The following is a list of episodes for the SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors anime series, based on the SD Gundam model kit series BB Senshi Sangokuden.

There are 2 ending themes used. The first, "Mirisha Legend ~The Brave Legend~" (三璃紗伝說 ~The Brave Legend~?), is performed by Ko-saku, and is used from episode 1 to episode 26. The second, "Justice ・Carve a Legend!" (Justice ・伝説を刻め!?), which is used from episode 27 onwards, is performed by Ryuubi (Yuuki Kaji), Kan-u (Hiroki Yasumoto), Chouhi (Masayuki Katou), Sousou (Kenji Nomura) and Sonken (Nobunaga Shimazaki), and is used from episode 27 onwards.

The anime has concluded 2 arcs so far. The first, the Toutaku arc, lasts from episode 1 to episode 13, detailing the rise of various heroes to defeat Toutaku's tyranny.

The second, the Enjyutsu arc, lasts from episode 14 to episode 26, detailing the rise of warlords all over Mirisha, expanding their influence, and the rise of Enjyutsu after he unwittingly comes across the Gyokuji, which disappeared after the Toutaku arc.

The current arc, the Enshou arc, from episode 27 onwards, is still unknown at the moment. However, it might detail Enshou's rise to power with the help of the Gyokuji.

Each episode is about 15 minutes long.[1]

Episode list

# Title Airdate
01 Birth of a Hero
"Eiyuu Toujou" (英雄登場)
April 3, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The story begins in Yuushu (幽州), where a couple of Yellow Scarves troops are harassing some villagers. Ryuubi Gundam steps in and easily chases off the two. He is thanked, and soon, Kousonsan Ez-8 arrives and comments on how Ryuubi should think before he acts. Kousonsan also informs Ryuubi of their Master, Roshoku GM Cannon, who will soon head out to subjugate the Yellow Scarves forces. Before he left, Roshoku presents the Ryuuteiken (龍帝剣) to Ryuubi. Ryuubi comments on how rusted it is, but Roshoku comments on how Ryuubi is still rooted to the village and unable to see past the rust, and that he should use the Dragon's Eye. After Roshoku left, Ryuubi climbs up a pagoda, and looks beyond the horizon, finally understanding Roshoku's words. However he spots a battle in the distance, and fears Roshoku's safety.

Both Ryuubi and Kousonsan arrive at the scene to see a heated battle between Roshoku and Bagengi Zaku, however Roshoku is defeated in battle. Ryuubi steps in, and swears to serve justice in Mirisha, causing the Ryuuteiken to glow, and finally awaken. Ryuubi then proceeds to easily finish off Bagengi, and the remaining Yellow Scarves troops retreated. With his final words, Roshoku tells Ryuubi to explore Mirisha, and become a true dragon. Ryuubi decides to travel, while Kousonsan stays behind, inheriting Roshoku's stratagem scroll.

02 Encounter
"Deai" (出会い)
April 10, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Ryuubi is travelling through a forest that lies south to his village, where he soon hears a battle. He soon sees two warriors engaging each other, one with red armour, and another with green armour. Ryuubi draws the Ryuuteiken to stop the battle, but it didn't awaken like when he was fighting against Bagengi. He decides to personally stop the two from fighting, but trips in the process. When he regains consciousness, the two warriors introduced themselves: The red one is called Chouhi Gundam, while the green one is Kan-u Gundam, though Chouhi prefers to call him Demon Beard. When asked why he wanted to stop the fight, Ryuubi commented on the Ryuuteiken, and deduced the two aren't evil. Chouhi then takes Ryuubi on a tour around his village, stating that he has been protecting it against the Yellow Scarves. However, word soon arrives that a small army of Yellow Scarves has appeared just outside the village.

Ryuubi, Chouhi and Kan-u rushes out in time to engage the Yellow Scarves army, led by Chouryou Messala, just outside the village. Chouhi and Kan-u easily defeats the troops with their finishing techniques, while Ryuubi repels them individually. Chouryou takes his chance while Ryuubi's back is exposed, but still fails. Ryuubi then proceeds to incapacitate him. When Kan-u decides to interrogate Chouryou to find the Yellow Scarves' stronghold, Chouryou used his witchcraft to escape. However, Ryuubi knows that their stronghold is in Eikawa (潁川) from Roshoku, and the three sets out to defeat the Yellow Scarves once and for all.

03 For the People
"Tami no Tame ni" (民のために)
April 17, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Ryuubi, Chouhi and Kan-u arrives at Eikawa, but they spot other armies have already surrounded the Yellow Scarves' stronghold. These armies are part of the Imperial Subjugation Army, led by the general Shushun Zaku Cannon. Inside the stronghold, Chouryou, along with Choubou Bolinoak Samaan, are panicking over the sheer force of the army outside. However, Choukaku Palace Athene is not afraid, and has a plan to counter them. The East Wing of the army is led by Sousou Gundam, and decides to attack without Zhu Jun's order. The West Wing is led by Sonken Zephyranthes, and he too decides to attack. The two wing armies attack, and Chouhi wants to join in the battle. However Ryuubi stops him, saying that something is amiss. Back at the Main camp, Shushun is enraged at the unannounced attack from the wing armies. The two wing armies soon realize that the Yellow Scarves defense is spread too wide, and the invasion seems too easy. The Chou brothers have escaped.

Back at the Main camp, Shushun is getting impatient, but soon his troops ran when the Chou Brothers forced their way through, defeating him. The Chou Brothers believed they have escaped successful, but they are soon stopped by Ryuubi, Chouhi and Kan-u. Chouryou exclaimed that these are the ones that defeated him, and Choukaku decides to show their true power. The Chou Brothers combine to form the powerful Kouten The. O, and easily overpower the three. Ryuubi, Chouhi and Kan-u stands up, and are filled with a strong sense of justice to defeat Kouten, which leads to their own combination, the Trinity. Ryuubi in Triniy form finishes off Kouten, while Sousou and Sonken Zephyranthes marvel at the power. Soon after, Ryuubi, Chouhi and Kan-u swear an oath of brotherhood in the Peach Garden.

04 Assassin
"Ansatsusha" (暗殺者)
April 24, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
At the capital Rakuyou (洛陽), Ryofu Tallgeese has infiltrated the palace of Reitei Gundam, the Emperor of Mirisha. Leaving dead bodies in his wake, Ryofu proceeds to kill Reitei. Toutaku Zaku praised Ryofu for his efforts, and proceeds to take the Gyokuji (玉璽), proclaiming himself the new ruler of Mirisha. Outside the palace, Ryofu encounters Chou-sen Qubeley, who calls him Housen (奉先). Chou-sen is concerned about Ryofu letting Toutaku seize the Gyokuji, but Ryofu replies his only goal in life is to seek out strong warriors to quench his battle-hungry soul. Over at Sousou's camp just outside Rakuyou, Sousou watches on as Kakouton Giros is enraged at Toutaku's plot, while Kakouen Daras feels helpless about the situation. However, they are soon greeted by a wandering strategist, Shiba-i Sazabi. He brings a treasure, the Shichiseiken (七星剣), and believes that this can whet Toutaku's appetite, and be allowed an audience with him.

Sousou presents the Shichiseiken to Toutaku, who is very pleased with it, and wants Sousou to bring it to him. Sousou takes this chance to draw the Shichiseiken on Toutaku, only to be interfered by Ryofu. The two have a fierce battle outside, and Ryofu comments that Sousou is the one he's been seeking. The two continue to battle, until they both use their finishing techniques which clashed. In the resulting smokescreen, Sousou retreats, and Ryofu is satisfied. Chou-sen comments that Sousou is a frightening opponent. Back at his camp, Sousou returns the Shichiseiken, and swears in front of his army to form an alliance to overthrow Toutaku.

05 The Heroes Gather
"Gunyuu Shuuketsu" (群雄集結)
May 1, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The Anti-Toutaku Alliance is formed, and Ryuubi, Chouhi and Kan-u make their way to the Alliance campsite. Once there, they meet up with Kousonsan, who joins his father's army in the Alliance. Ryuubi introduces Chouhi and Kan-u to Kousonsan, who makes a comment that the three combined has the strength of one hundred men. Sousou and Sonken Zephyranthes also welcomes the sworn brothers' arrival. However Enjyutsu Zssa, the second-in-command of the Alliance, is not pleased. A small squabble between Chouhi and Enjyutsu starts, until Enshou Bawoo, the commander of the Alliance steps in. Enshou comments on how the En family is privileged to lead the Alliance, and that he doesn't not need backwater peasants in his Alliance. He is soon interrupted by word that Toutaku forces has attacked the campsite.

Kayuu Zanneck is the one attacking the campsite, and makes short work on some of the Infantry GMs. He then approaches Enshou and Enjyutsu, to which Enjyutsu ran off, leaving Enshou to face Kayuu. Ryuubi steps in to protect Enshou, and thus, a battle soon begins. Kayuu is overwhelmed by the sworn brothers' finishing techniques, but still manages to make his escape. The sworn brothers give chase, but Kayuu soon arrives at the Koroukan (虎牢関), an impenetrable fortress that leads into the capital Rakuyou. Unless the Koroukan is captured, there's no way to defeat Toutaku. Back at the Alliance campsite, Enshou officially enlists Ryuubi, Chouhi and Kan-u into the Anti-Toutaku Alliance.

06 Capture the Koroukan
"Mejirushi wa Koroukan" (目標は虎牢関)
May 8, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The episode begins with Sonshoukou Gerbera rushing towards the Anti-Toutaku campsite. At the campsite, Sonken Gundam is mopping about the coming battle. Both Sonsaku Physalis Gundam and Kougai Gouf are dismalled at Sonken, trying to get him to man up. Sonken Zephyranthes steps in, stating that they will take the initiative to break through Koroukan. At this point, Sonshoukou arrives, much to the dismay of Sonken Zephyranthes, Sonken, Sonsaku and Kougai. She wants to be accomplished in battle as well, and begins to show her finishing technique. Though she was initially skillful at it, it soon turned disastrous.

Not long after, the Son army begins their attack on the Koroukan, as Sousou watches on behind. From atop the Koroukan, Kayuu notices that the advancing force is not Ryuubi, and rushes into battle, thinking he will win. He notices Sonshoukou, and decides to take care of her first. Sonshoukou counters, but is easily overpowered. Before Kayuu can finish her off, Sonken rushes in to protect her, although visibly shaking under Kayuu's strength. Sonken Zephyranthes calls Kougai to bring in his blade, the Koteitou (虎錠刀), and proceeds to finish off Kayuu with his finishing technique. With the battle won, Sonshoukou thanks Sonken, and Sonsaku praises him for his effort. Kougai comments that one day, Sonken will succeed the Koteitou. At the Koroukan, Ryofu commends on Sonken Zephyranthes' strength, but he only wants to duel Sousou.

07 Clash! Sousou vs Ryofu
"Gekitotsu! Sousou tai Ryofu" (激突!曹操対呂布)
May 15, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
With the defeat of Kayuu, Ryofu jumps out from the Koroukan, preventing the Son army from advancing any further. He only wants to duel Sousou, who promptly steps forward. However, Ryofu's strategist, Chinkyuu Mercurius steps in and uses his strategam of fire, a stratagem where he has doused the land with oil, to burn the advancing force. But Shiba-i has anticipated this attack, and reversed it with his own stratagem, burning Chinkyuu with his own flame. Soon, Koushun Vayeate and Chouryou Gelgoog steps in to take down Sousou. However, Kakouton and Kakouen steps in to protect Sousou. Ryofu grows tired, and attacks, injuring Kakouton's left eye. Sousou orders Kakouton to step down.

The duel between Ryofu and Sousou begins, each giving it their all. At a deadlock, Ryofu calls for his steed Sekitoba (赤兎馬), while Sousou calls for his steed Zetsuei (絶影), and the duel continues on horseback. Sousou seems to have an advantage when Chou-sen steps in with her butterflies illusion. Ryofu takes this chance to overpower Sousou. Although she helped Ryofu, he warned Chou-sen to not interfere in his battles again. Ryofu then proclaims that with him here, no one will get pass him and the Koroukan.

08 The Fearsome Generals Battle!
"Tagire! Senritsu no Boushou" (たぎれ!戦慄の暴将)
May 22, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Back at the capital Rakuyou, Toutaku comments with Ryofu at the Koroukan, no one will pass. Riju Shokew, Toutaku's strategist comments that with the gathering of various heroes in the Alliance, Ryofu might be overpowered eventually. This leads to Toutaku commenting that it's Riju's job to make sure Ryofu doesn't fall. At the Koroukan, Ryofu stands guard as Chou-sen comments on Toutaku again. Ryofu gives the same reply, saying that all he doesn't care about Toutaku, all he cares about are battles. Over at the Alliance campsite, Kousonsen is arguing with Enshou about the next plan of action. That is until Ryuubu steps in and requests that he, Chouhi and Kan-u will take down Ryofu.

The duel with Ryofu begins, and Kousonsan requests that Enshou send in his troops while Ryofu is distracted. However, Enshou comments that he will only do that when Ryofu falls in battle. Ryofu easily overpowers the sworn brothers, cutting off Chouhi's right shoulder armour, and laughs at their justice. However, Ryuubi comments that Ryofu's justice is false, and summons the Trinity form. He overpowers Ryofu, who is shocked at Ryuubi's strength being able to force him to his knees. Before Ryuubi can deal the finishing blow, Chouryou interferes, along with Chou-sen. The Koroukan has fallen under Sousou's and Sonken Zephyranthes' forces while Ryofu is distracted. Ryofu retreats with Chou-sen on Sekitoba in chariot mode. With the battle won, Enshou and Enjyutsu gloats, and Kousonsan thanks the sworn brothers for their hard work.

09 In Flames! Capital of Light
"Enjou! Hikari no Miyako" (炎上!光の都)
May 29, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
A mysterious traveller, Koumei Re-GZ, has arrived at the capital Rakuyou. He is in search of the source of darkness that has shrouded the whole of Mirisha, and sends out his Bakuoki (爆凰機). At the imperial palace, Jyokou Serpent is informing Toutaku on Ryofu's defeat. Ryofu steps in, accepting his failure at the Koroukan. Toutaku is furious, until Riju steps in with a new plan. They are to retreat to the Biujiyou (郿宇城) at Chouan (長安), and to set Rakuyou ablaze for the Alliance. Jyokou is strongly against this plan, thinking about the citizens, but Toutaku cares not of the citizens. Chou-sen comments on how both Toutaku and Riju seems to be possessed.

Bakuoki returns, informing Koumei that the Gyokuji in Toutaku's possession is the source of the darkness. However he is caught by two of Toutaku's guards. Koumei easily takes care of the two, and leaves. At the Alliance campsite, Shiba-i reads out the G Chronicles, about the Gyokuji, and the power it gives to those who possesses it. Enshou and Enjyutsu vow to have the Gyokuji in their possession. Shiba-i carrys on about the Tengyokugai, temporal armours that are bestowed on the worthy, that has the power to level entire cities. Sousou, Sonken Zephyranthes and Ryuubi vow to never let such power fall into Toutaku's hands. They all begin their trek towards Rakuyou, only to be greeted by the sight of the capital totally engulfed in flames.

10 Sonken Dies
"Sonken Shisu" (孫堅死す)
June 5, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
As the Son army witnesses the capital in flames, Shuuyu Hyakushiki spots Toutaku escaping in his chariot. Sonken Zephyranthes orders his army to chase after Toutaku, and to regain the Gyokuji. As the troops leave, Shuuyu requests Enjyutsu and his troops for rear support, and leaves. However, Enjyutsu grows paranoid, thinking that if Sonken Zephyranthes defeats Toutaku, the Gyokuji will be in his hands, and become ruler of Mirisha. Enjyutsu doesn't want that to happen, and orders his general, Kirei Hamma Hamma, to attack the Son army. As Sonken Zephyranthes catches up with Toutaku, he orders Ryofu to take care of the Tiger of Koutou, to redeem his honour.

At the Son army's rear, Kirei catches up, and labels them as traitors. Sonsaku is enraged at that comment, while Kirei continues to say that only Enjyutsu is worthy of the Gyokuji. A battle ensues, and Sonken Zephyranthes notices Enjyutsu's betrayal and rushes back, only to be stopped by an advancing Ryofu. Ryofu attacks, but Sonken Zephyranthes manages to block his attack, though he is visibly injured. Sonken Zephyranthes continues to fight in his injured state, but he is no match for Ryofu, who then swiftly finishes off Sonken Zephyranthes and leaves. Kirei retreats as well, seeing that Ryofu has won. The rest of the Son army rushes to Sonken Zephyranthes' side, as he delivers his final words to his children, and dies. As the rain falls on Rakuyou, Sonken cries out in agony.

11 Chou-un Joins!
"Chouun Suisan!" (趙雲推参!)
June 12, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Back at the Alliance campsite, Kousonsan and the sworn brothers hear the news of Sonken Zephyranthes' death, and how the Son army, now under Sonsaku, is still giving chase after Toutaku. The four decide to join up with the Son army to back them up. At the main gate to Rakuyou, the four are stopped by Chou-un Gundam, an officer under Enshou. Enshou has barred anyone from supporting the Son army's chase. Angered by this, Ryuubi draws his sword, to which Chou-un draws his spear. They both discuss how a soldier should follow a commander's orders and how one should always support their allies. Kousonsan steps in and agrees with Ryuubi's point of supporting one's allies. At this point, Chou-un succumbs, but he will personally escort them.

At this point, Enshou arrives, and brands Kousonsan and the sworn brothers as traitors for going after thr Gyokuji. Chou-un steps in to speak up for the four, but is threatened to be labelled as a traitor as well by Enshou. Seeing that Enshou's greed for the Gyokuji has blinded his judgement, Chou-un decides to rebel against Enshou, successfully countering Enshou's troops. Seeing this, Enshou retreats, vowing revenge for this betrayal. Chou-un then decides to join Kousonsan's army, as the five set forth to the Biujiyou in Chouan.

12 On the Eve of the Final Battle
"Kessen Zenya" (決戦前夜)
June 19, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The Anti-Toutaku Alliance, minus Enshou and Enjyutsu, makes their way towards the Biujiyou, where Toutaku currently resides. Kousonsan decides to take a rest before crossing a river, and announces that they will begin their attack at dawn the next day, where they will rendezvous with Sousou's and Sonsaku's armies. Ryuubi decides to take this chance to fish for food. At the riverside, Ryuubi meets Koumei, and finds out that the fish are not biting. Koumei comments that perhaps a large fish has eaten the smaller fish, and Ryuubi states that if he catches that fish, the river will be at peace again. Koumei asks what if about large fish invades, and Ryuubi states he will catch that too. Koumei laughs. When Chouhi searches for Ryuubi, Koumei mysteriously disappears. Night falls, and the three factions prepare for the coming final battle, each having a common goal to defeat Toutaku, which results in the Gyokuji glowing brightly with a pure light.

Dawn arrives, and the three factions rendezvous with each other, and prepare to attack. Ryofu also prepares to move out, and is accompanied by Chou-sen, Chouryou, Chinkyuu and Koushun. At the Biujiyou, Riju prepares the ballistic arrow cannons. Jyokou pleads with Toutaku to not fire those cannons, as it will also harm Ryofu and his army. Toutaku cares not of Ryofu, and proceeds to throw Jyokou overboard. As the Ryofu forces and the Anti-Toutaku Alliance are about to clash, Jyokou is shown to have survived the great fall, and watches in horror as Toutaku orders the cannons to fire, and the episode ends with ballistic arrows raining down on the battlefield.

13 It Descends! The Tengyokugai
"Hatsugeki! Tengyokugai" (発現!天玉鎧)
June 26, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Ryofu is engaged in battle with Sousou and Sonsaku, just before the arrows rained down. As they did, many of the Infantry GMs and Zakus are hit. Sonken rushes in to protect Sonshoukou, while the other generals watched in disbelief. Kan-u comments on how tyrannical Toutaku is to injure his own troops, just as Ryofu is hit. The arrow volley continues and more are killed. When the volley stops, the battlefield is filled with corpses from both sides. Ryofu still stands, and pulls out the arrows on his back, demanding to finish the battle with the heroes.

Toutaku comments on how Ryofu has served him well up till now, but it's time for him to be wiped out with the Alliance. Toutaku aims, and fires his shoulder cannons. Chou-sen and Chouryou rush in to protect Ryofu, but are hit squared on. As the two faint, Ryofu is enraged at Toutaku. The Gyokuji begins to glow, and flys out of Toutaku's hands, signalling the arrival of the Tengyokuyai. Shiba-i marvels at the sight, contemplating on which form the Tengyokuyai will take. Ryofu appears in front of Toutaku, and grabs the Gyokuji, summoning the Tengyokuyai in Shinbu form. Shiba-i is taken back by this turn of events, as Ryofu rushes in, finishing Toutaku off once and for all. The Tengyokuyai also proceeds to decimate the Biujiyou, killing Riju as well.

When the dust settles, a huge crater sits where the Biujiyou used to be, and the Tengyokuyai has disappeared, along with Ryofu. The heroes celebrate their victory as peace is finally restored. In the distance, the Gyokuji flies off into the sky. Somewhere else, Koumei notices the smoke from the Biujiyou, and comments that the star of tyranny has fallen, and that peace has returned to Mirisha.

14 Ryuubi Departs
"Ryuubi Shuttatsu" (劉備出立)
July 3, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The sworn brothers are back in Yuushu, having been granted new armour. Chouhi and Kan-u are fishing, while Ryuubi rests under a tree, thinking wherever they have finally brought peace back to Mirisha. He is soon interrupted by word that an Ugan (烏丸) army is just outside the village. The sworn brothers rushes out, and soon encounter the Ugan army, being led by Touton Memedorza. A battle soon breaks out.

Soon after, Kousonsan arrives, with Chou-un by his side. Kousonsan comments that even through the sworn brothers are strong, they can still be overpowered by the Ugan, and that with Roshoku's stratagem scroll, they can help the sworn brothers. Back at the battle, the sworn brothers are getting tired from the endless attacks of the Ugan. Chouhi and Kan-u then spots something in the distance, which reveals to be Chou-un on his steed Hieisen (飛影閃). Kousonsan calls forth the Hakuba Jin (白馬陣, Formation of the White Stallion), the stratagem contained within Roshoku's scroll, which easily defeats the Ugan. Touton is then finished off by Chou-un. After discussions with Kousonsan, Ryuubi decides to depart from Yuushu again, to help any people in need.

15 Rulers and Subjects
"Tsuyoki Mono to Yowaki Mono" (強き者と弱き者)
July 10, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Ryuubi, Chouhi and Kan-u are travelling, when they collapsed from hunger in front of Joshuu (徐州). The villagers welcomed them into the village and fed them up. They are in the residence of Touken GM, the Governor of Joshuu. Though sickly due to old age, Touken warmly welcomes the sworn brothers to stay, after hearing Ryuubi's amibition of helping people in need. Just then, a report of the scouts states that a large army is approaching from the west. Ryuubi, Chouhi and Kan-u steps up to help ward off the army.

The army is led by none other than Sousou, whose has also been granted new armour. Sousou desires everlasting peace, true peace that is maintained by force. Ryuubi disagrees with Sousou's view, saying that it's just the same as Toutaku's rule. The two then battles it out. At a draw, Sousou retreats, much to the relief of Ryuubi. However, there's trouble with Touken. Touken is nearing his last breath, but he worries about the next Governor of Joshuu. He decides to let Ryuubi be the next Governor, and wishes to see Joshuu having continued peace and happiness. Touken dies soon after. With heavy hearts, Ryuubi contemplates why he was chosen by Touken while the villagers urge him to fulfill Touken's last words. Kan-u comments that the people who requires their help is right in front of their eyes. Ryuubi, finally understanding Kan-u's words, becomes the new Governor of Joshuu.

16 Mirage of Terror
"Senritsu no Gen'ei" (戦慄の幻影)
July 17, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
At Motomasa (許昌), Sousou is having a council meeting with his generals. Kakouen is asking what is their stance on Ryuubi, to which Sousou replies he's the enemy. Kakouton believes that they need to amass more in strength to make Sousou's ambition a reality, to which, the possibility of harassing the Tengyokuyai's power. However, Jyokou, now serving under Sousou, diagrees, saying that such power is too dangerous. Shiba-i leaves the council, and meets with his disciple Kakuka Virsago. Kakuka does not believe in Shiba-i's view that Sousou is a successor that can summon the Tengyokuyai. However, Shiba-i rebutes that the three forms of the Tengyokuyai, the Souryuu, Enhou, and Douko, each represents a successor, to which Ryofu's summoned form isn't. Their discussion was cut short by an attack.

A wall was blown straight off, and the attacker is none other than Ryofu, who claims he's a God of Hell, and proceeds to duel with Sousou. Initially, they are evenly matched, until they unleashed their finishing techniques. Ryofu managed to damage Sousou, much to Sousou's surprise. Ryofu leaves, and reveals that the whole of his unit: Chou-sen, Chouryou, Chinkyuu and Koushun, survived the destruction of the Biujiyou. And they now serve under someone that wants Sousou dead. Even though Sousou is defeated, he vows to carry on his ambition, and that his will is that of the heavens. Kakuka now believes in Shiba-i's view. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Ryofu now serves Enjyutsu, who has the Gyokuji in his possession.

17 New Home
"Shintenchi" (新天地)
July 24, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The Son Army, led by Sonsaku, are making their way towards Choukou (長江), a river near Koutou, hoping to settle down and establish their new home. Sonken comtemplates on whether this is all necessary, much to the dismay of Sonshoukou. By the river-side, Rikuson Zetaplus is fishing, when he is interrupted by some Pirate Aesculapius. Sonshoukou steps in, to which the Pirates shrug off. When the rest of the Son Army steps in, they fled. Rikuson thanks Sonshoukou, to which she asks where his parents are. Rikuson sadly replied that they died, and thought that with Toutaku's death, peace will reign over Mirisha. Sonshoukou then invites Rikuson into the family, hoping to bring peace back to Koutou, to which Rikuson happily agrees.

Soon after, the Pirates return, only to beg for their help. They are being chased after by Taishiji Dom, a warrior of Koutou. Taishiji calls out the leader of the Son Army, to which Sonsaku steps out, and challenges him to a duel. Sonsaku accepts, and a fierce duel commences. Both are even matched, even after using their finishing techniques. Sonsaku calls Kougai to bring out the Koteitou, and easily overpowers Taishiji. After witnessing his tenacity, Sonsaku invites Taishiji to join them, to which Taishiji refuses and leaves. Sonshoukou is worried about letting Taishiji go, but Sonsaku assures her that Taishiji is always welcomed a rematch.

18 Little Conqueror of Koutou
"Koutou no Shou Haou" (江東の小覇王)
July 31, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
In Hisaharu (寿春), Enjyutsu is informed of Sonsaku's position in Koutou by Kirei. Enjyutsu grows paranoid, thinking that Sonsaku is making his way to Hisaharu to take the Gyokuji. Kirei proposes that they send out their naval fleet, the greatest in all of Mirisha, to take out Sonsaku. When Kirei leaves, Enjyutsu proclaims that only he is allow to be Emperor, to which the Gyokuji glows with a dark aura again. Over at Koutou, Rikuson is preparing some food for the villagers and the Son Army, when scouts alert them of incoming warships along the Choukou. Sonken takes a look, and notices the emblem of Enjyutsu, with Shuuyu noticing Kirei commanding the fleet. Sonsaku swears venegence for his father, just as Kirei orders an arrow shower. Shuuyu calls for a retreat, much to the dismay of Sonsaku, and the Son Army retreated into a nearby bamboo forest.

Kirei soon gives chase into the forest, only to be soon overwhelmed by the smoke of burning bamboo, a stratagem of Shuuyu to disadvantage Kirei's overwhelming numbers, which Rikuson and Sonshoukou are in charge of. Blinded and choking on the smoke, Kirei leads his troops back to their warships, only to see that Sonsaku and the Son Army have already commandeered all of them. Thinking of retreating back into the bamboo forest, Kirei is stopped by Taishiji, who has brought along warriors that resemble the Koutou Marines. Kirei manages to escape, and Taishiji finally accepts Sonsaku's invite. Rikuson is so impressed by Shuuyu's stratagem that he wants to become Shuuyu's student, to which Shuuyu hestiates, but finally agrees.

19 Emperor Declared
"Koutei Sengen" (皇帝宣言)
August 7, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The episode begins back in Hisaharu, with Enjyutsu enjoying some honey, though Kirei's defeat at Koutou left a bitter after-taste. Kirei pledges mercy with information about Ryuubi, and how he's plowing the land with the villagers in Joshuu. Enjyutsu thinks that Joshuu is easy pickings, and decides to personally head the his army to invade. The Gyokuji glows with a dark aura again, as Enjyutsu instructs Ryofu to join. Through a flashback, it is revealed that after the destruction of the Biujiyou, Enjyutsu saw a light streaking across the sky. He found the source to be Gyokuji, and grabs it, only to be grabbed by Ryofu. Enjyutsu is stunned, but Ryofu gives the Gyokuji to him, in exchange for more battles.

Over at Joshuu, Ryuubi, Kan-u and Chouhi are tilling the land with the fellow villagers, though Chouhi seems to be complaining about how he's going to get rusty at battles. They all decided to take a break, but Chouhi wanted to finish up first. The other two left with the villagers, and Chouhi finishes his proud plot of land, only to be ruined by Kirei jumping in. Chouhi is shocked to see Enjyutsu and his army, and easily repels off Kirei. Just as he is on his way to take Enjyutsu's head, Ryofu steps in. Shocked to see Ryofu alive, Chouhi hesitates. Ryofu claims to be a God from Hell, and unleashed his new finishing technique. The episode ends with Chouhi looking on in fear.

20 Joshuu Falls
"Joshuu Kanraku" (徐州陷落)
August 14, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The episode carries on from the previous episode, with Chouhi facing off against Ryofu's fearsome attack. Chouhi only barely manages to block it, and is blown away by the attack's sheer power. Ryofu walks off, and Enjyutsu instructs his army to advance and invade Joshuu, with Chouhi struggling to get up. Over at Joshuu, Ryuubi and Kan-u are preparing some food for the late Chouhi, only to be attacked by a shower of burning arrows. Ryuubi is enraged at the peace being broken, and swears to defeat the invaders. Ryuubi and Kan-u managed to retreat most of the villagers to the main Governor's house, just as Enjyutsu's troops break in. The two are enraged at Enjyutsu's actions, and manages to repel the troops off. However, Ryuubi stops smoke from a neighbouring village, and the villagers fear the worst. Just then, Chouhi breaks through, calling them to retreat out of Joshuu. Ryuubi argues that they should be defending the village, but Chouhi retorts saying that the sheer number of troops have the advantage.

With reluctance, Ryuubi and Kan-u lead the villagers out of Joshuu, and mention that they can take refugee over at Yuushu. However, the villagers are tired from the running, and Enjyutsu catches up with them. The sworn brothers prepare for their last stand, just as Sousou arrives to intercept Enjyutsu. Enjyutsu pulls out the Gyokuji and tries to summon the Tengyokuyai, but fails. He then retreats, having won Joshuu. Sousou reprimands Ryuubi's naiveness of peace, and that Ryuubi is the one responsible for the fall of Joshuu, as well as the loss of the villagers' peace and happiness. Ryuubi falls to his knees, and the episode ends with Sousou asking Ryuubi to join him.

21 Decision of Ryuubi
"Ryuubi no Sentaku" (劉備の選択)
August 21, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
At a temporal resting place, Ryuubi is tending to the Joshuu refugees, when Sousou approaches him about his proposal. In the previous episode, Sousou wanted Ryuubi to serve him to help unify Mirisha. Sousou proceeds to say that the refugees can stay in Motomasa, and even let Chouhi and Kan-u become his generals, but with one condition: That Ryuubi forsakes his love for the people. Sousou believes that sympathy is not needed to unify Mirish, only through force can peace be totally achieved. Ryuubi strongly disagrees, but hestitates to reply. Soon after, all of them arrived at Motomasa. The refugees comment on how there's a large marketplace, and patrols on the city walls. Upon hearing this, Ryuubi feels that Sousou may be right after all. Just then, a kid Bachou Blue Destiny appears, recognising Ryuubi.

It is revealed that Bachou was in Chouhi's village back in episode 2, and is currently travelling around Mirisha. He knows of Ryuubi being the Governor of Joshuu, but Ryuubi corrects him saying that he is the one responsible for Joshuu's fall to Enjyutsu. Kan-u and Chouhi disagrees, but Ryuubi decides to adhere to Sousou's condition. At the Motomasa Castle, Ryuubi meets Ten-i Asshimar, who serves Sousou with adoration. Ten-i praises Ryuubi for his talents, and lets him into Sousou's chamber (It is of note that Teiiku Wise Wallaby is in the chamber as well). Just as Ryuubi is going to say his decision, Kan-u, Chouhi, Bachou and the refugees barge in, saying that they love Ryuubi as he is, and forsaking that love is not within his character. Touched, Ryuubi declines Sousou's offer. Shiba-i suggests to dispose of them, but Sousou has other plans.

22 Castle of Betrayal
"Uragiri no Shiro" (裏切りの城)
August 28, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The episode begins with Ten-i explaining to the sworn brothers about Choushuu Britova, the Governor of En (宛). Choushuu joined Sousou's army out of admiration, and shares the same goal with Sousou, that is to unify Mirisha through force. Choushuu has invited Sousou to En for the completion of the En Castle, and Sousou invited the sworn brothers, to let them understand that there are other warlords that share his vision. As they depart, Ten-i continues to praise highly of Sousou, how Sousou let a lowly bandit like himself serve him, and that it's his will to carry out Sousou's vision. They all arrive at En, and are welcomed by Choushuu, and his strategist, Kaku Ashtaron. Sousou, Ryuubi and Ten-i proceed to the main chamber, while Kan-u and Chouhi are led to another room for refreshments.

At the main chamber, Choushuu says how he has always admired Sousou and his vision, however, someone else has his complete admiration now: Enjyutsu. Choushuu and Kaku jumped away, and Kaku springs a cage trap on Sousou, Ryuubi and Ten-i. The three can't escape as their weapons are given to the servants for safe-keeping earlier. Kirei springs out from a turnabout wall, and gloats at Sousou falling for their trap. Kaku then releases a falling ceiling, to which Ten-i uses his strength to hold the ceiling up. Kaku releases some rocks to increase the burden. In the other room, Kan-u hears some noise and finds something amiss, and rushes out. Chouhi joins in, and barges into the main chamber. Kan-u frees Ryuubi and Sousou, just before Ten-i gets crushed. Seeing the trap fail, Kirei, Choushuu and Kaku escape. In his final words, Ten-i asks if Sousou is unharmed, and upon seeing so, dies. Sousou wants to return to Motomasa to lead his army and chase after Choushuu, to which Ryuubi asks if he does not feel sympathy for Ten-i's sacrifice. Sousou does not, and Ryuubi swears to never serve Sousou. Back at Motomasa, the sworn brothers decide to continue their journey around Mirisha, and Sousou labels them as enemies.

23 Heaven and Earth
"Ten to Chi" (天と地)
September 4, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The 3 sworn brothers have arrived at Kanou (鄴), the capital of Kishuu (冀州). Ryuubi wants to meet Enshou, and inform him of Enjyutsu's recent deeds. They admire at how grand Kanou is, until they are halted by Ganryou Gazu-L and Bunshuu Gazu-R, guardians of Kanou. Ganryou and Bunshuu labels the 3 sworm brothers as suspicious characters, causing Kan-u and Chouhi to want to duel. Enshou arrives to stop them. Over at the Kanou Castle, Ryuubi informs Enshou of Enjyutsu's invasion of Joshuu, as well as all his evil deeds after proclaiming himself as Emperor, and begs Enshou to stop him. However, Enshou has severed all ties with his brother, stating that Enjyutsu is none of his concerns, and that what he's doing is natural in times of war. The 3 sworn brothers leave, as Denpou Galus J and Soju R-Jarja informs Enshou of Sousou's and Sonsaku's plans to attack Enjyutsu. Enshou gloats that after Sousou and Sonsaku are done with Enjyutsu, the Gyokuji will be his for the taking.

Outside Kanou, the 3 sworn brothers ponder about their next move, when Ryuubi bumps into Koumei. After some words of wisdom about losing the will to fish, Ryuubi realises that he has not lost his will to bring peace for the people. With renewed resolve, the 3 sworn brothers rush to Hisaharu to defeat Enjyutsu once and for all. Sousou and Sonsaku also rallies up their armies to attack Enjyutsu in Hisaharu.

24 Challenge of the Little Conqueror
"Shou Haou no Chousen" (小覇王の挑戦)
September 11, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The episode recaps on how the 3 sworn brothers, Sousou, and Sonsaku intend to end Enjyutsu's tyranny, and attack Hisaharu. Sonsaku and his army are the first to arrive. Shuuyu has planned a stratagem: To attack the Hisaharu Castle front gate with the main force, but to breach in from the rear gate. Sonsaku volunteers for the rear attack. Sonken is in awe of Sonsaku's courage, but Sonsaku consoles Sonken, saying that he draws courage from compassion and love for the people. The attack begins, with Shuuyu leading the main force, and Choushuu is alarmed. However, Kaku calms him down, saying he has seen through the attack, and has prepared a counter-stratagem.

Rikuson is pleased that the stratagem is working, but Shuuyu feels that something is amiss. When lights are shone on the castle walls, it is revealed that straw dolls were firing at them, and Shuuyu fears for Sonsaku's safety. Over at the rear gate, Sonsaku is within reach of the rear gate, when he is attacked by archers under Kirei. Sonsaku easily deflects the arrows, and lures Kirei into fighting him one-on-one. Sonsaku easily overpowers Kirei, and as he struggles to counterattack, Sonsaku picks up Kirei's weapon, and stabs him, finally killing Kirei, and avenging Sonken Zephyranthes. Shuuyu arrives in time to cover Sonsaku's back, commenting on how he knew Sonsaku is going to defeat Kirei alone for the very beginning. The episode ends with Sonsaku pointing the Kouteitou at Enjyutsu, and declaring to take his head.

25 Farewell! Sonsaku
"Saraba! Sonsaku" (さらば!孫策)
September 18, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The episode starts with a recap of the previous episode. Enjyutsu is in a panic at Kirei's death, and orders Ryofu to dispose of Sonsaku and his army. As the rear gate is breached, Kaku informs Choushuu that it's time to jump ship. Shocked at Kaku's betrayal, Kaku mentions that Enjyutsu will soon taste defeat, and the 2 of them have much to accomplish. The 2 thus escape into the night. As Sonsaku leads his army inward, they get intercepted by Ryofu's finishing technique, to which all but Sonsaku are badly injured. Sonsaku and Ryofu then duel it out.

It's morning, as Sousou receives word that Sonsaku's ais are already at Hisaharu. Shiba-i comments that Sonsaku is incapable of defeating Ryofu, to which Sousou agrees, and hastens his advance. The 3 sworn brothers are also rushing over, hoping to get there in time. The duel rages on, but Ryofu has the upper hand, after making Sonsaku lose his grip on the Koteitou. Sonsaku carries on fighting, much to Ryofu's surprise. As Sonken rushes to bring the Koteitou to Sonsaku, Sonsaku is striked own with a fatal blow defending Sonken. Sonsaku then prepares for an ultimate attack, passed down from Sonken Zephyranthes, and manages to destroy half of Ryofu's mask, but couldn't follow through, as Ryofu stabs right though him. Sonken rushes in to challenge Ryofu, to which Ryofu turned, and walked away, saying he has won. As Sonken grieves, Sonsaku says that Sonken will be the one to heal the people of Mirisha with his compassion, and dies in Sonken's hands. The episode ends with a very determined Sonken, eyes aglow.

26 Courage of Truth
"Makoto no Yuuki" (真(まこと)の勇気)
September 25, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Sousou and the 3 sworn brothers have arrived in Hisaharu, but were too late to help Sonsaku. Enjyutsu gloats, and sends his army to intercept them all. The 2 factions easily defeats Enjyutsu's army, and storms the castle. In his throne room, Enjyutsu gloats that with Ryofu, they will not reach him easily. His monologue is cut short with Sousou, Kakouton, Kakouen and the 3 sworn brothers barged in. It seems Ryofu and his team have abandoned him, and Enjyutsu is in a total panic. He tries to summon the Tengyokugai, but fails miserably. As the allied forces rush in to finish Enjyutsu off, the Gyokuji glowed with darkness, and formed a forcefield around Enjyutsu. Enjyutsu gloats, and summons the dark power, which destroys the castle, flinging out the heroes.

As the dust settles, Enjyutsu dons a new armor, the Hishou Keitai (飛翔形態), granted from the darkness within the Gyokuji. He flies over the battlefield, and gloats at his new power as he indiscriminately attacks. Sonshoukou retaliates, but is easily overpowered. Sonken rushes in to check on her, as Enjyutsu tries a sneak attack. As Enjyutsu continues to gloat of his invincibility, and badmouths Sonken Zephyranthes and Sonsaku, Sonken swears to never forgive Enjyutsu and his tyranny, to which the Gyokuji responds with a golden light. With his courage, Sonken has summoned the Tengyokugai in Douko (弩虎) form, and easily overpowers Enjyustu, and destroys whatever was left of Hisaharu. As the Gyokuji and the Tengyokugai fly off to parts unknown, Sonken is shocked at the destruction he has caused.

It's nightfall at Kishuu, Enshou is enjoying some wine when his guard informs him that Enjyustu is currently at the castle gate, requesting an audience with him. Enshou replies that he knows no such person, and orders to turn him away. Enshou comments that he has no need for a fool who doesn't have the Gyokuji. As the castle gates close, Enjyutsu begs to see his brother. Being turned down, Enjyutsu walks away in the rain, all tattered, limping and coughing. He trips over a puddle and smashes his favourite honey jar. On his final breath, Enjyutsu wishes he could taste his favourite honey again, and dies soon after.

27 Ahoy, Ye Chaotic Corsairs!
"Abarenbou Kenzan!" (暴れん坊見参!)
October 2, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Koutou is currently in peace, with the Son family back. Rikuson and Sonshoukou are gathering some fruits for the villagers, as Rikuson enjoys the peace thanks to Sonsaku's efforts, to which Sonshoukou grew teary-eyed. The peace was interrupted when Ryomou Dijeh and Kannei Kampfer, on their jet-skis, terrorised the villages by splashing water on the villages, an capsizing a boat with a village in it. Sonshoukou swears to defeat them. Over at the castle, Sonken, Shuuyu, Taishiji and Kougai are discussing on the suppression of Ryomou and Kannei. Due to their high maneuverability in the water, the pirates led by Ryomou and Kannei are hard to suppress. Sonken half-hearted agrees on Shuuyu's plan, and walks away, worrying Kougai. Outside, Sonken recalls Sonsaku's last words, and is depressed in being unable to fulfill them.

Sonshoukou had dragged Rikuson along to search for the pirate's base, without anyone knowing. Upon reaching an empty campsite believed to be the base, the 2 were ambushed by Ryomou, Kannei and the would-be Koutou Marines. Back at Koutou, Kougai comes across Sonshoukou's letter of her departure, and alerts Shuuyu and Taishiji. Sonken soon arrives, and becomes aware of Sonshoukou's rashness. When Shuuyu suggests Taishiji to rally up his strongest warriors, Sonken interjects, and wants to go alone to save Sonshoukou.

28 Blue-eyed Children of Koutou
"Koutou no Hekigan Ji" (江東の碧眼兒)
October 9, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The episode begins with a recap of what happened in the previous episode. As Sonken leaves for the pirate base, Kougai rushes out with the Koteitou, commenting that whenever a Lord of Koutou leaves for battle, he must bring along the Koteitou. As Sonken leaves, Taishiji questions if they should provide backup, to which Shuuyu declines, saying this is a fight that Sonken must overcme himself. At the pirate's base, the pirates are enjoying themselves, while Sonshoukou and Rikuson struggle to get free. As the pirates laughed at their fruitless attempts, Sonken arrives and saves Sonshoukou. Sonken duels Ryomou, while Sonshoukou frees Rikuson.

Though Sonken manages to deflect Ryomou's attacks, Ryomou laughs at Sonken's unpolished skills. When Kannei interjects with his finishing technique, Sonken deflects it easier, shocking both Ryomou and Kannei. Sonshoukou questions why they keep harassing the people of Koutou, to which she got a shocking answer: The pirates wanted to serve under Sonsaku, who has a strong tiger spirit of a hero. Upon hearing this, Sonken lowers the Koteitou, saying he will welcome them as family. Ryomou feels insulted and scratches Sonken's armour, to which Sonken stresses that a Lord of Koutou does not harm his family. A tiger aura appears around Sonken, which finally tames the pirates. Back at Koutou, with the pirates recruited into the Son Army, Sonken contemplates about his courage, and looks ahead to the future.

29 Feedback of Ryuubi
"Ryuubi no Kikan" (劉備の帰還)
October 16, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The episode begins... With Ryuubi, Kan-u and Chouhi getting lost in a forest, as Koumei's Bakuoki flies overhead. As they succumb to hunger, the 3 sworn brothers recall a similar event with Joshuu, and recap episode 15. Just as they recover slightly from hunger, a wild boar attacks, and as they flee, they recap episode 18 to episode 25.

After they manage to elude the wild boar, they recap episode 26. When they hear some rustling from the bushes, Kan-u and Chouhi fear it's the wild boar and prepare to attack, when Ryuubi notices it's the villagers of Joshuu. They are making their way back to Joshuu, after it is left ungoverned since Enjyutsu's defeat. And coincidentally, Joshuu lies beyond the forest. The villagers wish for Ryuubi to become the Governor of Joshuu again, and help rebuild the peace it once had. Ryuubi, filled with gratitude, accepts the offer again. Just then, the wild boar returns, and headbutts Chouhi, as Koumei looks on, commenting what strange people the 3 sworn brothers are.

30 Reunion, Yuushu
"Saikai, Yuushu" (再会、幽州)
October 23, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The episode begins with Chou-un leading his White Stallion battalion into battle against the Ugan at Yuushu's border. Chou-un easily overpowers them with the Hakuba Jin, and the Ugan retreats. Just then, Chouhi blasts through the nearby bushes, along with Ryuubi and Kan-u. Kousonsan warmly welcomes the 3 sworn brothers. At the Yuushu castle, Ryuubi informs Kousonsan of his re-appointment as Joshuu's Governor. Outside, Chou-un and Chouhi have a duel, with Kan-u as judge. Ryuubi then recaps episode 1 to episode 3. Kan-u declares a draw, with Chou-un wanting to see the Trinity. Chouhi then recaps episode 8.

Kan-u then challenges Chou-un to a duel, to which Chou-un accepts. While dueling, Kan-u recaps episode 13. Back at the castle, Kousonsan contemplates how the Ugan seems to be stronger with each attack, even after Touton's defeat, and fears that someone is supporting the Ugan. A scout then arrives with bad news: Enshou has led his army to the outskirts of Yuushu, with an army of one million in strength. The episode ends with Enshou gloating that Yuushu's peasant army is no match for his.

31 Fierce Fighting Hakuba Jin
"Gekitou Hakuba Jin" (激闘白馬陣)
October 30, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The episode begins with a recap of Enshou's forces planning to invade Yuushu. At Enchou's camp, he gloats that he will be the one to unify Mirisha, by first invading the weakened Yuushu forces. In the background, the Gyouji glows with an omnious aura inside Enjyustu's Hishou Keitai armour. However, Enshou fears the Hakuba Jin, to which Soju and Denpou have a plan to counter it. Outside, Choukou Zaku III is training his platoon for the coming battle, and Denpou orders Choukou to lead his platoon into the frontlines, to which Choukou proudly accepts. Somewhere else, the 3 sworn brothers are leading the Yuushu villagers to Ekikyourou (易京楼), a fortress within mountains. Kousonsan believes the villagers will be well-protected against Enshou's army. Chou-un and his White Stallion platoon is seen outside, ready to launch a frontal attack on Enshou's army on Kousonsan's orders. The 3 sworn brothers stay behind to better defend Ekikyourou as Kousonsan leaves.

Choukou soon sees Chou-un and his White Stallion platoon, and has his platoon put up full body shields to block the coming Hakuba Jin. With the Hakuba Jin stalled, Kousonsan tells Chou-un to take down Choukou. As the 2 generals duel it out, Denpou and Soju release an arrow shower upon the battlefield from the flanks, resulting in heavy causalities on both sides. Kousonsan orders a retreat, seeing the Hakuba Jin defeated. As the dust settles, Choukou is shocked at a dying soldier's words. Back at Enchou's camp, Choukou is infuriated at Denpou's plan. Enshou interrupts, saying the Hakuba Jin is defeated, and they were victorious. He adds that any insubordination will result in execution. Back at Ekikyourou, Kousonsan was grieving at the loss of his troops, and mentions that the Hakuba Jin was written by Fukuryuu, a genius strategist. Ryuubi offers to find Fukuryuu to help repel Enshou, while Kan-u offers to go to Motomasa to ask for Sousou's assistance. The episode ends with the 3 sworn brothers leaving, and Kousonsan looking on, awaiting their return.

32 Kan-u Roars!
"Kan-u Houkou!" (関羽咆哮!)
November 6, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
33 Kishuu's Million Troops
"Kishuu Hyakuman Gun" (冀州百万軍)
November 13, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
34 Sunset, Ekikyourou
"Tasogare, Ekikyourou" (黄昏、易京楼)
November 20, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
35 Full Military Government
"Zengun Kan Watari he" (全軍官渡へ)
November 27, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
36 Battle of Governments
"Kan Watari no Tatakai" (官渡の戦い)
December 4, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
37 Farewell
"Ketsubetsu" (決別)
December 11, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
38 Champion Chosen by the Heavens
"Ten ni Eraba Reshi Hasha" (天に選ばれし覇者)
December 18, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
39 Shura Challenges the Heavens
"Ten ni Chou Nda Shura" (天に挑んだ修羅)
December 25, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
40 Bonds Beyond a Thousand Miles
"Senri wo Koe ta Kizuna" (千里を越えた絆)
December 25, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
41 Fukuryuu, Soaring to the Heavens
"Fukuryuu, Ten wo Kakeru" (伏竜、天を翔ける)
January 8, 2011 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
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January 15, 2011 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
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January 22, 2011 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
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January 29, 2011 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
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February 12, 2011 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
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February 26, 2011 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
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March 19, 2011 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
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March 26, 2011 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}


  1. Taken from the official anime website

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