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The episodes of the Japanese anime series Monochrome Factor are directed by Yuu Kou, produced by Genco, and animated by A.C.G.T. The anime is an adaptation of Kaili Sorano's manga of the same name, which is currently serialized in the manga magazine, Comic Blade Avarus.[1] The story revolves around high school student Akira Nikaido, who, upon meeting a mysterious man named Shirogane, must become a "shin", or creature of the shadow world, in order to restore balance between the human and shadow worlds.

The anime premiered on the Japanese television network TV Tokyo on April 7, 2008. It broadcast a total of twenty-four episodes, with the last of which airing on September 29, 2008.[2] Though the episodes aired on TV Tokyo first, the series also aired on other networks such as AT-X and TV Osaka within days of the original broadcast. Shochiku distributed the episodes over a span of eight DVD volumes, with each compilation containing three episodes.[3] The first volume was released on August 8, 2008,[4] and the eighth was released on March 13, 2009.[5]

Three pieces of theme music are used for the episodes: one opening theme and two ending themes. The opening theme is "Metamorphose" which is performed by Asriel and written by Kokomi. The ending themes are "Awake ~my everything~" (AWAKE 〜僕のすべて〜 Awake ~boku no subete~?) by Daisuke Ono and Hiroshi Kamiya, and "Kakuse ~Dark and Light~" (Kakuse 〜Dark and Light〜?) by Junichi Suwabe and Katsuyuki Konishi.[6] Both ending themes are written by Yumi Matsuzawa, and the four performing artists are also voice actors for the series. Asriel released a single for "Metamorphose" on April 23, 2008.[7] The singles for "Awake ~my everything~" and "Kakuse ~Dark and Light~" were released on May 28 and August 27 of 2008, respectively.[8][9]

Episode list

# Title Original air date
01 Silver Shadow
"Giniro no kage" (銀色の影)
April 7, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Akira Nikaido is an easygoing student whose life is about to change after a weird encounter with a strange man who knew Akira’s name. The man, who introduces himself as Shirogane, did not possess a shadow and explains that this is because he is a shadow himself. Shirogane then disappears which made Akira think it was a ghost. Later that night, Akira was forcefully dragged by Kengo and 'enjoy' the night by going to an arcade building. There, they saved a helpless child named Haruka and his old butler from bullies. After the short bout, Aya, the school prefect, found them and was 'very' much angered since the 2 were still outside at night and chased them outside. Cornered, they were about to get 'killed' by Aya's wooden stick, used in Kendo, when she asked for a favor. Accompany her to their school to get what she forgot. They did went there and after getting the dragon plushie, which Aya claims she cannot sleep without it, they started walking outside – only to be attacked by shadow monsters who had scythe-like blades in their arms. Out of fright, Aya beat up Kengo till he got knocked out (mistaking him for a ghost - Aya is afraid of ghost)and she fainted when her plushies head got severed by the shadows' blade. Desperate, Akira tried to ward the shadows away with Aya's kendo sword but it was destroyed by the enemy. Shirogane appears out of nowhere to lend his aid by creating a barrier that protected them all. Akira, thought that he might have been the one who summoned the shadows, which we learned are called "Kokuchi" but Shirogane said no. Confused and not wanting to fight the kokuchi as per Shirogane's suggestion, Akira left the barrier, only to sink and lost his doppleganger self - meaninf he lost his shadow and is now shadowless. Shirogane saved him and offers him one last time if Akira does not want to die there. Reluctantly, he agreed and Shirogane then made a contract by kissing Akira - giving him dark powers, thus, transforming Akira into a Shin like himself. The fight continued until morning. Akira then asked Shirogane how to turn back to being a human, when the latter said he can no longer be a human since he became a Shin or Shadow. Normal people cannot see him, much to Akira's chagrin. But then Shirogane disappeared and Akira returned to his normal self, wearing the same clothes he was wearing before the Kokuchi's attack. Aya and Kengo ran up to him and started talking to him, which Akira thought they cannot see him. He then messes his hair out of frustration.
02 A Scar's Shadow
"Kizuato no kage" (傷痕の影)
April 14, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Akira, lying on his bed, is thinking if everything that happened last night was a dream, especially the kiss and when he turns to his right side, he saw Shirogane lying beside him, which made him jump and fall on the floor. Shirogane then confirms to him that it was not a dream, and made advances on him. Akira demands an explanation but Shirogane tells him little and asks him to trust him on this. Akira decides he still doesn't trust Shirogane completely but accepts his explanation for now. While at school, Shirogane flirts with Akira by blowing softly in his right ear, much to Akira's embarassment and yelled at him, forgeting the fact that Shirogane cannot be seen by normal people. After awhile, a Kokuchi appears and broke the window glasses. In order to save his classmates, Shirogane releases himself from Akira, thus, Akira became a Shin again and jumped off from the fifth floor, with Akira saying they might die from jumping to such a high place but Shirogane dismisses it and lands perfectly on the ground. The plan was for Akira to distract the enemy, while Shirogane closes the hole from which the Kokuchis came from. Akira was about to get stabbed when Shirogane saved him (after sealing the darkness hole) but got a deep bite (with the fangs left on his upper right back) from the Kokuchi before finishing it completely. Shirogane then takes Akira to a bar named 'Bar Still" to meet the Master, a blind bartender (but can sense Shin and Kokuchis presence) in possession of very strong psychic abilities. The Master heals both of them and discloses useful information regarding the Doppler item thereby allowing Akira to regain his human form without Shirogane being his shadow, thus freeing him from Shirogane's constant flirting.
03 The Invading Shadow
"Shinshoku suru kage" (侵食する影)
April 21, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Akira and Shirogane started hanging out in the 'Bar Still' when Kengo's older sister, Mayu came and spots Akira, to whom she said has become more handsome and wants to play with him like they use to do when they were kids, much to Shirogane's distress. Shirogane tells him to leave and Mayu saw Shirogane's back and thinks he is hot and asks Master who he is. Outside, Shirogane tells Akira that Mayu has a strong ESP sense and may have seen him. Aya then came, passing by with groceries, and saw Akira outside the bar, saying that it is illegal for an underage to drink unless they are 18 years old and then chases after Akira with hailing eggs, one of them manage to hit Shirogane's chest, to his suprise. After getting drunk, Mayu tells Master that in the place where she works, all she see where old men, no one of the younger age and handsome. That is why she always go straight to the bar just to see Masters' face. Mayu has an attraction to good-looking guys (like Akira and later, Shirogane). After completely wasting herself drunk, Mayu staggers to get home, mumbling her unluckiness to find and be with young and handsome men, when she saw 2 blue orbs that seem to be floating. Rubbing her eyes to see clearly, she looked again but it was gone but was suprise to hear a man's voice behind her, a blue-haired guy and told her that he will help her. Due to the darkness in heart for not meeting handsome guys, it lead to her being possessed by a Kokuchi parasite. Akira dropped by at Kengo's place, with the latter being happy bcoz friends rarely visit him. When he returned to his room (he went to get snacks), he saw the other game controller (at that time, Akira was playing a video game with Shirogane) floating, and saw that Akira was playing a 2-player fighting game and asked him about that. Akira dismissed it and changed the subject while eating the cake which Kengo brought with him. Kengo was about to eat his share as well when his cake has been stolen by Shirogane, again with the floating fork and saucer on Kengo's back and Akira sees this, and tries to distract Kengo. The doorbell rang and Kengo went up to get it but saw his sister, already possessed by the Kokuchi parasite. When Mayu acts strangely, she went first to Shirogane but he disappeared, leaving Kengo and Akira and she went straight for the latter one, knocking Kengo out of the way (twice) while sprouting how handsome Akira is and that they will do something nice together. Akira notices Mayu's strange behaviour but Kengo explains that she is always like this when she drunk too much. In order to escape her, Akira and Kengo went out of the room and closed the door but Mayu just punched a hole in the middle, then completely destroying the door with ease. Panicked, Kengo thinks that her sister may have been possessed by a spirit since she has a spirit mediums body and went to get a salt used in exorcism, asking Akira to keep his sister busy. Not knowing what to do, Akira runs downstairs and asked Shirogane what is happening. Shirogane explains that she was possessed, not a spirit but a Kokuchi parasite since she has darkness in her heart. Kengo appears with the salt and Akira immediately uses it on Shirogane, with the latter saying he is not a bad spirit. Kengo sprinkles the salt to his sister but had little effect, and in retaliation, Mayu grabs for Kengo and flings him against the wall. Akira tries to talk some sense to Mayu while she strangles her little brother, who finally lose consciousness. Mayu then said no one is going to interfere and starts to advance towards Akira. No other choice, Akira changes to a Shin and tries to make her realized what has happened but Shirogane thinks it is useless since the parasite is nearly one with the host. Not about to give up, Akira wakes up Kengo and asked him to make Mayu recover her human memories, but Kengo brought one memory that just made Mayu more angry. She then unleashed a sea of darkness with the 2 having a hard time to stay afloat. Thinking that Akira might die, Shirogane decided to kill Mayu, much to Akira's protest. Shirogane launched himself for an attack and Kengo saw this, and calls at his sister one last time. Mayu regained her own self and saw Shirogane about to attack her, and she had a nose bleed due to extreme hotness that she saw and finally the parasite left her body and Akira finished it. Kengo then pesters Akira about becoming his sidekick but Mayu wakes up and was happy to see 2 hot men (Akira and Shirogane) were there and managed to grab Akira, much to his dismay and annoyance.
04 A Blade's Shadow
"Tsurugi no kage" (剣の影)
April 28, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
As Akira explains to Kengo about the Kokuchi and Shirogane, Aya appears and forces them to watch her kendo lesson as punishment for skipping class. During the lesson, they meet Aya's teacher, Hiroki Tsukikage who is a hard core Japanese who values honor above anything else. Hiroki continues to give lecture and asked Aya to trained with him to see how to hold a sword properly. They were dressed with the protective coverings and the training commensed, with the 2 watching and also Shirogane, but later Aya lost to her much more experienced sempai. Before going home, she was told that they will have an Iai training (using of a real sword - in this case, a katana to train) the next day and so to prepare, and Aya responds animatedly. He also noticed that Akira's button was placed incorrectly and was about to straighten it out when Akira dismisses that hand away (he actually flicked it away). Before he could retort a bad remark, Aya covered his mouth. Her sempai left and Akira is already losing his breath when Aya decides to let him go. Later, Tsukikage finds himself surrounded by the corruption in Japan's streets (like the 3 female junior high school students who were sitting outside a convenience store and were laughing and belittle him when he told them to go home or the prostitutes calling out to him to spend a good night), and so he went to a nearby park to release his frustration on those situations when the guy with the blue haired appeared and is soon possessed by a Kokuchi parasite. The following day, news of a Sword-Killer spreads. He actually did not kill the victims but they suffered injuries that they had to sent to a hospital. The victims were actually the people whom Tsukikage saw the other night and considered them not having any honor at all. Aya, waited for her sempai whom scheduled an Iai training with her, again with Akira and Kengo but he did not show up. The 2 went home seperately, Aya then Akira and Kengo. Meanwhile, Mayu staggers to get home while being drunk and mumbling again about handsome guys when the stranger who attacks people appeared in front of her and noticed that she is wearing a clothing that showed her navel, which he considered offensive. He then attacked Mayu. While walking home, Aya wonders about the wandering stranger who attacks people when she heard Mayu's scream. She rushed to that direction and saw that a man is about to hurt Mayu with a katana sword but deflected it with her own sword. She asked Mayu to run but the latter realized she got a sprained ankle and thus, cannot even stand up. The duo (Akira and Kengo) also arrived at the place and decided to intervene. Aya is now faced with the Sword-Killer, who turns out to be Tsukikage. As Akira and Kengo try to defeat the Kokuchi, Aya awakens her latent powers and defeats it herself. Afterwards, Shirogane persuades Akira into having comrades, as they are a necessity to him. Akira then agreed, seeing that Aya is very promising in terms of fighting and accepted her as a comrade-in-arms but Kengo also insists he also be accepted which Akira dismisses and ignores him.
05 Shadow's Back
"Senaka no kage" (背中の影)
May 12, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
They were in 'Bar Still' and were talking with Aya when Kengo appeared and demands why Aya is in and he is not. Annoyed, Akira pointed out to Kengo that he cannot bring someone who is a nuisance and useless in battle. Angry that Akira refuses to let him be his ally, Kengo walks away from the situation and fights with a couple of upperclassmen, saving Haruka in the process (who is being bullied again and wants his money - again). Later, they left Kengo get soaked in the rain because, as Haruka explained, they were times that someone wants to be just be left alone and let the rain fall on them. Meanwhile, on a grassfield near a river bank, Akira lies on the grass and Aya tries to persuade him to apologize since Kengo is always there for him, even if Akira is a stuck up bastard at times, heck, even when they were kids and Akira will get in a battle, Kengo appears and helps him out. Meanwhile, while getting soaked in the rain with the beat-up bullies, Kengo reflects on the situation when the blue haired guy appeared and sent, not 1 but 3 kokuchis to enter Kengo. Later, the very same blue haired man with the eyepatch appears and introduces himself as Nanaya. He then leaves a Kokuchi-possessed Kengo to fight Akira, while Nanaya's subordinate, Ruru (by the way, she calls Nanaya as Nana-chan), appeared and taunts Aya, mainly she is a gorilla and a breast-less girl. Ruru reveals that Shirogane (she called him Shirogane-sama) is a direct descendant of the Royal Shin, to which Shirogane responses as the position of keeping both worlds (the light world - where Akira is and the Shadow world - the place where Shirogane came from) in balance. Before the fight ended, Ruru left saying she does not intend to fight. After beating the 3 Kokuchi out of Kengo, Akira reveals that he doesn't want to drag Kengo into fighting Kokuchi and risk him getting hurt, but is persuaded by Kengo otherwise. Akira then 'looked' in Shirogane's inside coat by searching with his right hand (he is facing Shirogane's back), which we see a blushing Shirogane commenting that they should not do it in a public place and an equally blushing Aya, Akira handed Kengo the Al Cesta glove, and finally accepts him as his ally.
06 A Rose's Shadow
"Bara no Kage" (薔薇の影)
May 19, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Akira, Kengo, and Aya are invited to Haruka Kujou's house, where they learn the secrets of the Kujou family. The previous head of the Kujou house, Shinnosuke Kujou, had experimented with devilish experiments and rituals. The group is then attacked by two sealed servants of the Kujou house, Kyou and Rin, who had escaped by manipulating Kengo. Akira and Aya fight the two, during which Aya reacts to her Kuresame, giving her samurai armor and a katana for use. Akira, Aya, and Shirogane successfully exorcise the two after hearing their history, in which they were involved with Shinnosuke Kujou's evil rituals. However, Nanaya had saved them from pain by possessing them with Kokuchi. After, Haruka befriends Akira, giving Akira another friend besides Kengo, who is, comedically, still tied up in the Kujou house's basement.
07 Shadow's Beauty
"Bishin no kage" (美神の影)
May 26, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Bar Still receives a new employee: Shou Mikami. Both Aya and Mayu apparently fall in love with him. A day later, Shou and Mayu go out on a date. At the end of the date, Shou appears where Akira likes to be alone, but can't anymore thanks to Shirogane. Shou then reveals a devastating secret: his name is actually Shouko Mikami, and that he is actually a woman. Finding the courage to tell Mayu within Akira, Shou tries to confess his secret to Mayu the next day, but she misinterprets this [thanks to Aya] as a proposal. Later, Mayu is heartbroken when she finds out the truth. Melancholic, Shou is possessed by a Kokuchi, and attacks Mayu. However, she is saved by Akira and the others. In the end, Shou decides to admire Aya, who she strangely finds very manly.
08 Shadow of the sandman
"Saō no kage" (沙翁(さおう)の影)
June 2, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
While watching a rehearsal for the acting club, two members of the Saou Boys Club ask Akira to play the part of Hamlet in their next play. Reluctant at first, Akira eventually agrees to play Hamlet. However, during the course of rehearsal, many accidents occur that threaten Akira's life. One of the Saou Boys Members, Sawaguchi (a woman who acts as the director) volunteers to play the role of Hamlet. However, Maki (a talented actor who wanted Akira to play Hamlet) will only allow Akira to play Hamlet. Sawaguchi, hurt by this fact, is possessed by a Kokuchi. After she is saved by Akira and the others, Maki and Sawaguchi express their love for each other and make the play a huge success.
09 Shadow of the Cottage of Forgotten Laughter
"Shōbōtei no kage" (笑忘亭(しょうぼうてい)の影)
June 9, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
On the request of Haruka, Akira and co. head to a strange mansion to help Yuriko whose parents have disappeared and to help her find a jade baby. After, resting in the hot springs, Nanaya shows up and traps them with an army of Kokuchi. Yuriko's parents are discovered to have been swallowed up by the shadows. But, before they were swallowed they entrusted their wishes in a statue that saves Akira and co. The mansion is destroyed, however, Yuriko finally makes peace with her parents after finding the jade baby inside the statue.
10 Shadow's Illusion
"Kyozō no kage" (虚像の影)
June 16, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
A popular idol named Jun Fujisaki enrolls into Akira's school due to an 'incident'. Apparently, he knows Akira because they were friends back during their first year. He had asked Akira to join him in his career. However, Akira declined saying he preferred his life now. Jun admits to Akira that the incident that had occurred was a fraud. The incident involved Jun beating a man. However, Jun was forced to hit the man due to self-protection. The press and the society views Jun as a snobbish and not-so-good person, which causes him create anger inside of him. This anger interests Nanaya and he merges a Kokuchi and Jun Akira, Kengo, Shirogane, and Aya have to fight against Jun to save him.
11 Impatient Shadow
"Shōsō suru kage" (焦燥する影)
June 23, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Shirogane has a weird dream and gets sick. With him becoming sick, the team delays their plans on how to beat Nanaya and lets him rest for a while. However, Nanaya, enraged that his boss has given up hope on him, kidnaps Kengo and Aya in order to lure our Shirogane. With Shirogane in bed, Akira sets out to save his friends, but he is almost killed by Nanaya. Shirogane comes and saves Akira and collapses. Nanaya, seeing the his chance to take Shirogane, captures Shirogane and takes him away. Akira stares into darkness, angry that he couldn't save Shirogane.
12 Annihilating Shadow
"Shōmetsu suru kage" (消滅する影)
June 30, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Determinded to save Shirogane the team heads out to take him back. At the same time, Shirogane is being tortured but isn't showing any signs of weakness. Akira and Co. then arrives and during the fight with Nanaya Akira gains a new weapon and stronger power.
13 The Light people's shadow
"Hikaribito no kage" (光人の影)
July 7, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Akira and Co. heads out to find Kengo and Akira's friend, Kouni. But he finds them first and peeks under Aya's skirt. A few minutes later Kouni is challenged to a fight by three strong-looking guys. However, Kou is so fast that they barely can see his movements he defeats them easily. Later that day Shirogane sneaks out when Akira has fallen asleep and meets up with Kouni, apparently they know each other. Akira surprises them by coming just a few minutes later and after a fight with simple kokuchi's, the whole team gathers, Kouni says he will serve Akira, his king.
14 Dangerous Shadow
"Kiken na Kage" (危険な影)
July 14, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The next "work" for Kouni is to separate a Mafian's son from his girlfriend who is Kengo's sister. The problem starts with a broken-heart so, the kokuchi appear...
15 Healing Shadow
"Jinjutsu no Kage" (仁術の影)
July 28, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Aya is told to investigate the 5 mysteries in the High School, so (as she is afraid of ghosts) Akira, Kengo and Shirogane helped her. All those mysteries prove to be false, but after they thought it's all done, Maya falls sick and goes to a doctor. The doctor is deeply unsatisfied with his current position, being in a high school and in a university treating mild sickness. He is possessed by Kokuchi.
16 Portrait of a Shadow
"Shōzō no kage" (肖像の影)
August 4, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
All pictures have their meanings... One picture made by Momiji reflected Akira in his Shadow form fighting against Kokuchi, when they started to investigate the artist, they found that the artist was actually called Momiji, a great grandchild of a great artist. The artist had drawn the potrait of Haruka's grandfather several decades ago when he was small, which looked identical to Haruka. The artist is now old and unable to draw, his vengeance causing him to be possessed by Kokuchi.
17 W of Shadow
"W no kage" (W の影)
August 11, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Aya and Kengo each requests Akira’s help with the tennis and boxing club. Akira has no interest and ignores their invitation, but is threatened with an embarrassing secret from his past and reluctantly accepts. Akira is made to do club activities from his usual going home routine. However, the tennis and boxing match are on the same day. Both the Boxing and tennis team captains then struggle for Akira. Ruru arrives with Kokuchi and possesses the opposing sides. Akira, feeling like a pawn, fights all of the Kokuchi single-handedly. At the end, Akira completes all of the challenges issued.
18 Shadow's Date
"Ōse no kage" (逢瀬 の影)
August 18, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Shirogane and Akira argue. The next day Shirogane is on a date with Ruru at the same time Kengo has one. Akira gets dragged along by Aya and Kou to spy on Kengo's date. Akira spots Shirogane and Ruru on a date. Akira gets mad (jealous in his heart) and goes to see what's going on between Shirogane and Ruru. Shirogane explains (again) where his loyalties lie.
19 Shadow's Paradise
"Rakuen no Kage" (楽園の影)
August 25, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Haruka takes the rest to his family's deserted island to talk about the Kokuchi and make a strategy, but in the middle of the night, Kengo is attacked... who is the culprit?
20 Shadow's Dedication
"Kenshin no Kage" (献身の影)
September 1, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Akira and co. are enlisted by Haruka and Hikojurou to help a butler who is about to be fired. They attend a butler audition, but the plan proves to be a failure as the young mistress is enjoying herself. On the final task, the butler sees Akira with the mistress's handkerchief and gets jealous. He gets possessed by the Kokuchi, but it gets defeated easily. The butler and the mistress then make up.
21 Shadow of the White Horse
"Hakuba no kage" (白馬の影)
September 8, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Kou got back and opened his door, looked at his fish when he someone was in his house. A prince from a small place in Europe comes to visit Kou, with the excuse that he misses Kou. The truth is, he was being assassinated. Kou brought him to Master's bar where he called out the others to meet him. Mayu barged in announcing that she has found another 'ikemen' besides Shirogane. Shirogane kept annoying Akira by asking if he was more beautiful than Prince Andrew, who was then given the nickname 'An-chan' by Kengo. Said prince followed Akira and co. to school to experience how it is like to be in a school (the prince has a tutor who comes to his palace to educate him, thus, he has no idea what a school looks like). He was instantly surrounded by love-stiken girls and started asking him questions but he looked uncomfortable when one of the them complimented his beauty. Haruka invited the whole gang to his house and an assassin missed his shot, the bullet went into one of the pillars, and in turn was captured by Kou (he chased after him). He points out that it was An-chan himself who hired the assassin because he wanted to frame his younger brother, who turns out that he actually admires and adores Andrew. Andrew ran away from them and ended up in a forest where he got possessed by the Kokuchi, called forth by Ruru, commenting that she finally saw a human with darkness in his heart. It got defeated quite fast after being awakened by Kou's words(and a few punches from the others of course). When Andrew woke up, he saw his horse standing next to him and the so much rumoured younger brother, George, turned out to be not so flattering. Shirogane pointed out that the prince's country has a different views of handsome people. George and Andrew went back with their own horses, Andrew being the Prince of the White Horse. Andrew asked Kou one last time if he will consider the offer he made, but Kou stood by his decision and the brothers finally left.
22 The Betraying Shadow
"Haishin no kage" (背信の影)
September 15, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The openings to the darkness which were sealed by Shirogane opens up causing a weird thundering red-sky phenomenan. Kou is shocked by the numbers of Kokuchi's at his area. Haruka appeared and tells Kou he suspects that there's a spy among them. Akira, Kengo and Aya ran to Kou-nii during the attacks in their school. Kou tells Haruka to repeat what was in his mind and at the end of the sentence, Shirogane appears with his usual flirty smile. They fells betrayed Kou and Shirogane fights because Haruka says that Shirogane's the spy and told out the evidence. Ruru saves Shirogane confessing that their plan is revealed. Shirogane denies it and brought Akira up to an abandoned building. He whispered something in his ears, standing really close and intimate. Kou comes in and dived from a few floors with Shirogane. He sacrified himself to kill Shirogane.
23 The Shadow of Truth
"Shinsō no kage" (真相の影)
September 22, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Akira holds Shirogane's cane while the three of them sat at the back of Mayu's car with Master beside her, heading to Haruka's mansion. Akira is silent along the ride (while Aya and Kengo cannot belive what happened - that Shirogane was a spy an that he and Kou are now dead) and tells Master to stay away from the house with Mayu so that they'll be safe. Master tells them that if someone needed healing, just come to him. Opening the huge door, two possessed (by Kokuchi) maids greeted them and brought them to the living room where they meet a seating Ushi-sama and Ruru at his left side. Ruru calls some Kokuchi and another huge one to kill off Akira and co. Aya and Kengo asked Akira why he is not changing to a Shin but Akira only answered that his current form is enough to defeat the enemies. Akira then baits the huge Kokuchi nearer to Ushi-sama and Ruru while Kengo and Aya kill the smaller ones. Akira aims Shirogane's stick at the Kokuchi's throat and succeeds, it fell on top of Ushi-sama's seat. After the smoke cleared, Ruru carries Ushi-sama (bridal style) and appears safe. Turns out that Haruka is Ushi-sama, not his grandfather as they all thought it would be. Haruka then encourages Akira to transform and so he threw his Doppleganger doll at Haruka, then Shirogane appears(he became Akira's shadow all along). Shirogane commented that it has been awhile that he became Akira's shadow. It was revealed that when Shirogane and Akira were fighting inside the building, he asked Akira for a favor and said that he knows who the spy is and this said spy is trying to frame him up and to trust him for one last time. He said he knew Shirogane did not lie to him, his eyes tell the truth. And so Akira agreed and Kou appeared and binded Shirogane and made it look like he killed him, at the risk of his own life by using a a very white, blinding light followed by an explosion. Haruka then asked where onii-chan is and then Kou is seen leaning on the door frame and approached him. Haruka runs away with Ruru, leaving a group of possessed maids with weapons. Kou tells them all to leave this to him and Akira and co. chase after Haruka. Before leaving, Aya said to Kou that she will never forget him and all his harassment moves to her (she said this in a playful tone), to which the maids all looked at him angrily, much to Kou's distress.
24 The Shadow of the King
"Ō no kage" (王の影)
September 29, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Shirogane dies <-- No, He is not dead, is only back in the Shadow World;; After finding out that Haruka is actually Ushi-sama, they followed him into Mt. Fuji. Aya and Kengo seperate with Akira and Shirogane respectively to deal with any blockages. That doesn't exclude Shirogane himself after an attack from the possessed butler. When Akira found Haruka, he told him everything causing the King of Darkness himself to appear, capturing Haruka. Shirogane came to the rescue but in the end it was Akira who, turned into his Rei form last minute, saved Haruka who cried to be with his nakama. The others who appeared to be safe reached Akira, Shirogane and Haruka with Mayu and Master. Shirogane was then given back his Darkness powers, that he first gave to Akira, the same way like he did and dissapeared back into the Shadow world, according to Master. Even though Master was not sure if he'd be safe back there ot not. Life went back to normal after that and Akira was more than happy to lead his boring life, again.


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