to her fall in the joust competition), she refuses to let the nurse treat her. At the race, she, as the fourth runner, manages to take up a fair lead (thanks to a spectacular headstart by Mikoto), but her sprained left foot gets the best of her and she ends up losing. After receiving proper treatment, Eri sulks about the defeat and the confusion that sets in her mind, as Harima comes over and declares he will win for her, just so they could be even, as he puts it.

The result makes the 2-D class pass 2-C in the total scoreboard. Therefore, everything is at stake in the boys' relay. The 2-C team is greatly determined to win, both due to the girls watching them and to put Tougou and Harry in their places after they underestimate their rivals. Hiroyoshi Asou, as the second runner, manages to get in the lead, only to have it lost by Imadori, whose tactic of rolling along the ground to build up speed fails. Hanai then races like a demon before passing the baton to Harima, who worries that his cap might fall off if he runs too fast. Nevertheless, he makes a run for it, managing to beat Harry and win the race, while his hat indeed falls from his head just as he crosses the finish line.
At the end of the festival, as everyone dances around the fire, Harima sits by himself on a corner, contemplating that now that his bald top is no secret to anyone, he might as well stay alone as the delinquent he is. Then, Eri shows up and asks him on a dance, even though her foot still hurts, but none of them apparently has nothing to hide anymore, so they might as well enjoy the moment for themselves.

24 Irritation. Indecision. Wandering.
"Shōsō Shunjun Hōkō" (焦燥 逡巡 彷徨)
March 22, 2005 March 18, 2008
The rumors start flying about Harima and Eri being together. While she is too ashamed to go to school, he is outraged when he finds out about it. To make things worse for him, Tenma outspokenly supports their "relationship", dealing a fatal blow to Harima's confidence. Sitting alone at the tea club room, Harima tells Yakumo to fetch him something in the classroom on which he wants to change the name (presumably his manga series, which is the only legacy he would carry from then on), but meanwhile, Eri leaves a bag on his desk containing the jacket he left with her, with the name tag sewn on by her. Yakumo mistakenly picks it up and fixes it, just as Eri finds her at the tea club room, looking for Akira. They then confront each other about Harima, and matters complicate due to Yakumo having to keep the manga in total secrecy.

Later, Tenma and the others are waiting on Eri at the cafe where Yakumo works. From the moment Eri arrives, she intimidates Tenma's sister, by telling them it's Yakumo that Harima has his sights set on. She can only confirm that they have been together as of late, without explicitly telling what they do. Instead of being disappointed, Tenma is highly supportive of Yakumo being with Harima, seeing her as an example to take her relationship with Karasuma one step further, but she doesn't bother to listen when Yakumo tries to make it clear that her relationship with Harima is strictly professional.
That night, while Tenma tries to bake a cake for Karasuma's coming birthday, Harima leaves town by ship. While there, he is forced to do chores for the pirate-like sailors and their hulking captain. After throwing to the sea a message for Tenma in a bottle, he finds the sailors mocking his manga, which infuriates him. However, their cowardice puts Harima in a disadvantage. Before the head sailor can pierce through his hand with a hook, though, the captain stops him, informing them that a storm approaches.

25 [Boat.] [Train.] [Guitar.]
"Bōō! Puwān! Gyuīn!" (ボ──! プワーン! ギュイーン)
March 29, 2005[1] March 18, 2008
As the storm mounts in fury, one of the sailors falls into the sea, and Harima jumps in to save him. He earns the respect of his fellow seamen, but just then the captain calls him privately about his manga. He compliments Harima's talent, but advises him that drawing is not an excuse to escape reality, going on to order his crew to return to coast so that Harima can continue pursuing his calling. As they part ways, the captain reveals that he is a retired mangaka himself and presents him with his drawing pen.

Back to Tenma, she considers buying a present for Karasuma, and she asks Harima to go shopping with her so that he can give her advice on what to buy. Going to Tokyo, Harima tries his best to make it seem like they are dating, but Tenma's obliviousness and focus on Karasuma prevent his intent to come to fruition. When she decides to give Harima something as a form of thanks, he ultimately tips Tenma onto giving Karasuma whatever she would please, as long as it is from the heart. Aboard the train back home, Harima, flustered, tries to confess his feelings one more time, but Tenma has fallen asleep next to him. He instead fantasizes about their relationship during that sublime moment.
Back home, Harima finds he only has one day until the deadline for delivering his manga, so he resorts to Yakumo's help. At his home, she notices how much his characters look like him and Tenma and, even though he nervously tries to fool her, she accurately deduces through the storyline that he may have feelings for her. It is not until Yakumo reminds him of the deadline that he decides to continue drawing. Meanwhile, Tenma is alone with Karasuma at the music club room and, being too shy to enjoy the moment, she ends up fainting and has to be carried home by him. As she musters her courage to give him her birthday gift, he says he has to go because he has "no more time left". Suddenly, an UFO shows up before them and he claims not to be from this world.

26 School Rumble Forever!
"Totsuzen no "sayonara"... Mayoikonda rabirinsu... Anata wa dare? ...Oshiete. "Surechigai" "Kataomoi" Todoke, boku no kimochi. Todoke, watashi no omoi. Tabun ichido shika nai kisetsu, seishun no 1 pēji. Kore ga saigo no chansu, tashikametai... Kimi no kimochi. Tsutawaru kotoba, tsutawaranai omoi. Ano hi no kokuhaku, eien no ichinichi, da kedo... Itsu made mo tsuzuite iku, watashitachi no "ima". Soshite ashita e... "sukūru ranburu fōebā"" (突然の「さよなら」... 迷い込んだラビリンス... あなたはだれ? ... 教えて.「すれちがい」「片想い」とどけ, ボクの気持ち.とどけ, ワタシの想い.たぶん一度しかない季節, 青春の1ページ.これが最後のチャンス, 確かめたい... キミの気持ち.伝わる言葉, 伝わらない想い.あの日の告白, 永遠の一日, だけど... いつまでも続いていく, わたしたちの「いま」.そして明日へ... 「スクールランブルフォーエバー」)
April 5, 2005 March 18, 2008
Karasuma prepares to leave Earth, and so an alien mothership is summoned. Harima decides to take matters into his hands by stopping him from leaving, because that would make Tenma sad, and this is something he would never want due to his love for her. Before Tenma's eyes, Karasuma beats Harima handily and confesses that he fabricated some of Tenma's memories to facilitate his infiltration into Earth, and during his investigative duties, he fell in love with her. However, now that he has to leave, she will have to forget everything about him. Despite the affirmation of her love for him, when she wakes up, she only sees Harima next to her, and seeks comfort in his arms... As the scene turns black-and-white, revealing that these events are all part of Harima's finally finished manga. In the real world, after Karasuma takes Tenma home, he simply leaves and tells her to take care, leading her to think he will change schools.

Harima races to take his manga to the editor, but ends up slamming against Eri's limousine. She offers to take it to the editor, not knowing its contents, to make up for the accident, all the while trying to fight her own feelings for Harima. Meanwhile, Yakumo comes home and finds Tenma depressed over the prospect of Karasuma leaving. She is cheered up by being reminded that she should just do what she can instead of regretting not having done it. Afraid that Karasuma might already be gone, Tenma runs arond trying to find him, but stumbles and hits her head against a cat's, making them switch consciousness with each other. While the cat in Tenma's body goes off to play around with Harima, Tenma in the cat's body eventually finds Karasuma and gives her the fish the cat was carrying. But Karasuma not only deduces the cat is Tenma and gladly accepts the fish, but also confesses he is going nowhere... Only for Tenma to find that she was dreaming. She is then told by Karasuma that he will not change schools, and that he had to leave her last night due to rehearsals with the school band.
Leaving school the next day, Tenma gathers all the courage she can to try and declare herself to Karasuma after giving him his birthday gift, which consists of a series of fish on a stick, following the dream she had. As in the dream, Karasuma accepts the fish and enjoys eating them. However, much to Tenma's frustration, he reminds her that his birthday was two days before. Later, she awakens yet again being carried on Karasuma's back. As she asks him if that is another dream, he tells her that they are actually living a dream, the dream of youth, from which they may snap out someday, but the memories will stay forever. And, just as Tenma is about to confess her love to him, the camera zooms out, far away from Earth, as one of the UFO's from Harima's manga rushes by.

Season 2

# Title Original airdate[2]
1 Scramble Reloaded! Superstar Request! Scandalous Restart!
"Scramble ga Reloaded! Superstar ni Request! Scandalous na Restart!" (ScrambleがReloaded! SuperstarにRequest! ScandalousなRestart!)
April 2, 2006[3] {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
One morning at school, Harima receives through Itoko a card from the manga publisher telling him that he was considered eligible for a prize for his manga. Eager to tell the news to Tenma before anyone else, he runs to the rooftop only to find her scolding Yakumo for spending the night with Harima. He tries to explain himself, but only fuels the misunderstanding when he says he would not disappoint Yakumo. He is so devastated by his mistake, he lets Itoko keep the video camera he received from the publisher.

Later, Tenma decides that she should work out her own shyness issues, so she goes see Karasuma at the music club room. Seeing him in a white suit, with which he will perform with the school band at the school festival, makes Tenma think he will be a successful rockstar while her lack of talent will leave her behind. Karasuma comforts her by saying there are things only she can do, proceeding to give a turtle and the word "Kamekichi", of which Tenma takes very long to figure out the meaning. She finds out that it has to do with Sleeping Beauty because, as Akira accurately explains the next day, the Japanese word for "slow" (which a turtle is) and "poisonous" (which is what makes the princess fall into her slumber) is the same.
The next day, Hanai is excited with the prospect of performing Sleeping Beauty with Yakumo, and goes off to try and convince the organizers to allow students from different classes to perform together. That is when he hears the rumors that Yakumo and Harima are together. He decides to confront Harima upon hearing Yakumo confirm she stayed at Harima's apartment that other night (always keeping secret of the manga), but depression gets the best of him. To make matters worse, Tenma makes her sister deliver a "boxed lunch of love" to Harima, all the while supporting their "relationship" strongly. As both him and Hanai sulk over these events, Tougou appears, accompanied by Harry and Lara, declaring that the 2-C and 2-D classes will settle matters for good at the school festival.
An after-credits segment shows a "secret meeting" held by Nishimoto and the perverts, analyzing data on the 2-C class girls, as well as Itoko-sensei. Just after they analyze her, though, their computers are attacked by a virus which deletes all their research, replacing them with a single picture of Harima sticking out his rear and a warning from Itoko herself: "Stop doing meaningless things and get back to studying!".

2 Strategies, Battlefields, Friends.
""Sakubō Senjō Hōyū"" (「策謀 戦場 朋友」)
April 9, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
2-C still can't decide what to do for the school festival, and Harima and Hanai are still sunk in the depths of misery. Akira hits on a very unconventional idea to solve both problems: a war game, held in the school building after dark. The class are issued with replica weapons and instructions to capture the other team's flag and protect their own at all costs. The game starts off lighthearted, with friends and couples (like Shigeo and Madoka) agreeing not to attack each other, but gets more serious as the class get more and more carried away by the atmosphere. Yoshidayama's "Swimsuit Sumo Match" faction are quickly eliminated, but the Play Faction seem to be having trouble with a mysteriously powerful and stealthy Eri, whose skill level is far above anything expected.
3 Beautiful Beast vs. Beautiful Beast! God of War vs. God of Warfare! Teacher vs. Student!
"Bijū vs Bijū Gunshin vs Bushin Sensei vs Seito" (美獣vs美獣 軍神vs武神 先生vs生徒)
April 16, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The Battle of Yagami High continues. The mysterious blonde-haired figure with the elite battlefield skills turns out not to be Eri at all, but an intruder in a borrowed school uniform. Noticing the imbalance between the teams, Itoko fends him off and he retreats. Meanwhile, the class's amateur rock band (of which, notably, Karasuma and Karen are part) are dismayed by the news that they've been double-booked and cannot perform at the festival. They hit on the idea of forming their own mini-faction and trying to take out the winners of the war game. Running across them in a classroom, Hanai has trouble convincing himself to fight against one of his oldest friends, but Mikoto reminds him that they are at war and must win.

Tenma encounters Karasuma defenceless in a corridor and is unable to attack him, even though she knows her team are counting on her. Moved by her chivalry, Karasuma withdraws from the game. Meanwhile, Harima shoots Mikoto for no other reason than to provoke Hanai into attacking him. The two of them face off on the school rooftop, ending with a single-shot duel. Both are apparently hit, but Hanai is the eventual victor. Harima is out of the game, but accepts his loss gracefully after establishing that the two of them are set on different goals.
Unlike most fights to the death, this one has repercussions the following day. The class are yelled at by Mr. Koriyama, who orders them to do both festival activities. Hanai impresses everyone with his determination to take on the task, but his reputation takes a hit when Harima reminds everyone of how distraught Hanai was at "losing" Mikoto the night before. Their protests of "it's not like that!" fall on deaf ears.

4 Wild Ideas about the Play! Wild Ideas at the Bathhouse! Wild Ideas about Rice Balls!
"Engeki de Mōsō! Sentō de Mōsō! Onigiri de Mōsō!" (演劇で妄想! 銭湯で妄想! オニギリで妄想!)
April 23, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
In order to decide which kind of play will be made, the 2-C students is encouraged to pitch in their own ideas. Mai and Tsumugi go through a variety of wild scenarios, and eventually decide to ask Akira to write one for them, combining as many of the ideas as she would like.

Later on, as Tenma tries to figure out through Eri what kind of girl Harima likes, in order to help Yakumo with him, Nishimoto invites his classmates to a bathhouse. There, Eri is pressed by Mai and Tsumugi to tell them whether she is going out with Harima or not. While she is shaken when she notices she doesn't need to fake smiles or be untrue around him, and remembers him saying he likes girls with pigtails (referring to Tenma's little pigtails, actually), she hears him loudly proclaim from the boys' side that he hates blond people with pigtails, which makes her claim to hate him to a point she could kill him. As it turns out, Harima was saying that of Yoshidayama, whose wet hair brought it from its usual upright state to common long hair, and was tied in pigtails.
Back at school, the girls prepare rice balls for the boys, but each of them made a different kind of rice ball, so they have to guess who made whichever rice ball they picked. Harima, obviously, goes for the one he thinks is made by Tenma - which turns out to be the most poorly-made among them (it crumbles after he plucks out a piece). While recovering from its bad taste, he finds a rice cube and tries to taste it, only to find it tastes even worse. Though he feels at ease to know there is someone worse at cooking than Tenma, he soon finds out that the crumbling rice ball was made by Eri... while the rice cube is Tenma's creation. Praising it just to impress her only makes things worse for Harima, as she gives him a dozen or so more.

5 Hostesses Are Culture! Comics Are Culture! Cake is Also Culture!
"Omizu wa Bunka Manga wa Bunka Kēki mo Bunka" (オミズは文化 マンガは文化 ケーキもブンカ)
April 30, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The Yagami High Festival begins. This episode focuses on the café activity: the 2-C class attracts many customers with its café, in which the girls roleplay as if they were showing interest in their customers, but soon their attendance drops when the Tea Club café by having its female members attending in a variety of costumes.

Meanwhile, Harima is nervously waiting for news from the manga editor contest in which he entered. Going to an exhibit labeled "Tokiha Boarding House", he meets with Yakumo, cosplaying as Osamu Tezuka, who encourages him to keep drawing for whatever drives him forward. Later, he receives a call from the editor, saying that his work was among the contest winners. For this, Yakumo decides to give him an extra cake from the café, which Tenma decides to take along with the birthday cake she made for Karasuma, whose birthday was that very day.
Seeing Tenma at the corridor, Harima presumes she heard of him winning the contest and rushes to declare himself to her, but trips and spills one of the cakes, which she had left on a table. Much to his frustration, he presumes that was his cake (since there was only the final "MA" left written on chocolate topping) and rushes to fix it. Later at the class, he catches wind of Karasuma's birthday and, distressed, tries to stop Tenma from unveiling the cake, by pretending to trip. As it turns out, the cake he spilled this time was for Yoshidayama (who had won a "sumo bathing suit contest" previously), and Tenma promptly offers him his cake. Then, as she fetches the cake for Karasuma... she finds it, too, now reads "Harima" (this was the cake Harima tripped on earlier). To solve the problem, she cuts out the cake in a crescent shape, so that only the "MA" remains, and eats up the rest. Later as she sulks, Karasuma comes along and, noticing Tenma has a photo of him with a faint smile, he thanks her for the day.

6 Sleeping Beast! Kiss Impossible! Finale!
"Surīpingu Bīsuto Kissu Inposshiburu Fināre" (スリーピング·ビースト キッス·インポッシブル フィナーレ)
May 7, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
7 Fight, Hunter! Fight, Eater! Fight, Part-Time Worker!
"Tatakae, Hantā! Tatakae, Ītā! Tatakae, Arubaitā!" (闘え, ハンター! 闘え, イーター! 闘え, アルバイター!)
May 14, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
8 Bam ★ Birth of a Girls' Basketball Club! Bam ★ If You Please! Bam ★ Swing Set of Tears!
"Hatchake☆Joshi Basuke-bu Tanjō! Hatchake☆Yoroshiku Senpai Hatchake☆Namida no Buranko..." (はっちゃけ☆女子バスケ部誕生! はっちゃけ☆よろしく先輩· はっちゃけ☆涙のブランコ...)
May 21, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
9 Pass! Dribble! Shoot!
"Pasu! Doriburu! Shūto!" (パス! ドリブル! シュート!)
May 28, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
10 Hee! Hee Hee! Hee Hee Hee!
"Hī! Hī!Hī! Hī!Hī!Hī!" (ヒィー! ヒィー!ヒィー! ヒィー!ヒィー!ヒィー!)
June 11, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
11 Napoleon, Between Life and Death... Nishimoto, Between Sex and Self-Control... Sara, Between Saintliness and Self...
"Naporeon, Sei to Shi no Aida de... Nishimoto, Sei to Shi no Aida de... Sara, Sei to Shi no Aida de..." (ナポレオン, 生と死の間で... 西本, 性と志の間で... サラ, 聖と私の間で...)
June 18, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
12 Perfect, Forbidden! Entry, Forbidden! Shorts, Forbidden!
"Pāfekuto, Kinshi! Tachiiri, Kinshi! Hanzubon, Kinshi!" (パーフェクト, 禁止! 立ち入り, 禁止! 半ズボン, 禁止!)
June 25, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
13 When I Turned Around, There He Was. In Karasuma's Name. All Mysteries Revealed!
"Furikaereba Yatsu ga Iru. Karasuma no Na ni Kakete. Nazo wa Subete Toketa!" (振りかえればヤツがいる. カラスマの名にカケて. 謎はすべて解けた!)
July 2, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Harima ends up seeing the school flunk out ghost and starts preparing everything he can to not fail the semester and pass along with Tenma. He ends up asking his cousin to help him out. Tenma does an all night study session with Eri-chan and the rest of the group. Once exams were over Mikoto finally explains how her date went with Asou.
14 At El Cado... In America (26f)... With America (26h)...
"at Merukado in Amerika (26F) with Amerika (26h)" (at メルカド in アメリカ(26F) with アメリカ(26h))
July 9, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
15 A Man Shut Out, A Man Left Out, A Man Tested Out.
"Shimedasareta Otoko, Manekareta Otoko, Tamesareta Otoko" (締めだされた男 招かれた男 試された男)
July 16, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
16 I Don't Want to be Tied to Anyone, I Don't Want to Go to School or Home Anymore, Under the Dark Veil of Night.
"Dare ni mo Shibararetaku nai, Mō Gakkō ya Ie ni wa Kaeritakunai, Kurai Yoru no Tobari no Naka de" (誰にも縛られたくない〜 もう学校や家には帰りたくない〜 暗い夜の帳の中で〜)
July 23, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
17 Eri's Escape, Harima's Lullaby, The False Bride.
"...Eri no Tōhikō ...Harima no Rarabai ...Itsuwari no Hanayome" (...愛理の逃避行 ...播磨のララバイ ...偽りの花嫁)
July 30, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
-Nakamura sees Eri ride away with Harima, but he can’t catch them. He calls up Masaru (the maid), but then Masaru goes and kidnaps Tenma. Riding along, Eri apologizes to Harima (she still doesn’t know his true identity) for involving him. As for the marriage interview, she thinks that she might be forced to get engaged because her parents are that kind of people.

The two nearly get hit by a truck, but Harima narrowly avoids it. Afterwards, the two have a good laugh about it. This laugh lasts until they pass by a car going the other direction with Tenma in the passenger seat and Masaru driving. Tenma sends Eri a mail saying that she’s also going to the marriage interview, but that Masaru keeps calling her ojou-sama. Eri figures out that Masaru mixed up her and Tenma. Upon hearing this, Harima becomes determined to break up the marriage interview (what Eri doesn’t know is that he’s doing it for Tenma, not her). Tenma gets a mail from Mikoto and also figures out Masaru’s mistake. She decides to continue pretending to be Eri and break this all off. Harima and Eri get a flat tire and take up residence for the night in a temple. Eri gets the only blanket, and she thinks that Harima must be cold based on how much he’s fidgeting. Harima is actually just worried about Tenma. Eri thinks about sharing the blanket and decides to start a conversation with Harima. When she says that it’s a waste that he doesn’t have a lover, Harima freaks out because her behavior is so different from normal. When Eri asks about things Harima wants to do in the future, Harima gives her a vague response about his work, which makes her think that he’s a designer. Harima declares that he won’t lose and that he’ll use his five fingers to defeat anyone who hinders him. Those strong words really have an effect on Eri, and, compounded with Harima’s smile, cause her to snuggle up to him and share the blanket. She asks him to go to the marriage interview with her to make the other party give up. After Harima agrees, Eri falls asleep. He hears her mutter something about Hige being the worst, so in response he draws a mustache and beard on her with a marker. The two arrive at the marriage interview and both change into better clothes. While Eri is talking with her mother, Harima goes on ahead and meets Tenma, who is still pretending to be Eri. Tenma doesn’t recognize him, and so she does her best make herself look bad so that he won’t want to marry her. Of course, since it’s Harima, he doesn’t care what she does. Faced with her mother, Eri can’t bring herself to say that she doesn’t want this at first. But after remembering her friends and all the time they’ve spent together, Eri finally tells her mother what she still wants to be with everyone. As Eri runs off, her mother smiles. After Tenma throws tea on Harima, he rearranges his hair to how it normally looks. Tenma sees that he looks familiar, so she adds on the hair band and sunglasses, making Harima recognizable as himself again. Eri walks into the marriage interview expecting the worker she was with, but instead finds Tenma on top of Harima, putting on the hair band. Eri proceeds to jump-kick Harima. In the end, the marriage interview was cancelled. During all this, the giant red panda Kuuta-kun escapes from the zoo. Hanai meanwhile learns that Tsukamoto is involved in a marriage interview. The Tsukamoto that Nakamura was referring to was Tenma, but Hanai misinterprets it as Yakumo. He rushes off on a bike, but then gets tired and takes refuge in a temple for the night. In the darkness, he feels something furry and assumes it’s a blanket, but it’s actually Kuuta-kun. The red panda beats Hanai up and drags him off. In doing so, its tail wipes the marker off Eri’s face while she’s sleeping. Yakumo sees on TV the next day that Kuuta-kun is wearing Hanai’s glasses.

18 The Sweet Trap of Work, The Sweet Trap of the Classroom, The Sweet Trap of Celebrity.
"Baito no Amai Wana, Kyōshitsu no Amai Wana, Serebu no Amai Wana" (バイトの甘いワナ 教室の甘いワナ セレブの甘いワナ)
August 6, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
19 Here, There and Everywhere, Christmas! A Dash for Christmas! A Shattered Christmas!
"Kotchi mo Atchi mo Kurisumasu! Bakushin for Kurisumasu! Kudakero Kurisumasu!" (こっちもあっちもX'マス! 驀進FOR X'マス! 砕けろX'マス!)
August 13, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Harima finally finishes his script and wants Tenma to be the first one to read it. However, they say that he has to bring the script to the publishers as quickly as possible. Harima decides to let Tenma see it after all. Tenma made a big curry plate as a Christmas present for Karasuma. After Kenji shows the script to Tenma there was a blizzard going on in the city, making it impossible for Kenji to go to the party they told him to go to to give the script to them. He uses Tenma's curry bowl as a sled, having it successful for him to give it to the chief editor. But unfortunately broke the plate into pieces. The chief editor doesn't want to publish Harima's manga that he brought. Itoko brings Tenma and Yakumo to the party, letting her see her curry dish in pieces. She leaves crying. Meanwhile the chief editor says to Karasuma that he has good friends. Kenji chases after her when he finds out that it was Tenma's. It ends with Harima hugging Tenma and them making up and become friends again.
20 More Than Friends... Less Than Lovers... Up Until Then.
"Tomodachi Ijō... Koibito Miman... Sore Izen..." (友達以上... 恋人未満... それ以前...)
August 20, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
21 This is School Rumble... It Really is School Rumble... It's School Rumble, I Tell You!
"...Sukuran desu. ...Sukuran desu yo. ...Sukuran desu tteba!" (...スクランです. ......スクランですよ. .........スクランですってば!)
August 20, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
22 First Dreams. Lion's Dance. New Year's.
"Hatsuyume, Shishi Mai, Oshōgatsu" (初夢 獅子舞 お正月)
August 27, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
23 Dream Jumbo. Dream Jump. Dream Express.
"Dorīmu Janbo, Dorīmu Janpu, Dorīmu Ekusupuresu" (ドリームジャンボ ドリームジャンプ ドリームエクスプレス)
September 3, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
24 Southern Rainbow 2-C! Ya'akumo of the Mysterious Island! The Seven Seas!
"Minami no Niji no 2-C! Fushigi na Shima no Yākumo! Nanatsu no Umi no...!" (南の虹の2-C! ふしぎな島のヤークモ! 七つの海の...!)
September 10, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
25 It's So Romantic, Harima! Get Published in Zinegama, Harima! Come On, Harima!
"Romanchikku da ne, Harima-kun! Jingama ni Notta, Harima-kun! Kyamōn, Harima-kun!" (ロマンチックだね, 播磨くん! ジンガマに載った, 播磨くん!キャモ〜ン, 播磨くん!)
September 17, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
26 Period.
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" ({{{KanjiTitle}}})
September 24, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}

Original video animations

School Rumble: Extra Class

# Title Original release date[4]
1 Another Heart-Throbbing Semester! Restless to Sit Next to You! Heart-Beating to See You Naked!
"Mata Shingakki de Dokidoki! Soba ni itakute Jitabata! Hadaka no Kimi ni Dokyūn!" (また新学期でドキドキ! そばにいたくてジタバタ! ハダカの君にドキューン!)
December 22, 2005 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
2 Gimme a Smile! I Wanna Eat a Mammoth! Is It Okay to Fall in Love?
"Sumairu kudasai! Manmosu tabetai! Koishitemo iidesuka?" (スマイルください! マンモスたべたい! 恋してもいいですか?)
December 22, 2005 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}

School Rumble: Third Semester

# Title Original release date[5]
25 Registration! My Feelings! Smashed Up! My Feelings! Fleeting Love!
"Todoke! Watashi no omoi! Kudakechire! Ore no omoi! Ai wa shissō suru!" (届け! 私の想い! 砕け散れ! 俺の想い! 愛は疾走する!)
July 17, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
26 The Final Episode
"Saishūkai" (最終回)
September 17, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}


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