This is a complete episode list for Frederator Studios' cartoon shorts incubator showcase Oh Yeah! Cartoons, on Nickelodeon.

In its full run, the Oh Yeah! half-hour featured and produced over 99 cartoons and 54 characters.

The show was distributed by Nelvana Limited internationally outside of the United States.

"Oh Yeah! Cartoons" shorts

Season 1 (1998- 1999): hosted by various school kids

Prod. No. Segment Creator Original airdate Synopsis Cast Success/Flop
1 "ChalkZone" [who?] [when?]
"Slap T. Pooch in What is Funny?" [who?] [when?]
"Jelly's Day" [who?] [when?]
2 "The F-Tales" [who?] [when?]
"Teddy & Art in: 25-Cent Trouble" [who?] [when?]
"Cat & Milk-Man" [who?] [when?]
3 "Jamal the Funny Frog" [who?] [when?]
"Thatta Boy" [who?] [when?]
"Hobart in: The Weed-keeper" [who?] [when?]
4 "Protecto-5000" [who?] [when?]
"Ask Edward in: All About Babies" [who?] [when?]
"Pete Patrick P.I." [who?] [when?]
5 "Max's Special Problem" [who?] [when?]
"Pizza Boy" [who?] [when?]
"Blotto" [who?] [when?]
6 "Tales from the Goose Lady in: Jack and the Beatstalk" [who?] [when?]
"Twins Crimson and Those Amazing Robots" [who?] [when?]
"Olly & Frank" [who?] [when?]
7 "APEX Cartoon Props & Novelties" [who?] [when?]
"A Cop & His Donut" [who?] [when?]
"Enchanted Adventures" [who?] [when?]
8 "The Fairly Oddparents" [who?] [when?]
"Hobart in: Deep Sea Diva" [who?] [when?]
"Super Santa in: Jingle Bell Justice" [who?] [when?]
9 "Kitty the Hapless Cat" [who?] [when?]
"That's My Pop in: Is There A Dinosaur In The House" [who?] [when?]
"Hubby-kins vs. Sweetie Pie" [who?] [when?]
10 "The Man With No Nose" [who?] [when?]
"Youngstar 3" [who?] [when?]
"Harvey Kurtzman's Hey Look!" [who?] [when?]
11 "ChalkZone in: The Amazin' River" [who?] [when?]
"Tales from the Goose Lady in: Hamsel & Grande" [who?] [when?]
"The Feelers" [who?] [when?]
12 "Max and the Pigeon Incident" [who?] [when?]
"Zoomates" [who?] [when?]
"Microcops" [who?] [when?]
13 "Planet Kate" [who?] [when?]
"Fat Head" [who?] [when?]
"" [who?] [when?]

Season 2 (1999-2000): Ηosted by Kenan Thompson

Prod. No. Segment Creator Original airdate Synopsis Cast Success/Flop
14 "ChalkZone in: Rudy's Date" [who?] [when?]
"Buy One Get One Free" [who?] [when?]
"The Fairly OddParents in: Too Many Timmys" [who?] [when?]
15 "Pizza Boy in BQQ Cook Off" [who?] [when?]
"Freddy Seymoure's Amazing Life" [who?] [when?]
"Jamal the Funny Frog in: His Musical Moment" [who?] [when?]
16 "ChalkZone in: Snap Out of Water" [who?] [when?]
"Godfrey and Zeke in Lost Control" [who?] [when?]
"Mina and the Count in: The Ghoul's Tribunal" [who?] [when?]
17 "The Fairly OddParents in: Where's the Wand?" [who?] [when?]
"Magic Trixie" [who?] [when?] A young girl tries a magic trick with no success, but at a magic show she outshines the magician.
"Tales from the Goose Lady in: The Egg Who Would Be King" [who?] [when?]
18 "ChalkZone in: Secret Passages" [who?] [when?]
"Kid from S.C.H.O.O.L." [who?] [when?]
"Mina and the Count in: The Vampire Who Came to Dinner" [who?] [when?]
19 "The Fairly OddParents in: Party of Three" [who?] [when?]
"The Forgotten Toy Box in: Curse of the Werebaby" [who?] [when?]
"Bold 'n' Woim" [who?] [when?]
20 "ChalkZone in: Chalk Dad" [who?] [when?]
"A Dog & His Boy" [who?] [when?]
"Mina and the Count in: Playing a Hunch" [who?] [when?]
21 "The Fairly OddParents in: The Fairy Flu" [who?] [when?]
"Pizza Boy in Second Dimension" [who?] [when?]
"Tales from the Goose Lady in: The Tortoise and the Hairpiece" [who?] [when?]
22 "ChalkZone in: Chalk Rain" [who?] [when?]
"The Dan Danger Show" [who?] [when?]
"Mina and the Count in: My Best Friend" [who?] [when?]
23 "The Fairly OddParents in: The Temp" [who?] [when?]
"Herb" [who?] [when?]
"Jamal the Funny Frog in: Milk Dreams" [who?] [when?]
24 "Jelly's Day in: Auntie Broth's Makeover" [who?] [when?]
"Terry & Chris" [who?] [when?]
"Mina and the Count in: Frankenfrog" [who?] [when?]
25 "The Fairly OddParents in: The Zappys" [who?] [when?]
"Let's Talk Turkey" [who?] [when?]
"Tales from the Goose Lady in: The Three Bears and the Blonde" [who?] [when?]
26 "ChalkZone in: Rapunzel" [who?] [when?]
"Zoey's Zoo" [who?] [when?]
"My Neighbor was a Teenage Robot" [who?] [when?]

Season 3 (2000-2001): hosted by Josh Server

Prod. No. Segment Creator Original airdate Synopsis Cast Success/Flop
27 "The Dan Danger Show in: 900% Danger" [who?] [when?]
"The Tantrum*" [who?] [when?]
"Super Santa in: DoomDay-2000" [who?] [when?]
28 "Super Santa in:" [who?] [when?]
"Sick & Tired in: Bug Bite" [who?] [when?]
"Tales from the Goose Lady in: The Ugly Duck-Thing" [who?] [when?]
29 "The Fairly OddParents in: Scout's Honor" [who?] [when?]
"Skippy Spankerton in: Hot Tamale Monster Movie Madness" [who?] [when?]
"My Life as a Teenage Robot in Bunnman" [who?] [when?]
30 "" [who?] [when?]
"Elise Mere Mortal" [who?] [when?]
"Fuzzy Bunny Presents: A Kid's Life (Picture Perfect)" [who?] [when?]
31 "The Dan Danger Show in: A Lighter Shade of Danger" [who?] [when?]
"Kameleon Kid" [who?] [when?]
"Jamal the Funny Frog in: Camping" [who?] [when?]
32 "Fairly Odd Parents in: The Really Bad Day" [who?] [when?]
"Baxter & Bananas in: Monkey See, Monkey Don't?" [who?] [when?]
"Tales from the Goose Lady in: A Fisherman, A Fisherman's Wife, and a Fish" [who?] [when?]
33 "Pizza Boy in Big Pie Ever" [who?] [when?]
"The Sempreni Triplets" [who?] [when?]
"Moville Mysteries" [who?] [when?]
34 "" [who?] [when?]
"" [who?] [when?]
"" [who?] [when?]
35 "" [who?] [when?]
"" [who?] [when?]
"" [who?] [when?]
36 "" [who?] [when?]
"" [who?] [when?]
"" [who?] [when?]
37 "" [who?] [when?]
"" [who?] [when?]
"" [who?] [when?]
38 "" [who?] [when?]
"" [who?] [when?]
"" [who?] [when?]
39 "" [who?] [when?]
"" [who?] [when?]
"" [who?] [when?]

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