Psychic Detective Yakumo (心霊探偵 八雲 Shinrei Tantei Yakumo?) is a novel by Manabu Kaminaga published in Nihon Bungeisha with illustrations by Katoh Akatsuki and later in Kadokawa Bunko with cover illustrations by Yasushi Suzuki. The book has been adapted into two manga series, a live-action drama series and a stage play.

Episode list

# Title Original airdate[1] English airdate
1 The Forbidden Room
"akazu no ma" (開かずの間)
October 3, 2010 TBA
After visiting an abandoned building, one of Haruka Ozawa's friends appears to be possessed by a spirit, and another commits suicide. In desperation she turns to Yakumo Saitou, a lackadaisical college student who is rumored to have supernatural abilities. Born with one red eye through which he can communicate with the dead, he agrees to solve Haruka's mystery, for a fee. Haruka remains skeptical, until Yakumo conveys a message to her from her dead twin sister. Yakumo uncovers that the hauntings are a result of a serial killer, who kidnaps Haruka and sets fire to the building to cover up his crimes. Yakumo and Haruka escape the fire, and the killer arrested.
2 The Curse Of The White Fox
"byakko no tatari" (白狐の祟り)
October 10, 2010 TBA
3 The Darkness Of The Tunnel
"tonneru no yami" (トンネルの闇)
October 17, 2010 TBA
Saitou takes up a case regarding the death of a school boy, Haruka also tells him of an experience she had when a friend was driving her home through a tunnel. Saitou begins to believe he can only see spirits but nothing more, and so he cannot help them all the time. Saitou also considers the lives of people around him (especially Haruka's) that he is endangering.
4 Connecting Spirits ~ Possession~
"tamashii o tsunagu mono ~ hyoui ~" (魂をつなぐもの~憑依~)
October 24, 2010 TBA
After stopping to help a stranger, a reporter (the daughter of the chief of police) is possessed by a spirit once he passes away. Haruka is asked by a girl to investigate the death of a schoolgirl named Ayaka. Saitou is asked by Gotou to investigate the possession of the reporter as a plea from the chief. Saitou believes that he was an unwanted child when it is revealed his mother tried to kill him when he was a child, and she fled from the scene when she was spotted. The red pendant he carries around is revealed to be the object he snapped from his mothers neck, and he disgusted with himself and he attempts to throw it into a river. He is stopped by Haruka who talks him out of it and he asks her to hang onto it.
5 Connecting Spirits ~ Rebirth~
"tamashii o tsunagu mono ~ sosei ~" (魂をつなぐもの~蘇生~)
October 31, 2010 TBA
6 Cheap Article
"kakuyasu no bukken" (格安の物件)
November 7, 2010 TBA
7 Connecting Thoughts ~Trap~
"tsunagaru omoi ~ wana ~" (つながる想い~罠~)
November 14, 2010 TBA
8 Connecting Thoughts ~Bonds~
"tsunagaru omoi ~ en ~" (つながる想い~縁~)
November 21, 2010 TBA
Yakumo and Detective Gotou are still missing. Haruka and Ishii look for a way to find them. Meanwhile, the woman with Yakumo's father was seen outside Haruka's apartment. Shunsuke Takeda also appeared and is now attempting to protect Haruka from being killed.
9 Connecting Thoughts ~Light~
"tsunagaru omoi ~ hikari ~" (つながる想い~光~)
November 28, 2010 TBA
Ishii and the daughter of the chief of police found Detective Gotou in the place where the video tape was recorded. After untying Detective Gotou he said that Yakumo's father was going to kill Haruka in front of Yakumo. Haruka called her mother and went to the place where Yakumo's mother was raped. She found Yakumo in there tied and with wounds on his chest. Haruka thought that Yakumo was dead and started crying and said "Don't give up!". Yakumo then replied that Haruka was an airhead. They went out together but the woman with Yakumo's father and Yakumo's father himself appeared, attempting to kill Haruka. Detective Gotou and the others came and revealed that that woman is Nanase Miyuki, the real culprit in the Nanase Quadruple Murder. Yakumo's mother's spirit appeared and helped them. She soon revealed that Shunsuke Takeda is her fiance.
10 End of Despair ~Notice~
"shitsui no hate ni ~ kokuchi ~" (失意の果てに~告知~)
December 5, 2010 TBA
Haruka and Yakumo accompanied Haruka's mother to the train station. She said that will give something to Haruka and Yakumo, but the two did not hear what was on the train because the door was already closed when she talked about what it is. Ishin, Yakumo uncle consulted a doctor because you have a headache. There he met a girl and Nao Nao wheelchaired and became friends with her. Meanwhile, the hunt for the culprit of the murder case of Quadruple Nanase, Miyuki Nanase, ended with her being captured. She believes that Yakumo's father will give you the freedom, once again (as he did when she was young). Ishin The doctor revealed that he only has one year duration of his life. Yakumo was going to borrow the car from his uncle to investigate the ghost that appeared in the hospital when she felt her uncle was acting strangely. Ishin told the truth and did not want Yakumo Not noticing


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