This is the list of episodes of the Japanese anime television series Mobile Suit Gundam (機動戦士ガンダム Kidō Senshi Gandamu?, lit. Mobile Soldier Gundam). Created and directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino, Mobile Suit Gundam was produced by Nagoya Broadcasting Network, Sotsu Agency, and Sunrise.[1] The English adaptation of the anime is licensed by Bandai Entertainment.[2]

The series premiered in Japan on Nagoya Broadcasting Network between April 7, 1979 and January 26, 1980, spanning 43 episodes.[1] The English adaptation premiered in the United States on Cartoon Network's Toonami programing block between July 23, 2001 and September 12, 2001 when it was removed due to the September 11th Attacks.[3] Episode 38 was skipped due to the attacks, and the show removed after Episode 39. The final episode did premier on Toonami's "New Year's Evil" special presentation. Animax Asia also broadcast the English adaptation across Southeast Asia and South Asia.[1] The 15th episode - Cucuruz Doan's Island never aired in English.

Two pieces of theme music by Koh Ikeda are used for the episodes, one opening theme and one closing theme. The opening theme is "Fly! Gundam" (Tobe! Gundam), and the closing theme is "Forever Amuro" (Eien ni Amuro).[1]


#/English# Title Director Writer Original airdate English airdate
01/01 Gundam Rising
"Gandamu Daichi ni Tatsu!!" (ガンダム大地に立つ!!)
April 7, 1979 July 23, 2001
Civilian Amuro Ray is forced to pilot a prototype Federation mobile suit when enemy Zeon mobile suits attack his home space colony
02/02 Destroy Gundam!
"Gandamu Hakai Meirei" (ガンダム破壊命令)
April 14, 1979 July 24, 2001
In order to evacuate Side Seven, Amuro Ray and the Gundam duel Char Aznable and his custom Zaku out in space.
03/03 Vote to Attack
"Teki no Hokyūkan o Tatake!" (敵の補給艦を叩け!)
April 21, 1979 July 25, 2001
In order to improve their chances of eluding Char Aznable's pursuit of White Base, the crew has to vote whether to attack a Zeon supply ship or not.
04/04 Escape From Luna II
"Runa Tsū Dasshutsu Sakusen" (ルナツー脱出作戦)
April 28, 1979 July 26, 2001
After arriving at a Federation asteroid military base, the White Base is confiscated and its crew are arrested for violating military protocol by allowing civilians to use top secret government property.
05/05 Re-Entry to Earth
"Taikiken Totsunyū" (大気圏突入)
May 5, 1979 July 27, 2001
Bright Noa is instructed to take the White Base to a military base on Earth, but first they have to take on Char Aznable's forces near the atmospheric entry point.
06/06 Garma Strikes
"Garuma Shutsugeki Su" (ガルマ出撃す)
May 12, 1979 July 30, 2001
White Base arrives on Zeon territory due to Char Aznable's strategy; Garma Zabi, eager to impress his sister Kycilia and his friend Char, decides to attack White Base.
07/07 The Core Fighter's Escape
"Koa Faitā Dasshutsu Seyo" (コアファイター脱出せよ)
May 18, 1979 July 31, 2001
Amuro attempts to contact Federation forces by flying back into space with the Core Fighter.
08/08 Winds of War
"Senjō wa Kōya" (戦場は荒野)
May 26, 1979 August 1, 2001
A cease fire is declared between Zeon and Federation forces when the refugees aboard White Base decide to jump ship.
09/09 Fly! Gundam
"Tobe! Gandamu" (翔べ!ガンダム)
June 2, 1979 August 2, 2001
Amuro feels unwilling to pilot the Gundam anymore, while Garma Zabi is planning to personally lead an attack on White Base.
10/10 Garma's Fate
"Garuma Chiru" (ガルマ散る)
June 9, 1979 August 3, 2001
Garma's task force consisting of Gaws pursue White Base to the now ruined city of New Yark.
11/11 Icelina- Love's Remains
"Iserina, Koi no Ato" (イセリナ,恋のあと)
June 16, 1979 August 6, 2001
Icelina Esconbach asks a Zeon officer to lead a special mission to destroy White Base, responsible for the death of her boyfriend Garma.
12/12 The Threat of Zeon
"Jion no Kyōi" (ジオンの脅威)
June 23, 1979 August 7, 2001
Gihren Zabi uses the death of his brother Garma as a rallying point for the Zeon cause while a new task force led by Ramba Ral and his Gouf mobile suit pursue White Base.
13/13 Coming Home
"Saikai, Haha yo" (再会,母よ)
June 30, 1979 August 8, 2001
Amuro Ray is reunited with his mother Kamaria when the crew of White Base coincidentally decides to rest near the place where he was born.
14/14 Time, Be Still
"Jikan yo, Tomare" (時間よ,とまれ)
July 6, 1979 August 9, 2001
Time is running out for Amuro when a small squadron of Zeon soldiers in hovering bikes plant time bombs all over the Gundam's frame.
15/NA Cucuruz Doan's Island
"Kukurusu Doan no Shima" (ククルス·ドアンの島)
July 14, 1979 N/A
When a distress signal is detected on a small island in the Pacific, Amuro is dispatched with the Core Fighter to investigate the source. [Note: This episode has never aired in english]
16/15 Sayla's Agony
"Seira Shutsugeki" (セイラ出撃)
July 21, 1979 August 10, 2001
Sayla Mass sorties with the Gundam without authorization in the hopes of finding out whether Char Aznable is her long lost brother.
17/16 Amuro Deserts
"Amuro Dassō" (アムロ脱走)
July 28, 1979 August 13, 2001
Bright Noa decides to relieve Amuro as pilot of the Gundam after a tactical blunder made by the latter on the field of battle nearly results in defeat.
18/17 Zeon's Secret Mine
"Shakunetsu no Azzamu Rīdā" (灼熱のアッザム·リーダー)
August 4, 1979 August 14, 2001
The crew of White Base searches for the Amuro and the Gundam; Amuro hopes to end the war by attacking a mine believed to be the main source of iron ore for the Zeon war industry.
19/18 Ramba Ral's Attack
"Ranba Raru Tokkō!" (ランバ·ラル特攻!)
August 11, 1979 August 15, 2001
A mobile suit squadron led by Ramba Ral and his Gouf attack White Base while Amuro and the Gundam return just in time to help.
20/19 Hand-to-Hand Combat
"Shitō! Howaito Bēsu" (死闘!ホワイト·ベース)
August 18, 1979 August 16, 2001
An all-out battle breaks out inside White Base as Ramba Ral and his soldiers infiltrate the ship in the hopes of capturing or destroying it.
21/20 Sorrow and Hatred
"Gekitō wa Nikushimi Fukaku" (激闘は憎しみ深く)
August 25, 1979 August 17, 2001
Crowley Hamon spearheads one last suicidal attack on White Base with what remains of the troops once led by Ramba Ral.
22/21 The Trap of M'Quve
"Ma Kube Hōimō o Yabure!" (マ·クベ包囲網を破れ!)
September 1, 1979 August 20, 2001
As Operation Odessa nears, Colonel M'Quve lures the White Base into a trap while Bright Noa is unable to captain the ship.
23/22 Matilda's Rescue
"Machiruda Kyūshutsu Sakusen" (マチルダ救出作戦)
September 8, 1979 August 21, 2001
Lieutenant Matilda's supply corps is attacked by Zeon Goufs when they attempt to send upgrade modules for the Gundam and supply and repair parts for White Base.
24/23 Black Tri-Star
"Hakugeki! Toripuru Domu" (迫撃!トリプル·ドム)
September 15, 1979 August 22, 2001
A mole inside the Federation tips off Zeon HQ, who then send the Black Tri-Stars special team ordered to destroy the White Base and her prototype mobile suits.
25/24 The Battle of Odessa
"Odessa no Gekisen" (オデッサの激戦)
September 22, 1979 August 23, 2001
Amuro discovers the Zeon mole, stops a nuclear bomb, and faces off the remaining two members of the Black Tri-Stars as the battle at Odessa continues.
26/25 Char Returns
"Fukkatsu no Shaa" (復活のシャア)
September 29, 1979 August 24, 2001
Under the command of Char Aznable, new Zeon amphibious mobile suits attack White Base, docked in a Federation base at Belfast.
27/26 A Spy on Board
"Onna Supai Sennyū!" (女スパイ潜入!)
October 6, 1979 August 27, 2001
Kai Shiden develops a friendship with Miharu Ratokie, a local girl, while Char prepares a second amphibious attack on the Federation at Belfast.
28/27 Across the Atlantic Ocean
"Taiseiyō, Chi ni Somete" (大西洋,血に染めて)
October 13, 1979 August 28, 2001
Thanks to intelligence acquired from Miharu, Flanagan Boone and his Mad Angler squadron attack the White Base en route to Jaburo headquarters in South America.
29/28 Tragedy in Jaburo
"Jaburō ni Chiru!" (ジャブローに散る!)
October 20, 1979 August 29, 2001
The White Base finally reaches Jaburo general headquarters; Zeon then launches a massive invasion on the base led by Char and his custom Z'Gok.
30/29 A Wish of War Orphans
"Chiisana Bōeisen" (小さな防衛線)
October 27, 1979 August 30, 2001
Char infiltrates Jaburo with a squadron of Acguy mobile suits and plant time bombs on the Federation's new mass-produced GMs, but not before being discovered by Katz, Kikka, and Letz.
31/30 A Decoy in Space
"Zanjibaru, Tsuigeki!" (ザンジバル,追撃!)
November 3, 1979 August 31, 2001
White Base and the Gundam confront the cruiser Zanzibar, led by Char, and a mobile armor called Bigro in low earth orbit.
32/31 Breakthrough
"Kyōkō Toppa Sakusen" (強行突破作戦)
November 10, 1979 September 3, 2001
A task force of Musai cruisers and Rick Doms led by Dren attempt to destroy the White Base as it heads towards the neutral colony of Side Six.
33/32 Farewell in Side 6
"Konsukon Kyōshū" (コンスコン強襲)
November 17, 1979 September 4, 2001
In need of repairs, the White Base is attacked outside the neutral Side Six by a fleet led by Captain Coskon.
34/33 A Fateful Encounter
"Shukumei no Deai" (宿命の出会い)
November 24, 1979 September 5, 2001
Inside Side Six, Amuro meets a beautiful girl named Lalah Sune and tensions run high when a Zanzibar ship led by Char Aznable docks next to the White Base.
35/34 The Glory of Solomon
"Soromon Kōryakusen" (ソロモン攻略戦)
December 1, 1979 September 6, 2001
A massive Federation combined space fleet attacks the Principality of Zeon's Fortress of Solomon, commanded by Dozle Zabi.
36/35 Big Zam's Last Stand
"Kyōfu! Kidō Bigu Zamu" (恐怖!機動ビグ·ザム)
December 8, 1979 September 7, 2001
As the battle continues, a hulking mobile armor piloted by Dozle Zabi inflicts heavy losses on the Federation; Amuro and Sleggar come up with a plan to stop its onslaught.
37/36 The Duel in Texas
"Tekisasu no Kōbō" (テキサスの攻防)
December 15, 1979 September 10, 2001
Amuro Ray's Gundam duels Colonel M'Quve's Gyan on the abandoned and dilapitated colony of Texas while Char and Lalah watch from afar.
38/37 Char and Sayla
"Saikai, Shaa to Seira" (再会、シャアとセイラ)
December 22, 1979 April 9, 2002
Char Aznable's Gelgoog takes over M'Quve on engaging the Gundam while the White Base enters the Texas colony and sends Sayla Mass and Job John to search for Amuro.
39/38 The Newtype: Challia Bull
"Nyū Taipu, Sharia Buru" (ニュータイプ、シャリア·ブル)
December 29, 1979 September 12, 2001
Gihren Zabi sends Char a Newtype to pilot the new Braw Bro; Amuro's own Newtype abilities are growing as he senses the presence of Lalah.
40/39 Lalah's Dilemma
"Erumesu no Rarā" (エルメスのララ)
January 5, 1980 June 2, 2002
The Gundam is upgraded and Lalah's Elmeth enters combat for the first time; Amuro and Lalah cross paths again but this time as enemies.
41/40 A Cosmic Glow
"Hikaru Uchū" (光る宇宙)
January 12, 1980 June 2, 2002
Amuro and Lalah fight each other for the second time and communicate telepathically, while Gihren Zabi inspects the construction of the Solar Ray.
42/41 Space Fortress A Baoa Qu
"Uchū Yōsai A Baoa Kū" (宇宙要塞ア·バオア·クー)
January 19, 1980 June 2, 2002
Federation forces, including White Base, proceed to invade the Fortress of A Baoa Qu despite losing half of their combined fleet caused by Zeon's Solar Ray; Amuro and Char -now piloting the Zeong- engage in battle again.
43/42 Escape
"Dasshutsu" (脱出)
January 26, 1980 December 31, 2001
The Battle of A Baoa Qu reaches a critical point; White Base is deep within enemy territory, Amuro and Char's relentless duel continues, and Kycilia Zabi struggles in command.


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