This article comprises a list of the characters that play a role in Saint Seiya (also known as Knights of the Zodiac), a manga series about a group of five mystical warriors, written and illustrated by Japanese mangaka Masami Kurumada, and later adapted to anime.

Creation and conception

When Kurumada designed Seiya's likeness, he was inspired by Takane Ryūji, the main character of his hit manga Ring ni Kakero, which he created 9 years before Seiya. Most protagonists of Kurumada's works bear a resemblance to Ryūji, because Kurumada subscribes to the revered Osamu Tezuka's Star System (a stable cast of characters) technique. The same process is done with almost all the other characters from the series, as in all Kurumada's works.[1]


Saori Kido

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Pegasus Seiya

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Dragon Shiryū

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Cygnus Hyōga

Kigunasu no Hyōga (白鳥星座の氷河)

Voice actors: Kōichi Hashimoto, Hiroaki Miura, Jason Douglas (US version)
Techniques: Diamond Dust, Holodnyj Smerč/Aurora Thunder Attack, Aurora Execution, Koĺtso, Freezing Coffin variant.

Cygnus Hyōga, also known as Swan Hyōga in several international adaptations, is one of the main characters in Kurumada's manga, the Bronze Saint of the Cygnus constellation. He was born in the fictional village Kohoutek, in eastern Siberia, which, at the time when Kurumada wrote and drew his manga, was in the Soviet Union. His mastery over the Cosmo essence grants him superhuman talents, including the ability to create ice and snow at temperatures as low as absolute zero, by stopping subatomic particles. Hyōga is often portrayed wearing a cross and rosary, which is symbolic of the Northern Cross, another name for the constellation Cygnus. Calm by nature, and displays a seemingly emotionless exterior - however, a more tender element to his character is occasionally revealed, such as his deep gratitude to Andromeda Shun for having saved his life, and undying devotion to his mentor Aquarius Camus. In Japan, Hyōga is a popular character, ranking at 2nd in the main character polls of the Bronze Saints.[2]

Andromeda Shun

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Phoenix Ikki

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Black Saints

Burakku Seinto (暗黒聖闘士?)
Ankoku Seinto (暗黒聖闘士?)

The Black Saints (also known as Ankoku Saints in the anime adaptation) appear as servants of the Bronze Saint Phoenix Ikki, on his quest to kill all the Bronze Saints. All of them trained in Death Queen Island along with several sons from Mitsumasa Kido, but most of them died. Although there is a Black Saint counterpart for each one of the 88 constellations, Kurumada featured prominently only four in his manga, the dark equivalents of the protagonists:

Black Pegasus (暗黒ペガサス Burakku Pegasasu?), Black Andromeda (暗黒アンドロメダ Burakku Andoromeda?), Black Dragon (暗黒ドラゴン Burakku Doragon?) and Black Swan (暗黒スワン Burakku Suwan?).

They were regarded as the most powerful among the Black Saints and were collectively known as The Black Four (暗黒四天王 Burakku Fō?). Their Cloths and techniques are counterparts to the ones from Pegasus Seiya, Dragon Shiryū, Andromeda Shun and Cygnus Hyōga. Although, there is only one counterpart of each Cloth, in the manga the Black Dragon Saint has a blind brother that helps him to fight. Additionally, there are also several Black Phoenix Saints, who refer to themselves as Ikki's shadows, although in the anime one of them appears as the strongest one. Before Ikki, their leader was a man called Django who protects the Phoenix Cloth until he is killed by Ikki. The four Black Saints are defeated by their equivalents, and in the manga they are later killed by the Silver Saints, who were meant to kill the Bronze Saints, but mistook them due to an illusion created by Aries Mu.

Poseidon's Mariners

Kaiō Poseidon no Marīna (海王ポセイドンの海闘士?)

The seven most powerful warriors of Poseidon and commander Generals of his army. Endowed with might that equals or surpass that of a Gold Saint, the Mariner Generals wear the Scales armors, said to be as resilient as the Gold Cloths.

  • Julian Solo / Poseidon
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Also read Poseidon in Greek Mythology.
Māmeido no Tetisu (人魚姫のテティス?)
Voice Actor: Hiromi Tsuru
Techniques: Death Trap Coral (anime-only technique)
A loyal servant of Poseidon, bound to him by a debt of life. Thetis was saved by Julian Solo when he was a little boy, she was then a beautiful fish, stranded on a beach, but Julian tossed her back into the sea. During Poseidon's kidnapping of Athena she served as mediator between Poseidon and Athena's factions. She was unable to assist her fellow Mariners due to her defeat by Ophiuchus Shaina. She was spared by the Saint, and rescued Julian Solo from the Underwater Sanctuary collapse after Athena removed Poseidon's soul from him. Thetis turned back into a fish as she died, and Julian, upon finding the fish, let her back into the ocean, finally laying her to rest.[3][4]
Named after the Sea nymph Thetis.
Shīhōsu no Baian (海馬のバイアン?)
Voice Actor: Sho Hayami
Techniques: God Breath, Rising Billows
Baian was the protector of the North Pacific Ocean's Mammoth Pillar, that kept the water above from drowning the Underwater Sanctuary. He had sworn to protect the pillar at all costs. Pegasus Seiya was the first to reach him and initially struggled with the Mariner. Months before, Seiya had defeated the Silver Saint Lizard Misty, a man that, like Baian, used air currents to render himself invulnerable. With the experience reaped from that battle, and his reinforced Cloth, Baian was soundly defeated by the Saint.[5]
Sukyura no Io (スキュラのイオ?)
Voice Actor: Issei Futamata
Techniques: Scylla's Six Beast ("Queen Bee's Stinger", "Eagle Clutch", "Serpent Strangler", "Vampire Inhale", "Wolf's Fang" and "Grizzly Slap"), Scylla Big Tornado
The guardian of the South Pacific Ocean Pillar, completely given over to its protection. Upon Andromeda Shun's arrival, Io tried to deceive the Saint with an illusion of a maiden. This did not work in the end so thus he faced him in battle. Io utilized a great variety of attacks that matched the creatures that made up the Scylla beast from Greek myth. The Saint had however also a wide variety of attacks and after withstanding each of Scylla's attacks he successfully counterattacked. Shun spared Io, however, but as he prepared to destroy the Pillar with the arms of the Libra Cloth, Io, compelled by his adamant devotion to Poseidon, jumped in front of the attack to stop it, to no avail and was killed.[6]
Named after Io, a nymph and priestess of Hera.
Kuryusaoru no Kurishuna (クリュサオルのクリシュナ?)
Voice Actor: Masaharu Sato
Techniques: Chrysaor Gold Lance, Flashing Lancer, Mahā Roşni (महरोशनी, Greatest Light in hindi)
Krishna was the guardian of the Indian Ocean Mammoth Pillar. He employed a golden lance and spiritual power derived from the Kundalini trascendental forces. Dragon Shiryū challenged the Chrysaor Mariner. The lance proved to be too much for the Dragon Saint until he remembered Excalibur was handed down to him by Capricorn Shura, and its spirit lied within his right arm, thus breaking the lance in half. Krishna wasn't phased and meditated to flare his Cosmo to the maximum, and unleashed a final attack on Shiryū. The bloody combat ended in a stalemate as the Dragon Saint managed to hit Krishna's Chakra points while losing his sight from Krishna's attack. Krishna was defeated and Shiryū destroyed the Pillar with the help of Kiki.[7]
Named after Krishna from Hindu mythology.
Ryumunadesu no Kāsa (リュムナデスのカーサ?)
Voice Actor: Keaton Yamada
Techniques: Salamander Shock
Known as the "hunter of hearts" and regarded as the most fearsome Mariner, Caça was responsible for the Antarctic Ocean Mammoth Pillar, and he protected it by means of treachery and deception. He was able to draw from a person's most cherished feelings and turn them against them by masquerading. He takes out both Pegasus Seiya, Cygnus Hyōga and Andromeda Shun with his illusions. However, the Phoenix Saint arrived, and Caça was unable to sense any treasured feelings at first. Yet he finds one very enclosed deep within the Saint's heart, this however only angered the Phoenix Saint, ending in Lyumnades' death.[8]
Named after the Portuguese word for Hunt.
Kurāken no Aizakku (クラーケンのアイザック?)
Voice Actor: Ryusei Nakao
Techniques: Aurora Borealis
Previously a righteous Saint apprentice along with Cygnus Hyōga in Siberia, until an accident occurred when Issac had to save Hyōga from drowning. Isaac lost one of his eyes while sending his partner to the surface, he himself lost conscious and floated downwards. He was rescued by the Kraken, who brought him to Poseidon's Underwater Sanctuary in the Mediterranean, where he became a Mariner and guardian of the Mammoth Pillar of the Arctic Ocean. Upon the Saints attack on the Underwater Sanctuary he came face to face with Hyōga and blamed him for everything that had gone wrong years ago. Cygnus Hyōga eventually overpowered him after trying to repent to his old friend to no avail. After an inevitable violent end, Isaac congratulated his friend for becoming so powerful, as he died in Hyōga's arms.[9]
Named after Isaac, the son of Abraham and Sarah.
Seiren no Sorento (海魔女のソレント?)
Voice Actor: Yoku Shioya
Techniques: Dead End Symphony, Dead End Climax
The guardian of the South Atlantic Ocean Pillar and a virtuoso of battle music. During Poseidon's cleansing of the world, Sorrento was ordered to kill the four Bronze Saints, Seiya, Hyōga, Shun and Shiryū, who were comatose in a hospital. He met with Taurus Aldebaran's resistance, and the battle was interrupted by Athena who ordered Sorrento to take her to Poseidon. He obliged and returned to the Underwater Sanctuary, to his pillar. Later when the Saints invaded, he faced Andromeda Shun who after a fierce fight managed to defeat Sorrento and destroy his pillar. During the events, Sorento had become suspicious of the Seadragon Mariner, concluding it was the Mariner that Poseidon's resurrection and its aftermath was the result of Seadragon's ambition and not Poseidon's. Sorrento's suspicions were confirmed during Phoenix Ikki's battle with Seadragon Kanon. After Athena sealed Poseidon's soul and returned to the surface, Sorrento had done the same and sought out Julian Solo, the former host of Poseidon's soul. Together they decided to travel the world and help the people that suffered in the catastrophe caused by Poseidon. Sorrento was still with Julian when Poseidon reawakened and sent help to the Bronze Saints in the battle in Elysion.[3][4]
Named after Sorrento, a small city of Campania (Southern Italy).
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Hades' Heralds

  • Hades (god of the Underworld)
Main article: Hades (Saint Seiya)
  • Pandora
Pandora (パンドラ?)
Voice Actor: Maaya Sakamoto
Pandora is Hades' flesh sister in the 20th century. At a young age, she opened the forbidden box that was sealed by Athena and released Hypnos and Thanatos. She was told that Hades would become her brother and she must protect him until the advent of the final battle. In exchange, they would grant her eternal life. She commands the first wave of Specters to attack the Sanctuary in the name of Hades in the final arc of the manga. She was given a necklace that allows her to travel through different realms, and she has a complex relationship with Ikki due to their past regarding Shun. As Hades's sister, she was his slave and was unable to see fully in color but, after seeing Ikki's iron will, she regained her sense of color and her lost memories. Because she gave Ikki the necklace, she was deemed a traitor and killed by Thanatos.
Pandora also appears during her 18th century incarnation fulfilling the role given to her as destiny.

The 108 Specters

Meiō Hādesu no Hyaku-hachi nin no Supekutā (冥王ハーデスの108人の冥闘士?)

The equivalents of Athena's Saints in Hades' Army. 36 Heavenly Stars and 72 Earthly Stars makes up the 108 stars in total.

  • Heavenly Fierce Star, Wyvern Rhadamanthys
Tenmōsei Waibān no Radamantisu (天猛星ワイバーンのラダマンティス?)
Voice Actor: Takehito Koyasu
Techniques: Greatest Caution
The first of the 3 Specter magnates to be introduced by Kurumada. Against Pandora's orders, he sends a task force of Specters to Athena's Sanctuary to keep tabs on the revived Gold Saints' mission. When the task force fails, he is punished by Pandora but remains on earth in Hades' castle. When the Bronze Saints arrive his subordinates take care of them, leaving Rhadamanthys free to descend to the underworld, where he eventually faces off against Gemini Kanon, but their fight is interrupted. He later kills Lyra Orphée when the latter tries to assassinate Hades. He later meets Kanon again and after a long battle, the Saint relinquishes his Cloth and performs a suicide attack on Rhadamanthys ending their lives.[10][11]
Named after the king and judge of the Underworld, Rhadamanthys.
  • Heavenly Noble Star, Griffon Minos
Tenkisei Gurifon no Mīnosu (天貴星グリフォンのミーノス?)
Voice Actor:Kouichi Toochika
Techniques: Cosmic Marionettion (コズミックマリオネーション Kozumikku Marionēshon?)
Minos is officially the judge of the souls of the dead that come to the Underworld. He appeared during Orphée's assassination attempt on Hades, which he slept through by the Saint's power. He later came to face against Gemini Kanon, but was told to leave by Wyvern Rhadamanthys. He was injured when he stumbled upon the Wailing Wall just as the Gold Saints pierced it with a burst of sunlight. He then chased the remaining Bronze Saints to the other dimension lying past the wall, where he was ultimately pulverized by the pressure of that dimension, that only divine blood could repel.[12][13]
Named after the king and judge of the Underworld, Minos.
  • Heavenly Noble Star, Griffon Vermeer
Tenkisei Gurifon no Ferumēru (天貴星グリフォンのフェルメール?)
Techniques: Cosmic Marionettion (コズミックマリオネーション Kozumikku Marionēshon?)
Vermeer, the Heavenly Noble Star (天貴星), is the Griffon Specter of the Holy War of the 18th century. After Pandora and Hades have made their way to the castle, he sets out to finish Aries Shion, Libra Dohko and Pegasus Tenma. With little effort, he overpowers Tenma and thus starts fighting the two Gold Saints. His first move is throwing them high up in the air to demonstrate his power, seeing as they are inside Hades barrier which weakens the Saints power tenfold. He then proceeds by using his Cosmic Marionettion technique and traps the Saints, whom he tortures by breaking Dohko's hand. But as he is about to break Shion's neck, Garuda Suikyō appears. He tells him that Pandora is looking for him and that he doesn't need to exterminate the Saints.[14][15][16][17]
Named after the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer.
  • Heavenly Valiance Star, Garuda Aiacos
Tenyūsei Garūda no Aiakosu (天雄星ガルーダのアイアコス?)
Voice Actor: Shinichiro Miki
Techniques: Garuda Flap, Galactica Illusion
One of the 3 Specter Magnates, being fierce and proud. He also attends Orphée's performance which he sleeps through due to the Saint's power. He later faces of against Phoenix Ikki whom he gravely underestimates, eventually leading to his demise.[18]
Named after the mythical King Aeacus.
  • Heavenly Expansion Star, Acheron Charon
Tenkansei Akerōn no Karon (天間星アケローンのカロン?)
Voice actor: Shirō Saitō
Techniques: Rolling Oar, Eddying Current Crusher
Just as in the myths, Charon was responsible of ferrying the dead over the river Acheron in hell. He had a knack for singing during the trip which he charged a silver coin for. One day the warriors of Athena arrived, the Saints Pegasus Seiya and Andromeda Shun. The Specter bickered and fought with the saints, but would ferry them across if they could pay him. Shun offered his pendant, but the Specter gave it back when he thought the Andromeda Saint actually had a chance to enter Elysion. With Pegasus Seiya he was however not pleased with and after reaching the other shore, they made a standoff where Seiya was the victor.[19]
Named after the mythical Charon who ferried the dead over the river Acheron.
  • Heavenly Heroic Star, Balron René
Ten'eisei Baruron no Rune (天英星バルロンのルネ?)
Voice actor: Susumu Chiba
Techniques: Fire Whip, Reincarnation
When Griffon Minos was unavailable to perform his duty as the Judge of departed souls, his subordinate Balron René stepped in to wield his whip. At one of these moments René encountered the Saints of Athena who where invading the underworld. It was first the Pegasus and Andromeda saints who he performed a judgment on, but he had already been put under an illusion by Gemini Kanon. As such nothing he did took place, even cutting Shun, the soon to be Hades' body to pieces. Terrified for his blasphemy he ran outside to search for the body which had mysteriously disappeared, along the way he encountered Wyvern Rhdamanthys who exposed the Gemini Saint's bluff. René caught Kanon with his whip but the Saint sent a Cosmo spark through the whip which destroyed him.[20]
  • Heavenly Beast Star, Sphinx Pharaoh
Tenjūsei Sufinkusu no Farao (天獣星スフィンクスのファラオ?)
Voice actor: Jun'ichi Suwabe
Techniques: Balance of Curse
Pharaoh was once one of Hades' most favored Specters due to his musical talents on his Demon Harp and the guardian of the second prison in hell. However, when one of Athena's warriors, the Saint called Lyra Orphee arrived in hell to free his love, Pharaoh was ordered by Pandora to trick the Saint so that he would remain in the underworld forever and be a part of Hades' army. This led much to Pharaoh's chagrin, when Orphee became the new favorite musician of Hades. The Sphinx Specter came to resent the Saint since then and would do anything to reclaim his favored position. When the Bronze Saints of Pegasus and Andromeda arrived at his prison, he sent his beloved pet Cerberus on them but with little effect. The Lyra Saint suddenly interfered and made the Bronze Saints unconscious while saying to the Specter that he were going to dispose of them. Pharaoh didn't believe him completely and followed him, and just as he expected the Saint had tricked him and let the Saints live. In his joy to finally be able to dispose of the Lyra Saint, Pharaoh revealed that he was the one that had tricked Orphee. This did however backfire as it made Orphee very angry, and in a fierce battle of lethal music, Sphinx Pharaoh met his end.[21][22]
Named after the ancient Egyptian title for rulers, Pharaoh.
  • Heavenly Demonic star, Alraune Queen
Tenmasei Aruraune no Kwīn (天魔星アルラウネのクィーン?)
Voice actor: Yūsei Oda
Techniques: Bloody Flower Scissors
Queen was more cheerful than his two companions, Gordon and Sylphid who all served under Wyvern Rhadamanthys. Queen first appeared in Hades' castle on earth where he pummeled the Bronze Saints a little. He then retreated to the underworld where he wouldn't appear until Athena's Saints had broken through the Wailing Wall to Elysion. Dragon Shiryū valiantly stood to protect his fellow Saints and in the ensuing battle Queen underestimated him and was soon killed.[23][24][25]
Named after the royal title Queen.
  • Heavenly Imprisoning Star, Minotauros Gordon
Tenrōsei Minotaurosu no Gōdon (天牢星ミノタウロスのゴードン?)
Voice actor: Hiro
Techniques: Grand Axe Crusher
Gordon was the more aggressive than his two companions, Queen and Sylphid who all part of Wyvern Rhadamanthys troops of the 108 Specters. Gordon first appeared in Hades' castle on earth where he pummeled the four Bronze Saints. He then retreated to the underworld where he wouldn't appear until Athena's Saints had broken through the Wailing Wall to Elysion. Dragon Shiryū valiantly stood to protect his fellow Saints and in the ensuing battle Gordon underestimated him and was soon killed by an outburst of the Saint's Cosmo.[23][24][25]
  • Heavenly Victorious Star, Basilisk Sylphid
Tenshōsei Bajirisuku no Shirufīdo (天捷星バジリスクのシルフィード?)
Voice actor: Tetsu Inada
Techniques: Annihilation Flap
The Basilisk Specter acted like the leader of his two companions, Gordon and Queen who served under Rhadamanthys. They all appeared in Hades' castle on earth where they pummeled the Bronze Saints a little. They then retreated to the underworld where the three Specters wouldn't appear until Athena's Saints had broken through the Wailing Wall to Elysion. Dragon Shiryu valiantly stood to protect his fellow Saints and in the ensuing battle Sylphid underestimated him and his comrades were killed. Despite warnings he followed them through the Wailing Wall, and without divine blood his Surplice armor couldn't withstand the pressure and was vaporized along with him.[23][24][26]
Named after the female variation of the name of the mythological creature Sylph.
  • Heavenly Wailing Star, Harpy Valentine
Tenkokusei Hāpī no Barentain (天哭星ハーピーのバレンタイン?)
Voice actor: Eiji Takemoto
Techniques: Greed the Life
Valentine is one of Wyvern Rhadamanthys loyal followers, and protects him from something he regards as insignificant like a Bronze Saint of Athena. He first appeared in Hades' castle on earth where he fought with Pegasus Seiya but said he would fight him again eventually. When the Bronze Saints ha reached Hades' palace in the underworld called Giudecca, Valentine was ordered to dispose of the Phoenix and Pegasus Saint's bodies in the icy plains of Cocyutus. Though when Pegasus awoke the Saint said he had Athena's Cloth with him, and as such Valentine took him out of the ice. The Saint persisted to hold on to the Cloth and eventually retaliated against the Harpy Specter, who was defeated in an instant by hundreds of kicks.[27][28]
Named after the holiday Valentine's Day.
  • Heavenly Crime Star, Lycaon Phlegyas
Tenzaisei Ryukaon no Furegiasu (天罪星リュカオンのフレギアス?)
Voice actor: Kiyoyuki Yanada
Techniques: Howling Inferno
Phlegyas served as the warden of the dark lake of the fourth prison in Hell. When the Saints of Athena had infiltrated the underworld the Specters were on high alert. Cygnus Hyōga, Dragon Shiryū and Gemini Kanon reached the dark lake together, but the only way to get across was by Phlegyas' raft. He immediately attacked them, knocking the Bronze Saints unconscious with ease. Both landed on the raft which Kanon pushed out into the lake, and stood ready to fight the Specter. But the Gemini Gold Saint was far more powerful. Phlegyas was killed by a single attack from Kanon, leaving him free to jump on the raft.
Named after Phlegyas, ferryman of the River Styx
  • Heavenly Horned Star, Golem Rock
Tenkakusei Gōremu no Rokku (天角星ゴーレムのロック?)
Voice actor: Yasuhiko Kawazu
Techniques: Rolling Bomber Stone
The Guardian Specter of the Third Prison of Hell, Golem Rock tried to kill Gemini Kanon, Dragon Shiryū and Cygnus Hyōga, with a mudslide. Failing in the attempt, an enraged Rock tried again to kill the Saints with his signature technique, only to be killed by the overwhelming strength of Shiryū.
Named after the popular musical genre, Rock.
  • Heavenly Vanquished Star, Troll Ivan
Tenpaisei Tororu no Iwan (天敗星トロルのイワン?)
Voice actor: Keiji Hirai
The second guardian Specter of the Third Prison of Hell, Troll Ivan is easily killed by Cygnus Hyōga, while trying to introduce himself to the trespassing Saints.
  • Heavenly Hideous Star, Deadly Beetle Stand
Tenshūsei Deddorī Bītoru no Sutando (天醜星デッドリービートルのスタンド?)
Enormous in size, the bulkiest Specter in Hades' army, he appears briefly, collapsing after being killed by Gemini Kanon.
  • Earthly Violence Star, Cyclops Gigant
Chibōsei Saikuropusu no Giganto (地暴星サイクロプスのギガント?)
Voice actor: Hisao Egawa
Cyclops Gigant was the leader of the Specter force sent by Wyvern Rhadamanthys to invade Athena's Sanctuary. He was sent to keep tabs on the revived Gold Saints who were supposed to kill Athena whom they had served before. The Gold Saints did however disappear so the Specters saw no way but to continue the mission on their own. Gigant and his companions managed to get as far as to the Virgo Temple when he suspected that there was a traitor among his men, but were interrupted by the presence of Virgo Shaka. During their encounter, it was revealed that the Gold Saints had killed and disguised themselves as some of the Specters. The Gold Saints was however allowed to pass through the Temple and so, the Specter thought they were also allowed . But Shaka immediately attacked and killed all six remaining Specters. Gigant squirmed with his last breath that those who served Hades would be rewarded with eternal life. Shaka replied that he, who had conversed with gods in the past, had never been told a human had been given eternal life. Gigant gasped in horror as he realized that Hades had tricked them before he died.
Chi'insei Dyurahan no Kyūbu (地陰星デュラハンのキューブ?)
Voice actor: Ryotarō Okiayu
Sent among the 17 Specters infiltrating Athena's Sanctuary, to keep tabs on the revived Gold Saints. During the invasion, the revived Gold Saints feigned their defeat in an attack from Virgo Shaka. In the confusion. Saga killed Cube and took his Surplice as a disguise. The Dullahan Surplice covered most of the body so it was a very suitable disguise.
  • Earthly Lowly Star, Elf Mills
Chiretsusei Erufu no Miruzu (地劣星エルフのミルズ?)
Voice actor: Nobutoshi Kanna
Sent among the 17 Specters infiltrating Athena's Sanctuary to keep tabs on the revived Gold Saints. During the invasion, the revived Gold Saints feigned their defeat in an attack from Virgo Shaka. In the confusion, Aquarius Camus killed Mills and took his surplice as a disguise. The Elf Surplice covered most of the body so it was a very suitable disguise.
  • Earthly Running Star, Gorgon Ochs
Chisōsei Gōgon no Okusu (地走星ゴーゴンのオクス?)
Voice actor: Takeshi Kusao
Sent among the 17 Specters infiltrating Athena's Sanctuary to keep tabs on the revived Gold Saints. During the invasion, the revived Gold Saints feigned their defeat in an attack from Virgo Shaka. In the confusion, Capricorn Shura killed Ochs and took his Surplice as a disguise. The Gorgon Surplice covered most of the body so it was a very suitable disguise.
His name is the german word for Ox, as the Gorgon is usually associated to the mythical Catoblepas.
Chiyōsei Papiyon no Myū (地妖星パピヨンのミュー?)
Voice actor: Atsushi Kisaichi
Techniques: Ugly Eruption, Silky Thread, Fairy Thronging,
The Papillon Specter is one of the few that were physically completely changed when he awakened as a Specter. He reverted to a living form of a gel-like substance. During the invasion of Athena's Sanctuary, the Specters apprehended Aries Mu to interrogate him about the whereabouts of their guides, the revived Gold Saints. Myu interfered and told them to back off because he wanted to fight against the strongest psychic in the Sanctuary, which he was also claimed to be in Hades' army. During the fight he went through two stages of Evolution, from the gel substance to a monstrous caterpillar, to a chrysalis in which he underwent his final transformation into a entomomorphic human. Their fight was a show of psychic strength which in the end was won by Aries Mu. Myu had the ability to spawn small butterflies called "Hell butterflies" which he used to track his opponent with. One of these survived and came to survey the rest of the invasion.
  • Earthly Darkness Star, Deep Niobe
Chiansei Dīpu no Niobe (地暗星ディープのニオベ?)
Voice actor: Shingo Horii
Techniques: Deep Fragrance
Niobe was the first Specter to announce himself during the invasion of Athena's Sanctuary. As the Specters reached the Taurus Temple he stepped forward and defeated Taurus Aldebaran with a deadly pheromone. He choose to stay behind momentarily as his comrades continued ahead. When Aries Mu arrived at the temple he revealed himself by splitting the remaining figure of Aldebaran. The Gold Saint had however left a hint about Niobe's deadly pheromone in his Cosmo to Mu. Trying to engage Mu in combat, he was ignored by the latter, who considered Niobe already dead. Niobe was then completely torn apart by the delayed effect of Aldebaran's Great Horn.
Named after the queen who boasted in excess about her children, Niobe
  • Earthly Submission Star, Worm Raimi
Chifukusei Wāmu no Raimi (地伏星ワームのライミ?)
Voice Actor: Kazuya Nakai
Techniques: Worm's Bind
Raimi was one of the 17 Specters sent in secret by Wyvern Rhadamanthys to attack Athena's stronghold, Sanctuary. When the group reached the Temple of Leo, five of them were immediately killed by its guardian, Leo Aiolia. As the other Specters continued their attack, Raimi saw this as an opening and entangled the Gold Saint, claiming him to be his victim. However, the Specter underestimated Aiolia and after sending the other Specters to the next temple, Raimi was soon killed by the Leo Gold Saint[29]
  • Earthly Strange Star, Frog Zelos
Chikisei Furogu no Zērosu (地奇星フログのゼーロス?)
Voice Actor: Bin Shimada
Zelos was the one who sent the 17 Specters to Athena's Sanctuary by the order of Wyvern Rhadamanthys. He acted as the messenger of the events in the Sanctuary to Rhadamanthys, even though he questioned Wyvern's decision due to Pandora's wrath. As the revived Gold Saints came to Hades castle with Athena's body, Zelos was there to greet them. The Gold Saints disregarded him and Aquarius Camus pushed him aside with his cold winds. Thus, when the revived Saints lay dying on the floor due to their time limit, the Specter took out his frustration on Camus. This would prove not in his favor as Cygnus Hyōga and the other Bronze Saints burst through the ceiling. With his own cold blast, the Cygnus Saint hastily killed the Frog Specter.
  • Unnamed Specters
Kurumada also presented some Specters that were killed promptly and thus were not identified, except for their destiny stars:
Appearing during the Specter's assault in Sanctuary:
Earthly Cheerful Star (地楽星 Chirakusei?)
Earthly Wide Star (地闊星 Chikatsusei?)
Earthly Swift Star (地速星 Chisokusei?)
Earthly Punishing Star (地刑星 Chikeisei?)
Earthly Hidden Star (地蔵星 Chizōsei?)
Earthly Insane Star (地狂星 Chikyōsei?)
Earthy Enslaving Star (地奴星 Chidosei?)
At the Black Valley, who tried to kill Gemini Kanon:
Earthly Menacing Star (地威星 Chi'isei?)
Earthly Fierce Star (地猛星 Chimōsei?)
Earthly Spirit Star (地霊星 Chireisei?)
Guarding the Cocytus prison in hell:
(voiced by Dai, Masaru Suzuki)
Earthly Shiny Star (地明星 Chimeisei?)
Earthly Advancing Star (地進星 Chishinsei?)
Earthly Retreating Star (地退星 Chitaisei?)
Earthly Chasing Star (地逐星 Chiōsei?)
And the final Specters killed by Phoenix Ikki at the Wailing Wall:
Earthly Evil Star (地悪星 Chiakusei?)
Earthly Strong Star (地数星 Chisūsei?)
Earthly Simple Star (地平星 Chiheisei?)
Earthly Air Star (地空星 Chikūsei?)
Earthly Reason Star (地理星 Chirisei?)
Recently, 9 new Specters were added to the Saint Seiya universe by Kurumada in Next Dimension, although they were not named and their destiny stars remain to be revealed.
  • Hades' Skeletons
Meiō Hādesu gun no Zōhyō Sukeruton (冥王ハーデス軍の雑兵スケルトン?)
The rankless soldiers from Hades' army, wearing weaker versions of the Specter Surplices, and armed often with sickles, as they have no mastery over Cosmo. One of them, the Rankless Soldier Skeleton Marchino (雑兵スケルトンのマルキーノ Zōhyō Sukeruton no Marukīno?), is briefly featured prominently and as a comic relief, leading Pegasus Seiya and Andromeda Shun to the Silent Tribunal, where he dies after offending Balron René. His voice was provided by Naoki Tatsuta.

Odin's Asgardians

The Asgardian characters appear in the anime adaptation only.

  • Polaris Hilda
Porarisu no Hiruda (ポラリスのヒルダ?)
Voice Actor: Mitsuko Horie
A beautiful and powerful young woman who is Odin's representative on Earth and priestess of Asgard. She is possessed by the Nibelung Ring (controlled by Poseidon) after rejecting his influence, and sets her sights on world domination in the name of Odin. Her younger sister Freya contacts Saori and asks her and the Saints for help.
Saori quickly sets up a strategy: She will take Hilda's place temporarily as the one who prays to avoid the melting of the Polar Ice, while the Bronze Saints fight Hilda's Guardians to reach her. Hilda is finally freed after fighting Seiya, who awakened the Odin God Robe and the legendary sword Balmung with all Odin Sapphires, and returns to her gentle self. It's also revealed that Poseidon locked her spirit away in the Nibelung Ring as her body was controlled by him, torturing her psychologically since she could only watch her warriors die one by one.
Hilda's name is inspired by Brynhildr, the strongest of the Valkyries in Norse mythology and one of the main characters in Richard Wagner's Tetralogy, as well as the hero Siegfried's love interest.
  • Freya
Furea (フレア?)
Voice Actor: Maria Kawamura
Younger sister of Polaris Hilda. After being the first person (aside from Alberich) who notices the drastic change in her sister, she seeks out Saori and her Saints for help, freeing Hyōga from jail (he had been sent as a scout and then captured) and joining him, therefore she's branded as a traitor. She was deeply saddened for the battle, as she did not want it to come to be between Merak Hagen and Cygnus Hyōga; who was her first friend (and possible love interest) among the Bronze Saints, and Hagen was her bodyguard and best friend since childhood.
She's named after Freya, the goddess of love and beauty in Norse mythology.
Odin's God Warriors
Goddo Uōriā (神闘士?)
  • Dubhe Alpha Siegfried
Arufa-sei Dube no Jīkufurīto (α星ドゥベのジークフリート?)
Techniques: Odin Sword, Dragon Bravest Blizzard
He is said to be the strongest warrior among the God Warriors and the second in command after Hilda. He is very loyal to Hilda and seems to harbor deeper feelings for her. In the beginning, he does not believe the Saints when they tell him that Hilda is being controlled by the Niebelungen Ring. However, after Poseidon's Sea General Siren Sorento arrived and told the truth, he switched sides and sacrificed himself to kill Siren Sorento (although Sorento was thought to have died, he actually survived and returns to Poseidon). His armor resembles the dragon Fafner. He is commented to be "invulnerable", in the same way as the Norse legendary hero Siegfried, one of the reasons why he is considered the strongest God Warrior.
Named after the Norse legendary hero Siegfried, central character in the opera Siegfried.
  • Merak Beta Hägen
Bēta-sei Meraku no Hāgen (β星メラクのハーゲン?)
Techniques: Universe Freezing, Greatest Ardent Pressure
Since childhood, he lived in the Valhalla Palace training in the cold mountain peaks and volcanic caves in Asgard with the purpose of protecting Hilda and Freya. Jealous of Hyōga's relationship with Freya, Hagen fought against him but was defeated by the freezing blast of the Aurora Execution. His God Robe resembles Sleipnir the eight-legged horse owned by Odin.
Named after Hägen, the traitor who killed Siegfried.
  • Phecda Gamma Thor
Ganma-sei Fekuda no Tōru (γ星フェクダのトール?)
Techniques: Mjöllnir Hammer, Titanic Hercules
Thor was a poor Asgard villager who stole riches from the wealthy and gave it to the poor, similar to Robin Hood. At some point, though, he was severely injured by the Valhalla Palace guardians when he tried to hunt near the Palace. Almost dying, he is forgiven and healed by Odin's priestess Polaris Hilda, despite his harsh words about her reign. Ever since he felt her pure and warm Cosmo, and was moved by Hilda's frustration about not being able to help everyone in Asgard despite being Odin's priestess, Thor swore to protect her as her guardian.
Despite noticing that Hilda's Cosmo had changed, he fought against Athena's Saints hoping that she would return to being the kind person she once was (He even threw one of his hand axes against Saori, and when she returned it to him with her Cosmo, he praised her strength). Finally, he asked Seiya to rescue Hilda after being defeated. His armor resembles Jörmungandr, the sea serpent, who faced the Norse god Thor at the Battle of Ragnarök.
Named after the Norse god of thunder, Thor.
  • Megrez Delta Alberich
Deruta-sei Meguresu no Aruberihhi (δ星メグレスのアルベリッヒ?)
Techniques: Amethyst Shield, Nature Unity, Honō no Ken ("Flaming Sword").
Descendant of a renowned family of warriors and scholars in Asgard, Alberich was famous for his intelligence and cunning, as well as for his cold heart; his own fellow warriors didn't trust him, and Hilda herself lectured him often. He was the only witness of Hilda's possession by Poseidon's Nibelung ring; taking advantage of this war, he planned to conquer the world. He defeated many of Athena's Saints (including Eagle Marin), encasing several of them in life-sucking giant amethysts; however, Shiryū, with the help of his master Dohko finally defeated him. He was one of the most shrewd, sly Saints as he could have nature fight for him and used his intelligence to avoid fighting.
Named after the Norse mythical king Alberich of the dwarves, a sorcerer who guards the treasure of the Nibelung.
  • Alioth Epsilon Fenrir
Ippushiron-sei Arioto no Fenriru (ε星アリオトのフェンリル?)
Techniques: Cruelty Kibarō Ken ("Wolf Cruelty Claw"), Northern Gunrō Ken ("Northern Wolf Pack Fist")
Fenrir was a member of one of the most powerful and richest families in Asgard. One day, when he and his family went hunting, they were attacked by a bear. Helped by wolves and abandoned by humans, he started to live with wolves adopting their life style and deeply hating humans. Later, he was chosen by Hilda as the Epsilon God Warrior. He died fighting against Shiryū when an avalanche fell over him and his wolves.
Named after the Norse mythical wolf Fenrir, who will swallow Odin during Ragnarok. His God Robe also resembles the wolf
  • Mizar Zeta Syd
Zēta-sei Mizāru no Shido (ζ星ミザールのシド?)
Techniques: Viking Tiger Claw, Blue Impulse
He was the first God Warrior to be introduced in the Asgard arc. He was sent to Sanctuary to 'declare' war against Athena. He defeated Taurus Aldebaran with one blow (it was later revealed that a hidden force helped him). Then he went to Japan to kill Athena, he was stopped by Seiya and Shun, and he returned to his country waiting for the Saints to come and fight there. He was defeated by Shun's Nebula Storm in the Valhalla palace. Before his death, it was revealed he always knew about his twin brother, Alcor Zeta Bud, and both he and his parents always regretted having abandoned him, but were unable to do anything in his favor.
His God Robe had the appearance of a green saber-toothed tiger, an animal that doesn't belong to Norse mythology. Likely, this armor is based on the tigers that pulled Freyja's chariot in classical Norse mythology.
  • Alcor Zeta Bud
Zēta-sei Arukoru no Bado (ζ星アルコルのバド?)
Techniques: Shadow Viking Tiger Claw
Syd and Bud are twins who were born into a very wealthy family in Asgard. Due to local superstitions that twins bring bad luck to the family, Bud's parents were forced to abandon the younger twin, Bud. A poor man raised him as his own child, until one day, during hunting, Bud encountered his twin brother Syd and the parents who abandoned him. Hilda made of him a shadow God Warrior, saying he'd replace Syd as the real God Warrior only when Syd died. He held much hatred against his brother Syd for all of this; yet after much convincing from Ikki (Phoenix Genma Ken included), he realized that all his actions (helping Syd to defeat Aldebaran, and later Shun when Syd was losing the battle) was due to the fact that he loved his brother very much, yet couldn't admit it. He then carried Syd's body into the blizzard, where Bud presumably died, wishing that he and Syd could again be brothers should they be reincarnated.
  • Benetnasch Eta Mime
Ēta-sei Benetonāshu no Mīme (η星ベネトナーシュのミーメ?)
Techniques: Stringer Requiem, Kōsoku Ken ("Lightspeed Fist")
Mime grow up with his father Folker, a powerful warrior who trained him against his will, since Mime himself wanted to be a musician. One day, Mime discovered that Folker had cruelly killed his true parents; guided by his fury and by Folker's boasting, he killed Folker. After defeating Shun, who was deprived of the use of his chains, he fought against Ikki.
At the end of this battle, Mime discovered (by being attacked with the Phoenix Hōō Genma Ken) that Folker actually was a good man who killed Mime's parents unintentionally. He fought Mime's father and spared him when he found out that he was married, yet he still tried to attack and it was then Folker fatally hit him in self-defense, Mime's mother attempted to stop them yet it was too late and both died. Then, Folker heard baby Mime cry in his crib, and out of guilt he took Mime as his child. Ultimately, Folker actually provoked Mime because he wanted to die by his adopted son's hand, to make up for the fatal mistake that cost Mime his true family.
Mime's last words to Ikki were that he wished that in a new life they could both be reborn and be friends.
Named after the Nibelung Dwarf Mime, brother of the dwarven king Alberich, who trains and takes care of Siegfried

Other characters

Other Bronze Saints

Pegasasu no Tenma (天馬星座の天馬?)
Techniques: Pegasus Meteor Punches
The previous incarnation of Pegasus Seiya, during the 18th century, who is best friends with Alone since childhood, and was trained as a Saint by Crateris Suikyō. He first met Alone during a snowstorm night in an abandoned shack, where they both sought shelter. Tenma deceived Alone at first so that he could steal his belongings, but was stopped by Suikyō. As Suikyō decided to kill Tenma for theft, Alone lied and said he had given his bag to Tenma. Suikyō was eventually convinced to a degree and told Tenma he was now in debt to Alone, and should therefore guard the boy for the rest of his life.
Years later, escaping with Alone from Libra Dohko and Aries Shion, Tenma discovers Alone's change and vows to protect him, but he doesn't tell his friend the reason. After realizing he has left behind his Pegasus Cloth during the escape from the Gold Saints, he heads back and equips it and attempts to fight the Gold Saints. He is defeated, and later heads back for Alone, but discovers that he has finally become Hades. He tries to make him remember, though Pandora and some Skeleton soldiers intervene and almost kill him, until Dohko and Shion arrive. The two Saints defeat the small group of Skeletons and interrogate Tenma about his identity and who trained him. He reveals that his master went by the name of Crateris Suikyō, which shocks the Gold Saints since they knew him.
Suddenly, a Specter appeared: Celestial Noble Star, Gryphon Vermeer. As Tenma charges towards him, Vermeer stops him with just one finger and sends him flying. Shion and Dohko tried to deal with the Specter. As the Gold Saints get trapped in Vermeer's Cosmic Marionettion, Tenma tried again but was trapped in the technique as well. It is then that the Garuda Specter appears and Tenma recognizes his voice as his master Suikyō's. After a moment, Suikyō decides to prove to Vermeer that has truly forsaken being a Saint by cutting Tenma's head of, which gets interrupted by a summoning to Hades' Castle. Dohko and Shion later help him by making him drink from the water they had poured into the Crateris Cloth. But Tenma sees a mysterious future reflection of himself: Seiya in a wheelchair.[14][15][16][17][30][31][32][33][34][35][36][37]
Kurumada chose the forced reading "Tenma" of the kanji that compose his name, instead of the more commonly used Tenba to avoid redundance in the complete name of the character. Also, Tenma's name is spelled in kanji in Next Dimension, as opposed to Saint Seiya Lost Canvas, where it appears spelled in katakana. Pegasasu no Tenma (天馬星座の天馬?, Tenma meaning "Heavenly Horse")
Yunikōn no Jabu (一角獣星座の邪武?)
Voice Actor: Kōsuke Meguro, Hideo Ishikawa (OVA), Akie Yasuda (child), Vic Mignogna (English), Sasha Paysinger (child, english)
Techniques: Unicorn Gallop
The second Bronze Saint to appear in the story was Jabu the Unicorn Saint. As a fellow orphan he had been sent out with 99 more of his brothers by their father Mitsumasa Kido. He achieved the Unicorn Cloth in Algeria and returned to Japan to participate in the Galaxian Wars tournament to receive the Gold Cloth of Sagittarius. He easily defeated Lionet Ban in his first match but was outmatched against Andromeda Shun whose chains proved impenetrable. He returned to his master in Algeria to further his training, and during this time his Cloth came to upgrade itself as well. When Saori Kido had been shot by a golden arrow, he came to her rescue and protected her from the then antagonistic forces of the Sanctuary. After that he came to reside in the Sanctuary and protected it against the Saints Hades had revived, and protected Pegasus Seiya's sister Seika from the attacks of the god of death.
Hidora no Ichi (海ヘビ星座の市?)
Voice actor: Masato Hirano, Masaya Onosaka OVA, John Swasey (English)
Techniques: Mellow Poison
Hydra Ichi was like the other Bronze Saints that participated in the Galaxian Wars a fellow orphan. His and the other Bronze Saint's father Mitsumasa Kido was the founder of the Graud foundation. After being taken from the orphanage by Mitsumasa he was sent out to train in Finland to become a Saint of Athena. He came back years later to participate in the Galaxian Wars that were now held by Mitsumasa's adopted grandaughter Saori Kido. In his first match Ichi had to battle Cygnus Hyōga. The Hydra Saint underestimated his opponent who froze him to near death. Ashamed by his defeat, he asked Saori for permission to undergo further training in Finland with his master. She agreed and thus Ichi didn't reappear until Saori was put in danger in Sanctuary after being struck by a golden arrow. From then on, he served her as Athena and came to reside in Sanctuary. Later he protected Sanctuary from the revived Saints, and protected Pegasus Seiya's sister from the death god Thanatos.
Urufu no Nachi (狼星座の那智?)
Voice actor: Hideyuki Tanaka (Japanese, Episodes 1-60), Takeshi Kusao, (Japanese, Episodes 61-114) Kazunari Kojima (Japanese, OVA); Nathan Parmer (English), Jessica Boone (English, as a child)
Techniques: Dead Howling
Nachi is one of the 100 orphans that were brought into the Graud Foundation to fulfill a project: to be trained to become future Saints for the goddess Athena. Only 10 of the children survived the entire process, and they grew up to become Bronze Saints. In the Galaxy Wars arc, Nachi loses the tournament and decides to return to Liberia to continue his training, later returning with the other four Bronze Saints to rescue Tatsumi and the comatose Athena. They stay with them until Gold Saint Gemini Saga, the false Pope of Sanctuary, is defeated. In the Hades arc, Nachi and Ichi are appointed commanders over the Sanctuary guards. As the dead Silver Saints start appearing and they realize their attacks are useless, they are saved by the timely appearance of Jabu. Later Nachi risks his life to protect Seika from Thanatos.
Raionetto no Ban (子獅子星座の蛮?)
Voice Actor: Hirohiko Kakegawa(1986), Naoki Imamura(2008), Rick Burford(english)
Techniques: Lionet Bomber
The Saint bearing the Leo Minor constellation in 1990 was Ban. He was sent along with 99 other orphans to different parts of the world to train to become a Saint. He earned his Cloth on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, and was thus one of the only ten that had succeeded in their training. When he returned to Japan to the Galaxian Wars fighting tournament, however, he met an early defeat at the hands of Unicorn Jabu. Feeling ashamed by his defeat, he returned to Tanzania to undergo further training, and returned when Athena had been incapacitated by the golden arrow. There, he protected the goddess from the soldiers of Sanctuary. He came to stay in Sanctuary and protected Seiya's sister Seika from the assault of the god Thanatos.
Beā no Geki (大熊星座の檄?)
Voice Actor: Yūji Mikimoto (1986), Kouhei Fukuhara (2008), Rob Mungle (English)
Techniques: Hanging Bear, Big Tackle
Geki was one of Mitsumasa Kido's one hundred children who were placed in various orphanages. He was sent to Canada where he trained and managed to become the Bronze Saint of Bear amongst Athena's 88 Saints. He returned to Japan and participated in the Galaxian Wars Tournament held by the Graude foundation. Unfortunately, he met with defeat at the hands of the Pegasus Saint, Seiya, and had to recover. With permission from Athena, Geki returned to his master in Canada for further training. When Athena was hit by the fatal golden arrow, the Bear Saint reappeared to protect her. After the events that followed, he came to stay in the Sanctuary due to the impending war against Hades, and stood his ground against the god of death Thanatos when he tried to take the life of Seiya's sister.
Kamereon no June (カメレオン星座のジュネ?)
Voice actor: Hiromi Tsuru
June was trained alongside Andromeda Shun on Andromeda Island under the tutelage of Cepheus Daidalos. She was very protective of the Andromeda Saint, and tried to make him quit to avoid him getting hurt. Despite her wishes, Shun attained Sainthood and left for Japan, leaving June behind. She completed her training successfully and earned the Bronze Chamaeleon Cloth. Soon after, her master was assassinated by Pisces Aphrodite. When she heard about the Bronze Saints' plans to defy Sanctuary, she immediately set out to stop Shun. Shun respected her feelings but intended to join his brothers nevertheless, and knocked her unconscious in a small fight. The Andromeda Saint carried her to the Kido mansion to rest until his return. After a brief appearance during the Twelve Temples arc in a flashback, to date, June has never reappeared in Kurumada's manga.

Silver Saints

Shirubā Seinto (白銀聖闘士?)

The Saints wearing the second-highest ranked Cloths are the Silver Saints, the specialists in battle. They possess advanced mastery of Cosmo, which enables them to attain speeds ranging from mach 2 to 5, and also grants them tremendous physical strength. When they receive an assignment from the Sanctuary, they go to any part of the world to fulfill it, whatever the cost, using all their power. They represent the true concept of a Saint of Athena.

Another of their responsibilities is to take care of the Cloths that do not have owners. It is common to find Silver Saints training potential candidates to gain one of these Cloths. As many Saints and Cloths were lost in the last Holy War, training new Saints and increasing the ranks are important tasks to be fulfilled before the next Holy War.[38]

The Silver Cloths are more beautiful and stronger than Bronze Cloths. They freeze at a temperature of -200°C. Currently there have only been eighteen Silver Cloths confirmed, however, the Silver Cloths of Orion, Shield and Southern Cross, created by Masami Kurumada for the first Saint Seiya theatrical release, as well as their bearers, are considered canonical.

The seventeenth and eighteenth Silver Cloths were revealed in the Saint Seiya Encyclopedia; they represent the constellations of Crateris and Ara, although the latter has never been featured in any arcs of the manga to date. In total there are twenty-four Silver Saints, but only sixteen were revealed by Kurumada in the story arcs of his manga Saint Seiya. Recently, since the start of Saint Seiya Next Dimension, the canonical continuation of Kurumada's original manga, a new Silver Saint was added to the universe, Crateris Suikyō.

  • Eagle Marin
Main article: Eagle Marin
  • Ophiuchus Shaina
Main article: Ophiuchus Shaina
Rizado no Misuti (蜥蜴星座のミスティ?)
Voice Actor: Yū Mizushima, Takayuki Sasada (OVA), Vic Mignogna (English)
Techniques: Mavrou Trypa (μαύρου τρύπα, greek for "black hole", although the grammatically correct form is μαύρη οπή, Mavri Opi)
Misty was a narcissist who considered himself inferior only to the goddess Athena herself. Misty made it clear when he was sent to Japan with his fellow Silver Saints to deal with the renegade Bronze Saints. When Phoenix Ikki came back to his senses with the help of his fellow Bronze Saints, the Lizard Saint created a landslide in the hopes of burying them, but he was unsuccessful. Aries Mu created illusions which made the four Black Saints look like the Bronze Saints and teleported them all eight from the landslide. The Silver Saints were deceived by the illusion and went after the Black Saints but Eagle Marin and Misty went after the real Pegasus. Marin, in hopes of saving Seiya, attacked her pupil with an illusion attack and buried him. Misty however didn't fall for it and took the Bronze Saint out of his grave and attacked him. The Silver Saint told Seiya that he had never been bruised in battle and that itself was true victory in Misty's view, never to be hurt by an opponent. During the fight some blood from Seiya fell on Misty, who was disgusted by it cleaned it off. Thus, he removed his Cloth and went into the nearby sea. Seiya deemed him crazy and as soon as Misty donned his Cloth again, the battle continued. After, a hard battle, Pegasus Seiya overcame Misty's attacks and defeated him.
In the adaptation to anime of the Hades arc from the manga, Misty was revived along with his fellow Silver Saints and was sent to fight the Bronze Saints. He was soon defeated by Cygnus Hyōga and proclaimed him a true Saint. In the same way as the revived Gold Saints, the Silver Saints had pledged loyalty to Hades while secretly remaining true Saints of Athena.
Hoēru no Mōzesu (白鯨星座のモーゼス?)
Voice Actor: Kōji Totani
Techniques: Kaitos Spouting Bomber
Due to the Bronze Saints' crime against Sanctuary (participating in the Galaxian Wars), the Pope of Sanctuary issued the order to kill the young Saints. Mozes was one of the Silver Saints sent to deal with them, but due to Aries Mu's intervention, he killed the Black Dragon instead. Thinking they completed their mission, they retreated, but returned due to Misty and Babel's delay. Being accompanied by Hound Asterion, who could read minds, Mozes soon turned on Eagle Marin. After subduing her, they tied her upside down to a pole in the sea, to use her as bait for Pegasus Seiya. The plan failed, and Seiya engaged Mozes in combat. After a bloody battle, Seiya sprouted wings from his Cosmo, and Mozes was defeated.
Named after the biblical figure Moses, in reference to whom Mozes first appears parting the seas in Kurumada's manga. His constellation was first given as "Whale" by Kurumada in the manga serialization in Shōnen Jump magazine. In the TV series, it was modified to "Kaitos" (Greek for whale). In english publications of the manga it remains as "Whale" and in some versions as "Cetus".
Kentaurusu no Baberu (ケンタウルス星座のバベル?)
Voice Actor: Yuji Mikimoto
Techniques: Fotia Roufikthra (φωτιά ρουφήκτρα. greek for "Fire Whirlpool")
Babel was the second Silver Saint to meet his defeat at the hands of the Bronze Saints. He was a master of pyrokinesis and was able to travel in the form of a will-o'-the-wisp. He was sent along with Misty, Asterion and Mozes to kill the Bronze Saints for their crimes against Sanctuary. However, due to Aries Mu's intervention, they went after the wrong Saints, ending up killing the Black Saints instead. Believing they had accomplished their mission, they retreated, though Misty stayed behind to confirm his suspicions. After some time, Babel grew worried and returned to find Misty dead on the beach. Cygnus Hyōga soon arrived and challenged the Silver Saint, who was confused because he thought he had already killed the Bronze Saint. Babel regained his composure and fought, confident he had the advantage with his flames, but was ultimately defeated by Hyōga's freezing Cosmo.
Named after the Biblical Tower of Babel. Kurumada gave Babel's constellation name as Centaurus in the Shōnen Jump serialization of the manga. In the anime adaptation, Babel's constellation name used the alternative japanese spelling Santōru.
Haundo no Asuterion (猟犬星座のアステリオン?)
Voice Actor: Kazuo Hayashi
Techniques: Million Ghost Attack
Due to the Bronze Saints' crime against Sanctuary (participating in the Galaxian Wars), the Pope issued the order that they had to be killed. Mozes was one of the Silver Saints sent to deal with them, but due to Aries Mu's intervention, Mozes killed Black Dragon instead. Thinking they had completed their mission, they retreated, but came back due to Misty and Babel's late return. As Asterion is one of the few people in the Sanctuary who can use telepathy, he soon discovered that Eagle Marin had betrayed them. After defeating her, he and Mozes used her as bait for Pegasus Seiya by tying her to a pole upside down in the sea. Pegasus Seiya came to them and narrowly managed to defeat Mozes, but was overwhelmed by Asterion's power. In the meantime, Eagle Marin was able to free herself and fought against Asterion. By closing her mind and thinking of nothing, she managed to defeat him, but let him live and return to Sanctuary with a warning to the Pope. It was later revealed in the Hades arc of the manga that Asterion had been killed after his return to Sanctuary, as a tombstone with his name engraved appears in the Sanctuary graveyard.
Named after Asterion, a King of Ancient Crete.
Kurou no Jamian (烏座のジャミアン?)
Voice Actor: Naoki Tatsuta
Techniques: Black Wing Shaft
He was known in Sanctuary as the Saint who could control crows like his own limbs. Jamian was part of the second team of Silver Saints that had the mission of kidnapping Saori Kido and destroying the Colosseum where the "Galaxian Wars" took place. He succeeded in kidnapping the young woman, but was followed by Pegasus Seiya. The Silver Saint overpowered the Bronze Saint, but Saori Kido retaliated with Athena's Cosmo, sending Jamian's crows to attack him instead. Confused and outraged, he called her a witch and charged, only to be blasted away by the arrival of Phoenix Ikki, and killed by his Hōyoku Tenshō attack.
Peruseusu no Arugoru (ペルセウス座のアルゴル?)
Voice Actor: Akira Kamiya(1987), Masaya Onosaka(2003)
Techniques: Ra's al-ghūl Gorgoneion (Ra's al-ghūl: Arabic:رأس الغول, meaning "Demon-headed Gorgoneion", also the arabic name for Medusa)
Algol was a Silver Saint sent to destroy the Colosseum that the "Galaxian Wars" tournament took place in and kidnap Saori Kido. After Crow Jamian perished at the hands of Phoenix Ikki, Algol, Capella and Dante revealed themselves. The Phoenix Saint warned the other Bronze Saints that Algol was different from his friends, and Algol soon turned Andromeda Shun into stone with the Shield of Medusa, which could petrify opponents when it opened its eyes. Algol then battled with Dragon Shiryū, but was outsmarted when the Dragon Saint blinded his eyes with his own fingers so that he could not see the Medusa Shield, as last resort to stop Algol and save the other Bronze Saints' lives. After a lengthy battle, Algol charged for a final attack, but was in the end defeated by Shiryū, who heightened his Cosmo to "see" beyond his blindness.
Named after the star Algol in the Perseus constellation, known for its varying brightness.
Auriga no Kapera (御者座のカペラ?)
Voice Actor: Katsuji Mori
Techniques: Saucer Attack
Capella was ordered along with Jamian, Algol and Dante to destroy the Graud Foundation Colosseum where the "Galaxian Wars" tournament had taken place, and to kidnap Saori Kido. After Jamian was defeated, Ikki mocked the Silver Saints by creating a line between himself and the Silver Saints that they should not step over. Capella took the dare and crossed the line, but was knocked unconscious by Ikki. Capella rose again and attacked the Bronze Saint with his flying saucers, but was overwhelmed by the Phoenix Saint's illusionary skills and was killed by him.
Named after Capella, a star in the Auriga constellation
Keruberosu no Dante (地獄の番犬座のダンテ?)
Voice Actor: Akira Murayama
Techniques: Hell Flails
Like Jamian, Shaina, Algol and Capella, he received the mission to destroy the Graud Foundation Colosseum were the "Galaxian Wars" tournament had taken place and kidnap Saori Kido. After Jamian was killed, Dante revealed himself with Algol and Capella to Phoenix Ikki, who had defeated Jamian. After Capella was knocked out by Ikki, Dante charged, only to have his chained steel balls destroyed by the Bronze Saint. The Phoenix Saint knocked Dante unconscious as well, to deal with Capella. Meanwhile, the other Bronze Saints arrived. Dante was furious due to his disgrace and went after Ikki, but was stopped by Andromeda Shun. During their fight, Shun said to Dante: "Your chains were merely designed to hold the hound of Hades," and added that they were like tinsel compared to his own Nebula Chains, which Shun used to defeat the Cerberus Saint.
Named after Dante Alighieri, the author of the Divine Comedy.
Herakuresu no Arugeti (ヘラクレス星座のアルゲティ?)
Voice Actor: Daisuke Gouri (1987), Naoki Imamura(2003)
Techniques: Kornephoros (greek for "he who wields the mace")
When Leo Aiolia went to Japan to deal with the rebelling Bronze Saints, he was sent under the watch of three Silver Saints. One of them was Algethi, who is physically the strongest Saint in the Sanctuary. When Aiolia decided to spare Pegasus Seiya's life for the moment, Algethi and the others jumped in and remarked that the Gold Saint was too soft, and decided to deal with Seiya themselves. After throwing Seiya around with their respective attacks, the young Bronze Saint received unexpected help from the Sagittarius Gold Cloth, enwrapping his body to protect him. The three Silver Saints did not heed Aiolia's warning to stay away and charged straight towards Seiya, only to be killed by the Sagittarius Gold Cloth in mere seconds.
Named after one of the stars in the Heracles constellation.
Musuka no Dio (銀蝿座のディオ?)
Voice Actor: Ryouichi Tanaka
Techniques: Dead End Fly
When Leo Aiolia went to Japan to deal with the rebelling Bronze Saints, he was sent under the watch of three Silver Saints. Dio was one of them, and spent most of the time sneering at the other Saints. When Aiolia decided to spare Pegasus Seiya's life for the moment, Dio and the others remarked that the Gold Saint was too soft, and decided to deal with Seiya themselves. After throwing Seiya around with their respective attacks, the young Bronze Saint received unexpected help from the Sagittarius Gold Cloth, enwrapping his body to protect him. The three Silver Saints did not heed Aiolia's warning to stay away, and charged straight towards Seiya, only to be killed by the Sagittarius Gold Cloth in mere seconds.
Kurumada named him Dio in the Shōnen Jump magazine serialization of the manga. In the anime adaptation, he was known as Dios.
Kanisumayoru no Shiriusu (巨犬座のシリウス?)
Voice Actor: Ikuya Sawaki
Techniques: Great Mountain Smasher (anime-only technique)
When Leo Aiolia went to Japan to deal with the rebelling Bronze Saints, he was sent under the watch of three Silver Saints. Sirius led the group of Saints, and refused to ignore Aiolia's softness in handling the Bronze Saint. As Aiolia decided to spare Pegasus Seiya's life for the moment, Sirius and the others jumped in and remarked that the Gold Saint was too weak and decided to deal with Seiya themselves. After ganging up on Seiya, the young Bronze Saint was assisted by the Sagittarius Gold Cloth. The three Silver Saints did not heed Aiolia's warning to stay away, and were killed by the Gold Cloth.
Named after Sirius, the brightest star in the Canis Major constellation.
Sajitta no Toremī (矢座のトレミー?)
Voice Actor: Yūichi Meguro
Techniques: Phantom Arrow
After the Bronze Saints pledged to help Saori Kido as Athena, they went to the Sanctuary in Greece. Ptolemy was sent to greet them there under orders of the Pope. After explaining how to reach the Pope through the twelve temples, he suddenly attacked the Saints with a shower of arrows. However, the shower of arrows was an illusion, only one was real; his target was Athena. The real arrow hit Athena in the chest, angering Seiya, who immediately retaliated. In his final moments, Ptolemy said that only the Pope could remove the arrow, and that it would take twelve hours for it to kill Athena. A predecessor of Ptolemy, also a bearer of the Sagitta Cloth from a past era known as Sagitta Maya (矢座の魔矢 Sajitta no Maya?), was created by Masami Kurumada for the first Saint Seiya teathrical release.
Named after Ptolemy, the famous Astrologer.
Kefeusu no Daidarosu (ケフェウス星座のダイダロス?)
Voice Actor: Keiichi Noda
Mentor to Andromeda Shun and Chameleon June, having trained them on Andromeda Island. He was assassinated by Pisces Aphrodite when Daidalos sided with Shun in the belief that the Sanctuary was corrupted by evil. According to the official Saint Seiya Encyclopedia, he doesn't concentrate on one kind of attack method. He is skilled in nullifyng attacks. He knows well how to manipulate weapons of other Cloths, that his own Cloth doesn't have. In the same way as Lyra Orphée, he was considered a Silver Saint with a level equal to that of a Gold Saint. His Silver Cloth represents the Cepheus constellation. In the anime, he was replaced by Cepheus Albiore, a character with a different appearance.
Named after the Greek inventor Daidalos
Raira no Orufe (琴座のオルフェ?)
Voice Actor: Hiroshi Kamiya
Techniques: Death Trip Serenade, Stringer Nocturne, Stringer Fine
A Silver Saint said to be as powerful as a Gold Saint, and also a musical virtuoso of the lyre. Just like the tragic greek hero Orpheus, he had a lover called Eurydice whom died, and with determination he went to Hades and played his music to have Eurydice back. Having his wish fulfilled, he was told to not look back during the trek back to the world of the living, until he reached the surface, unfortunately, Sphinx Pharaoh faked a light from the sun and tricked Orphée into turning around. Eurydice turned halfway into stone and thus Orphée decided to stay with her forever in the underworld. When Athena's Saints invaded Hades' domains, he freed Pegasus Seiya and Andromeda Shun from the clutches of Pharaoh. This action eventually led to the revelation that Pharaoh had tricked Orphée and in a battle of music the Saint killed the Specter. Renewing his vows as a Saint, Orphée then made the choice to help his comrades and defeat Hades, and took them to the god's throne room. With sweet melody, he bespelled the 3 Judges and Pandora, but his trick did not work on Wyvern Rhadamanthys who eventually killed him.[39] A predecessor from a past era, who bore his same constellation and the Lyra Cloth, called Lyra Orpheus (琴座のオルフェウス Raira no Orufeusu?), was created by Masami Kurumada for the first Saint Seiya teathrical release.
His name is the French equivalent of Orpheus.
Kuraterisu no Suikyō (杯座の水鏡?, Suikyō meaning "water mirror")
A Silver Saint in the past Holy War between Hades and Athena set in 1747. He trained in the Sanctuary with Aries Shion and Libra Dohko and became a Silver Saint. He disappeared after being issued an order to investigate the countryside. He came to meet both Tenma and Alone one night during a snowstorm in Italy. From that day he came to be their teacher and taught Tenma the ways of the Saints without telling him their deeper meanings. Suikyō left them eventually and it wasn't until Alone had started turning into Hades that he showed himself again to Tenma, Shion and Dohko, this time, however, as the Heavenly Valiance Star, Garuda Suikyō. As a servant of Hades, he defeated the Saints but retreated when summoned by Pandora, who later sent him to infiltrate Sanctuary, with orders to kill the infant Athena.[40]

Gold Saints

Gōrudo Seinto (黄金聖闘士?)

The most powerful Saints in Athena's Army and personal guard to her, invincible among them since the ages of myth. They wear the 12 Gold Cloths that correspond to the zodiac constellations, the most powerful among the 88 Cloths. The Gold Saints have mastered the seventh sense, the essence of Cosmo, which grants them miraculous abilities, among them, the capacity of attaining the speed of light.
  • Aries Shion
Main article: Aries Shion
  • Aries Mu
Main article: Aries Mu
  • Taurus Aldebaran
Taurasu no Arudebaran (牡牛座のアルデバラン?)
Voice actor: Tesshō Genda
Techniques: Great Horn
The Taurus Gold Saint in the 20th century, guardian of the Temple of the Golden Bull. A good natured giant who wielded wondrous physical strength and unmatched battle speed due to his technique similar to the iai combat principle, Aldebaran was a Gold Saint truly committed to the duty of protecting peace and justice on Earth. During the conflict of the twelve temples, he first opposed the Bronze Saints' rebellion against Sanctuary, as he was tricked by the Pope into deeming them traitors. Aldebaran was engaged in battle by Pegasus Seiya, whose determination in battle led his already increasing suspicions about the legitimacy of the Pope, to grow even further. Seiya swore to break off one of the horns of Aldebaran's helmet, to prove his cause was just. Aldebaran agreed, believing the young Saint wouldn't be capable of such a feat. To his astonishment, Seiya fulfills his promise, and Aldebaran allows him to tresspass the Taurus Temple. Near the end of Seiya's battle against Gemini Saga, Aldebaran realizes his suspicions about the Pope were not far from the truth and swears allegiance to Athena once he meets her. In the Poseidon arc, Aldebaran protects the moribund Bronze Saints from Siren Sorrento's murder attempt, at the cost of deafening himself. During the war against Hades, Aldebaran is murdered by Deep Niobe, not without completely obliterating the Specter. He is later resurrected in the Underworld, and joins his Gold Saint comrades in the final sacrifice to pierce the impervious Wailing Wall, thus opening a gateway to Elysion.
Named after Aldebaran, the brightest star in the Taurus constellation.
  • Taurus Ox
Taurasu no Okkusu (牡牛座のオックス?)
Techniques: Great Horn
The Taurus Gold Saint in the 18th century, Ox is a giant who also wields the power of the Golden Bull. He first appears while punishing Shion and Dohko for trying to kill Alone, something he considers reckless and adventurous, as both Shion and Dohko have recently been promoted to Gold Saints and have yet to master their seventh sense. In the same way, he tries to stop Tenma, as he is only a novice Bronze Saint. He later joins Capricorn Izō in the shocking realization that their goddess might come from the future.[41] Virgo Shijima confirms their suspicions and after a short while the goddess descends to the base of Athena's statue at the top of the Sanctuary. Ox and the others hurry up where they find an infant Athena, though are ordered to return to their temples by the pope's orders.
  • Gemini Saga
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  • Gemini Kanon
Main article: Gemini Kanon
  • Cancer Deathmask
Kyansā no Desumasuku (蟹座のデスマスク?)
Voice actor: Ryōichi Tanaka
Techniques: Praesepe Underworld Waves
The Cancer Gold Saint in the 20th century, guardian of the Temple of the Giant Crab. Endowed with the ability to freely traverse the threshold to the realm of the dead. Sadistic and merciless, Deathmask strayed from the ideals of the Saints, and made no distinction between enemy and innocent, and kept the souls of his victims as trophies in his temple, tormenting them by depriving of their eternal rest. With a twisted perception of justice, Deathmask swore allegiance to the false Pope as he considered his evil deeds would be deemed justice in the future. He was sent by the Pope to murder Libra Dohko in Lushan, but desisted due to the intervention of Aries Mu and Dragon Shiryū. During the conflict of the twelve temples, Deathmask faced Shiryū in a duel to the death, in the Hill to the Land of Spirits. After a lengthy battle, Deathmask was abandoned by the Cancer Gold Cloth, which deemed him unworthy of donning it and of the title of Gold Saint. Shiryū narrowly defeated Deathmask, sending him to his death in the entrance to the Underworld. It was revealed in the Poseidon arc, that Deathmask found his forgotten loyalty to Athena after death. Deathmask is later resurrected by Hades, to whom he swore loyalty while secretly remaining a true Saint of Athena. He is sent to the Underworld once again by Wyvern Rhadamanthys. Finally, he is resurrected once again, and demonstrates his redemption by joining his Gold Saint comrades in their final sacrifice to pierce the impervious Wailing Wall, to open a gateway to Elysion.
Named after the ancient practice of funerary Deathmasks
  • Leo Aiolia
Main article: Leo Aiolia
  • Virgo Shaka
Main article: Virgo Shaka
  • Virgo Shijima
Barugo no Shijima (乙女座のシジマ?)
The Virgo Gold Saint in the 18th century. Called "the silent man" and also, like his successor in the 20th century, known as "the man who is almost a god", Shijima is regarded as the most righteous man among Athena's Saints. As his name reveals, Shijima remains mostly silent, in order to gather his Cosmo by depriving himself of speaking, and projects his thoughts to communicate with others. He first appeared in Chapter 14 of Next Dimension. He mentions to Taurus Ox and Capricorn Izō that he has felt Athena's Cosmo from the future, coming near to the time dimension they live in.[42] Soon enough Athena descends to the sanctuary in a crash, the Saints hurry up to Athena's statue at the top of Sanctuary where the Goddess Cosmo impacted. There they find an infant Athena sleeping in a small crater. Shijima goes forward and is about to pick up the goddess when the Holy Pope appears telling them to step back. As the pope picks the baby up in his arms he orders the Gold Saints to return to their temples. On the way down, Shijima senses something bad and heads back to Athena's statue, where the Pope is about to stab the baby Athena with a dagger. Shijima pulls the baby away and at the same time Pisces Cardinale appears. The Pisces Saint first questions the Pope's wrongdoings but attacks Shijima with a deadly Bloody Rose, making Shijima fall to the ground, who later recovers and flees to protect Athena. He is currently between the Pope's chambers and the Pisces temple.
Named after the Shijima, the Buddhist philosophy of stillness, silence and oneness.
  • Libra Dohko
Main article: Libra Dohko
  • Scorpion Milo
Main article: Scorpion Milo
  • Sagittarius Aiolos
Sajitariasu no Aiorosu (射手座のアイオロス?)
Voice actor: Yūsaku Yara
Techniques: Atomic Thunderbolt (technique shown only in the anime), Golden Arrow.
The Sagittarius Gold Saint in the 20th century, guardian of the Temple of the Centaur. The embodiment of virtuousness and moral excellence, and a role model for the Saints of the Sanctuary. He was Leo Aioria's older brother and subject of his profound admiration. His qualities and deep devotion to Athena, made the aged Pope choose him as his successor, the event sparking Saga's rebellion. Aiolos foiled Saga's assassination attempt on the infant Athena, and was mortally wounded by Capricorn Shura who was deceived by Saga to deem him a traitor. Protecting Athena to the very end at the cost of his life, Aiolos died under the stigma of betrayal. His name was cleared years later by Athena when she cleansed the Sanctuary of Saga's evil. Even in death, he continues to protect Athena by lending Seiya his strength and granting him the donning of the Sagittarius Gold Cloth in dire situations, such as his battle against three Silver Saints and the final battle against the gods Poseidon and Thanatos. Finally, he resurrects in the Underworld and sacrifices his life along the rest of the Gold Saints to pierce the impervious Wailing Wall.
Named after Aiolos, the greek god of winds.
  • Capricorn Shura
Kapurikōn no Shura (山羊座のシュラ?)
Voice actor: Kōji Totani, Takeshi Kusao
Techniques: Excalibur, Jumping Stone
The Capricorn Gold Saint in the 20th century, guardian of the Temple of the Mountain Goat. Extremely strong, he wielded the power of Excalibur, which made his limbs sharp as a razor blade. A serene warrior, Shura posessed many qualities of a true Saint, but he was loyal to the false Pope as he believed that those with power were automatically righteous, and even though the Pope was evil, he could still do good exerting his power. Deceived by the Pope, Shura mortally wounded Sagittarius Aiolos as he tried to protect the infant Athena. During the conflict of the Twelve Temples, Shura is engaged in battle by Dragon Shiryū. After a bloody battle, witnessing Shiryū's willingness to sacrifice his life to protect Athena and justice, Shura was flooded by his seemingly forgotten loyalty to the goddess. Shiryū's final attack would kill his opponent at the cost of his life, moved by the young Saint's quality, Shura passes on to him the power of Excalibur and commands the Capricorn Gold Cloth to protect Shiryū to save his life, dying in his stead. After death, Shura returns to being a truly noble and selfless Saint, abiding by their ideals, and saves Shiryū's life once again with his guidance to defeat Poseidon's Mariner Chrysaor Krishna. Shura proves once more his commitment to protect peace and justice, when he pledges loyalty to Hades while secretly remaining a true Saint. As he dies once again in the events of the Hades arc, he resurrects again in the Underworld, and finally sacrifices his life along his Gold Saint comrades to pierce the impervious Wailing Wall.
Kurumada named him after the Ashura, the fierce battling demigods of Buddhist doctrine.
  • Capricorn Izō
Kapurikōn no Izō (山羊座の以蔵?)
Techniques: Excalibur
The Capricorn Gold Saint in the 18th century. Wielder of the power of Excalibur, he is also known as "Izō, killer of demons". His Excalibur resembles a Japanese sword, instead of an European one. He is calm and collected and punishes Tenma, Shion and Dohko for committing an irresponsible act, due to their inexperience, although he does so with indulgence. He later joins Taurus Ox in the shocking realization that their goddess might come from the future.[41] Their suspicions are confirmed by Virgo Shijima, and shortly after the goddess Athena descends with a crash. The Saints head to the site of her descent, where they find an infant Athena, but are told by the Pope to head back to their temples.
Kurumada named him after the historical figure Okada Izō, the famous samurai from the Bakumatsu period.[41]
  • Aquarius Camus
Akueriasu no Kamyu (水瓶座のカミュ?)
Voice actor: Rokurō Naya, Nobutoshi Canna
Techniques: Diamond Dust, Freezing Coffin, Aurora Execution
The Aquarius Gold Saint in the 20th century, guardian of the Temple of the Precious Vessel. A righteous Saint who led an exemplary life, Camus mentored Cygnus Hyōga and Poseidon's Mariner Kraken Isaac. He taught them the ways of the Saints, emphasizing stoicism and impasiveness in battle, to be able to protect peace on Earth. Although he was suspicious of the Pope, Camus stood against the Bronze Saints rebellion as he was tricked into deeming them traitors. During the conflict of the twelve temples, Camus battled his disciple Hyōga in a duel to the death. Witnessing his pupil's determination, Camus realized his suspicions were correct, and decided to teach him the ultimate secret of the absolute zero, to guarantee Hyōga's victory against the Pope. Thus Camus perished but his memory and teachings continue to burn brightly in Hyoga's life. Even beyond the grave, Camus continues to protect Athena and Hyōga as he encouraged him to victory in dire situations. Camus is later resurrected by Hades, to whom he swore fealty while secretly remaining a true Saint of Athena. Although he dies again during the events of the war against Hades, he is brought back to life in the Underworld, and joins his Gold Saint comrades in their final sacrifice to pierce the impervious Wailing Wall.
  • Pisces Aphrodite
Pisukesu no Afurodīte (魚座のアフロディーテ?)
Voice actor:Keiichi Nanba
Techniques: Bloody Rose, Piranha Roses, Royal Demon Roses
The Pisces Gold Saint in the 20th century, guardian of the Temple of the Twin Fish. Mesmerizingly beautiful, with might as immense as his beauty, vanity and narcissism tainted his heart, straying from the path of virtue and swearing allegiance to the false Pope of Sanctuary despite knowing of his evil intentions, justifying this with his belief that justice is wielded by the strongest. Aphrodite murdered Cepheus Daidalos, mentor to Andromeda Shun and Chamaeleon June, to punish his rebellion against the Pope. During the conflict of the Twelve Temples, Aphrodite was killed by Shun after a lengthy battle, in revenge for his master's murder. It was revealed in the Poseidon arc, that Aphrodite found his forgotten loyalty to Athena after death. In the Hades arc, Aphrodite is resurrected along the other deceased Gold Saints, swearing allegiance to Hades, while secretly remaining a true Saint of Athena. He is sent to the Underworld by Wyvern Rhadamanthys and later joins his Gold Saint comrades, sacrificing his life along with theirs, to pierce the impervious Wailing Wall.
Named after Aphrodite, the greek goddess of beauty and love.

  • Pisces Cardinale
Pisukesu no Karudināre (魚座のカルディナーレ?)
Techniques: Bloody Rose
The Pisces Gold Saint in the 18th century, regarded as the personification of beauty. Cardinale is first introduced during the Pope's assassination attempt on the infant Athena, which is foiled by Virgo Shijima. Witnessing Shijima's efforts to protect the goddess, Cardinale deems the Pope a traitor and prepared to impart retribution on him, however, Shijima becomes the target of his deadly attack. Pisces has stated his loyalty to Hades, although his motives and true allegiance remain shrouded in mystery. He is currently chasing after Shijima with the intent to kill by orders from the Pope though he doubts that he would be needed.

Blue Warriors

Burū Uōriā (氷戦士?)
Techniques:Blue Impulse (ブルーインパルス Burū Inparusu?)(performed by Alexer)
An order of powerful warriors from the ice lands of Bluegrad (known as Sinigrad in english publication), who also draw their strength from their Cosmo. Their order was formed centuries ago by mighty warriors who, in the same way as Athena's Saints, were capable of rending the skies with their fists and splitting the earth with their kicks. The Blue Warriors were led by Alexer (アレクサー Arekusā?), prince of Bluegrad, and protected their homeland against any menaces. They were presented by Kurumada in vol.13 of his manga, in the short story arc he dedicated to Hyōga, "Kōri no Kuni no Natassia Hen" (The Chapter of Natassia, from the Lands of Ice).

Steel Saints

Suchīru Seinto (鋼鉄聖闘士?)

Voice actors: Shigeru Nakahara (Shō), Mie Suzuki (Daichi), Hōchū Ōtsuka (Ushio).
Characters appearing in the anime adaptation only. The Steel Saints' armors were created by Dr. Asamori, who was supported at the beginning by Mitsumasa Kido. Unlike the other Saints, the Steel Saints' powers come from their robotic armors and not from their Cosmo. As they are non-existent in Kurumada's manga, they only appear in the Silver Saint Arc, before the Bronze Saints travel to the Sanctuary in Greece. Daichi (大地 Daichi?) dons the Land Cloth, which is able to generate earthquakes. Ushio ( Ushio?) dons the Marine Cloth which is able to produce sound waves. Shō ( Shō?) possesses the Sky Cloth, which has the power of "sky waves", the ability to absorb an enemy's technique blasts and attacks from the air.
Techniques: Steel Hurricane

Support characters

  • Cassios
Kashiosu (カシオス?)
Voice Actor: Banjo Ginga, Matt Culpepper (English)
Formerly a Saint apprentice under Ophiuchus Shaina. During the final fight for the Pegasus Cloth and the status of Saint, Seiya cut off one of his ears, and he hated Seiya for it ever since. Cassios had great respect and affection toward Shaina; however, he realizes that Shaina had affection toward Seiya. Motivated by this, he takes Seiya's place and dies during the fight with Leo Aiolia in order to wake the Leo Gold Saint from the control of Saga's Dellusional Demon's Emperor Fist. In the anime adaptation, he was also the younger brother of Docrates, an anime-only character.
  • Guilty
Nazo no Seinto Girutī (謎の聖闘士 ギルティー?)
Voice Actor: Hidekatsu Shibata
Master of Phoenix Ikki during his stance on Death Queen Island. Harsh and heartless, and concealing his features behind a fearsome mask, Guilty employed brutal methods in Ikki's training, to force him to become a being of pure hate, to be able to wield the power of the Phoenix Cloth. Guilty was responsible for Esmeralda's death, and died at the hands of Ikki, as his final trial to become a Saint, not before revealing to Ikki the secret of his birth. Also known as the mysterious Saint, Masami Kurumada never revealed Guilty's destined constellation.
Guilty's mask is inspired by the gruesome Rangda, the feared creature from balinese myths.
  • Nastassja
Natāsha (ナターシャ?)
Voice Actor: Akiko Tsuboi
One of Mitsumasa Kido's women and late mother of Cygnus Hyōga. After dying in a shipwreck, her remains were preserved intact by the gelid waters of the Siberian seas. She's also alternatively known, both in the manga and anime adaptation as Hyōga's Mama (氷河の母親 Hyōga no Māma?). Kurumada later introduced a character of the same name in the short story arc dedicated to Hyōga in the thirteenth volume of the manga, sister to Alexer, leader of the Blue Warriors.
  • Esmeralda
Esumeraruda (エスメラルダ?)
Voice Actor: Chisato Nakajima
She was sold as a work slave to an abusive local farmer for only three bags of grain. When Ikki first encountered her, he mistook her for Shun, because she and Shun shared the same facial features with the only differences being hair color and gender. She was killed by Guilty, Ikki's master, in order to provoke Ikki into drawing power from hatred. In the anime adaptation her background is the same, with the addition of being Guilty's daughter.
  • Kiki
Kiki (貴鬼?, Kiki meaning "Noble spirit")
Techniques: Telekinesis, ability to sense invisible energy forces, and ability to see invisible crack marks on Saints' Cloths.
Voice Actor: Hiroko Emori, Karen Hatch (English)
Apprentice under Aries Mu. Also known as Appendix Kiki. Like his master and grandmaster, Kiki also bears the ornaments on his forehead and is the youngest of the people of the continent of Mu. He never fights, but can use powerful telekinesis against normal humans. In the Poseidon arc, he was given the duty of bringing the Libra Cloth to all the Bronze Saints, fulfilling it valiantly even at the risk of his life.
The ornaments in Kiki's forehead are inspired by the traditional make-up of the aristocrats of the Heian period of japanese history.
  • Yakoff
Yakofu (ヤコフ?)
A young boy from Kohoutek village, in Eastern Siberia, neighbor and good friend of Cygnus Hyōga. He watches over Nastassja's eternal sleep when Hyōga is absent due to his responsibilities as a Saint. He helps Hyōga in various domestic tasks and also assisted the Saint in his escape from the Blue Warriors' imprisonment.
  • Miho
Miho (美穂?)
Voice Actor: Naoko Watanabe, Sasha Paysinger (English)
Seiya's fellow orphan and childhood friend, she works at the orphanage where she and Seiya, along with his sister Seika lived before Seiya was taken away. Miho is in love with Seiya to some degree, and in a sense represents the point of view of the normal people who are mere witnesses to the struggles among the gods.
  • Mitsumasa Kido
Kido Mitsumasa (城戸光政?)
Voice Actor: Kōhei Miyauchi, Marty Fleck (English)
Foster-grandfather of Saori who adopted her and took her to Japan after finding a dying Sagittarius Aiolos in Sanctuary. In the manga, it was revealed that he was actually the birth father of all the orphans he sent around the world to be trained as Saints. In the anime, he merely took the children from various orphanages, and sent them for their training. Just before he died, he told Saori all the truth regarding the encounter with Aiolos in Sanctuary and her divine origins and purpose of her birth in this era.
  • Seika
Seika (星華?, Seika meaning "Star flower")
Voice Actor: Yuriko Yamamoto, Satsuki Yukino OVA
Seiya's older sister, whom he lost contact with when he was sent to Greece to be trained as a Saint. After Seiya was taken away, she wandered the world looking for him. It was long implied that Marin, Seiya's mentor, could be Seika, and some characters, including Seiya, thought it was possibly true. Marin and Seika even shared the same physical characteristics: same age, same birthdate, same height, same birthplace. Also, Marin has a brother she lost and was looking for. Seika resurfaced as an separate character in the Hades chapter, completely amnesiac, after having followed Seiya all the way to Greece alone. It was Seika's voice that, more than any other, urged Seiya on in his fight against Thanatos. It is then revealed in the final arc of Kurumada's manga that Seika and Marin are not the same person.
  • Shunrei
Shunrei (春麗?)
Voice Actor: Yumiko Shibata, Eriko Sato OVA, Ai Bandō Elysion OVA, Kimberly Prause (English)
Shunrei was an abandoned orphan found by Dohko in Rozan (China). She cares deeply for Shiryū, and her prayers for Shiryū's safety in battle often help him through his darkest hours, particularly against Cancer Deathmask, as well as against the Specter trio of Sylphid, Gordon and Queen.
Shunrei's name kanji are (春麗) which are also the same for the name of Chun Li in the Street Fighter series, meaning "Spring Beauty".
  • Eurydice
Yuridīsu (ユリディース?)
Voice Actor: Yuko Nagashima
Lyra Orphée's lover, she enjoyed great happiness at the Saint's side on Earth, until the day of her untimely death because of a snake bite. Crushed by her demise, Orphée descended to the Underworld to bargain for her soul with Hades. Touched by the Saint's pleas and melody, she was allowed to return to Earth by the deity, only to be thwarted by Sphinx Pharaoh. She thus was condemned to remain bound to the Underworld half-turned into stone, and later helped Seiya and Shun to unearth Orphée's forgotten loyalty to Athena.
  • Tokumaru Tatsumi
Tatsumi Tokumaru (辰巳 徳丸?)
Voice Actor: Yukitoshi Hori, Ron Howald (English)
Saori's butler, bodyguard and right-hand man. Trusted man of Mitsumasa Kido and a black belt, third dan in Kendō. He was in charge of overseeing the orphans who were to be sent out all over the world to train and become Bronze Saints, and due to his extreme severity and at times downright abusive behavior, most of them were resentful towards him. He always tried to be strong and protect Saori, but even the Sanctuary soldiers can defeat him. (Not without struggle, however, as he offered considerable resistance for an outnumbered man). He starts as a rather daunting and abusive retainer for the future Saints, but he is in truth a man who is honor-bound to protect Saori, and ultimately is the series' comic relief.
Jigoku no Banken Keruberosu (地獄の番犬 ケルベロス?)
The enormous, three-headed demonic watchdog guarding the entrance to the Underworld. Savage, grotesque in appearance and emiting a foul stench, it relentlessly devoured souls that belonged to greedy people in life. Sphinx Pharaoh was in charge of taking care of the creature, and it was defeated temporarily by Pegasus Seiya and Andromeda Shun.
  • Alone
Arōn (アローン?)
Hades' chosen vessel in the 18th century, with the purest soul on earth. Prior to the Holy war, he was best friends with Pegasus Tenma since childhood. He first met Tenma during a snowstorm one night, in an abandoned shack where they both sought refuge. Tenma deceived Alone at first so that he could steal his belongings, but was stopped by Suikyō. As Suikyō was going to kill Tenma for theft, Alone lied and said he had given his bag to Tenma. Suikyō was eventually convinced and told Tenma he was now in debt to Alone and should therefore guard Alone for the rest of his life. At the start of the war, he could feel that darkness was headed his way, and that it came after him. He and Tenma escaped from Libra Dohko and Aries Shion, and ended up outside a small mausoleum. As Tenma went back to retrieve his Cloth, a voice called for Alone inside the mausoleum. As he entered, he found Hades' Sword stuck in the ground. It was then that Pandora showed herself and convinced Alone of grabbing the hilt of the sword. Alone started plunging into darkness and ignored Tenma as he strode towards Hades' Castle.[14][31][32][33][34][35][36][37]
  • Satellites
Sateraito (月衛士?)
The guardians of the moon and soldiers of Artemis.[43]
Kurumada draws their headpieces resembling rabbit ears in reference to the Moon rabbit, from japanese folklore.
  • Lascoumoune
Rasukumūn (ラスクムーン?)
Techniques: Crimson Viper
Captain of the Satellites. Known to never let her target escape. Lascoumoune is ordered by Callisto to kill Athena to spare grief to their goddess Artemis. Her subordinates are defeated in an instant by Andromeda Shun, but Lascoumoune takes him down with her Crimson Viper attack, only to be interrupted by the arrival of the Phoenix Saint, Ikki.[44] She is then seriously wounded by the Saint after a brief encounter, with her own arrow.[45]
  • Hecate
Tsuki no Majo Hekāte (月の魔女ヘカーテ?), (from Greek: Ἑκάτη, "far shooting").
The elderly witch of the moon. Kurumada based her on the mythologic persona Hecate. She tricks Athena into cutting off her hair by means of an illusion of multiple pathways to the temple of the moon. She makes a brew with Athena's hair which restores her youth, becoming a young girl again. She then guides Athena to Chronos who in turn punishes her, turning her body into dust. Later, she resurfaces unharmed, as she was able to survive Chronos' assault.[43]
  • Callisto
Karisuto (カリスト?)
Servant of Artemis and high-ranking officer among the Satellites, the personal guard of Artemis. She is very caring of her goddess, and will resort to anything for her safety. Callisto initially warns the goddess Athena not to visit Artemis because she is angered by the goddess of war's past conflicts. Athena refuses, so Callisto allows her to pass. She still deems her very risky to Artemis so she later sends Lascomoune, captain of the Satellites, to kill Athena.[43][44]
  • Pegasus
Pegasasu (ペガサス?)
Tenma's loyal horse and steed. He saved Shion's, Dohko and Tenma's lives, by protecting them from the Skeleton soldiers.
  • Crystal Saint
Kurisutaru Seinto (水晶聖闘士?)
Voice Actor: Michihiro Ikemizu
Techniques: Diamond Dust
A character appearing only in the anime adaptation. Cygnus Hyōga's master in the anime (as opposed to the manga, in which Aquarius Camus was Hyōga's master). In the anime, Camus was Crystal Saint's master. Crystal Saint's Cloth resembles a snowflake when not being worn. A very honorable and righteous Saint, Crystal Saint was considered a threat by Pope Arles , also an anime-only character, who forced him into his control with the Genrōmaōken technique. After an emotional battle with Hyōga, Crystal Saint took his own life to stop Sanctuary from conquering East Siberia. After his decease, he was gradually replaced in the anime adaptation by Camus as Hyōga's master, and any events concerning him disregarded in the continuity, to stay true to Kurumada's manga.
  • Pavo Shiva
Pāvo no Shiva (孔雀座のシヴァ?)
Voice Actor: Shigeru Nakahara
Techniques: Thousand Hands Kannon's Attack
A character appearing only in the anime adaptation. A disciple of Virgo Shaka, along with Lotus Agora, both bearing the rank of Silver Saints. He tried to kill Phoenix Ikki on Canon Island. In the same fashion as Shaka, Shiva was an adept of Buddhism, and relied on Shingon chants and prayer to paralyze his opponents, as well while performing his murderous Thousand Hands Kannon's Attack (千手観音拳 Senju Shion Ken?), a lightning fast multi-hit technique. Although a buddhist himself, Shiva wasn't a practitioner of his religion's peaceful and merciful doctrine and precepts. Killed by Phoenix Ikki.
Shiva is notable as the only anime-original Silver Saint to bear one of the 88 constellations accepted by modern astronomy.
Ikarosu To'uma (イカロス斗馬?, To'uma meaning "Horse of the North Star")
Voice Actor: Hikaru Midorikawa
Techniques: Highest Altitude
Eagle Marin's long lost brother. Mentioned by Ophiuchus Shaina in the final volume of Masami Kurumada's manga. His background was further revealed in the Tenkai-Hen Josō ~Overture~ theatrical feature and its introductory short comic book, authored by Kurumada, in both of which he appears as a soldier of the goddess Artemis. His movie incarnation remained out of the Saint Seiya canon, until recently, as he will be featured in the upcoming installments of Saint Seiya Next Dimension. Whether he will remain the same character portrayed in the film or a completely new rendition, is yet to be revealed.
  • Suishō
Suishō (水清?, Suishō meaning "Water purity")
Garuda Suikyō's brother. The Specter is forced to reminisce about him after suffering the effects of Phoenix Ikki's Demonic Illusion Attack. Suishō's background remains to be revealed in detail by Kurumada.

Other deities

  • Chronos
Toki no Kami Kuronosu (時の神 クロノス?)
(Ancient Greek: Χρόνος)
The god who rules time and father of Zeus. Said to be shapeless and hidden within the universe. Athena meets with him in the gate to time-space. Chronos helps Athena to return to the era of the previous Holy War in order to remove Hades' curse from Seiya, turning her into a baby.
  • Zeus
Tentei Zeusu (天帝ゼウス?)
Father of Athena and the supreme god of the Olympus. His participation is to date, reduced to only mentions by other characters and in background narrative.
  • Artemis
Tsuki no Megami Arutemisu (月の女神 アルテミス?)
The beautiful goddess of the moon, and elder sister to Athena. The goddess is initially hostile to her sister due to her battles with Hades and Poseidon. Though she reveals to Athena that the only way to remove Hades' curse from Seiya's body is to travel back in time with the help of Chronos.[46]
  • Apollo
Aporon (アポロン?)
He is mentioned in passing when Athena visits Artemis, and is said to merely watch over the time of the day. Older brother of Athena and Artemis
  • Ares
Senjin Aresu (戦神・アレス?)
Briefly mentioned in the first chapter of Kurumada's manga, the fierce and bloodthirsty god of war, who battled Athena and her Saints millennia ago, in the ages of myth.
  • The Gigas
Gigāsu (ギガース?)
Also mentioned briefly in the first chapter of the manga; the ancient race of giants, who battled Athena and her army in the ages of myth, their conflict becoming known as Gigantomachia in Greek myths.
  • Thanatos
Shi o tsukasadoru kami Tanatosu (死を司る神タナトス?)
Voice Actor: Toshio Furukawa
Techniques: Terrible Providence
The god of death and a close servant of Hades. He along with his twin brother Hypnos reside in Elysion and see to their god's ambitions. Thanatos, being the more impulsive of the brothers, was quick to attack Athena's Bronze Saints when they arrived in Elysion, deeming their trespass blasphemy. When Thanatos was bruised by Pegasus Seiya, he was personally offended and even went to the lengths of trying to kill the Saint's sister. This did however backfire as Seiya rose to a new level of power, resurrecting his God Cloth and soon defeated the god.[47]
  • Hypnos
Nemuri o tsukasadoru kami Hyupunosu (眠りを司る神ヒュプノス?)
Voice Actor: Issei Futamata
Techniques: Eternal Drowsiness
The god of sleep, also a close servant of Hades and the twin brother of Thanatos. Hypnos was more cautious than his brother and stayed out of the way from Athena's Bronze Saints. He did however act when the Saints gained a higher form of power as he thought them to be dangerous to the gods themselves, as he was witness of the power of the God Cloths in the ages of myth. In his effort to stop Pegasus Seiya he was however halted by the other Bronze Saints as they each successfully resurrected their God Cloths and severely wounded the god. Hypnos lived long enough to sense the moment when Hades true body was awakened, but succumbed to his injuries soon after.[47]

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