The Season Four of Little Bear, it was produced in 1998 and based in the famous literary series Little Bear.

Episode list

Season 4 (1998)
1. Pillow Hill/Diva Hen/Father Bear's Little Helper
2. I'll Be You, You'll Be Me/Frog In My Throat/Little Bear the Puddle Jumper
3. Family Bath Time/Winter Wonderland/Mitzi's Mess
4. Moonlight Serenade/Caterpillars/Goblin Night
5. Sleep Over/Sand Castle/Happy Anniversary
6. The April Fool/Balloon Heads/Mother Bear's Button
7. Little Bear and the Ice Boat/Baby Deer/Invisible Little Bear
8. Valentine's Day/Thinking of Mother Bear/I Spy
9. Blue Feather/Thunder Monster/Duck Soup
10. The Little White Skunk/Mother's Day/Little Footprints
11. Rainy Day Friends/Little Goblin Bear/Picnic on the Moon
12. Little Bear and the Sea Monster/Hat Parade/Finding Fisherman Bear
13. The Painting/The Kiss/The Wedding

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