This article is a list of Postman Pat episodes.

Series 1 (1981)

# Original airdate Title
1 - 101 16 September, 1981 "Postman Pat's Finding Day" - Pat calls to the Post Office and today most of the post is for Katy and Tom because it is their birthday. Pat goes to deliver the post to them. Poor Katy is not having a happy birthday because she has lost Sarah-Ann, her doll that she takes everywhere. Pat's round then becomes a search for the missing doll. He comes across a load of other things but not the doll. Will he find Katy's missing doll in order to save the day?
2 - 102 23 September, 1981 "Postman Pat And The Magpie Hen" - Pat stops for a picnic lunch near Thompson Ground halfway through his round. He falls asleep in the warm sunshine. Some hens cause mischief, one takes Pat's sandwiches and the other takes Pat's keys! The Drops the keys into a nest in the tree, Pat climbs up the tree to get his keys back as he was climbing towards them the branch gave way under him and Pat came falling out the tree and landed in the middle of a prickly bush, Dorothy soon comes to see what the commotion is about. Pat and Dorothy then go to get a ladder and Pat climbs up the ladder to find a magpie's nest with some other missing things. Who has ever heard of a magpie hen?
3 - 103 30 September, 1981 "Postman Pat's Birthday" - Pat always thought he had managed to keep the date of his birthday to himself. He tells Jess not to give his secret away. When he arrives at the Post Office, most of the post is for him. As he then goes on his round, everyone he meets knows it's his birthday! How did all those people know?
4 - 104 7 October, 1981 "Pat's Rainy Day" - It was a heavy rainy day in Greendale. Even the letters are wet when Pat goes to the Post Office to collect them. At last, the rain stopped, he goes to deliver his wet letters at the village school, then Peter Fogg shows Pat shows his new tractor with the bulldozer plough, then the church roof is leaking, so Pat must ask Ted to have a look. Later Pat is stopped when a road has to be cleared of a blockage of mud. Bill brings his model plane and Pat ties an SOS message to it and flies it over to Peter, giving him the message to clear the blockage with his tractor and bulldozer plough.
5 - 105 14 October, 1981 "The Sheep In The Clover Field" - It is a cloudy morning, but the sun brightens up, and Pat is having a late day after his van gets stuck in the mud. When he arrives at the Post Office, Mrs Goggins shows him a newspaper article about Major Forbes' bull. Later Ted stops Pat and they have to get some sheep out of a field filled with clovers. Pat and Ted get chased by a bull and Ted thinks he's broken his ankle so Pat goes to fetch Dr Gilbertson from the village, then Dr Gilbertson bandages Ted,s ankle, then Pat takes Dr Gilbertson and Ted home.
6 - 106 21 October, 1981 "Pat's Tractor Express" - Pat calls at the post office to collect a registered letter to the camp site, and a parcel for Granny Dryden. Pat has to help Peter Fogg get some wandering sheep out of Mr. Jackson's Garden, then he delivers Granny Drydn's parcel and orders her to get a new watch, then he deliver some eggs and a registered letter to some campers. The letter is too valuable to leave and the campers are at the waterfall. Pat's van can't travel the bumpy road so Miss Hubbard borrows a tractor and takes him on a rather bumpy ride to the waterfall. When Pat returns to his van, he sees that a hen has got in and laid an egg!
7 - 107 28 October, 1981 "Pat's Thirsty Day" - Greendale has not had any rain for weeks, and its a very hot day today, and the water supply has had to be turned off. When Pat arrives at the Post Office, Mrs. Goggins gives him some lemonade to quench his thirst. Later Granny Dryden shows Pat an old water pump in the village. Can Ted fix it in order to get a water supply working?
8 - 108 4 November, 1981 "Pat's Windy Day" - It's a windy day in Greendale, and Pat finds it hard to steer his van in such a big wind, and Alf Thompson was blown of his feet. A fallen tree blocks the road and Peter goes to borrow a chainsaw from the forestry commission to cut the tree up. When Pat can get on his way again, his van's engine jerks. Pat gets out to have a look at it and the wind blows his hat off into the lake and Pat has lost it! Then he fixes his van, his letters were blown at the village school, so the children catch then. Then Pat helps Granny Dryden to get her washing back, then she shows Pat her scarecrow has got Pat's hat back for him!
9 - 109 11 November, 1981 "Pat's Foggy Day" - There is a thick fog in Greendale. Pat stops at the Post Office to have a cup of tea, and a biscuit. Pat feels silly when he thinks a scarecrow is Ted and gives him a letter. When Pat calls at the church, Jess gets out of the van. Pat soon finds him but they end up completely lost in the fog. When Miss Hubbard arrives at the church to see the Reverend Timms, she suggests that they ring the church bells to guide Pat and Jess back to the church.
10 - 110 18 November, 1981 "Pat's Difficult Day" - Pat's alarm-clock fails to wake him up. Miss Hubbard passing by outside rings her bicycle bell to wake him up. Pat has to rush out to work in a hurry! When he calls at the Post Office, Mrs Goggins has a parcel of some spare parts for Ted and it just falls to bits. Poor Pat just ends up having a day full of disasters where one thing after another goes wrong!
11 - 111 25 November, 1981 "Pat Goes Sledging" - Heavy snow has fallen in Greendale and Peter has to clear the roads with his tractor and bulldozer blade. When Pat calls to see Mrs Pottage, everyone has to help dig the snow away but it eventually becomes so bad that Peter has to turn back. When Pat arrives at Thompson Ground, Pat and Alf go on a sledge to deliver a parcel and some groceries to George at Hill Top Farm.
12 - 112 2 December, 1981 "Letters On Ice" - There is another snowfall has fallen in Greendale, and its a very hard winter. Pat delivers Granny Dryden,s shopping and her letter from her daughter. Pat stops Ted Glens workshop, Ted lends Pat some old skates that belonged to Bert in Australia. When the road is blocked, Pat has to skate over the ice to deliver the post. He finds it difficult to skate on the ice though! Pat stops at the village school, he and Ted went to help Miss Hubbard find her bicycle.
13 - 113 9 December, 1981 "Pat Takes A Message" - It has been wild and windy in Greendale. Pat calls to collect an Australian stamp from the Reverend Timms, who will be visiting London to meet his sister Elsie from Australia. When Pat arrives at the Post Office, Elsie phones Mrs Goggins to say she will come straight to Greendale because her flight is diverted to Manchester, and Pat has to catch up with Reverend with the help of Miss Hubbards bicycle and Teds roller skates. Will Pat be able to stop the Reverend from catching the train to London?

Series 2 and Concurrent Specials: (1991-1996)

  1. Postman Pat Takes The Bus (Special, 1991)
  2. Postman Pat And The Toy Soldiers (Special, 1991)
  3. Postman Pat And The Tuba (Special, 1994)
  4. Postman Pat And The Barometer (Special, 1994)
  5. Postman Pat And The Hole In The Road
  6. Postman Pat And The Suit Of Armour
  7. Postman Pat In A Muddle
  8. Postman Pat Misses The Show
  9. Postman Pat Follows A Trail
  10. Postman Pat Has The Best Village
  11. Postman Pat Paints The Ceiling
  12. Postman Pat Has Too Many Parcels
  13. Postman Pat And The Big Surprise
  14. Postman Pat And The Robot
  15. Postman Pat Takes Flight
  16. Postman Pat And The Beast Of Greendale
  17. Postman Pat And The Mystery Tour

Series 3 and Concurrent Specials: 2003-2004

  1. Postman Pat And The Greendale Rocket (Special)
  2. Postman Pat's Magic Christmas (Special, Aired Last)
  3. Postman Pat And The Runaway Kite
  4. Postman Pat And The Hungry Goat
  5. Postman Pat And The Ice Cream Machine
  6. Postman Pat And The Great Greendale Race
  7. Postman Pat Clowns Around (Special)
  8. Postman Pat And The Jumble Sale
  9. Postman Pat The Magician
  10. Postman Pat And The Spotty Situation
  11. Postman Pat And The Greendale Movie
  12. Postman Pat And The Pirates (Special)
  13. Postman Pat Goes Football Crazy
  14. Postman Pat's Pigeon Post
  15. Postman Pat And A Job Well Done
  16. Postman Pat And The Green Rabbit
  17. Postman Pat And The Big Butterflies
  18. Postman Pat And The Troublesome Train
  19. Postman Pat And The Flying Saucers
  20. Postman Pat At The Seaside
  21. Postman Pat And The Job Swap Day
  22. Postman Pat's Disappearing Dotty
  23. Postman Pat's Popstars
  24. Postman Pat's Great Dinosaur Hunt
  25. Postman Pat And The Spooky Sleepover
  26. Postman Pat And The Midsummer Market
  27. Postman Pat And The Train Inspector
  28. Postman Pat And The Ice Ladder
  29. Postman Pat And The Rocket Rescue
  30. Postman Pat's Perfect Painting

Series 4 and Concurrent Special: 2005

  1. Postman Pat And The Big Balloon Ride
  2. Postman Pat And The Tricky Transport Day
  3. Postman Pat And The Surprise Present
  4. Postman Pat And The Perfect Pizza
  5. Postman Pat And The Spring Dance
  6. Postman Pat And The Thunderstorm
  7. Postman Pat And The Playful Pets
  8. Postman Pat And The Pink Slippers
  9. Postman Pat And The Runaway Train
  10. Postman Pat And The Pet Show
  11. Postman Pat's Wild West Rescue
  12. Postman Pat's Potluck Picnic
  13. Postman Pat's Radio Greendale
  14. Postman Pat The Secret SuperHero
  15. Postman Pat Goes Undercover
  16. Postman Pat And The Bowling Buddies
  17. Postman Pat And The Fancy Dress Party
  18. Postman Pat And The Magic Lamp
  19. Postman Pat And The Sneaky Sheep
  20. Postman Pat's Island Shipwreck
  21. Postman Pat's Pied Piper
  22. Postman Pat And The Grand Custard Race
  23. Postman Pat And The Lucky Escape
  24. Postman Pat And The Record Breaking Day
  25. Postman Pat's Missing Things
  26. Postman Pat And The Flying Post
  27. Postman Pat's Great Big Birthday (Special)

Series 5: 2006

  1. Postman Pat And The Bollywood Dance
  2. Postman Pat And The Stolen Strawberries
  3. Postman Pat And The Pot of Gold
  4. Postman Pat And The Greendale Knights
  5. Postman Pat And The Fantastic Feast
  6. Postman Pat Gets Stuck
  7. Postman Pat And The Incredible Inventions
  8. Postman Pat And The Go-Kart Race
  9. Postman Pat's Pet Rescue
  10. Postman Pat's Pony Post
  11. Postman Pat's Clifftop Adventure
  12. Postman Pat And The Lost Property
  13. Postman Pat And The Talking Cat
  14. Postman Pat And The Hedgehog Hideaway
  15. Postman Pat Never Gives Up
  16. Postman Pat And The Double Disguise
  17. Postman Pat's Cat Calamity
  18. Postman Pat And The Popular Policeman
  19. Postman Pat's Noisy Day
  20. Postman Pat And The Disappearing Bear
  21. Postman Pat And The Cranky Cows
  22. Postman Pat's Big Boat Adventure
  23. Postman Pat's Holiday Hobbies
  24. Postman Pat And The Grumpy Pony
  25. Postman Pat's Fun Run
  26. Postman Pat's Spy Mission
  27. Postman Pat's Ice'Capade
  28. Postman Pat's Christmas Eve

Series 6: 2008

  1. Pat's Special Delivery: A Runaway Cow
  2. Pat's Special Delivery: A Tepee
  3. Pat's Special Delivery: A Wind Machine
  4. Pat's Special Delivery: Crazy Robots
  5. Pat's Special Delivery: Big Balloons
  6. Pat's Special Delivery: A Bouncy Castle
  7. Pat's Special Delivery: Charlie's Telescope
  8. Pat's Special Delivery: Fruit Bats
  9. Pat's Special Delivery: Precious Eggs
  10. Pat's Special Delivery: Naughty Pumpkin
  11. Pat's Special Delivery: A Movie Feast
  12. Pat's Special Delivery: A Speedy Car
  13. Pat's Special Delivery: A Wobbly Piano
  14. Pat's Special Delivery: A Slippery Ice Cube
  15. Pat's Special Delivery: A Magical Jewel
  16. Pat's Special Delivery: A Teddy
  17. Pat's Special Delivery: A Super Magnet
  18. Pat's Special Delivery: A Treehouse
  19. Pat's Special Delivery: Green Rabbit
  20. Pat's Special Delivery: A Surprise
  21. Pat's Special Delivery: Bernie the Parrot
  22. Pat's Special Delivery: Red Rocket
  23. Pat's Special Delivery: A Disco Machine
  24. Pat's Special Delivery: Giant Cake
  25. Pat's Special Delivery: Ice Skates
  26. Pat's Special Delivery: The Flying Christmas Stocking


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