Season Three of Little Bear was produced in 1997 and based on the famous literary series Little Bear.

Episode list

Season 3 (1997)

  1. Owl's Dilemma/School for Otters/Spring Cleaning
  2. A Whale of a Tale/Mitzi Arrives/Granny's Old Flying Rug
  3. Little Bear Sings a Song/A House for Mitzi/Up a Tree
  4. The Big Bear-Sitter/Top of the World/The Campfire Tale
  5. Mitzi's Little Monster/Simon Says/Applesauce
  6. Father Bear's Nightshirt/How to Scare Ghosts/Search for Spring
  7. Out of Honey/Message in a Bottle/Little Bear's Sweet Tooth
  8. Where Lucy Went/Under the Covers/Monster Pudding
  9. Gingerbread Cookies/Marbles/Little Bear's Nightmare
  10. The Red Thread/Princess Duck/Little Bear Meets Duck
  11. Mother Nature/Dance Steps/Who Am I?
  12. Emily's Birthday/The Great Race/Circus for Tutu
  13. Clever Cricket/Big Bad Broom/Leaves

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