The Season One of Little Bear, it was produced in 1995 and based in the famous literary series Little Bear.

Episode list

Season 1 (1995)

  1. What Will Little Bear Wear/Hide and Seek/Little Bear Goes to the Moon
  2. Birthday Soup/Polar Bear/Gone Fishing
  3. Up All Night/Little Bear's Bath/Father Bear Comes Home
  4. A Flu/Exploring/Fishing with Father Bear
  5. Little Bear's Wish/Little Bear's Shadow/Present for Mother Bear
  6. To Grandmother's House/Grandfather Bear/Mother Bear's Robin
  7. Hiccups/Date with Father Bear/Pudding Hill
  8. Little Bear's Mermaid/Father Flying Flapjacks/Maracas
  9. Family Portrait/Little Bear's New Friend/The Visit
  10. Duck, Baby-Sitter/Little Bear's Band/Hop-Frog Pond
  11. Little Bear and the Wind/Goblin/Not Tired
  12. Grandfather's Attic/Little Bear's Egg/Party at Owl's House
  13. Party at Owl's House/Your Friend, Little Bear/Fall Dream

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