Template:Lead too long This is a list of episodes of the Japanese anime School Days. The episodes are directed by Keitaro Motonaga and produced by the Japanese animation studio TNK, while the music used in the anime is provided by Kaoru Okubo and produced by Yoshiyuki Itō of Lantis. The anime is based on the visual novel of the same name by the Japanese software company 0verflow, and follows the story of Makoto Ito, a male high school student, who has been admiring Kotonoha Katsura, a girl he has been seeing on the train on his way to school, as well as his interactions with Sekai Saionji, another student, who initially assists Makoto and Kotonoha to form a relationship. The first eleven episodes aired from July 3, 2007 to September 11, 2007 on TV Kanagawa Japanese television network. The episodes also aired at later dates on Chiba TV, TV Aichi, TV Osaka, TV Saitama and AT-X.[1] The day before the final episode was scheduled to air, a sixteen-year-old girl killed her father with an axe in Kyoto.[2] In response, the episode was preempted by TV Kanagawa, with the other stations soon following suit.[2] The episode was later broadcast on AT-X on September 27, 2007,[2] followed by two public screenings of the episode at Tokyo Anime Center's Akiba 3D Theater on the same day.[2]

Eleven pieces of theme music are used for the episodes; two opening themes and nine ending themes. The opening theme used in the anime series and the "Valentine Days" OVA is "Innocent Blue" (イノセント·ブルー Inosento Burū?) by DeviceHigh, while the opening theme for the "Magical Heart Kokoro-chan" OVA is "Magical Heart Kokoro's Theme" (「マジカルハートこころちゃん」のテーマ Majikaru Hāto Kokoro-chan no Tēma?) by Megu Ashiro. The first ending theme is "Liar" (ウソツキ Usotsuki?)" by CooRie, which was used for episodes one and eight; the second ending theme is "Shards of Love" (愛のカケラ Ai no Kakera?) by Miyuki Hashimoto and was used for episode two; the third ending theme is "Waltz" (ワルツ Warutsu?) by Kanako Itō, played in episodes three and eleven; the fourth ending theme is "Ocean of Memories" (記憶の海 Kioku no Umi?) by Yozuca*, featured in episodes four and seven; the fifth ending theme was "Look at Me" by Yuria, played in episode five; the sixth ending theme was "Reasons for Tears" (涙の理由 Namida no Riyū?) by Minami Kuribayashi, played in episodes six and ten; the seventh ending theme was "You are not here -Remix Version-" (あなたが...いない Anata ga... Inai?) by Minami Kuribayashi, which was remixed from the ending theme for the visual novel, and was used for episode nine; the eighth ending theme was "Still I Love You: The Joy of Just Looking (Still I Love You 〜みつめるよりは幸せ〜 Still I Love You ~Mitsumeru Yori wa Shiawase~?) by Kiriko, which was first used as the visual novel's opening theme, and was used for episode twelfth; and lastly, "Hello, my Happiness" by Kiriko, which was first played as an ending theme for the visual novel, and was played in the OVA Valentine Days.

The theme songs were also accompanied by six insert songs. The first insert song was "Reasons for Tears" by Minami Kuribayashi, which was used in episode five and eleven; the second insert song was "Ocean of Memories" by Yozuca*, which was played in episode six; the third insert song was "Let me love you -Remix Version-" by Haruko Momoi, which was remixed from the insert song used in the visual novel, and was used in episode nine and ten; the fourth insert song was "The Two's Christmas" (二人のクリスマス Futari no Kurisumasu?) by Rino, which was first played as an ending theme to the visual novel, and was used in episodes eleven and twelve; the fifth insert song was "To the Other Side of Sadness" (悲しみの向こうへ Kanashimi no Mukō e?) by Kanako Itō, which was first featured in the visual novel the theme for the 3 bad endings, and was played in episode twelve; and lastly, "Look at Me" by Yuria, which was used in the OVA. A single for "Innocent Blue" was released on July 25, 2007, and an album titled School Days Ending Theme+ was released on August 22, 2007 containing eight ending themes and the insert songs. The anime's original soundtrack was released on September 9, 2007 by Lantis.


# Title Original air date
01 Confession
"Kokuhaku" (告白)
July 03, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Makoto Itou is a first-year high school student with a crush on Kotonoha Katsura, a girl who commutes to school on the same train as him, despite the fact that he has never spoken to her. When Sekai Saionji, a classmate of Makoto’s, sees a picture of Kotonoha on Makoto’s cell phone and realizes Makoto’s feelings, she decides to help Makoto win Kotonoha's heart. She becomes friends with Kotonoha and arranges a lunch between the two of them and Makoto. The next day, Makoto asks Kotonoha to be his girlfriend, and she accepts. While waiting to begin their first date, Makoto thanks Sekai repeatedly for setting him up with Kotonoha and asks how he can repay her. Sekai responds by kissing Makoto on the lips, saying that it was enough as a reward, and gets on the train, wishing Makoto luck on his date. On the next scene, Sekai is shown crying in grief during a ride back home.
02 The Distance Between the Two of Them
"Futari no Kyori" (二人の距離)
July 10, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
On their first date, Makoto and Kotonoha wander around the city shopping and eating. When they part, Makoto tries to kiss Kotonoha, but the subway door blocks him. Makoto later tells Sekai about the date, and she calls him an idiot for trying to kiss Kotonoha. She gives Makoto two movie tickets to take Kotonoha on another date and tells him to try and entertain her this time. At the movies, Makoto again tries to kiss Kotonoha, which makes Kotonoha extremely uncomfortable and threatens their relationship. Later, Sekai tells Kotonoha that Makoto is trying hard to make Kotonoha happy and that Kotonoha should try to get to know Makoto better. The episode culminates with a kiss between Makoto and Kotonoha, with Sekai watching from the shadows.
03 Crossing Thoughts
"Surechigau Omoi" (擦れ違う想い)
July 17, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Kotonoha tells Makoto that her younger sister Kokoro wants to meet him, and Makoto happily accepts an invitation to visit Kotonoha's house. While they are riding the train home, Hikari sees the couple together and thinks Makoto is cheating on Sekai, and sends her a text message saying that her boyfriend is flirting with another girl. Sekai quickly explains that she isn’t dating Makoto. On Sunday, after Makoto goes to Kotonoha's house, he tells Sekai on the phone that being with Kotonoha is tiring.
04 Purity
"Muku" (無垢)
July 24, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
While Kotonoha is busy studying at her house, Kokoro asks if she has kissed Makoto yet, and Kotonoha avoids answering. At school, Sekai speaks with her friends, all the while thinking only about the kiss she shared with Makoto. On the roof, Makoto and Kotonoha are sharing a deep kiss when Makoto suddenly gropes Kotonoha's breasts, embarrassing her. She talks to Sekai later that night, and Sekai explains that lovers do this all the time, but Makoto is moving too fast. At school the next day, Sekai agrees to help Makoto by letting him "practice" on her, taking her to a karaoke and various other places, ending at the school roof. Makoto attempts to sleep with Sekai, and although Sekai protests at first, she quickly consents, saying that it is just practice. As Makoto starts to undress Sekai, he is interrupted by the arrival of a text message from Kotonoha. Later, Makoto asks Sekai when they can continue practicing, but Sekai says that it was enough practice and he should go use it on Kotonoha. Makoto bumps into Kotonoha along the way, and she asks him if he had received her message, but he declines. She apologizes and invites him to go to a water park in the near future. Makoto agrees, with Sekai looking on from afar with a sad look on her face.
05 Ripple
"Hamon" (波紋)
July 31, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Makoto and Kotonoha go to the water park on the same day as Sekai, Setsuna, Hikari, and Taisuke. At the water park, Makoto teaches Kotonoha how to swim; Taisuke is on the water slides with Hikari and Setsuna, while Sekai goes around swimming by herself. Makoto has completely fallen for Sekai, hinting her that he wants to be with her instead. Sekai keeps reminding him that he's Kotonoha's boyfriend and cannot be with her, and tells him to forget about the "practice". After everyone goes home, Makoto text messages Sekai insisting that they meet. Despite her constant refusals, he travels to her home, finding her waiting in front of the train station for him. Makoto confesses his love for her and they have sex for the first time.
06 A Revealed Relationship
"Akasareta Kankei" (明かされた関係)
August 07, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Makoto and Sekai have begun sleeping with each other behind Kotonoha’s back, and while they plan to tell Kotonoha about it, they end up not doing so. Setsuna is worried about Sekai, noticing that she doesn’t look happy about being with Makoto. When Setsuna asks Sekai if Makoto and Kotonoha have broken up, Sekai lies and says they have. Otome plans to confess her love to Makoto, but Kotonoha stops her by telling her that she is dating Makoto. An angry Otome sends a text message to Nanami, asking if Kotonoha is telling the truth, and Nanami confirms it. Later, Kotonoha is unable to meet Makoto for lunch due to a Student Council meeting, and Makoto and Sekai go to the roof alone; however, Kotonoha gets done with her meeting early, and arrives at the rooftop door just in time to hear Makoto and Sekai confess their love to each other.
07 Festival Eve
"Zen'yasai" (前夜祭)
August 14, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Kotonoha, refusing to believe that Makoto has cheated on her, still thinks that he loves her. Meanwhile, Tanaka, the other class rep besides Setsuna, has broken his arm, leading to Makoto replacing him. Otome and her friends guilt Kotonoha into getting more material for their class in order to build a hidden "lounge" for the school festival. Setsuna, not knowing that Sekai was lying to her about Kotonoha and Makoto breaking up, tells everyone that they did, even taking Makoto's cell phone and blocking Kotonoha's calls and text messages. After hearing this, Taisuke tries to ask Kotonoha to go to the folk dance with him during the school festival while helping her carrying boxes. Kotonoha denies the break up and leaves the room, bumping into Makoto. She is about to talk to him when Nanami steps in and blocks them, accusing Kotonoha of two-timing on Taisuke, and a confused and hurt Kotonoha runs off crying. That night, Kotonoha goes to Makoto's house wanting to ask him to dance with her at the festival's bonfire, but sees Sekai's shoes by the door and leaves upset. Sekai feels guilty at having been caught and runs out of Makoto's house, bumping into Kotonoha and getting slapped by her.
08 School Festival
"Gakusai" (学祭)
August 21, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Sekai stays home from school the next day, thinking about her encounter with Kotonoha the previous night. That day, Makoto visits Sekai and tells her that what they are doing is not wrong, but Sekai insists that cheating on Kotonoha is not the right thing to do. Soon after, Kotonoha dashes after Makoto at the train station, sitting by him in the train, and then asking him if he wants to touch her breasts and if he would like to dance with her at the festival. On the way back to school with materials for the festival, Setsuna tells Makoto that she will be moving to France after the festival. After Makoto and Setsuna get back with the material, Makoto falls asleep and Setsuna kisses him, but gets caught by a passing Kotonoha.
09 After Evening Festival
"Kōyasai" (後夜祭)
August 28, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Kotonoha confronts Setsuna about her kiss with Makoto and threatens to tell Sekai. On the day of the festival, Makoto tries to persuade Sekai for a 'break' the entire day, trying everything to get her to say yes, finally ending when Sekai kicks him for touching her sexually. Makoto pays no attention to Kotonoha. When Makoto finally checks his cell phone, he finds twenty messages from Kotonoha, who has been stuck minding her class' haunted house and "lounge," which is used by couples for sexual activities. On his way to finally see Kotonoha, he is stopped by Otome, who attempts to ask him to the bonfire dance later, only to be interrupted by Sekai. Back in the kitchen, Sekai asks if Makoto will dance with her at the bonfire. Otome encounters Taisuke, who is sulking over being rejected by Kotonoha. They discuss Makoto and Kotonoha's relationship status, and each resolves to be more assertive with their crushes. While Kotonoha is away from the lounge, Otome takes Makoto there and pushes herself onto him, and they have sex. Natsumi and Minami again bully Kotonoha about Makoto ignoring her, and she goes to his class room to see him. There she finds Taisuke, who tells her that Makoto has already gone to the bonfire with Sekai. He then confesses his feelings for her and takes her into his arms. Makoto dances with Sekai around the bonfire, while Taisuke undresses and takes advantage of Kotonoha's fragile emotional state.
10 Mind and Body
"Kokoro to Karada" (心と体)
September 04, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
After sleeping with Taisuke, Kotonoha watches Makoto and Sekai dance and kiss in front of the bonfire and begins to cry. The next day on the train, Kotonoha sees Makoto but says nothing about Taisuke the evening before. Taisuke asks to see Kotonoha again, but Kotonoha rejects him. When Kotonoha runs into Setsuna and Makoto while disposing of festival trash, Setsuna forces Makoto to break up with Kotonoha on the spot, stealing a kiss from Makoto and convincing Kotonoha that Makoto and Setsuna are together. Kotonoha begins to cry when Makoto says he no longer loves her, and Makoto abruptly leaves. Later, Setsuna goes to look for Makoto and overhears him in the gym store room having sex with Otome. Kotonoha begins to act strangely at her home. Setsuna goes to Makoto's house and tries to convince him to remain faithful to Sekai. Makoto forces himself on her, knowing she has feelings for him. Setsuna tries to resist at first, and then consents as long as Makoto swears to break up with Otome. At the Girl's Basketball party, Sekai sees video footage of Makoto and Otome having sex in the lounge. She tries to track down Makoto and instead runs into Kotonoha, who tells her that Makoto is with Setsuna. Sekai notices that Kotonoha's eyes are completely lifeless.

After the end credits, Setsuna is seen in the airport. Despite Makoto's attempts to find her, Setsuna ignores him and recalls the first day of school; Setsuna initially had the seat next to Makoto, but Sekai, showing the first signs of being in love with Makoto, successfully begged Setsuna to switch seats with her. With mixed feelings of sadness and regret, Setsuna says farewell.

11 Everyone's Makoto
"Minna no Makoto" (みんなの誠)
September 11, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Sekai is absent from school for several days, saddened by Setsuna's abrupt departure for France and Makoto's videotaped betrayal with Otome. Hikari has begun having sex with Makoto, who has not seen or attempted to contact Sekai since she started missing school. Kotonoha, still in an emotionally broken state, continually phones and sends text messages to Makoto even though she is blocked. Natsumi, Kumi, and Minami want to know what it's like "having" Makoto, so the next day, they go to Makoto's house and they presumably have sex with him, though it was not shown. While scrolling through her old text messages, Sekai suddenly rushes to the bathroom and vomits. Concluding that she is pregnant, she goes to school to inform Makoto, loudly declaring for all in the class to hear that it is his child and insisting he take responsibility. The girls at school start to ignore Makoto, though Sekai warms to the fact that she is carrying his child. Kotonoha makes another call on her phone to Makoto, saying that she is waiting for him under the tree by the train station. Otome shows up at Makoto's apartment and tells him that he has changed from the Makoto she knew in middle school, and not for the better. Afterwards, Makoto goes out for a walk and tries to call every girl in his speed dial, but finds all his calls have been blocked. He ends up where Kotonoha has been waiting for him, and finally realizes the damage he's done to her. He apologizes to Kotonoha and hugs her; life returns to Kotonoha's eyes and she smiles warmly.
12 School Days
"Sukūru Deizu" (スクールデイズ)
September 27, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
While having dinner with Kotonoha at a restaurant, Makoto receives a phone call from Sekai, who is waiting at his home. Before hanging up, he tells Sekai that she ruined his life by getting pregnant and announcing it to the class. Sekai texts him an apology and leaves for home, but not before she destroys the dinner she had planned to share with Makoto. On the train ride home, she catches sight of Kotonoha and Makoto together, which causes her to head back to Makoto's. After a tense confrontation with Kotonoha, Sekai leaves in a state of agony after witnessing Makoto and Kotonoha kissing deeply in front of her. As she is walking home, it is revealed in a flashback that Sekai knew all along of Setsuna's feelings towards Makoto, even to the point of supporting Setsuna to confess, and Sekai finally realizes what she’s done to Setsuna. The situation worsens overnight when Makoto suggests to Sekai over text that she have an abortion. Overcome by emotion, Sekai stabs and kills Makoto the next day while at his apartment; shocked and panicked by her actions, she then flees the scene, and Kotonoha arrives shortly afterwards to find Makoto dead. Hiding in her room, Sekai receives a cryptic text message from Makoto’s cell phone, telling her to meet “him” at the school's rooftop. She proceeds there cautiously, carrying the knife she killed Makoto with in her jacket. After arriving, she is confronted by Kotonoha, who accuses Sekai of lying about her pregnancy. Sekai denies lying, and Kotonoha tells Sekai to look inside the gym bag lying on the bench, which contains Makoto's severed head. At that moment, Kotonoha unravels a bloody dozuki and kills Sekai. In a state of insanity, she cuts open the womb of Sekai’s lifeless body and, upon seeing nothing, concludes that Sekai wasn’t pregnant. Kotonoha then takes her family’s boat and drifts off into the ocean, and is last seen holding Makoto’s severed head in her arms, smiling and saying that they can finally be together. Time passes by and life at the school returns to normal.
OVA Valentine Days
"Barentain Deizu" (バレンタインデイズ)
January 17, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Kotonoha treats everyone to a trip to an onsen associated with her father's job. When they return to school, the subject of Valentine's Day is discussed at Radish among Nanami, Hikari, Otome, and Sekai. As Hikari asks what Sekai is planning on giving Makoto, Otome points out her crush on Taisuke. Sekai thinks of the opportunities, but Setsuna bursts her bubble and tells her people in the restaurant are staring at her. At Kotonoha's house, she and Kokoro are preparing for Valentine's Day as well, although in a more occult way. And in Sekai's apartment, her mother is enthusiastically making chocolates and offers to help Sekai make some for her crush. The next day at school goes by without Makoto or Taisuke getting any Valentine gifts. However, Otome suddenly appears to ask for Makoto's time alone. Outside of the school, Otome gives him obligation chocolate, claiming her reason was their history in junior high. Sekai then shows up and offers her obligation chocolate to Makoto as well, resulting in animosity from Otome, leading to both of them demanding the other's chocolate be rejected. Makoto then bumps into Kotonoha, who offers him her very strange-looking chocolate. The girls then begin to chase him around various locations, Sekai pulling out a butcher knife and Kotonoha running after him with a dozuki. Sekai's mother and Kokoro also join the chase, and the girls decide to shove the chocolate in his mouth and let him decide by taste. Everything literally blows up in his face, but the girls decide to wait until White Day for his response. In a classroom, Setsuna offers him a small obligation chocolate, and once he claims it tastes delicious, she hands him an enormous box of the chocolate from a secret admirer who was too shy to deliver it. When Makoto asks who the admirer is, Setsuna tells him it was Sawanaga. Taisuke appears from behind a desk, blushing shyly at Makoto, who screams in terror.
OVA Magical-Heart Kokoro-chan
"Majikaru Hāto Kokoro-chan" (マジカルハート☆こころちゃん)
March 26, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
On his way to high school in the morning, Makoto sees a magical-girl superhero (Kokoro in disguise) battle a UFO. At school, Taisuke informs him that she is "Magical Heart," a Sailor Moon-like superhero who protects the city from crime, though Makoto does not seem to show any interest. Kokoro has begun to work in the Radish cafe with Sekai, Hikari and Nanami, but in reality, the waitresses are actually part of a battle squad, commanded by Sekai's mother. The four of them are ordered to defend the city from Doctor S (Setsuna in disguise), a Doctor Doom-like supervillain who is using poison gas to turn the people in the city into perverted zombies. The battle squad saves Makoto, Taisuke, Otome and co. from advancing zombies and confront Doctor S (not knowing each others' true identity), using their secret technological weapon - a vacuum cleaner, to suck all the ero-zombie gas away. However, there is too much gas released and eventually their vacuum cleaner blows up. All of them get cornered by perverted zombies (including the newly affected Taisuke, though Makoto comments it's no different to his usual self), but they notice Kokoro has disappeared. Just as the zombies are about to attack, Magical Heart appears and uses her powers to revert the zombified crowd to normal. However, Doctor S uses a pump to inflate her henchman Tanaka, turning him into a giant. Even Magical Heart is no match for his strength, and Makoto attempts to save her (thinking whether this could be another "bad ending"). However, the two of them are saved by the arrival of another magical-girl superhero called "Magical Word" (Kotonoha in disguise). The two magical-girls fuse together into a giant doll (identical to the cartoon-character costume Makoto's class wore at their school festival cafe), and uses a special attack "The Bloody Conclusion" to defeat Doctor S's henchmen (slicing him up with a magical chainsaw), but Doctor S manages to escape. Magical Heart then saves Makoto and co. from drowning in a sea of blood in a boat. The next day, the entire class visits Radish cafe for a drink, and seeing Kokoro, Makoto suspects whether she is Magical Heart.


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