This article contains an episode list of the television series Martin Mystery GT. In keeping with the show's theme, the episode names sound like horror and sci-fi movie names.

Season 1: 2003 - 2004

# Prod. # Original Airdate Title Descriptions Enemies
1 101 October 1, 2003 It Came from the bog Martin, Diana & Java are sent to France to stop a storybook creature named the Boogeyman from kidnapping naughty children and taking them to his storybook bog world. The Bogeyman.
2 102 October 8, 2003 Terror from the Sky Martin has to stop mysterious insects that are attacking a remote town with the aid of an acid-spewing queen and a radioactive meteorite from the Andromeda Galaxy. Mutated insects; Mutated insect queen.
3 103 October 15, 2003 The Creeping Slime Oil rig workers start to go missing due to having their lives fed on by a huge creature completely covered in slime. The Black Spirit.
4 104 October 29, 2003 Mark Of The Shapeshifter Workers on a building project go missing because of a local Native American turning into a werewolf and transporting them to a werewolf dimension. Massey wolf spirit; netherworld wolves
5 105 November 5, 2003 Mystery of the Vanishing Martin, Diana & Java end up in an alternate world with a mysterious family named the Applebyes and a dragon named Zook who feeds on humans' life force every several years. The Applebyes, Zook the Dragon.
6 106 November 12, 2003 Curse of the Deep Martin, Diana & Java are on a deep-sea adventure to help the sea monster, Leviathan, guard a treasure that belonged to an ancient tribe that mysteriously disappeared. Leviathan
7 107 November 19, 2003 It Came from Inside the Box Mysterious things go on in a remote town. Martin soon finds out that the chaos beast is behind all this mayhem. Chaos Beast
8 108 November 26, 2003 Attack Of The Sandman Martin, Diana & Java investigate a research facility and soon encounter The Sandman, a dream manipulating creature who traps people in their worst nightmares. The Sandman.
9 109 December 3, 2003 Shriek From Beyond Martin, Diana & Java are sent to investigate a town being attacked by a siren. They soon realize that a sailor had a special relationship with the siren which didn't last long. Siren
10 110 December 17, 2003 Eternal Christmas A mystical snow globe is in possession of a shop owner who wants to have a "perfect Christmas." Soon the snowglobe's contents are released but are actually evil. Clifford, Snow globe creatures
11 111 January 7, 2004 Return of The Dark Druid An evil druid wants to have his revenge by turning a town's people into trees. Evil Druid
12 112 January 14, 2004 Nightmare of the Coven Martin, Diana & Java are sent to an all-girls school to investigate the disappearance of the school's principal. The trio soon discover that the new principal is actually a witch and starts turning the students into witches, including Diana. Prindella Grizzwalda Dorey, Witch girls
13 113 January 28, 2004 Curse Of Necklace Martin, Diana & Java are sent to stop an evil spirit from creating an "eternal Halloween" on the mortal world. Nightmare, Transformed trick-or-treaters
14 114 February 17, 2004 Haunting of the Blackwater The ghost of a former lodge owner begins to haunt his own lodge and Martin and Java must find a way to vanquish him when Diana gets possessed by the spirit. Blackwater Ghost, Possessed Diana
15 115 March 3, 2004 Mystery of The Hole Creature Martin, Diana & Java are sent to an Indian temple to stop an evil scientist from retrieving the temple's treasure and spirit of darkness, Nadu. Dr. Green, Nadu the Spirit of Darkness
16 116 April 13, 2004 Fright From the Ice An ancient ice monster is threatening a mountain resort and Martin, Diana & Java must find a way to stop it. Icetopis
17 117 April 20, 2004 Beast From Within A slug monster named Gastromo makes Martin, Java and M.O.M its hosts and Diana is the only one left who can save them. Gastromo
18 118 April 27, 2004 Revenge Of the Doppelganger A woman expels her Doppelganger and it starts going on a rampage, stealing any other woman's face that looks like her. Doppelganger
19 119 May 4, 2004 The Return Of The Beasts Diana and Martin remember how they first met Java. An evil paleontologist recreates mutant dinosaurs to take over the Earth. Evil Paleontologist, Mutant Dinosaurs
20 120 May 11, 2004 Attack Of The Mothman A French school student falls victim to an illegal experiment and is transformed into the Mothman. Mothman
21 121 May 18, 2004 Summer Camp Nightmare Martin, Diana & Java are sent to a summer camp to destroy a lizard alien that is feeding on the life force of the campers. Sauros, Transformed counselors
22 122 May 25, 2004 The Sewer Thing A research facility custodian is exposed to a dangerous chemical, transforming him into the Ratman. Ratman, Transformed professors
23 123 June 8, 2004 They Lurk Beneath An archaeologist accidentally releases an ancient civilization of aliens that have been living in the Earth's core. Telekinetic Aliens
24 124 July 8, 2004 Scream From the Forest An alien family called the Synths try to reclaim their territory in a Canadian forest. Synths
25 125 July 15, 2004 The Amazon Vapor The Amazon's ecosystem is mysteriously dying because of a strange gas that is poisoning the jungle. Mutated Bacteria
26 126 August 12, 2004 The Awakening An ancient Chinese servant tries to revive an ancient emperor and its warriors in order to revive the dynasty. The First Emperor; Chinese Sorcerer; Animated dragon statue; Animated lion statue; Animated terracotta soldiers

Season 2: 2004

# Prod. # Original Airdate Title Descriptions Enemies
27 203 September 6, 2004 Attack of The Slime People A huge meteorite crashes into a small town, releasing a slime monster that takes takes the town's population and replaces them with Slime replicas of the townspeople. Slime Monster, Slime people replicas
28 204 September 8, 2004 The Vampire Returns Martin, Diana & Java are sent to France to find that an ancient vampire clan survivor named Simone is sucking out people's souls and turning them into Vampire. Diana & Java come to a horrifying conclusion that Martin is a distant relative of the clans Monarch and he is the key to reviving the clan. Martin, Vampire followers, Simone
29 205 September 12, 2004 Crypt of the Djini A robber infiltrates the Brunel Museum, releasing an evil Djini who was sealed in a skull by an Arab prince. Djini
30 206 September 15, 2004 You Do voodoo A mysterious man wins an election for running as mayor of Louisiana so he could go underneath the mayor's building and reclaim a powerful talisman from his ancestor's remains. New mayor
31 207 September 22, 2004 Zombie Island Martin, Diana & Java investigate a beach resort that is infested with Blinky Inky pinky Clyde who serve the legendary sea creature, Hexan, who feeds on the guests. Hexan
32 208 September 29, 2004 The Lost Tribe An ancient race called the Alpha Omega mistake Diana as their queen who will help them reclaim Earth. Alpha Omega
33 212 October 26, 2004 They Came From the Gateway Part 1 Martin, Diana & Java venture into Tibet to save M.O.M from the gateway. It seemed that M.O.M tried to destroy the pool, the gateway's power source, but was corrupted by the evil within it.

(note: While you watch Martin, Diana and Java inside the gateway and remembering the lake monster and winged creature, you can hear Halloween theme music)

Out of control M.O.M, monsters, Lich
34 213 October 27, 2004 They Came From the Gateway Part 2 The trio finally get M.O.M back and try to hold back the gateway's gatekeeper while trying to make the monsters retreat back to the gateway. In the end, all the "chaos" in the world is gone so the Center is shut down then in the next episode the center's back in business. monsters, Lich
35 201 October 28, 2004 They Came from Outer Space Part 1 Martin, Diana & Java travel to New Mexico to investigate weird cases of missing minor body parts from people who work at a nuclear power plant. While they are there they realize they don't really know much about Billy and what he might like for his birthday. They discover there are cases of burglary at the power plant and find that free-form aliens are to blame for all the disturbances. At the end Billy, who is actually the former alien leader Ganthor, is kidnapped by the aliens and taken away. Aliens
36 202 October 29, 2004 They Came from Outer Space Part 2 Martin, Diana & Java learn more about Billy's (A.K.A Ganthor's) past from M.O.M and find out that he was once a savage, evil free-form alien leader who had destroyed countless planets until finally he had, had enough. He abandoned his army and traveled to earth where he vowed to never hurt anyone again, or use his powers. The trio set-up a prisoner exchange: Billy for the two other aliens. It goes awry and the aliens signal for the mother ship to come and invade earth. Billy finally stops the mother ship by flying into its engines and blowing it up. He returns at the end of the episode. Aliens
37 209 November 3, 2004 The Body-Swapper The Center agents, coincidentally one of which is Marvin, up in the North Pole find a extinct woolly mammoth which is the host of an age-old parasite which is soon infecting and taking over them since it can't live without a host. When Martin, Diana & Java come to investigate, they're soon new victims for this body-swapping menace. Strange organism
38 210 November 10, 2004 Monster Movie Mayhem Martin's busy shooting his own horror movie when strange things start happening. A giant ant, a beach-beast, and Martin's own swamp-zombie are soon on the rage because of an old curse by a Shaman having to do with the moon at parogy and the citizens of Torrington's greatest fears. Giant ants, Werewolf, Robot creature, a flytrap creature, beachbeast.
39 211 November 17, 2004 The Third Eye (This takes place before the episode "Body-Swapper".) When the group comes in for a call from the Center, they find Marvin in MOM's office, now a Center agent. Martin's furious and definitely not excited when M.O.M says Marvin will be joining them on their next mission to a school for the blind where weird things have been happening. Seems that an old cult, the Seers', has risen again in one of the students who is trying to get her revenge on those who have "wronged" her—and raise the spirits of the rest of the cult. Seers
40 214 November 24, 2004 Germs From Beyond Martin, Diana & Java have come down with a strange illness and are quarantined at the Center. As they reminisce about old missions, the Boogeyman escapes. Due to a massive misunderstanding, they think they have a deadly, contagious foreign disease and that the Center is out to eliminate them. Escaping from quarantine, they try to get out...and head right toward the Boogeyman (which is an enemy returning after the 1st episode). Boogeyman

Season 3: 2005-2006

# Prod. # Original Airdate Title Descriptions Enemies
41 301 September 5, 2005 Curse of the Looking Glass A lonely girl at Torrington finds a mirror that makes her pretty "like the Jenni's of the world" but every boy she touches turns into a monster. Crispangores
42 302 September 6, 2005 Mystery of The Teen Town A boy in a town, discovers a mystery website who has trapped an evil alien that uses the energy of others to get out of his web prison Morphed Kid, Vargos
43 303 September 19, 2005 Attack of The Evil Roommate Martin orders some paranormal objects of a magazine, all result fake, except one which, when Diana breaks it, creates another Diana. Diana Duplicates
44 304 September 26, 2005 Web of the Spider Creature Torrington's old biology teacher, Mr. Black, allows himself to be bitten by a spider, transforming him into a half-spider half-human creature. (The spider was really a spitting spider, which is why it is shown that Mr. Black was able to fire a web thread from his mouth.) Spider Black
45 305 October 3, 2005 Attack of the Lawn Gnomes Some teens stole a lawn gnome from an old lady's garden, and the gnomes come to life and turn everyone into lawn gnomes until they get the missing gnome back. Living lawn gnomes
46 306 October 10, 2005 Rise of The Sea Mutants A boy decides to raise sea monkeys, but instead he raises sea mutants. Sea Mutants
47 307 November 6, 2005 Hairier and Scarier Martin is scratched by a Phantom Werewolf when he cleans out the CENTER's cages. Soon, the Phantom Werewolf breaks out and begins turning other Torrington students into werewolves to serve it. Phantom Werewolf, Werewolf Martin, Werewolf Students
48 308 November 13, 2005 Wrath of the Torrington Worm Martin's dad accidentally releases and gets swallowed by a prehistoric worm which Martin had already caught. Torrington Worm
49 309 November 14, 2005 The Warlock Returns Martin Releases an warlock in order to win a competition. warlock
50 310 November 21, 2005 Return of the imaginary friend A teenage girl's teddy bear turns vicious and starts turning her once-friends into doll replicas. Teddy (imaginary friend come to life)
51 311 November 28, 2005 Night of the scarecrow Martin, Diana & Java visit Martin's aunt but find out a secret of the farmland. It seems that a previous French owner used a talisman to make his farmland his own for good. Up to now, the scarecrow in Martin's aunt's garden scarecrow starts to literally scare the life out of anything that trespasses. Mystic Scarecrow
52 312 December 3, 2005 The House of Zombies When Martin, Diana, Java, and Billy go with M.O.M on a six-day corporate retreat, a bad storm comes and they are forced to take shelter in a creepy old abandoned house. What they don't know is that the man who built the house is a spurned lover who still hasn't left...and doesn't want to let them leave. An homage (or rip off) of Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead" Spirit of the House Builder, Zombified M.O.M, Zombified Java, Zombified Billy, Zombified Travelers
53 313 December 25, 2005 Rise of The Secret Society Martin and schoolmate Jerry are chosen to join a secret society, The Bones, where membership entails cool powers like telekenesis and free stuff like extra dessert and sports cars. Both are thrilled until they find what awaits them in their "entrance test"... The Bones, Labyrinth Creature
54 314 January 2, 2006 Day of The Shadows - Part 1 Martin, Diana, and Billy are confused when one day they wake up to find themselves the only ones on campus...and the world. They soon meet Kaitlin, another confused person who turns out to be almost like Martin's clone. They find Billy after Diana disappears into a black hole, and find out that people's own shadows are attacking them and dragging them into a strange shadow world. Shadow Creatures
55 315 January 9, 2006 Day of The Shadows - Part 2 Kaitlin has fallen victim to her shadow, and as usual, it's up to Martin and Billy to save the day. They've found out that since the people who were safe slept in the light, that's the thing the shadow creatures are afraid of. With the help of the Legendex, they realize that the shadow creatures' leader, Barock the Faceless, wants to take over Earth, but needs all the humans in his realm before he can crossover—and when he does, the gateway will forever close. When Billy's gone too and Martin is the last being on Earth, the showdown begins. Boroc the Faceless one, Shadow Creatures
56 316 January 16, 2006 Return of the Djini Diana is ticked off with Martin and Kaitlin, and the djini uses this to her advantage as she possesses her with an enchanted bracelet. The djini is after revenge as she uses Diana to tempt Billy, Java, and Martin into the djini's enchantment to get free. Djini
57 317 January 22, 2006 Tale of The Enchanted Keys A famous writer, Evan Prince, gives Martin a typewriter...without telling him that the stories Martin writes will actually come to life. Giant Bees, Mad Marionette, Zombie Dog, Melevolent psycho clown
58 318 January 29, 2006 All I Want for X-Mas Martin and Diana are stuck at school for Christmas until MOM invites them to the Center's Christmas party. All goes well, until an Evil Elf intends on ruining everyone's Christmas. Evil Elf
59 319 February 6, 2006 Lovespell From The Underworld Martin is reunited with his first crush, Vivian Michelle, who embarrassed him during the grade school times. Martin tries to avoid her, but when he finds out that Vivian has changed, he changes his mind about her. Diana suspects that Vivian is different due to her strange skin. Vivian is actually Venoso, the "ultimate monster" who was the first monster Martin ever caught, out for revenge. Venoso
60 320 February 13, 2006 Journey to Terrorland M.O.M, Java, Billy, and Diana decide to take Martin to an amusement park for his one-year investigator reunion, but in this park the things come alive by an Egyptian spirit that thought a ride was the tomb he was guarding. Vampire, Zombies, Phantom Eel, Werewolves, Mummies, Zombie Java, Zombie M.O.M, Twin Eel Diana, Vampire Billy, Egyptian Scarab Spirit
61 321 February 20, 2006 Curse of the Six-String Serenade Martin, Billy, and Java start their own band to attract the girls. But Martin finds out that his new electric guitar is possessed which transforms his girl fans into love monsters. Love Monsters (Fairy versions of Torrington students)
62 322 February 27, 2006 Wrath of the Venus Flytrap A student's plant experiment for the Science Fair goes awry and the plant starts to eat the competition and anything that gets in his way. Mutant Venus Flytrap
63 323 March 6, 2006 Pirates of Doom Martin goes on a school trip to a museum where there is an exhibition of pirates, and he decides to see where are the things of an old pirate that was told to has supernatural powers. Taking a medallion with him, Martin, or maybe "Captain Blood" now, he's gotten Java and his teacher under his spell and is out to find the treasure that can raise the spirits of his crew. Captain Blood, Zombie Pirates
64 324 March 13, 2006 Rage of the Leprechaun Marvin escapes an angry leprechaun and call Martin and Diana for help. it turns out that Marvin is keeping for himself a mystic four-leaf clover the grants the holder limitless good luck and the Leprechaun wants it back Leprechaun
65 325 March 20, 2006 It's Alive - Part 1 Diana resigns from the center for not having a good evaluation and joins a rival paranormal organization called the CIHL and starts stealing Martin's monsters. Octavia Paine, Diana
66 326 March 27, 2006 It's Alive - Part 2 Diana gets turned into a half-lizard girl by Octavia Paine, a former center agent who also did not get a good evaluation. She's been taking the most powerful monster and, draining their essences, created the "ultimate monster" and sends it to get revenge on M.O.M Octavia Paine, Ultimate Monster


Original Airdate Title Descriptions
"Totally Mystery Much?" Scientists make a startling discovery in the Antarctic—a Yeti-like snow creature frozen in a block of ice! Meanwhile, Jerry informs the WOOHP agents that there have been reports of a strange being terrorizing a posh ski resort. When they arrive to investigate the luxurious place, they find that they aren't the only ones on the case - they meet Martin Mystery, a teenage paranormal investigator working for The Center – an organization much like WOOHP! In the b-story, Clover is annoyed because geeks get a crush on her, Sam discovers she is similar to Martin's sister, Diana, and Alex falls for Martin. Villain: The Yeti Lord.

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