A total of 14 Ranma ½ video games exist, generally in the form of fighting games, RPGs, and puzzle games. Of all of them, only two of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System fighting games have been adapted for Western release. They are listed below by platform.

Super NES

Ranma ½: Neighborhood Combat Chapter (Ranma ½: Chōnai Gekitōhen)

The first fighting game for the SNES by NCS Corp, Neighborhood Combat Chapter underwent Americanization by Irem to become Street Combat, replacing all characters and background music with American-themed characters. An example is Ranma, who was replaced by a blonde man in bright blue armor called Steven. This is the only fighting game in which Cologne appears.

Ranma ½: Hard Battle

Main article: Ranma ½: Hard Battle

Ranma ½: Hidden Treasure of the Red Cat Gang (Ranma ½: Akaneko-dan teki Hihou)

An RPG that was released on October 22, 1993.

Ranma ½: Super-Skill Wild Dance Chapter (Ranma ½: Chougi Rambuhen)

File:Super Battle.jpg

This game was to be released in the USA as "Anything Goes Martial Arts" as the sequel to Hard Battle, but the company that owned the rights for it went out of business.[1] The only game to feature Mariko Konjo and Herb.

Ranma ½: Rock-Scissors-Puzzle (Ranma ½: Ougi Jaanken)

A puzzle game based on rock, paper, scissors. Hands are dropped showing the rock, paper, and scissor signs and are used to remove other hands that have the opposite sign. Its Japanese name is composed of ougi (meaning secret) and jaanken, a play on the word janken (the Japanese name for the game of rock-paper-scissors) but using the characters for evil, dark and fist. However, the furigana reading above the Japanese name is Guu•Choki•Pazuru, which translates to Rock-Scissors-Puzzle.


Ranma ½: White Orchid Serenade (Ranma ½: Byakuran Aika)

A video novel which uses a Rock-Paper-Scissors style battle system. It was released on April 23, 1993 for the Sega Mega-CD and introduces the character Arisa Nanjo (depicted on the cover).


Ranma ½: Battle Renaissance

The only known 3D Ranma ½ video game for the PlayStation, published by RumicSoft. Changing weather conditions change the cursed characters who get soaked in cold or hot water to their cursed forms and affect strategy. This is the only fighting game in which Ryu Kumon and Rouge appear.

Game Boy

Ranma ½

Similar to the Adventures of Lolo, this game featured Ranma pushing and breaking blocks around a maze-like environment. The player could change gender in order to move blocks greater or shorter distances as needed.

Ranma ½: Vehement Melee Chapter (Ranma ½: Netsuretsu Kakutouhen)

An RPG with fighting game elements, this game immerses you in a day in Ranma's life, traveling to various locations in the series and fighting various characters.

Ranma ½: Character Q&A!! (Ranma ½: Kakugeki Mondou!!)

Using a top-down view similar to the first Ranma ½ GameBoy game, this game primary focuses on trivia from the Ranma ½ TV series. The player moves Ranma around town and encounters various characters who ask you questions regarding the series.

PC Engine

Ranma ½

A side-scrolling fighting game similar to Final Fight, the player moves Ranma through various locations. Following the manga story line up to Ranma's second battle with Ryoga, the game also included animated cutscenes.

Ranma ½: The Captive Bride (Ranma ½: Toraware no Hanayome)

Similar to White Orchid Serenade, this game combines video novel elements with text based commands.

Ranma ½: Knockdown, The Founder's Anything-Goes Melee-Style! (Ranma ½: Datou, Ganso Musabetsu Kakutou-ryuu!)

Similar to the first Ranma ½ PC Engine game, this game follows the next major story arc of the Ranma ½ manga.


Ranma ½: Flying Dragon Legend (Ranma ½: Hiryu Densetsu)

A point-and-click adventure for the NEC PC-9800 and MSX personal computers. In this game, the player takes the role of Ranma as he/she interacts with situations and characters via on-screen icons, only occasionally involving combat by using a multiple-option interface.


Fever Ranma 1/2: Hot Springs Athletic Chapter (Fever Ranma 1/2: Onsen Asurechikku Hen)

Released in February 2011 for the pachinko in Japan, Fever Ranma 1/2 has high-quality animations and sound effects with the newer anime style look from "Nightmare! Incense of Spring Sleep".[2]

Sortable Game List

English Title/Translation Japanese Title Developer Publisher Genre Console(s) Initial Release Date
Ranma ½ Ranma ½ Banpresto Banpresto Puzzle (Maze) Game BoyJP 1990/06/28June 28, 1990
Ranma ½ Ranma ½ NCS Masaya Fighting
(Side Scrolling)
PC EngineJP 1990/12/07December 7, 1990
Ranma ½: Battle Renaissance Ranma ½: Battle Renaissance Altelier-Sai Shogakukan Fighting PlayStationJP 1996/12/06December 6, 1996
Ranma ½: The Captive Bride Ranma ½: Toraware no Hanayome NCS Masaya Digital Comic PC EngineJP 1991/12/06December 6, 1991
Ranma ½: Character Q&A!! Ranma ½: Kakugeki Mondou!! Banpresto Banpresto RPG (Quiz) Game BoyJP 1993/08/06August 6, 1993
Fever Ranma ½: Hot Springs Athletic Chapter Fever Ranma ½: Onsen Asurechikku Hen Sankyo Sankyo Arcade PachinkoJP 2011/02February 2011
Ranma ½: Flying Dragon Legend Ranma ½: Hiryu Densetsu Microvision Bothtec Text Adventure PC-98JP
Ranma ½: Hard Battle (Ranma ½: Explosive Brawl Chapter) Ranma ½: Bakuretsu Rantōhen Atelier Double Masaya
Fighting SNESJP NA EU 1992/12/25December 25, 1992
Ranma ½: Hidden Treasure of the Red Cat Gang Ranma ½: Akaneko-dan teki Hihou Rumic Soft Toho Company Ltd. RPG SNESJP 1993/10/22October 22, 1993
Ranma ½: Knockdown, The Founder's Anything-Goes Melee-Style! Ranma ½: Datou, Ganso Musabetsu Kakutou-ryuu! NCS Masaya Fighting
(Side Scrolling)
PC EngineJP 1992/10/02October 2, 1992
Ranma ½: Rock-Scissors-Puzzle Ranma ½: Ougi Jaanken Rumic Soft Rumic Soft Puzzle
1995/07/21July 21, 1995
Street Combat (Ranma ½: Neighborhood Combat Chapter) Ranma ½: Chōnai Gekitōhen NCS
Fighting SNESJP NA 1992/03/27March 27, 1992
Ranma ½: Super-Skill Wild Dance Chapter Ranma ½: Chougi Rambuhen Rumic Soft Toho Company Ltd. Fighting SNESJP 1994/04/28April 28, 1994
Ranma ½: Vehement Melee Chapter Ranma ½: Netsuretsu Kakutouhen Banpresto Banpresto RPG (Fighter) Game BoyJP 1992/07/17July 17, 1992
Ranma ½: White Orchid Serenade Ranma ½: Byakuran Aika NCS Masaya Digital Comic Mega-CDJP 1993/04/23April 23, 1993


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