The Season Two of Little Bear, it was produced in 1996 and based in the famous literary series Little Bear.

Episode list

Season 2 (1996)
1. Little Bear, the Magician /Doctor Little Bear/Bigger Little Bear
2. Little Bear's Trip to the Stars/Little Bear's Surprise/Little Bear and the North Pole
3. Little Bear Meets No Feet/The Campout/Emily's Balloon
4. Cat's Shortcut/Little Bear's Bad Day/Captain Little Bear
5. Building a House for Emily/Emily Returns/Sherlock Little Bear
6. Little Bear's Tooth/Little Red Riding Hood/Little Bear and the Cupcakes
7. The Snowball Fight/Winter Solstice/Snowbound
8. Little Bear's Garden/Prince Little Bear/Painting for Emily
9. Follow the Leader/Little Scarecrow Bear/Little Bear and the Baby
10. Rafting on the River/Little Bear's Kite/Night of the Full Moon
11. Auntie Hen Minds Chickens/Play Ball/Lucy's Okay
12. Between Friends/The Blueberry Festival/Lucy Needs a Friend
13. Picnic at Pudding Hill/Little Bear's Walkabout/Little Bear's Friend

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